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> > > > Mash - The Restocafe

Mash - The Restocafe

Besant NagarChennai  

  • 45511555, 9962003300, 9884222202, 9840226622
  • No T-54 B 1St Floor, Elliots Beach Road, Besant Nagar, Chennai
  • Continental, Seafood, Juice
  • Meal for 2 - 500

29 Reviews / 32 Ratings

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Mash - The Restocafe Reviews






Sandwiches overlooking the beach

It is a brilliant place overlooking the beautiful Besant Nagar beach. Mash serves the best sandwiches and burgers and don't forget to order the chilli cheese fries. They offer wonderful steaks also.

Try and go in the morning, the sea looks awesome from the restaurant although night is also a good time to visit Mash. It is mostly crowded so try and get reservations.






Great Ambience but Slow Service

Mash is one of the favorite eating spots for college goers in Chennai near Besant Nagar Beach. Their food is great but sometimes because of the rush they tend to slack and give you cold food. When I went there the first time I had a great experience but the second time I got a beef burger which had stale burger bread. Even though I told them about it, they did not do anything after saying they would get back to me. I left without pursuing the matter because I was in no mood to spoil my night because of it.

The best time to go would be on weekdays as on weekends they are overcrowded and you do not get to sit in the open air space that overlooks the beach.






Mashed in Mash!!

Ambience 1/10
The restaurant is very poorly organised and there is no space for the waiters to move about freely once customers settle down. The roofing is just a couple of planks of plywood. The restaurant, for it's prices, is a crowded mess.
Service 2/10
Waiters are not aware of the items in the menu . Considering that the cuisine is American/ Continental, they should be able to explain . In addition they are not fluent in English , Hindi or Tamil.
Quality of food 2/10
Paneer sticks was totally bland and not seasoned at all on top of it. It was over fried. And potato wedges were seasoned with the so called " secret Mexican spice " which was nothing but chili powder. BBQ sauce was just sweet and sour sauce and pasta arrabiata was cooked in Chinese fried rice mix and reeked of mono-sodium glutamate
Price 1/10
The food is too expensive and not up to the mark.

Overall it's a no - no!!



Warm Ambience

Just love the ambiance of Mash. Beach side with serial lights! Food tastes delicious but too pricey!


Tables turned!

Our last visit to Mash was a huge disappointment - we had ordered burgers that had gone cold. And this was last year. For some reason, we thought we might give this place another chance and headed there for an early meal last night.

Ordered hot and spicy chicken burger and BBQ chicken burger with cheese fries (yep, heart attack material), Pepsi and Iced Tea. The service was a tad slow at the beginning but picked up pace afterwards.

The food was hot and not as bad as last time. Didn't care much for their coleslaw but everything else on the plate was quite good.

Everyone knows that the ambience is wonderful (except that on weekends it's a tad noisy owing to beach-side crowd but that's ok).

The bill was around 570, which was quite alright -won't say it was expensive because let's face it - for all that we had, most other places would rack up a bill of Rs 1000.

So all in all, yes, we'll be visiting Mash again



Friendly Staff, Great food, Amazing ambience

Great place. Take a seat in the verandah and you will find that the sea breeze/view is simply awesome. The waiters aren't rushed at all and they're quite forthcoming with suggestions if you're not so sure about what you'd like. The food tastes great and is served quick. If you're here, you should definitely try the "Chicken Sizzler". Best sizzler I've ever had in my life.


skulldugger - Burrp User


7 Reviews

November 19,2012


Occasionally great

Mash used to a wonderful place with great steaks. I was once told that Mash came third in a poll of the city's best steaks, the first two honours going to big name 5 star restaurants. With a price hike of late and a wane in service, this place's heyday is past. Its location on the beach would have made it a perfect restaurant to visit while at Bessie. Its menu too is rather delectable. But the last time we visited,the waiters could hardly register our order. We had to send back the soup as it wasn't what we'd asked for. The food is good on most days, but a couple of bad instances have made my friends chary. I continue to frequent and champion the place and am a constant vocalist of their merits, but they really need to up their game.



