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> > > > Once Upon A Pirate...

Once Upon A Pirate...

Besant NagarChennai  


52 Reviews / 52 Ratings

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Once Upon A Pirate... Reviews


Once upon a time it existed

This place is closed. I guess you may wanna delete this entry
This place opened with lot of fanfare and always used to be full. Given the curiosity, i tried it after waiting for several minutes, and turned out to be a huge disappointment,
It was dark , stuffy , very poor service and menu card smaller than a chat shop menu
Food was equally bad, and wondered how could they survive so long with such quality ..No wonder its been closed down and quickly replaced with other joints



Tastyy food wid gud QUANTITY !!

An awesome place to enjoy wid family...Moderately priced.. friendly service ..!devils fried rice is the pick of the lot as it served hot n is really tastyyy!! starters are good ...!deserts r really disappointing.. decent ambiance ..expecting a little more to b done for d place to luk more lik a pirate house ! supposed to b Air conditioned but unfortunately it never works..! but WORTH a visit for d variety of food n quantity served ...!


decent food. bad try at a theme

Visited this place expecting some real good pirate theme but all that was pirate-ey in this place were portraits of random pirates...The waiters were wearing something that they claim to be a "pirate uniform" ....Loved the devil's fried rice and the starters were pretty decent too...There is a "jail room" which is part of the theme. it ll really work out well if the a/c works always and there is a little more lighting...i know that its supposed to be dark, but yeah its a restaurant and we have should be able to see what we are eating! ....must really improve on the pirate theme to be called a themed restaurant and yeah bring some more innovations like the devils fried rice..!


neodiesel - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 05,2011


New try

Visited the Pirates on New years eve last year for the 1st time and coincidentally or not, my year has been great, been there a few times since then, sometimes with friends or family. The waiters are friendly and they know a few of our gang by name which gives us a comfy atmosphere. They have tried a good variety of menu items including Chinese, Indian, Tandoori & Chettinad, but my favourite is mostly Chinese. So, sentimentally, hope we visit there this new years eve as well



pathetic food

pls dont go to this place, the food is really bad and overprized.



once upon a time...

True... that you can go there and have a look at the collection once... then you can say Once upon a time... and forget the food for sure...


An ok place

i had been here a few days and i thought it was an ok place to have food. they have a clean and neat place i must say. the food is ok and is worth giving it a try atleast once. i wud want to try the other branch they have in vadapalani to see how good or better it is than this one


GluSin - Burrp User


11 Reviews

October 30,2011


Overpriced pathetic food

I am not sure if Pirates used to have this kinda food because otherwise they have made mess of it. (Hot) Lime soda, (Xtrra) Sweet Corn soup and list never ends. I was highly disappointed with service. Strictly below average food , go at your own risk....Avoidable!




good starter. Renamed Gobi Manchurian as Gobi Lolly pop. Main course average. A/c still not fixed in spite of several reviews by earlier visitors. A/c does work but the cool goes somewhere else. Worth visiting once


good experience

we went to this place recently with around 10 people. even thou we had only vegetarian food, the food was good. the starter and soup was nice so was the main course. but the desert was disappointing - fried ice cream was terrible, and litchi ice dream was also bad. over all experience was quite good. thou for a Saturday night there was not much crowd. the ambiance was good especially the jail based theme. once more disappointing part was the space, the place is quite small.


Food is good

We planned to have our dinner here (1st timer) and as expected it was bit crowded due to weekend. We waited for our turn, then we were offered a table near to the entrance. As the A/C was low (not working) we then shifted to a next table.
Pros: We ordered for vegetarian items: Veg. Biriyani, Panner Tikka, Veg. Fried Rice, Golden Baby corn fry. As panner tikka was too good we ordered for one more. My son (5 yrs) enjoyed the display and we were discussing until the food was being served (which took little longer). Encouraging to visit again by providing discount coupon.
Cons: Music is very low, table is mostly of six seater, when couples occupy these tables, Pax more than 3 have to wait. In Pirates jail - air circulation and lighting to be improved. Drinking water is bit sour - like ground water.

Food wise it is good. Looking forward to check their non-veg menu and buffet next time...



Tamil Pirates!

We always make it a point to go Marina or Elliots beach when we visit Chennai since there is no beach from we come from.

This time we found a new restaurant in besant nagar beach with a different name and my kids wanted to dine there. My wife and I were not sure about how it would be, but we love to explore new places.

