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Parambriym Reviews

Food Is All I Want!

After exploring all the places in nungambakkam for lunch, today decided to try Parambriyam for a change. Decently located in Isphani center, I expected the place to be highly priced. But to my surprise it was very reasonable. AC restaurant with comfortable seating, fast service, Parambriyam is a good place if someone is looking to fill up the stomach. Hoever the place does lack quality of food. But I will still advise people to go and visit.



Decent meals

Being home alone forces one to try out different places. I was looking to have a sub and reached Ispahani for that. But ended up on Parambriyam. Had heard of this place from friends, but this was my first try.
The interior was decent. Not too classy nor too messy. The stairs positioned right at the entry sort of seemed out of place. But otherwise not too much to complain.
Since it was only me, I ordered for a non-veg meals. I was curtly informed that the fish and chicken curry would have no pieces. Which is exactly what I wanted. The first thing I got was butter milk in a fancy test tube like glass. I quickly gulped it down to quench my thirst. It was soothing. The thali then came with everything crowding the rice in the center. The veggies were cabbage and spinach. Both of which were very ordinary. The fish curry however had a nice flavour to it which when mixed with rice and pappad created a spicy fusion to tickle the tongue. The chicken curry however was bland and watery. Unlike other places, the non veg thali here came with sambhar which was sort of okay. I also helped myself to a nice serving of curd rice since they served thick curd along. The climax as always was with payasam which tasted decent, not too sweet but still lacking in something.

On the whole a decent lunch experience




Seeing lot of marketing and reviews in various food sites I visited this place for lunch. They open at 11.30am and I walked in at 12.20pm. I was the first person for the lunch. The place is small maybe 40 seater with a separate upper level. There is absolutely no link between the ambience and the name of the place.

Coming to the food they have two separate menu cards for veg and non veg. I am a veggie eating rare nonveg and love fish especially vanjiram.

The non veg menu is nothing great. They have various combos like mutton combo etc served with 1 chappathi. I have never seen any other South Indian place serving chappathi with nonveg meal or combo.

I had the following :

Starter- Karuvepillai chicken fingers ( excellent taste, good quantity, fresh and hot)

Main course- white rice,
Vanjiram gravy- disappointing, fish was well cooked, lacked the zing of a fish
Kuzhambu , quantity was good.
Vanjiram tawa fry- ok not so great.

Rasam was given on request as complimentary.

I felt for this the bill of 605 was pricey.

Service was non chalant. There were 2 captains 5 waiters another person and a person supposed to be of the management in the ground floor but none bothered to enquire about the food. The waiters are so badly trained. No one served me the food. All they do is clear the table once a dish is over. The starter and the entire meal was served in one go. Very bad service. There was a corporate group of 5 walking in when I was finishing and the entire team of staff was rushing to please them.

The air conditioning was pathetic. Either they didn't bother to switch it on for 1 customer or its the way they work.? They charge as a air conditioned fine dining but must see to that service is on par. Lastly a service charge is billed but for a pathetic service! Please be considerate. Lot of scope for improvement. Very disappointing experience. Good food and good service is the expectation of any foodie reasonable pricing is a jackpot.


good place to try sea food freaks

Being a sea food freak I just entered this place after seeing burrp reviews thing as i hv gone for treat by ma frnd i didnt see the cost ,so I dunno much abt the cost ..but I think the bill came around say abt the taste its and prawn dishes here are a must try..and my friend tried something called kheema paniyaram made up of egg..he liked it a lot..ambience is nice and waiters speak gud english U wont be having a problem even if u dont know tamil..being located in a the citys costliest mall(bose outlet,swarovski) deserves high price....



Parambriyum- the tradition

Parambriyum is a great place to have some traditional food.
The must have dishes here are the sea food biriyani and meenu kolambu.
The whole place has a very homely feel to it and I would recommend this place as a must visit.
The location is in Ispahani Centre and hence parking is taken care of !
I liked the food, the ambiance, service and overall affordability of the place. It ticks most of the right boxes.
I hope it keeps improving and becomes a favourite!
Thumbs up for Parambriyum- homely food at its best!