A Good place to eat out in Bessy

Mash is a good eat out in bessy when compared to pupil or cozee. The food is much better here than the near by places . But the service is pretty slow . Rate wise i would say its on the average side, pretty economical . They have a side open sit out where you have a good beach view and the breeze gushing in from the shore . On the whole Its a good place with good food in bessy . You Just need to bare with their slow service .


sirajahmed - Burrp User


4 Reviews

February 18,2012



T most pathetic an lousy place i coul evar visit.T sea view an ambience wer gud then came t shoker.No proper menu.Gave printout in a stick file.jus 1 guy ter 2 take order clean t table refill glass an tat too 20 minutesafter i was seated.took 30 minutes to serve sum dumb pasta with no cheese [claimed in t menu].took 20 minutes to refill my glass.spent 3 hours jus to have pasta an a starter.Two middle fingers up for MASH..


mdevina - Burrp User


10 Reviews

January 23,2012


Wish there were more brunch places..

.. so I wouldn't have to go to Mash ever again! The service is god-awful. There is one person doing the job of 4 staff (taking orders, serving, cleaning up, I suspect cooking also) and it takes forever to get anything done. I had pancakes the first time I went but the second time, apparently, only omelettes were available. Why would I go to a place that serves only omelettes when I can make them easily at home? And - the omelette was served without salt & pepper (which took 10 mnts to come) and french fries without ketchup (I never bothered to ask for it). I would never look at this place again if it weren't the only early-morning place in this part of town. The sea views and the casual ambience are good, but what do you eat here??


Pathetic Place Awful Service

they r super slow in service and bad in service. the food is ok and not that great, they would take atleast half an hour to serve any dish. i would never ever go back to this place!!!


boolyme - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 09,2011


Why isn't here an option to put 0 stars?

I usually don't suffer from upset stomach. But thanks to the most stupidest food these guys serve, I have running since the last two days. You don't want to pay 350 bucks per person and get an upset stomach. Do you? If yes, then have your pockets emptied in this shithole.



Great for one of those slow weekend mornings. A friend and I were at the beach on a Saturday morning early and this was the only place open. He really was keen because apparently he had heard this was a popular lesbian hangout (it is nothing of that sort, i assure you. I have made many enquirers since then). I'll say, we had a great time. In regards to raging homosexuals strewn about the place, my friend came back home pretty disappointed (awww!). But in other respects, it was prefect. Outside is the only place to sit really. Too bad they wouldn't allow smoking. A cup of java, a mug of hot chocolate (I have had went cold too fast though!), the sounds of waves, a breeze, the early morning sun and conversations about nothing at all. I don't know, i want to go back. I really didn't try the food (not a breakfast person) so I can't vouch for that. However, ambiance, location and atmosphere wise - top marks.


Intolerable food and Patience testing service

Though the first time I thought I had just landed up on a wrong day, I realized the second time that everyday is a wrong day in Mash!

For starters, the restaurant presents an extremely clogged up ambiance and you'll find yourself looking at fellow diner's plate more often than yours because of the strange placement of the tables in a restaurant as big as a kitchen. And they're strangely arranged with one side on level and one side above level?!?!?! And perhaps some gap to walk in between.

The menu itself presents a variety of items that look delicious. But if you know your food, like i do, I'd suggest you read the description before you go ahead. Well I did! For strange reasons, the pesto sauce has tomato in it!! (That's the most peculiar one I remember) And you'll find many such combinations.

The first time I dared to order an arrabiata. Of course it took us approx. 50 minutes in talking and laughing at their service before the arrabiata arrived! Waiting for something that seemed to be so delicious and carefully cooked that it took the chef so long to make it!
If you love Indian food and are forced to experiment, this is the place you must go to. The arrabiata is your typical tomato sauce, with perhaps some masala. And some noodles (definitely not spaghetti) thrown in.

The restaurant has to learn the definition (rather than recipe) of chilli cheese fries. Coz fries are supposed to be crispy and not like boiled potatoes. And a little cheese was put here and there, which wasn't even melted!! Well excuse me, the cheese is supposed to be melting while on the table..