The waiter received us and took us straight through a ship like interior into a Pirate jail setup, kids got excited immediately, although the lighting was darker than the usual, it was ok.

Glad to see so many cuisines on the items from Chinese to North Indian to Chettinad, we ordered a mixture of cuisines, like Manchurian Pirate Friend Rice, Tandoori Roti, Kerala Prawn Stew and my kids favourite Chicken Lollypop chich was actually so good, we ordered a 2nd one.

Except for the Kerala stew everything elese were decent since it was a bit watery and we said no onions, but it came with onions. We complained and they brought a new one for us and didnt charge us :) for that since it was a mistake on their side. Nice gesture.

Kids were all running around checking out the pirate skelotons, treasure chest, guns swords etc. The waiter gave them a Pirate hat and a gun to take pictures.

One improvement needed is that the waiters can improve on their English, since were are not from tamil nadu, we had a tough time understanding their Anglo-Tamil. They also need to improve on the customized orders given by the customers and make the service time faster.

A Different try.




This place has nothing good.

All the foods were ridiculous. I liked just their Chicken Tikka.

We went there last saturday for dinner and we found that they served the afternoon left over Chicken Biryani.

We felt the odd taste and this made all other foods taste horrible.

A/C's are not working and one of the worst service we ever experienced.



landed here with my wife and 3 year old baby for lunch after going through their website and couple of decent reviews in burpp. It was around 1.45 PM on saturday and the restaurant was empty and we were the only customers. The entry itself was disappointing as it it smelt like a garage. the moment we enter, waiter told to sit one of the front seats as A/c is not working at other places (couldn't feel even A/c anywhere though).

We went with the idea of trying the buffet as their website mentioned, but waiter told that there is no buffet and if there are 10+ people he can arrange...

Went through the menu, it looked pretty expensive for the standard (or the lack of standard). baby started complaining since A/c want felt. though still decided to start with a soup..... wasn't great to comment anything. So we decided to move on and get into some better restaurant.

Overall a bad experience and repenting about traveling from Velacherry to Besant Nagar for this restaurant.

Never again......


cdeiva - Burrp User


2 Reviews

April 29,2011


Worst Experience

We were a group of around 20, and this was a treat to my entire team who had been working for nearly 2 and half years together. I searched so many places and I was given assurance that this is one of the best places in Chennai. We had called them , given advance for a buffet dinner the day before (which normally you dont give for a count of 20) . But even after that the food, taste, the AC, service all of them were awful. The buffet costs around 340 per person after all discounts and was definetely not worth it. I recently had a buffet at Snow Park in velachery which was much much better than this. There were more items and they were refilling much in advance. The service of the waiters and others were still worse. No one ever came up to us and told us that the breads were coming. They came late and no one asked if we needed more. Every time the food/side dishes placed in the buffet was over we had to call someone and inform them that it was over, and before they could fill it, the people had completed eating the dish. The AC machine was on, but there was no chilling, when asked the Manager or whomsover was there said that there is an issue with the AC. Such a bad experience. I thought to give a different dining experience to my team and was totally rattled by the behaviour and the food that they offered. Though Rasam was part of the menu I couldnt see that in the buffet. Ive never seen curd rice kept in a smaller bowl than that. I guess that was kept only for kids. I wonder how this restaraunt boasts of 3 starts in burp.



a nice place in besant nagar beach

We have passed through this restaurant a few times when we visit the beach and we visited there yesterday after my nice salon day...

The place has been done well especially the jail interior is scary and different, in a good way.

They had a buffet but we went ahead and ordered from the menu.

The food was tasty and there was a lot of variety. The staff treated us well and explained the dishes promptly.

They gave the bill in a small treasure box which was a nice touch, they also gave the usual feedback form and a delivery menu which had the photo of old actor MN Nambiar from the MGR Pirate movie 1000thil Oruvan which was also a nice touch.

A nice find in elliots beach.



Thrilling exp

Usually theme restaurants let us down on their menu variety and taste as well, but the food out here does taste good although not the best in town, however, the "best in town" has not been found yet, my chronic dissatisfaction may not let me find I think.

Dining amidst hanging skeletons inside a pirate jail, served by pirate waiters, surrounded by swords and guns was thrilling indeed.

Thing is we did not hear abut this place until last week although we have moved to Adyar a few months back. Glad that my friend recommended this place.

Finally got a nice place to take our ever complaining kids out. Keep it up folks!


