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> > > > Munees Kitchen

Munees Kitchen


  • 42012218
  • 26/61, Kabani Centre, KB Dasan Road, Teynampet, Chennai
  • Indian, Chettinad, Arabian
  • Meal for 2 - 500

6 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Munees Kitchen Reviews

Barbeque In Front Of Your Eyes

Similar to BBQ nation, Munees Kitchen too offers barbecue experience in front of your eyes on your table. Located near SIET college, the restaurant is on the ground floor and offers a wide range of Arabic, lebanese food. Primarily for the meat lovers, they have a good amount of veg dishes as well.

Apart from the bbq, they offer a few arabian dishes as well. Their bread was good, we wondered if they made it in house or procured it from elsewhere. If I am right, I also saw a number of Biryani options and even curd rice. Looks like they are keen to cater to every kind of crowd. Slightly on the pricey side, this is a place that is worth the money if you are a hearty eater!

The only thing that was not good was that they brought out a plate of sizzler and the entire place was filled with smoke with nowhere to go. it was a tad annoying and took a while to clear the smoke.

Too bad I wasn't carrying my camera that day. Should make another visit and explore further.



Best In Town

Have been there at least 10 times . Wonderful . Thats one word for it.



Been here over 5 times in the last 2 months and have taken home delivery at least 4 times. Really good food. Every dish has a distinct taste. They have got pretty fast service. It also has a family environment and the shawarmas are perfect. They also customise your dish as you ask for it. Spicy/bland/tangy etc. South Chennai badly needed a Shawarma joint. This is it. The BBQ and grilled dishes are really good too. All in all, a very distinct fulfilling experience!


finger licking good food

a very ideally located place with neat ambiance. The manager very warm and friendly with good knowledge the rest of the staff not so much. probably sells a lot of arabian food since even on my 3rd visit wasnt able to taste since it was over. but the shawarma roll brought me happiness. the food takes longer to come but its worth the wait cause i just ate the bestest mutton tikka masala ever. the gravy was fantabulous. my friend who was full after the Kottur parantha also couldnt keep his hands off the mutton gravy.


Calm & lovable place

Awesome place to spend some time with your loved once. Food too worth for penny and also for quality. Service so good, happy and planned to visit again.



Good place for BBQ's

It is a new restuarant.Very calm place.BBQ's and chettinad items are excellent.It is worth going to the place.