The second time I visited the place with a bigger group. Of course the bill did cut my credit card bit by bit. But not because the food was expensive. Because the food was over-priced, minimum quantity and really not what a continental food eater (not even lover) would be liking! N the time factor seems to be really crucial for them. It's important to make people wait till they lose their patience!! And so did we!!

The chicken stroganoff was cooked to a 'chawal-chicken subzi' perfection!

The beef sizzler- I don't really know how it was, because the meat was so hard, that biting into it took you 15 minutes per bite!

The chocolate pan cake was the only thing edible though..

Do go if you have a lot of time and ample money and a horrible appetite.
P.S. - You must NOT have a good taste in the cuisine if you're going there!! Else you'll be thoroughly disappointed like me!!


Nice Desserts

I have been here with my friends. Place is very congested. Not a bad food. No waiting space available. We found it hard to wait for a seat. I love to have the sizzlers here. Real good taste.


Nothing great.

I had gone to mash sometime ago with a few friends of mine. The general ambiance is nice if you choose to sit outside. I had ordered a vegetarian burger which generally comes with a choice of sauce. The burger was small and it came with a meager portion of fries which was a let down. The burger itself didn't taste great either. The service time was average. I would not recommend this place.


palliveedan - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 01,2010


No nonsense place

Its like those "No Nonsense we are here to make and sell food" kinda joints!!

Best place for a sunday morning hangover curing brunch and The Chicken and Fish sandwiches are Awsome and the best part is the unlimited supply of mayonnaise and their own special cocktail mayonnaise.

Well if you are the kinda guy who wants 2 eat solid rather than cribbing about other irrelevant details .... then this is your place!!


darshprash - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 06,2009


Great view Relaxed ambience

We found Mash by accident while we were looking for a place on Elliots Beach road that was away from the crowds. We were pleasantly surprised because this is a place with a good view of the beach and not very crowded. The food tends to be on the experimentive side with a fusion of Indian and Continental cuisine, and we were quite happy especially with dishes like the Aachi Meen Stroganoff. The pasta was average, but the deserts were interesting. We did not get a chance to try the roly-polys which seemed the most interesting but caramelised fruit, lit up with rum for special effects, and the chocolate mud pie were good.
We were quite surprised to see such a large amount of negative reviews about the place coz we have had a great time whenever we go there, especially for a relaxed meal wiht friends. We are definitely going back :)

And all the veggies stick to saravana bhavan next time u wanna have a good time :p



so so

i have been to mash once.... went there cuz one of the partners was a friend... but i was kind of disapp.... being a vegie, the choices were minimal... flies were all over n the tables were dirty... but my husband did like the non vegie food a lil... my exp was not so great....



Avoid at all costs

Went there once for breakfast after a run on the beach.
Great location to be in but thats all there is.

Average food but the hygiene is terribly lacking.
heard squeaks and meows as well.

entered with an appetite and left with a tummy ache as i couldnt eat much. Not blaming the food. Just the hygiene.

Stay away if you value hygiene.



Mash is nothing but crap

Do they even know what Steak is..? I once ordered a Beef steak medium rare, and all i got was chunks of minced meat or what they call as "kheema" ,mashed potatoes which was ok and they just threw few vegetables . This was not what i had expected it to be after trying out so many restaurants where i ate some great steaks and my expectations out of Mash was of that level, i was disgusted. The price you pay on the menu i found was a rip-off, its a pain to see restaurant like these in Chennai so right now i am on my way to search for some good places to find authentic steak food , burrp rocks as i might bump into a great place soon by reading all the reviews here.


mash up

Given the strategic location, Mash can surely offer better dining.

For now, its more of a drop in, drop out place, for a drink or a lite bite. I checked out this place with a few friends late in the night and thankfully did not find any flies! The menu was a total letdown as it was more NV fare, leaving very little choice for vegans, the saving grace being Pasta et al. The view on full moon days, is really worth it though. I only have one comment for those owners,

Spruce it up, guys!


nautankey  - Burrp User


52 Reviews

December 29,2008


Costly affair..