Average Joe

Just does not live up to its hype. The interiors are a bit different and done well. But the food was really average. I wouldnt go there again. Felt a bit cramped sitting inside too.



just average

i've been here thrice.. except for the ambiance nothing is worth appreciating.. the food tastes average if not worse than many places i've been.. the buffet is not worth the money.. and worst of all it runs out just like that.. so u will hav to wait for them to refill.. which is quite a long time compared to other buffets i've been to.. the place can get quite cramped at times.. which is very annoying.. sometimes u must stand in queues for buffet.. so if u r looking to hav a peaceful and private dinner this is not the place.. 3stars(average) at max


Gut feeling didnt let us down

Being a big fan of Burrp, I must say that we were a little skeptical to go this place by reading the below reviews since they were so mixed, some really good, some not so good, but al most all of them had written great about their interiors, so we decided to check it out anyways on a fins saturday.

After all, we wanted to go by our Own direct experience, since taste differs from person to person.

Location: It was hard to find the place since it was on unknown side of besant nagar beach, near Murugan Idly shop, we called them and they helped us find it.

Wait time: We had to wait for like 15 minutes to get in but luckily there was a portrait artist sitting outside who drew a nice picture of me, patiently.

Ambiance: Being an Architect and interior decorator, I was exccited by the dim ligiting, the Pirate goods, the Pirate cave jail, the Pirate uniformed waiters and everything. A good set up.

Buffet: 2 of my friends went for buffet which seemed to be worth the money with snacks like pani puri, couple of indo chinese salads, seafood, chicken and veg starters, biryani, fried rice, noodles, sambar rasam, curd rice, fish, chicken and veg curries, rotis, desserts the full round, satisfying, but it was too much for us so we opted to order from the menu instead.

Menu: A long book like menu with Pirate stories histories, songs and of course a truly multi cuisine food list of Indian, Chinese, South Indian Tandoor, but no continental which was a let down.

Hubby ordered a Chinese chicken sandwich which was interestingly nice with a big piece of chicken manchurian with vegetables and mayo, I ordered paneer paratha with kerala Prawns and my favourite chicken lollypop. Also tried a chocolaty dessert with soufle ice cream and hot brownie. All of them tasted realy good especially the lollypop.

Service: Understood it was a weekend, all of them were running around swiftly meeting the needs, they all seemed to be really occupied and busy, and yet we had to wait more than average time in between our meal courses of soup and starters and main courses. Could be better.

Over all a decent experience. Our gut feeling did not let us down.


sdhrs - Burrp User


7 Reviews

February 26,2011


4 stars for this joint??? are u kidding me!!!

We went to this place on Sat for lunch after having read the reviews and the rage that this place was creating......and what a disappointment!! my husband went in for their buffet while i opted for a-la-carte. the buffet was bad, their chilli chicken was so hard that a fork could not go through it....and the Chinese that i ordered for was just ordinary. there are so many other restaurants in the city which offer such great food so i really don't understand how this one tops the list when you search for chinese cuisine in the city!! agreed that ambiance is different but ambiance is not everything in a restaurant. you should also have good food and good service!! lot of room for improvement.


It's a Okay place

The items are not worth the amount they charge for the buffet, being a vegetarian, All I got again and again was bindi fry... gosh... Taste was average and had to pull the servers to get anything.. You can give a try rarely but not a place who are foody..

Hell a lot of confusion in the communication, they should find a better managing persons and waiters.



Different Theme

I have traveled to many cities and have never come across a Pirate themed restaurant anywhere. Dont know how they got the idea.

We got a discount coupon from snapdeal and went there without much expectation, which was a good thing because it was rather a pleasant experience for us. The coupon was a steal for like 50%.

The cuisine was Chinese, Indian, Tandoor & South Indian, and Sandwiches too.

Our group had a mixed variety of people and all of us were able to find some of our favorites in their treasure map like historical menu. We ordered kal dosa+Andra chicken, bread basket (all varieties of bread) + chicken tikka masala & malai kofta, Mee Goreng (Malaysian fried rice) & Shangai rice-noodle(it had both noodle & rice) with chinese mixed veg gravy and devil prawn gravy. Everything tasted very good except the mee goreng was a little not too hot.

Completed the course with a nice desserts like friend ice cream, soufle and pirates pounders.

They had 2 seating sections, 1 filled with a lot of Pirate related articles, more like a museum. The other was a cave+pirate jail kind of a setup, unfortunately, it was full.

The waiters were dressed like pirates, they also gave us a pirate hat and a gun when we were taking pictures (check facebook)

An adventurous dining experience, we all felt.

