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VelacheryChennai    & IN 10 MORE LOCATIONS


7 Reviews / 8 Ratings

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McFlurry Banana Caramel Oreo & Banana Oreo Soft Serve Jul 01 - Aug 06

  • This July, experience the Minion Invasion at McDonald’s as the brand makes dining a fun and memorable affair with the launch of two new and exciting banana themed desserts.

    Customers can now indulge in the delicious McFlurry Banana Caramel Oreo and Banana Oreo Soft Serve, created exclusively to complement the Minions Mania. The McFlurry Banana Caramel Oreo and Banana Oreo Soft Serve are priced at Rs. 73 and Rs. 35 respectively and will be available across all McDonald’s restaurants in West and South India for a limited time, starting from 1st July up to 6th August 2015. The desserts will be served in a special Minion packaging.

    Patrons can also add to their collection of Minions by choosing from a lineup of 10 exciting minion toys with every happy meal purchase.

    McFlurry Banana Caramel Oreo: Rs. 73 (Small)
    Banana Oreo Soft Serve: Rs. 35 (Regular)

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McDonald's Reviews


Everything is fine , but there are lot of disappointments here from a customer point of view which the management should have considered.
1.Current Happy meal is not Value for Money. We would like to have the previous happy meal menu.
2. Please ensure that all your inventory and machines are working well, for many times I have heard that cappucino machine not working sir, out of stock sir.


Krishnan S - Burrp User

Krishnan S

12 Reviews

November 20,2012



The take-away counter was fast. The McVeggie meal was great... The staff were not courteous and the place lacks ambiance... The place was not bad but it didn't make me want to visit again...



Not worth a try..

You're not welcome: One aspect missing in most eateries in india is the unpleasant staff. This is place is not different. They made me feel like I was eating all their food! For this matter KFC is the best I've seen.

Average Food: Nothing worth craving. Adding the experience, not worth trying again. There a lot of burgers available in the local market that could suffice.

Ambience and Setup: Though they have enough space, it is not used well. I was there yesterday and it was stinking. I had to eat fast and run since I couldn't bear the smell. The chairs were sticky as were the tables. The cleaning staff are least bothered. Lot of noise at the counters by the staff shouting orders, and lots of confusion in almost all orders I watched being taken during my 15mins stand in the line.

Consistency with McDonalds Brand: I would say this is nowhere close the International McDonalds brand. The same name is not enough for a customer like me.


Ooops a bad day!

I had been there for the first time, after hearing from friends and relatives that they do a quick job at the take away counters. off course, i agree with 'burrper geejay'. The Mc drive was not attractive or even friendly or well illuminated. It was quite narrow and i was surprised to see the sign board - max speed in drive thru is 10kmph where as we were probably moving at 1kmph due to the narrow tunnel like driveway. thou it was weekend luckily there was no big Q, only 2 cars ahead of us. When we went to the 'Order Here' counter it was closed. Then we reached the 'pay here' counter where we had the toughest time ordering food!

What was the menu, wat does it include nothing was very clear in the menu and as we were first time goers we dint understand anything much. And the standing with the menu was a guy who was even more tougher to understand or hear wat he was saying! Finally with great difficulty we undertood the menu and ordered. The menu was too short, no variety at all. We were happy that they were courteous to repeat the order, and he was correctly repeating what we had ordered!

Driving thru a tunnel like narrow turn, we reached the delivery counter. In the delivery counter we were greeted pleasently by a girl and we waited just for a minute and we got our delivery. We ordered mc happy meal which includes a toy. When asked whether the toy is kept inside she told yes. Normally we do not check, but this time we checked to find the toy was missing. We told them its missing and she immediately handed the without even thinkikg for a minute, as if she knows for sure that its not kept inside.

We should ve taken a hint from it but since we were in a great hurry we left the place immediately with out checking the food. After coming all the way to tambaram from velachery and after settling down we all opened the pack to eat.

Shockingly half the meal, the drink the fries were all missing and even the burger was not packed well, all sauces and veggies leaking... We were very much dissappointed and my mother started cooking so late after the long drive and outing jus because of their carelessness!

When called to ask they took my bill no etc and finally got back to us and told they ve billed only for wat they ve delivered and only that was ordered by us according to their guy who took the order....they were ready to provide some compliment, the next day that too we were asked to come and collect it.

But for todays problem and their mistakes they cant correct it two days later when there will not be any use or value for the correction. That nit my mother suffered even after paying the money and buying food from outside....:-( So beware and check your order and your delivererd items.



Watch your step.

Keeping taste buds aside, this is possibly the worst place for your car. The entrance (to the McDrive) is about a foot high and doesn't show mercy on your car's undercarriage.

The exit isn't amazing either, after several "speed breakers" you land on a "road" that hasn't seen the likes of tarmac for possibly decades.


Plastic - No, No

I was ruminating for some time whether to write this review at all. After all, what is there to write about McDonald's that people don't know already. However, decided to proceed anyway as a couple of points might really be useful for first timers.

First and foremost - patience. Be ready to wait in the queue even if it is on a weekday. Most probably, the waiting time to place the order would be more than the time between placing order and getting the food.
Nothing much to complain about service, when there is crowd like a railway reservation. People are working fast - it being the top priority.
Reasonable cost for those great tasting burgers.
Very small menu.
I was surprised on hearing that they don't accept debit / credit card only cash and food coupons. This is an important information which has to be displayed prominently but it is not.

Overall - I may go there on a weekday morning when crowd is expected to be at a minimum.


A pit stop - Another Mc

I was suprised to see a lot of young kids there. Their operations are class, with a floor above. The food was great too. We had a McAloo Tikki, a Paneer Salsa wrap and McVeggie. The wrap was not too Indian, but was good. The only catch is the delivery. People sit in the first floor, and have to walk down for every order!