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> > > Maqs Barbecue N Biryani

Maqs Barbecue N Biryani


  • 64994994, 9840390093, 9884939396, 24961261
  • No 2/226 1st Floor, Opp Citi Union Bank, Near Jain College, Thoraipakkam, Old Mahabalipuram Road, Chennai
  • Hyderabadi, Indian, Biryani
  • Meal for 2 - 300

11 Reviews / 13 Ratings

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Maqs Barbecue N Biryani Reviews







MAQs Bad Service

I visited Adyar branch of MAQs Briyani on 2/8/2014 with my wife for Buffet lunch. On reaching the restaurant, I am informed that no Buffet is available as Lamb was not availble. But they advertise saying buffet lunch is available Friday to Saturday. Finally we order for food. Some items are good and some are stale.
I got a SMS stating that 10% discount for dining. But when I asked for the discount, staff flatly refused. THIS IS CHEATING. Think before visiting this hotel


bong83 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 08,2013


Biryani is good

4 stars just for biryani.rarely u wud find good biryani in chennai which comes without curry leaves.
Genuine biryani lover go for it


Jujal - Burrp User


9 Reviews

December 24,2011


Biriyani lover's addiction

Hydrabadi meets barbeque at 'Barbeque and biryani' with a wonderful mouth watering taste of biriyanis. This place has the best ever biryani i have ever tried :)


1) Best, spicy mutton biryani in the city
2) All Non veg starters are awesome


1) Veg dishes are not up to the mark
2) Gravy dishes sucks
3) They never switch on the A/C for majority of the time
4) The inner room seating sucks. The tables are not comfortable at all.
5) It once proved to me that they don't have good cold drinks stock when i was served a bottle of an expired cold drink dated many months ago. But they compensated for it... But still :-S
6) There are a variety of dishes listed in menu but when u order the answer is always "sorry sir we don have it, please order something else" - especially mutton starters. It is one of the most disappointing aspect here

Food - 5/5
Comfort - 1/5
Service - 2/5

A good place for Biryani.. Only for Biryani


aashikaa - Burrp User


5 Reviews

August 29,2011


Worst Quality Biryani We Ever Had

I had to visit this restaurant called Maqs Barbecue N Biryani located in OMR, Chennai, for saturday night dinner with my colleagues.

On 27/08/2011, we made sure by calling the hotel that it was an authentic hyderabadi Biryani that is served and booked for 9 of us in advance. They served us 3 Kebabs first which tasted good and then came the Special Biryani that we were eagerly waiting for. It tasted so bad (3rd rated stalled Biryani) that everyone got disappointed and asked the waiter to get us the fresh Biryani. And then he refused saying that it was the special Hyderabadi Biryani they had for the day.

When it was a deal that we have booked he should have taken enough care about the food being served to us as it is the word of mouth than any other publicity that will spread faster. And I strongly recommend not to visit this place ever.



Not the authentic Hyderabadi


A big disapointment. This place doesn't serve the real taste of Hyderabadi Biryani. Fake reviews and also we found that they serve the afternoon prepared biryani even in the evenings.

Too bad.


Worst Biryani

Worst biryani I've ever had in my life.

The barbeque Chicken was not with real Arabian flavour. Too spicy and 3/4 th cooked.

Biryani is the worst here.



Never Think of this place - Worst management

Me and my friend went fot a dinner thinking that we will have good hyd briyani. but after going there I had a feel that I ended up a wrong place.. I never had such a bittter exp in any restaurants so far... Place is very very small and overcrowded. not even a place to wait there.. horrible!. I still wonder why do they have a book to note guest and their mobile numbers to alot a table.. Whoever comes late just occupy wherever seats become empty.. Staffs r pathetic and they themslef do not know what they are doing.. A small room with sofa and 2 tables gives the sense we entered a low class bar..also entire restaurant seem as if we entered a cheap n unhygenic place with just few sofas and glasses around... we were waitjing for more than 40 mins and nobody cared who comes in and goes... after asking the staff for 4 or 5 times.. no response from them... just thought of checking menu while waiitng.. not great and very very limited menu...Wanted to wash hands in meantime.. worst n unhygenic wash basin and restroom.. light not working in rr and a/c was not working in whole resturant. just imagine ,.... also briynai seems coming from somewhere and few guys carrying it inside in some tins... not sure whjere it is prepared.. after considering all this we moved out and finally landed up in another restaurant n had peaceful dinner.. few other guys waiitng along with us also got frustrated.. Really poor management and pathetic staffs.. . Not even a courtesy to call guests or to their mobiles when seats available......Guys please avoid this Barbecue n briyani at any cost.. There are lots of other options in OMR.




I've tasted Barbecue Biryani, hyderabadi and even mughlai style in many outlets in Chennai and across the globe.

No where near any of the above mentioned styles.

Kucha biryani with not properly cooked mutton pieces.

Very expensive and will never turn up again.


Best Biryani

Taste the best biryani in Chennai. Hyderabadi style biryani with reasonable price. The starters are even good, but are a bit costly.



Pretty normal Biryani and I have tasted biryani across Chennai city.

So much of masalas and so colourful.

This is not the kind of barbecue biryani or say Hyderabadi biryani.

We also ordered tandoori roti which was only 3/4th prepared.
Great disappointment.




for all foodies who would like to indulge in sm real good combo of veggies and rice, they give u best biryani. home away frm home feeling. i havent tasted non veg but i can say that it shud b gud since the veg was ravishing. pull in a thums up nd it will be awesome. had a biryani wrth 130 buck serves 2- pretty good. they do hav the hyderabadi feeling. nd the person is frm hyd. so i can say that he stands by the term authentic hyderabadi biryani