Thanks to snapdeal other wise we wouldn't have known about this great place. Planning to take my fiance there on v-day, lets see if she likes it.


foodsupp - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 01,2011


Dine in Jail...

I saw pictures of their new Pirates Jail section in their Facebook page and immediately called up my friends to plan our party there.

it was weird but good to dine inside the pirates jail with a golden pirate skeleton and all... almost dark, reddish lighting, pirates cave kind of set up.

we celebrated our friend's (surprise) bday out there. they were kind enough to let us in earlier to decorate the whole place.

we brought our friend with her eyes tied and man we had a blast out there. appreciate the adjustable staff. few of other people from the main dining area complained and we were asked to keep it low, we did for a like 2 ins but went back on track in shouting and

started with the non-alcoholic wine, which almost tasted like real wine excdept didnt get high or tpsiy, then went to their chinese and and some indian starters and later to the main course. man their menu is huge yet informative and creative. nice work. loved the cocoa mutiny dessert - brownie sandwiched between soufle and ice cream - all chocolate - now that made us high ;)

fun time @ pirates, thanks for the great food you served and providing us a friendly service!


sugu88 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

January 29,2011


Worst place I have dinned

I had never wanted to review in a public forum but this place was totally worthless and I wanted people to know about this. I cursed to pay the money cause there was no quality at all in the food they served.
The best part of the dinner that night was the coke(huhh!!!). Only the ambiance had a pinch of creativity.

True they are PIRATES cause they looted my hard earned money!
they had a elaborate menu but what they served was not matching anything that was in the menu.
The service was very unfriendly and clearly lacked training.
I love to make ventures when it comes to food but clearly this one is to be long forgotten.


mohana - Burrp User


2 Reviews

January 13,2011



This is one of the best easy-on-pocket, themed restaurant that I tried in recent times.
The lighting, dim and nice and the waiters, clad in pirate costumes/clothing, add to a slightly unique dining experience.

I tried to see if the pirates, sorry waiters, were having a gun belted to their waist – no, but they gave me a gun (fake ofcourse) and a pirate hat to take photos with my friends

The music was quite different too, and it sounded very pirate-like. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Very good

Very good

Food menu:
Extensive! Takes time to select, make up your mind and finally place the order


Overall rating: 4/5

Will I visit again: Yes

Besant Nagar Beach. Just near the Church. Alongside Murugan Idly and Health & Glow.


sowmya - Burrp User


2 Reviews

January 06,2011


Not worth the money

- Bhindi dish was very poor quality. One or two Bhindi pieces in a very spicy gravy.
- Noodles was requested with no spice, yet they gave a very spicy one.
- Starters (bhindi fry I think) was too salty & not crisp at all
- Theme is ok to do with but the space is too cramped.
- Waiters/attendants are not very friendly.

1. They took the spicy noodles we rejected & gave us a lesser spicy one.
2. They didn't kill and butcher us and bury our bodies in their backyard (which on hindsight would have been much better than having to taste their food)

* We went their for dinner: me, my husband and toddler.
* Will never go back there again ever
* Will definitely recommend it to people who get on our wrong side



a Pirates memorabilia

If you enter with an expectation of a nice medium sized fine dining restaurant where Pirates serving us great Indian & Chinese food amidst a huge collection of Pirate stuff - you'll be happy.

If you enter with an expectation of a Pirates Movie Set (as we did) - sorry you might be disappointed.

Although their New "Pirates Jail" seating area (yeah we get to eat inside a cavy jail , which was under still construction when we went on New Years eve) sort of fills the gap.

Special Mention: Loved the gold framed JACK SPARROW Picture hung the dedicated brick wall near buffet area, with special lighting et al.

Fact: Decor is more like a Pirates memorabilia / museum
Fact: They serve Indian/South Indian/Chinese Cuisines
Fact: They serve water in Beer Mugs, but no alcohol in any mugs
Fact: they also serve "Non-alcoholic" Wine which wasnt actually bad

The menu enlightens us with a great deal of info about the Pirates including a funny Yo ho song!
The menu sections have been named after some Pirates like swashbuckling ice cream etc.
The list of items is too long, may be a trick to get you back there to try the other items
Few Items named differently that I remember are Devil Chicken, Cocoa Mutiny, Schizzler Noodles, Stuffed Capsicum etc.

