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Mansukh's Sweets and Snacks



23 Reviews / 28 Ratings

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Mansukh's Sweets and Snacks Reviews



I visited this place and ordered a thali and I enjoyed it.
The food was good especially the jamuns. The ambiance was average and the service good.
The second time I tried this place was a home delivery. Yes, they do home deliveries.
Sweets here are really good!


Thoroughly Worth It!

After almost 6 years yesterday I got a chance to visit one of my favorite snack shop's. I've been a fan of Mansusukh right from my childhood days. I'm a sucker for their chats and sweets. The first thing I noticed when I visited the shop yesterday was the "Burrp! certificate" right at the entrance. Yes it is a b! certified shop.

I had gone with my friend and we ordered the usual bhel puri and followed it up with an array of items including veg roll,aloo tikki channa, gobi manchurian, Jilebi and finished it off with Mango panna and Lime Mint Cooler!

Bhel was as usual at its best and so was the tikka. Veg roll was the surprise package. It was crisp and the filing was delicious. Gobi manchurian was yummy and soft. Finally Mango panna & LMC were simply superb. Overall it was a feast and I felt like getting transported to my childhood days. I left with a vow to go there frequently atleast from now ;)

VFM - 5/5
Food - 4.5/5
Service - 3/5
Ambiance - 3/5


Pathetic service

Been to this place for today's (30/4/13) lunch. 2 nd visit. I was the only one at that time. They have 2 thalis Rajasthani thali ( limited) Gujarati thali ( unlimited). I ordered the Rajasthani thali. It took 10 minutes for them to serve the dhalbhati. Another 15 minutes for my meal to arrive. Not worth the wait. Those who came after me also faced the same delay.
Though the owners were around none bothered about service. The thali was very ordinary. Please don't go if you are very hungry. They were busy concentrating on outdoor catering so you are at the mercy of North Indian boys who don't serve you properly because of poor training. Lastly not even a genset so you sweat out your entire meal though there are wall fans. Very bad attitude.


Great place !

One of the more peaceful roads in bustling TNagar is Ramaswamy street and you'll find this nice chaat/sweet shop.
I went there for the meal which had one fried rice, paneer gravy, rotis, parathas, curd and pickle and some other items.
Paapdi chaat, paav bhajji and limited thalis are their speciality.
Myriad good desert and sweets are pluses.
Service is good enough and it warrants another visit!



Apt pricing

The sweets are must tries and has a vast menu to choose from. The Chaat stall is lovely and I particularly loved the Maharaja thali whcih was unlimited but was priced modestly at around rs.180.




No airs..humble eatery

Mansukh is a place to go when you are on a cash crunch. Meal for two in Ground floor can be finished at 200 bucks. The value meal they serve is really great. It has one fried rice, paneer gravy, rotis, parathas, curd and pickle. The chats and sweet are good. Only let down was the juice. We ordered Orange juice which tasted like rasna. Overall value place with great food!



Great Gujarati food

This place has been in my must visit list for a very long time especially for their thaalis. Incidentally today being Sunday made me taste the maharaja thaali ( unlimited ) for 220. They have two levels. Ground floor serves snacks and stuffed rotis etc.This ground floor is self service. The 1st floor is for thaalis only.

The menu
1. Paapdi chaat
2. Jaljeera- cool refreshing.
3. Starters- veg roll, paan baji - awesome taste.
4. Sweets- rasmalaai- rightly sweetened excellent taste. Another sweet something like soorya Kala.
5. Dhokla
6. Rotis - one of the best
7. Poori
8. Stuffed roti
9. Potato bhaji
10. Pudina channa
11. Dhaal both sweetened and South Indian version.
12. Gujarati kadi
13. Kichadi- Hot tasty the best dish among everything.
14. Curd rice- excellent taste.
15. Mint chutney - true to its word real mint chutney without cream.
16. Pickle- gr8
17. Ice cream
18. Paan
19. Veg salad small cut pieces
Overall a truly maharaja meal.
Service- very quick, friendly but struggled to manage the crowd.
My rating:
Taste- 10/10
Service- 8/10
Ambience-6/10 simple decor, noisy place
Cost- 10/10 vfm worth every penny.
If you happen to visit on a Sunday be prepared to wait for a table. Minimum waiting time is 10 minutes. I saw groups of 4 or 6 struggling to get a place. The owner is present but he can make arrangements to use the 2 nd floor vacant place to add more seats. The main turn off in this place is billing is in ground floor you have to wait to get the bill as well as the change. No designated parking.
Must visit if you love tasty vegetarian food.