South Seafood festival is epicurean delight at my all time favourite restaurant Parambriym. The recipes prepared here are guaranteed to satisfy all appetite. Parambriym is a palace of pakka traditional food. The menu features Koduvai fish fry, Seela meen kolumbu, Thirukkai milagu meen kolumbu,Sura, chilli Lobsters, Kutchi eral, Mixed sea food biriyani, Meen urundai and lots.
The names in the menu itself brings water in our mouth. As I entered with my colleagues I was overwhelmed by the hospitality of waiters attending us. An ideal location with wide space and auspicious ambient . I loved the staters Kutchi eral, Jumbo prawns, Chilly Lobster & Crab chilly garlic podimas. All the foods served were hot and fresh.
There is a diverse showcase of food varieties. The chefs engaged are skilled and well experienced about the recipes. Masala’s used gives very natural flavour to the food. I was satisfied with the fish and prawns they were very fresh and soft to chew.
I wonder how the owner plans and executes all aspects to make happy with fair costs.
On the whole it is “lajawab”(excellent).


beetu123 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 23,2012


A real meal satisfier!

I would say parambriym is my only solution to cravings for south indian home cooked food and especially scoming back after your studies and being in a place with no indian food just makes ur crave more and trust me I could eat all three meals and everyday ovr there.. Its a shame to say after eating here..i go back home and tell my mom to cook and make food like how parambriym does.

Well in terms of food... I LOVE IT! I mean thats what I look for when I go to a restaurant and I am more of foodie than a person who chooses to go cause of ambience.... Price wise I would say affordable and I would pay how much ever if the food is good and satisfies my taste buds. I really love the way .... The dishes in the menu are It has very homely and traditional touch to it and I feel hungry just by reading the names. hehe.... SEAFOOD is the best.... Who gets the freshest seafood in the heart of a city.... This place does and trust me I would never travel 2 hours away from the city just to get a taste of good and fresh seafood dishes... hats off to the owner to go every morning to kasimedu to buuy seafood (refering to the newspaper reviews) my fav dishes are egg kheema paniyaram ( must try) , chickn dosa , chicken biryani , meen varuval , prawn masala and I could just go on :P
Ambience is wonderfull has I told you earlier that ambience doenst matter for me..but anyhow just to let you know.... very traditional and comfortable seating.

Service wise ....they ARE AWESOMELY FAST! trust me when I say that. I have never seen such fast service within a blink of your eye...your order is in front of you... all the waiters are well knowledged about the menu and also recommend us of what to eat and very welcoming.

Highly recommend this restaurant to who ever craving for home cooked food or just to taste some good old grandma recipies..... or get to taste the freshest seafood in the HEART of the city..... I am back to this borng country with no indian food to complete my future studies but cant wait to go back..first stop would be parambrym....
hats off guys... keep up the quality and standards of excellence!


Enjoyed Lunch on a Friday Afternoon!

We all colleagues about 8 of us visited Parambriym about a week back on a Friday afternoon for my wedding anniversary lunch treat (we had representatives from all 4 southern states) and all of them are extreme food connoisseurs.

We all liked the food, ambience, natural lighting (there were blinds), quality and taste and service. The restaurant has some friends-from-north-east-of-India as waiters and I was impressed they understood names of South Indian dishes.

This is not a fast food joint - more a fine dining - therefore, waiting is not an issue. We didn't have to wait - we made some soft reservation and the table was ready.

Some had briyani and the rest had thali - it was all awesome - taste mostly like home style and authentic. We ordered a wide variety of non-veg side dishes - prawns, lamb, chicken, squid, fish - all cooked to taste and our expectations.

Give it a try - I'm sure they will make improvements on all the initial hiccups.


Good food but need to improve on service

I was awed by the reviews of the restaurant and was eager to try it out. My wife being a vegetarian was not so keen however, I was able to convince her saying that they have a veg thali to offer.

On reaching the venue (which is quite easy), the first thing I notice is that there is no one to welcome you. You have to find your table yourself. On finding a table, we were then asked to wait to get it cleaned. All this took around 8~10 min which was quite irritating.