Things I Liked:
-They gave 2 tiny swords to eat our starters - Dragon Cauliflower / Amritsari Fish
-Water served in a beer mug - a nice touch
-The treasure map like, very informative, Pirate trivia filled "Food" Menu
-Courteous service of their Waiters wearing Pirate Dress

PS: I saw Burrp's Certificate hanging there for their theme! didnt know burrp gives out those things too, way to go.

This place is totally worth it.


dkdine - Burrp User


6 Reviews

December 13,2010


Aye, Ahoy, Ye - Good Ambience

I want to make a visit to this place just for the ambiance, well b4 this restaurant there are 2-3 restaurant in a different name in the same place, none of them kicked well as their food sucks.
Now coming to pirate we got to see some private symbols all over the place, guns, chains, barrels, photo's, parrots and the song....
but we largely got disappointed as he famous Jack Sparrow (Johny Depp) pic is missing.......Well overall the ambiance is good.
Now coming to food, the lamb clear soup was ok, the lamb should be heated up still as it was hard, on going to starters it is nice both the prawn n chicken taste good, on the main course we ordered for a briyani n noodles. The noodles was good, but ohh my god don't taste briyani it sucks, even the rice was a normal one not a basmathi rice.
Son of the biscuit eaters don't know how to make a briyani.

Do check the pirate words in the last page of menu card, some are funny
Old Salt, Head, Son of the biscuit eaters etc...


sagheero - Burrp User


93 Reviews

December 06,2010


Decent fare

Went there with family, after seeing so many positive reviews. I would call this place decent. The starters were excellent, chicken n crab varieties, the mutton quantity was less but quality was good. The bread basket was awesome though the accompanying dishes like dal n rogan josh needed improvement...overall considering the ambience and portion sizes, its good for a one time trip. The location also seems good near the beach.


shomou - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 06,2010


heart breaking and devastating.....

Being aviators me and my husband have tasted almost all world's cuisine and trust me we are big time foodies too. All good restaurants are familiar to us and we are very regular guest there.This experience to us was thoroughly devastating and heart breaking coz we are surprised by the fact how can people write good review about it!!
We had ordered GARLIC NAAN CHICKEN KADHAI AND CHICKEN HYDREBADI and when the ordered came it seemed we had ordered for a(DOGGY BAG).We had to dig out for the chicken pieces so hard to find one nominal, marginal piece to make ourselves believe that we are having something.The naan was so dried, uncooked that we had to swallow it with water.The chicken hydrebadi was suppose to be with keema but unfortunately it seemed we had ordered for only garam masalas and onion gravy..The food was so pathetic, tasteless and lousy that it was almost hard to accept the fact that how can a restaurant at a place like besant nagar serve food at this rate which is even below the dhaba food which we get at roadside.
The only good thing was the service of the steward who acknowleded our plight, catered to our requirements at his best and was feeling sorry about the fact that he was helpless in this case.
...We felt cheated while giving the bill coz the food was so lousy and awfully tasted at the rate which it was charged that we rightly abide by this saying that "EVERYTHING THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD".


Once upon a pirate...worked twice! my title suggests, I've been to Once upon a pirate two times so far. I was quite impressed the first time, however I wanted to try it again to check consistency. And these guys did it again :-)

First and foremost, I must compliment the ambiance. A concept of pirates at sea has been attempted, and execution is nearly good. At few places they have gone overboard with too many embellishments, however it does drive home the fact that the theme's about pirates at sea :-) ... nice job at that! Lighting is spot on! Tables & seating arrangements are well laid out, neat and comfortable. Felt very welcoming and comfortable :-)

The menu card is by far one of the most comprehensive, "heavy" menu with a lot of dishes! I mean quite literally a LOT of dishes. Each dish has two titles, one spoken by landlubbers (good old english), and in pirate-talk (the "shiver me timbers" kind)! Whoever worked on this menu has done quite a lot of homework! Great work. however, the printing could have been better, most titles were printed on a dark background, making it difficult to read. Not sure if anyone else had that problem, I did though.

The waiters are worth a special mention. I've been served by 3 different waiters. I was so engrossed in their awesome food (more on that later) that I forgot to ask their names! Right from the timing in serving, filling our glasses, serving style, courteous way of speaking, command over language...fantastic! Once again, promoters take the credit for paying attention to training of their staff!

Now, the food. I may not justify when I say the food was great, cos I really haven't tried everything (given the menu size), nevertheless, whatever I had tasted great, was cooked well, and well presented. My favourite dish was the kway teow noodles...phenomenal! It had an excellent balance of spices and sauces...will go back just for that! Of the Indian dishes, breads were just about ok. I tried two of their curries, both were above average.

