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> > > > Vasantha Bhavan

Vasantha Bhavan

VadapalaniChennai    & IN 10 MORE LOCATIONS


7 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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Vasantha Bhavan Reviews


awesomee lunch

I went to lunch here with my friends it was really awesome. The sambar was really nice. the ambiance was really good set up like a Chettinadu house something really different from the usual places I have seen. The coffee is a must try here. Would love to visit again.


sathya26 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 23,2011


Worst hotel - came down with Typhoid

A/c didn't work and they couldn't arrange for fans. Half the items on menu was not available (at 8pm). 4 out 6 of us who had food here came down with Typhoid (the other 2 didn't have anything other than soup). Had 3 weeks of severe headache, fever & chills. Will never go back to this restaurant.


One of the WORST hotels in Chennai

This is one of worst hotels I've ever seen.....We had our baby's 1 b'day party in this hotel yesterday, the service/maintenance s soooo worst. The A.C didn't function properly, the audio player didn't work and there is no fans available, had a horrible experience with the hotel...... The MANAGER didn't provide us any alternative. The ceiling is covered with asbestos sheet, imagine how the guests would have felt without A.C/fan.The food is total waste, we spent nearly 50,000rs for the food, but it's not worth it even for 5000rs.



duraithiru - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 20,2010


Good Interiors are not Enough?

Setting up a hotel in the heart of the city with good interiors are not enough. What we customers look forward is good food at affordable cost. Not just once, but i had experienced there horrible food and service in 2 different occasions.

First, at my niece's birthday party. The buffet cost around 350/- per plate, the food though was a buffet, they have people to serve and the quantity served is so meager, and to top it all, the food tasted horrible.

Second time, without any choice of hotel in vadapalani, we landed up again for lunch. Would you believe that the poriyal they served along with rice is already spoilt (wonder if it was made that morning or was a leftover of previous day) and when daughter bought dosa, the chutney served was one served straight out of fridge.

I would like to advocate to hotel owners, that people like us shell out money purely expecting quality and service, but taking such money you serve us nothing? WHY?

I would like to advice people, not to visit that hotel even if you are dying of hunger



Worst hotel ever visited

During week ends, these hotels become crowded and they exploit this situation. last time when I visited with my family they even served fruit juice that is nothing but cold water (or water tekn when washing a juice glass).

Very exorbitant when compared to food quality, service quality. a hotel of hypocrisy


One of the worst south indian restaurant

I would rate this as one of the worst south Indian restaurant and also the items are over priced... It is not worth for the money you pay, instead you can go to Hotchips where you can get good south indian food for 1/2 the price you pay here...


best hospitality

I like this hotel because of their hospitality, the variety of food it offers and for the clean drinking water they provide. The wash basin is child friendly as it is of a lower height. This is an added plus!