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> > > > Main Street Restaurant, The Residency Towers

Main Street Restaurant, The Residency Towers


  • 28156363
  • , The Residency Towers, 115, Sir Thyagaraya Road, T.Nagar, Chennai
  • European, Indian, Oriental
  • Meal for 2 - 1500

19 Reviews / 20 Ratings

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Main Street Restaurant, The Residency Towers Reviews


Good Food But Bad Service!

We are regulars at the Piano and thought we would try a different buffet this time. I read a lot of good reviews about Main Street and thought we would go there this time.
Firstly, we arrived a little late and the place was full. I should have made a reservation earlier but I did not expect this huge a crowd. The Maitre d asked us to wait in the lobby and we were the last among the few who were waiting. I could see that large groups started leaving the restaurant but still we were made to wait. Maybe the Maitre d was looking for a small table for us as we were only a group of 3 , but I think they could have been a little more flexible and seat us at a larger table because there weren't any more people coming in at that time (It was almost 3 pm). As a result, I was thoroughly famished by the time we started having our lunch. Secondly, at least they could have served us the welcome drink while we were waiting. Thirdly , since we were waiting for a pretty long time (Around 25-30 mins) and also because I was seeing empty tables inside, I approached the Maitre d to ask when we would be called inside. As soon as she saw me, she asked us to come in as the table was ready. I , very politely, asked her why we weren't called earlier. Her reply was that the table was ready just then. There was nothing wrong with that reply but , her tone was as though I offended or irritated her. I did not tell anything else but this thoroughly put me off. It was definitely not hospitable! I am someone who likes to be treated like a very important guest which ever place I go to dine and this being a 4 star hotel, I don't think my expectation was out of place!
Apart from that, the ambiance was very good and unique and the buffet spread was arranged in a convenient and appetizing manner. The waiters were courteous and the food was also very good. Masala Vada was also served as a vegetarian starter which i thought was a good idea. The deserts were very good and there were a lot of different varieties too. Another major plus is that the billing was very quick.
Even though the place has all these pluses, I am not sure if I would return there! Maybe I would go to the Crown which, I again hear is a good place.
I was expecting a comment/feedback form at the end but since we were not given anything of that sort, it prompted me to write this review. If Main Street takes a little more effort to be more WELCOMING then it would really be a great place as they charge only Rs 825 for a non veg buffet.






For the late night hunger pangs

There is nothing like being out with friends Friday night, go pubbing [pub hopping] or maybe catch a late evening show. But then, by the time you are out, it is nearly 11 and there are very options to grab a bite from. Well, Main Street in Residency Towers brings to you the Midnight Buffet. Yes, the doors open around 11.30 and it goes on till 4am. You read it right. It is the ideal place to head over to satiate your hunger pangs. Someone might want dosa, while another might want to dig into a big plate of Biryani while one might long for some pasta or salad. Well, whatever be your craving, you will find a dish here.

You walk into Residency Towers lobby; look no further, on your right is where you will find the entry into Main Street. The place has been done up to resemble the streets of Europe/UK. There are lamp posts, signage with names of Streets, a poster that says “Doner Kebab’, and even a small TV in the far end of the room. We sat near the far end where there was an ad for Marlborough with the Marlborough man looking straight at us.

The buffet counter is spread just outside the kitchen, so you can actually watch the Chef making a dosa or the tandoor dishes. The buffet starts with a soup, followed by a wide variety of salads, and then the main courses, and not to forget desserts.

You can pick from mushroom salad, pasta salad, green salad or head straight to the main course- a roti or Biryani [veg/non veg] with a dal makhani or maybe the roasted aloo and a dollop of raita. There is also freshly steamed idlis amidst the buffet. Dosas are served on order. These come with 3 varieties of chutney and sambar. The spread goes on, and for those who need comfort food, there is curd rice as well. If you still have space in your tummy, head across to the dessert counter and have a spoon of ice cream or sample one of the many pastries/puddings on display.

What surprised me was that the place was nearly half full. While chatting with the manager, I came to know that they do about 70 covers every night, crowd starts coming in around 2-3am. Who would have thought Chennai had such a happening night life!!


Reliable :)

Located in the Residency Towers, this is like the Saravana Bhavan of the classy group. You can rely on this place any time and drop by to have a sumptuous meal. The buffet has got a lovely spread.

The prices are reasonable and the service is satisfactory too. One just shouldnt miss the dessert spread here. Ice creams were just wow! :O

Do visit this place if you dont want anything exotic but just a mellow dinner.