An average meal for two would cost roughly 250-300 rupees, which going by today's affordability index, is quite reasonable. On the whole, a great experience. Will definitely go back again :-)



A perfect Menu

We were roaming around alwarpet this noon..the clock ticks 3 nd thts when we feel the heights of hunger... we drove down to besant nagar in search of some good hotels there...Crossed many of the restaurants.. but wanted to really try some different one where we haven't stepped in before... thts when we saw Once upon a pirate.. A gang of 10frnds were inside who gave a frndly look at us..
Now abt the restaurant.. I was just admiring those stuffs they had hanged around on the walls...Nd all of a sudden i notice a priate's skull hanging right above my head... :D ...
Menu was kept at the table... nd trust me, i really wanted to take one home.. was so informative... abt pirates n many other things..
They served us some starters, roti , a chinese gravy nd two varieties of noodles.. I loved Chow Mein there..Also the man who served us with the food was dressed like a pirate..But more than the food i loved the ambiance there.... Could have done better giving a ship like feel.. Like sitting on the deck of the ship...Nd also i wish they could add some couple tables...But whatever its A must go...[P.S: I also learned some pirate's language..Ahoy..Savvy..Aaargh.. :)]


arathi  - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 28,2010


A long-time wish finally realized

EXTREMELY IMPRESSED?? finally made it to ONCE UPON A PIRATE in the BEACH. A BEACH landmark. AWESOME EXPERIENCE. I heard alot about this restaurant through my friends n wanted to go for its theme n the food for a long time.. by reading the reviews tempted me out..but then definitely lived up to our expectations. Classy and elegant -- but not stuffy. phenomenal service. attentive, but not intrusive. probably the most extensive food list i have ever seen (and ever will see.) sommelier on hand to assist you with your selection. braised crispy lamb was perfect n chocolate soufle for dessert was so tasty..

The atmopshere was wonderfully old-school beach. Yet it attained that hard-to-do mix of top-drawer yet relaxed with a bit of whimsy thrown in( the top ceiling pirates stuffs)

The food is very solid. Even the prix-fixe menus (an excellent value) had terrific choices such as honey crispy chicken and pepper chilly crab. Even the honey crisyp noodle, served with ice cream was delicious

It's so gratifying to see a theme restaurant that has such history still be a standard-bearer. I was thrilled to have dinner here, and will happily return if I am in CHENNAI again.



Once Upon A Pirate

etc have been covered already. Wow, what can I say about this place.

I've been there several times in the past few months and I am yet to cover all the dishes in their really long menu. Our larger groups have exceeded 40 people.

If I go there with one particular friend she always wants to go for their buffet which is a no-nonsense course with the select set of items.

In my opinion, when I first started eating there each time I ordered an item it was better than any other palce I've eaten that similar dish (ex. Chinese Mixed Platter is great out here) truly makes my tastebuds dance. The hot & sour soup was absolutely fantastic. The pepper crab was cooked to perfection. The dessert well lets just was better than......The service was impeccable.

I get the impression a lot of people realize this because I see a lot of the same faces. You would be doing yourself a diservice if you did not give it a shot.


Srihamsa - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 23,2010


My most disappointing lunch!

Me, my wife & daughter went to this place (mis)guided by some earlier reviews. It was the most disappointing lunch we have had in many years! The Pirate thematic ambience was pathetic. We chose to go for the buffet - tasteless soup, saggy cauliflower pieces for starters, really bad spread, bhel-puri looking and worse tasting honey noodles for dessert. At 299 a head, it was expensive bad food. The waiters spoke local slang Tamil - Tamil pirates perhaps. On top of it, the ACs were not functioning. Even starving pirates won't touch this food. God, blow them down in Dave Jones' Locker!



Really Good

I understand this place has been started by an ex-IT person. I was there recently and that place was done up real nice. The waiters were very friendly and are willing to walk the extra mile to make the customers feels at home. And oh btw, the food there is awesome...!!!


bluelime - Burrp User


2 Reviews

October 22,2010


happily different

If like me, you`re a fan of Johnny Depp`s Jack Sparrow act in Pirates of the Caribbean, then you`ll like Once Upon a Pirate.

It`s full of pirate paraphernalia and was great fun for the kids when we went. There were faux guns treasure chests and knives and ships and even the P-o-t-C monkey!