Ended up twice in this place though I wont recommend anyone for a single visit too. Shud thank[or curse?] lack of tables in other restaurants.

It's very expensive and burns ur wallet, food is so-so. They had something called egg bajji[cost Rs.80],ordered it and laughed my head off for making a fool of myself. Even the drinks[juices,milkshakes n mocktails] are damn costly and not up to the mark.

If you end up there due to bad luck,order the cheapest drink and whileaway ur time lookin at the sea.


when u run outa choices

Am a sucker for beach side restaurants and open air roof top beach facin cafes with nice snacks anytime.. but somehow i cudnt get myself to go to this place more than once... totally agree with the review below that its jus another beach joint nothin more inviting about it ....

The reason why i wud choose baywatch next door over mash anytime is ... good music, good crowd, good view and it simply feels good to be there... More than anythin it has snacks that fit my budget when i jus go to stroll and fool around in the beach .. m not here to have continental food and sizzling brownies for desserts at a price i wud pay at a fine-dining restaurant..So yea the place is boring and expensive ...The food is nothin to go back for either...

I heard the breakfast is really good here.. will try it once and review bak... until then this place is definitely not my first choice for a evening at the beach!



one of those beach side joints

Not too grand, not too bland either ! one of the other options that could spring to your mind if there isnt place anywhere else.



amritha - Burrp User


13 Reviews

September 04,2008


mashed out

I had been to this place when it first opened and thought it was decent, not great but ok to grab a bite when on the beach.So when asked about a decent place for a sandwich i recommended this and regretted it immediately. First came the sticky tables which I had to wipe myself, if I were to keep any part of my anatomy on it. Then came the indescribably long time for the food to come, which would have been fine if they had taken their time to cook it well. But I was disappointed. The fish in the fish n chips was stale (and we were near the sea) The james bonda was loaded with oil. The aachi stroganoff, a dish which could be infinitely great was a insipid chicken gravy with no character, flavor or taste whatsoever. The drinks were ok, but then when your taste buds have been assaulted with mediocre food, you tend to be thankful for small blessings like a cold drink.
The sandwich was OK, dry but edible and then I realised this was just a place if you smoked, needed a place to hold hands with your girlfriend or just heap on tall stories to unsuspecting people around you (which was what the people in the surrounding tables were doing) in which case you dont care about whats going down your gullet.



"Decent Food, Horrible Maintenance!"
The Breakfast part of the menu is small. There are no choices for vegetarians. All you can find is bacon. The cheese omelet is worth trying tough. Their drinks are pretty good. But you might spend most of your time trying to get flies away from your food. I don’t remember the last time they cleaned all the tables. The waiters don't bother to take the order. You might have to beg them to visit your table occasionally. The appetizers are decent. If you are expecting spicy food you have stepped into the wrong place. Their chicken and the normal vegetarian dishes have the same gravy served in the same gravy boat. Don’t fall for the comments below every name. There are much better places in Chennai you can try!



Fusion of food

like the name the descriptions of the food on the menu seem to hint a mixing of culinary styles. there isnt a whole lot to choose from but the menu was decent enough. stay away from the exotic like satay which is best eaten in malaysia or singapore than Chennai. the indian food seems best. recommended dishes would be the chicken cordon bleu or the fish and chips for continental and attapadi chicken and aachi kozhi strognoff for indian style. kalamari was excellent and fresh served with some real nice garlic butter on the side.

ambience is nice and cozy and gives a rustic feel. it faces the beach front (though not on the beach itself) and has a open air as well as air conditioned section. the open air section is the best so that you enjoy the sea breeze but is prone to some insects as it is close to the street lights.

be warned they are quite generous with their portions so make sure you make room for the food



The Fly Zone

1. If you are as competent as Jet Li to fight with flies, then take the risk of entering this joint

2. They serve meals and there is not much of dishes to add up to your main course.

3. Ambience is sad. Facing sea is not a single criteria to assume that the place looks good.

4.Avoid for Lunch and Dinner....

5. Probably a place to grab your evening sandwish with GF , if she is ok with flies .