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One MB


  • 42693345, 9003646906
  • 27, Habibullah Road, T.Nagar, Chennai
  • Fastfood
  • Meal for 2 - 200

8 Reviews / 12 Ratings

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One MB Reviews





Ice Golas all the Way!

Well it was a Saturday evening and we were just looking for a decent place around Habibullha road and we spotted this one. I liked the over all funky look and the colors used to decorate the restaurant.

I went through the menu and few instant hits at least on the menu were muruku sandwich, kulfis and ice golas and realized that this could be the USP for one MB. (Not to mention murukuwich is not any kind of innovation, we have all been to the streets of sauwkerpet and had the best of these items however the effort of adding this to the menu is appreciated).

We ordered a Chinese combo meal and ice golas. The serving staff did not even know the difference between Chinese bhel and the combo meal and gave us the wrong order and later on inquiry said that they themselves did not know what the Chinese bhel is. Even though it was pretty funny back then coming to think of it I feel they should be trained enough to know what food they are serving. The quantity was pretty decent and the food was also ok I wouldn't say it was out of the world kind.

Why you should go here?
• Good Ambiance
• Good Quantity
• Cost effective
• They have some really nice ice golas and kulfis
Why not?
• Pretty bad Chat wala.
• This place is too crowded.
• Considering this is a relatively new place it is not really hygienic.


Rajesh Jain - Burrp User

Rajesh Jain

1 Reviews

November 10,2012



food - not very tasty, almost all the items taste the same
ambience - very poor, unhealthy, tables not cleaned
staff - looks understaffed, not courteous,
gola ice - concept is good, but the person making it should learn it first

amazingly located place, if only little care can be taken on the above.


amaravind - Burrp User


16 Reviews

November 09,2012


Affordable and authentic North Indian street food

After reading about One MB in Tamil magazines, about how Actor Jiiva has brought the authentic taste of Street food of Delhi and other North Indian cities to Chennai, I was curious and really wanted to try.

The first visit was with my parents and we all loved it. We had Chola Bhatura, Chilla, Dahi Papdi Chaat and Paani puri. Everything tasted authentic. The only negative was the over-spicy Chola, but otherwise, we loved it.

Been frequenting this place quite often, with friends and family, when I've tried Chinese Cheese Bhel, Vada Pav and the absolutely yummy Pav Bhaji. I just got experimental once and tried their Murukkuwich - sandwiches with small murukkus instead of breads, and found it okay. The Jalapeno Cheese bites are quite good.

One thing that I always wanted to try at One MB is their Victoria Vada. But, anytime I ask for Victoria Vada, the only reply I get is, "Sorry sir, it's over".

For Desserts, they have ice-golas, which are yum. I didn't like their Thandai much, though.

Highlights: Pani Puri, Dahi Papdi Chaat, Chilla.


Not worth visiting

I was craving for some good chat and i decided to head to this place.Had a cheese sandwich,cheese garlic bread,dahi papdi chat and a mango lassi.The cheese sandwich was the only good dish of the evening.Cheese garlic bread had some burnt garlic and i couldnt take more than 1 byte.papdi chat was very bad too with the masala not mixed properly.The dahi too dint impress me that much.The mango lassi was the worst i ve had so far.It had very less sugar and was not thick.Service was pretty good.Huge disappointment after seeing the reviews over here.



Tasty food but poor service

I visited One MB today ... Found a refreshing food variety in chats and tasted delicious as well.. But was disappointed to note that they dont even serve water and they insist in buying bottled water ..
I happened to notice some of the cooks directly dipping their Left hands into the foods,chats, masalas and tasting it out directly . I felt it completely gross, disgusting and unprofessional.. Even small roadside vendors use plastic hand gloves. wonder why they dont have one yet ??
Hope someones' reading this and have these issues fixed !!



Regular Visitor

I have been here almost every day since it was opened! Tried around 90% of their menu list, the rest 10% were only on the menu card. Nice ambience, Good for a hip-hop chat.

Best of One mb :- Cheese Pav Bhaji, Ragda Pattis, Pani Puri, Veg Corn Cheese Grill and Chole bhatura!!


Tasty and affordable

I work in the same road but got a chance to go there only today. I had a Chinese Bhel and Bhujia Sandwich both were nicely prepared, tasty and priced affordable. Keep up the quality


A fine dining chaat restaurant. Probably the first

Enter this place and you feel a little confused whether you have entered a restaurant or a road side stall. But soon it'll sink in that indeed you are in a restaurant with some stall like appearances on the street replicated inside. The place is quite neat and tidy for a chaat place which is usually strewn around with curd or puri pieces and the like. Brownie points there. It is self service here but though you might get served if there aren't many people in the restaurant.

So you first go and place the order at the bill counter and proceed to the individual counters to get your items. There is a chaat counter, live counter (for pav bhaji, etc), a pani puri counter, a kulfi counter and finally a gola counter. You have to try the rangeela gola which has 4 different flavors. I was confused whether I was tasting spice or sweet or ghaat but overall nice. They have other funky tasting stuff such as masala cola which is a must try if you haven't tried them on the streets of west or north India.

Other interesting stuff that I found there are chinese bhel and muruk wich. The chinese bhel is bhel puri with crispy noodles as the base. Was quite different and tasty as well. The muruk wich was the dish of the day for me. It is basically two small murukku's sandwiched with veggies and the green chutneys and it tastes simply awesome. One more place this where vada pav is available. And is really hot. Like it should be. Thumbs up!

The one star less is some of the items in the menu are not available altogether. For example, I wanted a chuski and was told the paan counter itself is not there. They said they are coming up with a new menu soon. Hope everything is available then.