We had tandoori chicken, chicken Biriyani, Devil Prawns, Shitaki Mushroom Noodles, and for dessert we had Pirates 3 Pounders & Cocoa Mutiny which was just layers of chocolate in different forms like Souffle, Brownie, Ice cream etc.

The food was quite good, which was a relief because anytime I enter a restaurant that relies on a theme to sell itself, I`ve usually already mentally written off the food - But, this was happily different :-)


Just Average.

I’m surprised that ‘Once Upon A Pirate’ has received so many good reviews because in my opinion, the place is very average.

Ambience scores full marks. A lot of thought has been put into details & I appreciate that. There were lanterns, hand cuffs, swords, guns & other pirate memorabilia on the walls. The menu too has been designed well. There are trivias about pirates written here & there & even a pirate song. I found it very interesting. Music too was apt for the ambience.

The place mainly serves Indian, Tandoori & Chinese food. The menu has a huge variety of dishes to choose from. We were a group of 8 friends & since we didn’t want the confusion of ordering the food, we decided to go for the lunch buffet. The buffet which served a number of dishes was priced at a mere Rs 299. That’s a steal, we thought & went for it.

The Veg Hot & Sour Soup was decent. For starters, we had:
Very poorly made, bland Chilly Gobi, Chilly Chicken which was yummy & Chilly Crab which tasted great but since the restaurant didn’t provide crab crackers, it was messy to eat it.
The main course was extremely disappointing. The Chicken Biriyani was just sad. Nowhere have I had such flavourless biriyani. The Veg Noodles was ordinary & so was the Veg Schezwan Fried Rice. The Chinese Fish Curry was sad & boring & after all this disappointing food, I didn’t have the guts to try the Chicken Curry.

For desserts, we had Honey Fried Noodles with Ice Cream & it was quite good.

Besides the food that turned me off, one more thing that annoyed me was the fact that my friend’s glass was dirty. It had remnants of food of the previous diner & finger prints too. We were the first people to enter the restaurant after it opened at 12 pm. This means the glass hadn’t been cleaned well after the previous day’s use. That’s simply disgusting!

Besant Nagar has quite a few good places to eat at. So, ‘Once Upon A Pirate’ can easily be avoided.



It is a rarity to find a good restaurant like thi

Yesterday I dropped in to this restaurant for Dinner. The food was Awesome and Ambience was Excellent. The hospitality of bearers was so Friendly and Pleasing. I would say nowadays it is a rarity to find a restaurant that balances between Money Vs Quality Vs Satisfaction. But ' Once Upon A Pirate ' is one such rarity.…The desserts were also Very Delicious!

I would like to Thank the owner, The Chef and Service Crew for the Wonderful food that have been offered. I wish this standard would be maintained in the years ahead!

Good Luck to 'Once Upon a Pirates'!

Best Regards,


davetheodre - Burrp User


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September 06,2010


Planning to pirate ?

hi there, planning to move once upon a pirate with fiance.
is it feels good? how about the dinner buffet cost?



Almost There

These guys keep improvising on the decor each time I visit or they are probably yet to complete what they planned. Last time I went there were new wooden slats covering the walls, and yesterday they had an actual ship's sail pole with thick ropes hanging here and there.
And they have finally started Playing FIFA on the huge tv which was going for a waste until now.
The menu is a bit confusing since I'm not versed in hindi. Written in English, but they have named the dishes in the authentic way, Jinga masala or something for Prawns and so on. but Chinese items are in English... luckily.

It is sort of hidden on the unknown side of bessy beach near the church, although I have lived near this place for sometime, I was susprised to see this when I passed through it weeks ago since most of the restaurants are located on the other side of the beach.

overall, good decor, decent food, nice place to hang out with my buddies. Ahhoy...



not what as expected

went there for a friend's b'day treat.
initially was really impressed by the efforts they took in really putting putting up the place, the treasure chest the wall hangings, etc etc.
the menu card was hard to figure out.font hardly legible.
the service was at a snails pace..
food was okay, nothing really exceptional. but, it wasn't really worth the price.
I wouldn't risk going there again.



Pirates of the Elliots Beach!!!!