srinivast - Burrp User


145 Reviews

November 22,2012


Excellent Food; Decent Service; Simple Ambience

Today, I had taken my dinner at this joint after going thru many a reviews. I must say:
I had ordered a Rajasthani limited plate thali.

Food: excellent. Its simple yet quite delectable. Steam hot rice; fantastic yet simple dal; tasty fair overall including the subzi and humble aloo kurma that accompanies the fluffy n melt in mouth phulkas. Equally succulent n exciting gulab jamun in delicate sugar syrup.

Ambience: just OK

Service: good; but need to be prompted many a times

Overall: good to very good depending on the weightage one has on the food alone vs overall experience

But definitely worth a try though I did feel at Rs.110, a limited Rajasthani thali is too steep.


hkmurali - Burrp User


161 Reviews

November 10,2012


Best north indian foood in tnagar

Its off the streets of Usman road , and a spacious 2 floor restaurant serving delicious pulao , alu paratha, poori and pav bhaji ..
Their rajasthani and gujrathi , though changed a bit over the years and sharp increase in price, is still a good thing to try atleast once...
Really sumptuous healthy meal at a decent price..



Good Place for family Veggie Lunch and Dinner

Mansukh is the place if you want to have good authentic Gujju/Rajasthani lunch and Dinner. I like their thali spread - Dal bhati, Kadhi, phulka sagu, dhokla, small samosas etc.

Always have a problem reaching the restaurant and finding a parking.



Can See lot of changes in secound visit

this is the second time i visited the place i was surprised the interior is changed and it looks very pleasant .

this time I tried chats and few parothas this time i went with my family everybody my kids and my wife has become the fans of mansuk's we are pleased to eat and feel very happy.
super we enjoyed our time and its an unforgeable experience. I sugest all should visit this place its so homely


karuna01 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

August 26,2010


Enjoyable taste

After Tiresome shopping at T.Nagar it was very delightful to eat at Mansukh. I really enjoyed the Paneer Paratha and the Dahi chat i had . Menu is interesting and looking forward to taste them after my next shopping spree.


The best food to eat

Excellent food, good service, best price, all together in one place
Ambiance is Ok but the food is just like homely

Easy to digest
I went on a sunday i had a Maharaja Thali it was really a thali a maharaja would like to have. I eat so much that i couldn't even walk i felt like sleeping i went tHome and slept well but evening 6 pm i was fresh and light the food was really the best i had in my life with the fast service you don't need to ask for any thing they keep on feeling your thali really it was the best experience i had
i sugest please visit the place on sunday noon and u will feel that u are treated like a maharaja.

Service : 8 / 10
Ambience : 7 / 10
Food : 10 / 10
Price : 9 / 10


At Home

"Also serve food" type of snacks shop
Friendly Service
I don't have experience in gujju foods, but the food is quite neutral and suits anyone.
Made just like in a home
Recommended for people away from home
Or daily out-eaters which makes it excellent hang-out


A place 2 go wen ur wallets r almst empty..!!!

The place offers a gr8 variety of north indian fud..authentic as wel..!!

the prices are very nominal n affordable 4 al...

the paneer is really soft..!!..

Thr is ntg much 2 spk on te ambiance part as thr is ntg 2 mention on it..

cuming to hydien it is slf service..u cn witness hw te dishes r prepared and u ll nt eat thr again 1ce u luk thr..!!!!!!




