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  • 64587777
  • 105, Chamiers Road, 2nd floor, R.A.Puram, Chennai
  • Italian

5 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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MMMafia Reviews

Abhi  - Burrp User


5 Reviews

October 15,2008


Pasta.. The Sicilian way!

The name was very italian and intriguing, so my expectation on the ambience was high. Well would not say it was a complete disappointment, the whole restaurant interior was done in White giving it a sober look. Would have been better in black i guess.

Then moving on to the food, pasta was great. The food was worth the effort and search. They also served mexican, so we tried nachos and enchiladas, they were good too. The food was not indianised, that was the interesting part of this restaurant.

But watch out for your wallet, the place is a bit expensive. And service can be improved!


Do you know sign language?

Well.. we actually stopped to get into grains of paradise (peppers) but since the crowd there scared us of the waiting time that mite follow, we unanimously decided to try italian on the next floor since indian seemed boring now! Spotless white decor kinda looked elegant but the curtains and the wall cushions almost made it look like a hospital?..

The worst is yet to come.. the service! what the hell is rong with the management? cant they find someone who can .. for god's sake atleast.. speak? u don need to kno italian but atleast english? it is imposisble to communicate to the waiters, seriously there were some 20 of em and not one cud speak loudly leave alone speak english. Noone knew anything bout the menu neither could they understd wat we tryin to say/ask! We lost all the energy that we gained by eatin trying to get some service! I can find u ppl in chennai who are lookin for jobs!

Comin to the food, i was almost ready to tick it off, pissed with the service. They brought the chili flakes in oil (which btw was not olive oil) and never gave bread on the house. When asked a waiter shaked his head insensibly and walked away! But hey the food was atcually great, as much as i wish it wasnt! The pizza (fantasia) where we removed coriander and added red pepper and pineapple was crispy and yummy! But it took us 30 mins to explain the toppings to the waiter.. no m not exaggerating! The MMafia pasta (spaghetti) was yummy too! Finally we found the manager who could comprehend english a little and asked if we cud get bread but that person marketed a stuffed bread starters which we were not very happy to have after the main course, returned without eating, but was charged on the bill which was changed bak after 30 mins of notice!

Oh yea, all of a sudden the manager rushes with napkins and runs across our table laying it on our laps without an excuse me or sorry. Oh i forgot they don speak here! and this was just before desserts. After a good lauf, we asked for the desserts menu but it was cruly denied to us since we returned the stuffed garlic bread. We had to order caramel pudding as they said tiramisu wasnt available. But the geloto that was also not available to us was available to the next table! Well, its ok to lose yummy food but am not going here again! Ah btw, for the quantity served, the prices are ridiculous, even Osteria (which i heard is awesome) is cheaper it seems!


niranjan - Burrp User


5 Reviews

September 23,2008


good italian

This place has some really nice italian food. Slightly expensive food though. But the pastas are damn good. and so are all the italian starters. I would call this a nice place for a friends meet up. But don't forget to book your table. :)


karthikji - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 11,2008


My experience with Mmmafia

Had a chance to go to Mmmafia with my boss, ofcouse you have to take some body to pay the bill, might have a heart attack if you have to pay it. We had two starters one the potato variety and the other aubergine variety(I am sorry the menu was too confusing I don’t remember the names), I must really comment on the aubergine variety that I had, it was a planned trap I could digest it only after I had a glass of Indian rasam. The potato variety was fairly ok. Then we had the main course, one risotto variety remembered me the sambar rice it was also fairly ok, next a pasta arrabiata, I think they have over cooked it since it was sticky, but the taste was good. Last comes the devil dessert, I think mmmafia management should definitely rethink naming gelato in their menu card, I had one vanilla with chocolate variety, i am sorry I don’t want to comment its an insult for gelato since I have had very good gelato in my life some where else.

If possible switch off the TV inside, since other than the gentleman who took our order every body else were busy watching TV, might be the management would have thought staffs need some entertainment.


Crzy Muse - Burrp User

Crzy Muse

6 Reviews

September 05,2008


Good Food

the food is good and generous enough portions for the prices charged, but i felt the ambiance was too stuffy.. but then again maybe because i was expecting a more chilled out place as suggested by the whimsical name. but if you are looking to dine in a classy looking place, then this is not too off the mark. the impeccably white decor is very conductive for a rather formal dinner( like a date you are trying to impress or with your boss!!). the service was good too.