Good on a budget

Compared to other premium buffets in the city, this one stands out for its pricing. Hence have been a couple of times. The spread is pretty good considering the price. The live Pasta counter is excellent. The only problem with this place I would say is the repetition of the dishes. Every time I visit, I see the same Mutton Biryani, Beef and Mutton dish. They need to keep changing.

Also on one visit they had a cheese platter along with salads. They were an excellent addition. The desserts are also pretty extensive ranging from Gulab Jamuns to Chocolate Mousse and of course 4 varieties of ice cream. Would recommend this place for anyone who wants a buffet on a budget.


Good, can improve.

Main Street: It's an okayish place but definite scope for improvement across areas.
The place is pretty crowded and noise levels are high.
They offer comfortable seating and prompt service.
Do visit the live pasta counter, its really good.
My friend complimented the vast spread of deserts in the buffet.
Go here for a pleasant ambiance and vfm experience for non veg lovers.



UK themed Indian food

Main Street , is a run of the mill restaurants in Residency Towers. It's got a UK Theme, though it adds no flavour nor speciality into their food and variety, which is pretty run of the mill .
Though its cheaper compared to other premium restaurants, at the end of the day , you'd look it as jus one of the restaurants whom u can rely upon when u run out of options or rather new places to try out in the city..
Service is always good as compared to any of their hotels and food is always upto its expectation



Please change the menu

Have been to this place couple of times. Initially it was nice to see a English styled restaurant. The food has been the same. No new additions. Both lunch and dinner have been the same menu except for a change in the starters. Service is consistently good. True to its name Off late it has become too noisy and crowded.


RAKESH R S - Burrp User


12 Reviews

December 05,2012


Heaven of Desserts

good ambience and service.
but ll be very disappointed if ur looking starters.
main course and salads are too good. words- its heaven.



Good hangout spot

The ambience of Main Street reminds me of Monopoly with its English graffiti. It's a good place to have coffee and chill for a bit, but think twice about dinner here because of the prices, which are expected seeing as its in the Residency Towers. I liked the biscuits that they gave with the coffee and at one point just asked them to bring extra biscuits. The paneer kaati roll is quite filling, but it was also greasy and overcooked, which speaks for the rest of the offerings on the menu.


my review on the midnight buffet at MainStreet


Good Food! Good Service

Have been to this place, they have good food and great ambience. their buffet is also quite good. u shud try this place atleast once


The Best Buffet in Chennai!!!!

Yes!! my heading says it all - Mainstreet's been our favourite buffet spot anytime we think of going to a Buffet lunch or dinner with family. Their Dessert spread is spread so wide that its closet to impossible to try all the items. Their main course is exceptionally well laid out with a mixture of Veg and Non-Veg menus. I have always loved their Biryanis every time we went there...its one of their best items. Been there 6 times and have noted their service to be top notch and ambience is Londonesque and on the whole a Great Experience each time!!



love this place

Started liking this place right from day 1 and have been here a lot of times, for their nice buffet with a good spread of items and nominal pricing.

The decor is wicked good like london main street which gives a great feeling while we sit near the platform or near a shop's window etc.

Nice place to go with family or friends or even to treat someone at a good price but a decent place.


Desserts Paradise

Was looking for a place to celebrate a birthday party with my family & having read so many good reviews of this place i wanted to check it out ,so booked a table for 10 & went for dinner by around 7.

What an experience it turned out to be :)

* We arrived on time & were warmly greeted to our reserved table ,the first instance of this place lived up to its name of "MAINSTREET" ,it resembled the many street restaurants in Europe.

* The open kitchen serves you a la carte orders & the chefs too were very polite enough to offer us fresh mayonnaise since we asked for it.

* Sweet corn chicken soup arrived first ,even though i prefer Hot & Sour soups ,the sweet corn soup was to my liking.

* We were served two sets of starter dishes on table ,dunno their name but one was chicken & my mom took an instant liking for it.

* Then started our buffet ,I checked out their buffet spread first ,veg options were plenty but i didnt bother to check them out as my plunge was into non-veg.

* Two non-veg starters of Chicken Tandoori & Fish finger was on offer ,by the time we started on the starters the place was already filled up & the chef had to fill up the starters every 5 mins.

* Both the starters were delicious ,but my only complain being that the starters could have been increased from 2 to 4 as it would have added a little variety.

* The main dishes were really good too ,the mutton biryani was finger licking good ,my parents commented that it was one of the best they ever had in a star hotel.

* My parents then settled for white rice with rasam ,they were really impressed with all the food that they had.