Been here several times take this from a gujju this is as close to authentic gujju food you will get in chennai, yummy dhoklas, jalebi, kachori and the list goes on the only complain I have is they never seem to have khandvi or patra whenever we visit I was told it is only available in the morning will try to visit at the time soon


vinutha - Burrp User


3 Reviews

January 18,2010


Mansukhs T Nagar ... Great Place to Eat

If you are looking for some authentic Gujarati/Rajasthani meals, this is one of the few places in Chennai. The meals includes dhoklas, rotlis, puris, sweet and normal dal, kadi, three sabjis, khichdi, plain rice, curd rice and a sweet. All served piping hot and unlimited. There are times when one of the sabjis goes overboard with masala and oil, but thats only with respect to their other dishes and not comparing them with the other run off the mill North Indian restaurants around. Ideally go there for a Sunday brunch, eat your heart out, come back home and sleep.

Mansukh also makes decent chats, and some quick meal deals like roti and sabji of the day. Their Aloo Parathas are sinful. They also sell good sweets and Gujarati snaks like Khakdas, Theplas, Ghatiyas.

The only minus point is the parking space or the lack of it.


vijaisn - Burrp User


2 Reviews

October 10,2009


Great Taste + Great Price = Mansookh

I used to frequent this place when I was cash strapped. It was a popular eat out for one of my close friends and myself for a very long time. Everything we have ever ordered here has been very very tasty. Great deal in 2003, not sure how the 2009 scene looks like.


Authentic North Indian Food

FOOD 5/5
Ambience 3.5/5

Ppl! if you are looking for some authentic north indian food this is the place to head to. especially the gujju thali and rajasthani thali at the first floor. the ambience is simple,will give 3.5/5. but the food,especially the gujju thali and the sunday special are TOO GOOD!!! just the right amount of spices. the service is good,the food is served hot from kadais kept on a heater. for the fod i'd give a 5/5 rating


nsn13 - Burrp User


6 Reviews

February 20,2009


Great food @ very low price

This place is not for get-togethers. If you are hungry after some shopping in T Nagar but want to have something different compared to idli/dosa, this is the place. You get very good gujarati food and just food worth for the price.


Finally, some fine snacks!

After readin a lot on Mansukh and its yummy gujju food, i went in search of this place. Now that the new flyover is on in t nagar, its more suffocating and irritating to get here .. but yea i found the place somehow! It looks like a small sweet shop from the outside, then y all the hype?

Well i look at the menu, self service he says in a ride tone. I wanted to ask whats special thre, whats kandvi (or watever), wats this and whats that since m not a gujju by any chance but wanted try their best. But somehow i didnt feel like, due to the tone of this guy. Had the Kandvi since i am used to dhoklas, it was actually awesome and will def have again! So i went ahead and bought some sweets, strawberry agra peda and jelebi were good. The aloo tikki was different and yummy. The ribbon pakora was the best of all, packed in a typical dept store pack i dint expect it to be so fresh and crisp and tasty. Now i again went ahead and ordered poori with aloo suk, take away, but thats where i made the mistake, the food took a long time to come due to the crowd and it wasnt good either. I've had better ones on the roadside stalls and ofcourse Rangoli!

But overall i guess very good sweet and savories stall they have. The snacks are very yummy and unique (i fell in love with gujju food after i ate at Rangoli!). But if you want to dine in or take away from the food counter, mayb u shud try something else, not the puri and def not the aloo :). Dont expect service. Ambiance is typical of a sweet shop with few chairs to eat, but there are more ppl here since they have a proper food stall too. Mayb cos there are not much gujju specialty places in chennai, its worth a try!


Sathya N - Burrp User

Sathya N

5 Reviews

September 17,2008


Good food but not very clean

I have always enjoyed the food at Mansukh.

It is tasty and served quickly in a no-nonsense ambiance.

However, I always worry if I am going to catch some stomach bug, because the place has an unhygienic feel to it.



For the money you spend, I don't think you can get tastier food anywhere else though you can argue that they give a south indian flavour to the gujarati food.

Still, its my favourite place anyday - both with prices and quality.