I have been there 3 times already and yesterday wid ma project team, around 30 of us for a team lunch....v had arranged a buffet in advance to suit our needs....the place is decked wid all kinds of pirate stuff and da best of all is jack sparrow's monkey....the place is kinda small but it satisfied us all during our party...the place made us feel v were having our own private pirate party wid da irish music and everything, new addition this time is all the tables had beer mugs only tat instead of rum, water was served....the food was good friends had suggested me the place and suggested a few items too...besides da buffet v had ordered chicken lollypop,,,volcano chicken,,,chicken dumplings which tasted jus amazing...but the place is too clean for pirates..usually i hear they r messy people...Customer service need to be improved...Food delivery was a bit slow..otherwise v had a gr8 day wid da pirates..Ahoy mate!!!


Nice food

We ordered vegetarian dishes and then after 15 mins waiter appeared with a chicken soup. Without asking us, served and when we told him, having no regret took it back. The whole courtesy and service thing is missing in chennai restaurants and this one is not an exception. Although the food is quite good and makes up for the overcrowded poorly spaced restaurant.



The Pirate Experience

Had recently been to this place ,the ambience was good...first of its kind at beasant nagar rather than the usual fast food hangouts in the location.The food was sumptuous and the menu carried the kind of variety as i expected out of this joint.The interiors were good and speaks for the owners efforts on the kind of artefacts collected .The staffs were very hospitable.I Wish this team all the very best ...Way to go...Looking forward for your restaurant in the other parts of the city as well.



Courteous staff,Pathetic food!!!

Went there today after reading all the above reviews.Pretty vantage point.Decked up with pirate paraphernalia(even the menu card was done up in Long John Silver style!).But it looked very made up as the pain taken in collecting the stuff had not been repeated in decking up aesthetically.Lights should have been more dimmer and the whole place somemore sinister looking.On the other side,it had a clinically sterile ambience,very unbecoming of a Pirates lair.
Coming to the service,the staff very very courteous but food took ages to come,that too with just 3 tables occupied that too with just pairs.
The food was a big let down.Very very ordinary and the prices were not justified at all.I ordered Jinga Tikka masala and got served plain Prawns in gravy.,no Tikkas.Fortunately I forgot what I had ordered by the time it arrived.I drove all the way from Tambaram.It was a waste of time.The only saving grace was the long drive to the beach and back that I enjoyed.
Anyway lets hope the Pirate pulls up his act !!!!!YO HO HO AND A BOTTLE OF RUM!!!!!!



good theme & food but Not so Dirty :|

I was there yesterday to try the buffet and I think this place is way too clean for a Pirates den, otherwise its awesome. so much pain has gone in collecting all those hats, arrows, swords, cuffs and even a hook!

was surprised to see their treasure map like menu filled with Indian and chinese items rather than the obvious sandwhiches and sizzlers that all the bessy restaurnats usually offer

make the place dirty, dim the lights and that will comlplete it, the food was yummy though



Hot Tip: Try not to expect too much

1.6 is the exact rating. I know the pains that the owners have taken to bring this place up, they chose a good location, threw in a nice name for sure and stuck to the notion of being a place which looks and lives up to its name, quite literally!

As for other things, menu was once thing out of scene altogether, no one knew what was coming in the bill, the option to choose what to order was not at all there, buffet was limited with few options for vegetarians, the taste was just ok though, as a vegetarian, I was finding it difficult to understand what to eat, felt like I was in some American restaurant not sure what to finish that rubbery roti with :(

The final advice would be its ok to try it out for once and then decide for yourself whether you are going to be a regular; sadly, I would not be in the coming time for sure...

Quick note: they don't except anything other than cash as a mode of payment. Only cash, no credit card, no sodexo!



gud ambeince ..better price..great food taste..

I have been here twicee....I have to say the singapore crab n the pomfret phuket are Fantastic. It is crispy on the outside from Rotisserie cooking and moist.....So flavorful.....The kabas are excelelnt,,,,large and hot and reasonably priced for sure.
its a place for large grps..we went around 10 or 11 the price was reasonable n the quantity was alot n the taste was iwll be my sure visit when i go to beach..
the ambeince is very intelligent n stunning..feesl gud to hogg there..




I wish I was a Pirrrate. Felt like I was in a set of a Pirate movie, excellent collection of Pirate related things, waiters in pirate costumes, nice hang out place. My 10 year old son loved the place and is already planning his birthday there. The Biriyani & the punjabi gravy was authentic and reminded home. My hubby tried that green thai curry which looked different but tasted very nice coconut, ginger flavors, very different. desserts was very few items, but ok, must visit place.


a one time visit

a nice place for dinner nicely done up with a cool and a very different ambience. food is good a little oily though.they need to improve on their paronthas specially amritsari! go check out guys!!