* It was then the turn of me & my cousins to literally launch ourselves in the desserts counter ,the variety of desserts & their taste was simply superb ,the time we took for the desserts was almost double the time than we took for the starters & main dishes.

* They had sugar free desserts ,i think 4 flavors of ice-creams ,hot gulab jamun ,payasam ,cakes ,brownies ,fruits & the list goes on...

* By the time we finished ,it was nearly 10p.m ,almost 3 hours & we were hardly able to move ,then came the birthday cake which was complimentary from the management :)

* We didnt have the stomach for the cake so they gave it as a take away without us asking :)

* Actually we were told that for every 10 people 1 buffet was complimentary but since there were two kids on ur list they were just charged for the kids buffet ,so we ended up paying Rs.650 for the adults & i think Rs.325 for the kids.

* Overall it was one of the best dining experiences i have ever had in every aspect ,the hospitality too was one of the best.

When's my next visit ???
Pretty soon i guess :)

I thought of giving it a 4/5 because of just the two starters but on the other hand the desserts are a major factor for me ending up with 5/5 ,if the starters were increased in the future then the buffet at MAINSTREET would be my preffered destination :)


vidyavshenoy - Burrp User


2 Reviews

September 13,2010


A gala time

Had a gala time last week at Mainstreet...more owing to the company i had than anything...thanks to one of my room mates who planned to give a treat for turning a year older...we 6 girls were out on our day out!! Though there was an option for a la carte, we dint take the trouble to order...and we chose to go with the buffet. There were only 2 veg and one non veg..both were really gud. We were given bullet potatoes and chicken keema.
The soup was barely so -so many of us left it half way thru. Then we all went for round 1 of our buffet :) There was a lot of stuff for vegies and non vegetarians equally.

The desserts were awesome too..especially the custard and pudding...and the cake...hmm!!!

Then we spend some time clicking some pics...the ambience was too gud and lived up to the name of MAIN STREET


vdya11 - Burrp User


5 Reviews

December 21,2009


Wow it was worth an experience....

Main street in Residency Towers serves buffet lunch and dinner... For me it was the lunch which has refused to get out of my memory. Wow i can still cherish the taste of the cherry pudding and the countless menu of sugerfree deserts. Yeah if you are a real food junkie..its a place you should not miss.

The ambiance is so much like we are somewhere in the mid of a busy street with street lamps around, shops across. But still there is a beautiful silence with welcoming smiles from all the staffs. You also have a full view of the kitchen where chefs are busy preparing hot menus.

You name it... you get it in this menu. When i was there for lunch i could not resist eating almost all there...right from high quality bread to the lime juice, from north Indian, Chinese to our traditional meal. Not just because of the length of the menu...but cause of its delicious mouth watering taste.

You are first served with hot starters freshly prepared by the chefs. Then follows the soups and must tell you the taste of its fresh herbs needs to be experienced....

The rice menu is almost the same as other buffet attractions...but the special attraction here was the desert section. Right from buttermilk, chocolates, fresh juices, Ice creams to Whole variety of cakes and sweets (Even suger free) is just irresistible.They also have a chat corner for all those chat lovers.

The cost is worth to be paid. Rs. 450 per person including tax...

Till date it was the best eatout experience for me in chennai..

Ambiance : 4.5/5
Food : 4.5/5
Staff : 5/5
Deserts : 5/5


sanchin82 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 09,2009


Quality food and great variety

Plenty of choice for both veggies and non-veggies. Lots of variety in all the sections - Veg salads, bread, main course, dessert. Desserts were out of the world. There were 6 flavors of ice0cream that you could choose from and good news for diabetic patients. They serve sugarfree icecreams and 3-4 varieties of sweets/cakes as well. A must visit. I would rate thi as the best buffet after Hotel Green Park, Vadapalani.


Okay but..

The place is good and descent. But the food is all of same taste and they hardly take any initiative to change the menu. I have been visiting GRT quite some time but i find the same routine menu floating around for two days in a week. That's bad. They got to do something about it.


Last laugh at GRT

Probably one of the few decent buffets in the city right now, now that even places like GRT have gone down badly. Like a saviour to people disappointed, right next door is Mainstreet serving a full fledged buffet spread with everyhting you would prolly see in a buffet in chennai with a very good quality of food, service and ambiance.

I dont see anything innovative about the ambiance as its supposed to be, but its pretty neat and appetising. The variety is also lots especially for the non-veggies, and the desserts are awesome. I still miss the old GRT days though, it felt like bliss then. Times when i had no idea there was even a buffet at residency worth trying. Then again this buffet is priced much lesser around 400 to 450 only. Definitely worth a try and more. Take your family..