The waiters were looking tired, confused and everyone was running around. Surely this place is quite understaffed. On finally getting the menu, I decided to play safe and order the standard combos that they have to offer. I placed an offer for one veg thalli and one chicken combo. After 8 min or so, the waiter comes and says, 'sorry sir but we have run out of veg thalli's, I can only offer a veg biryani'. We agreed to it and said, please bring it fast.

After another 10 min, the waiter comes and says 'sir, the biryani is ready but we're still waiting for the plain rice to be cooked for the chicken combo'. Finally after another 7 min, the food comes !!!

Now let’s come to the food :

I must say, keeping aside the poorly managed service, the food was very well cooked and indeed lived up to the taste promised. The cutlery and presentation was very nice.
The chicken combo comprised of chicken gravy & chicken fry. The only suggestion to the management is to be a little generous in the chicken portions.
The bill amount came up to Rs.294 (which incl a service charge of 5%)....not bad at all !!!
Overall verdict ......I will go back once more hoping that the service improves.

Suggestion to the management : your weakest link is the service and warmth that is expected from a restaurant of this level. Please work on it.



Not my Priy(a)m!

I was awed by the fantastic and continuous marketing blitz that this new restaurant had and was surely tempted to try it out. Incidentally, I had read the flattering review in a leading newspaper and thought that I had to visit this place. While my friends were a bit cautious, I literally forced them to come along with me on a bright and hot sunny Saturday afternoon.

Luckily parking at Ispahani center wasnt a problem and we didnt have any trobule finding the restaurant. Conveniently located in the ground floor, you cant miss it.

The first thing I saw was a long queue waiting outside and I almost kicked myself for not calling and making a reservation. Nevertheless, my friends and I go in and see that all the tables are taken. The restaurant has 2 floors, ground and a floor on the top with about 50 seats (did a quick count and could be wrong). The ambiance was typically south Indian, with chettinad type brass utensils displayed prominently to add to the genuineness I suppose!

We finally got hold of a personnel (Prakash I think), who said that we needed to wait for about 15-20 mins. Finally, we were escorted to the top level, where we were asked to wait for some more time when the tables were being cleared. The top level is bright with natural light (may be a bit too much) with no blinds at all. The airconditioning wasnt great and given Chennai's heat, it could be rather warm.

Just when we were about to get our table, we saw a family being escorted to our table. While Prakash looked at us helpless, the lady (guess she is the owner) smiled at us and said that the family had reserved the table earlier. Guys-didnt you know this before showing us the table! Get your act together!

Finally, when we sat at our table, the waiter gave us our menu and didnt bother about asking for our preference for water and just walked away. Luckily, I found another guy and ordered a bottled water. I couldnt but overhear a group of friends in our next table just wrapping up their lunch. One of them asked for the finger bowl.

THe menu looks impressive on paper with that day's specials including brain fry (one of my favs). After waiting for nearly 20 mins or so, the lady herself came to take the order. We ordered a nenjelembu soup and started to ponder on the starters and main course. We ordered a brain fry and for main course decided on Chicken Kuzhambu, kheema gravy, vanjaram varuval, kutchi eeral (apparently their specialty), steamed rice, egg masala omlette and boiled egg. We requested for portions of rasam and curds as well.

After a wait for another 20 mins or so, the soup arrived (we had ordered 2/3 portions). The soup was rather watery and with absolutely no pieces and to make it worse was lukewarm. Then came the specialty viz. kutchi eeral (translated as prawns on a stick). It looked brown and nice and I took a nice bite at it. OMG! what did I order-totally bland except for the lemon squeeze that I had luckily done before taking the bite. THere wasnt any salt or spice or nothing! I felt totally let down!

Finally, the main course arrived and given that we were totally famished by then, we jumped at the bowl. Luckily, the steamed rice was hot. The chicken kuzhambu was warm with about 5-6 chunky pieces. We had specifically requested that all our dishes were made extra spicy! To our disappointment, none of them were. Anyways, the gravy was tasty but the chicken pieces werent tender at all.The Kheema gravy tasted good-here again I thought that the kheema was rather overcooked, making it taste like a cutlet! Just when I had given up hope, the Vanjaram varuval came to the rescue. This was delightfully cooked well and was yummy!

Finally, the poor guy next table got his finger bowl!

We requested for hot rasam and some curds. The rasam was hot and tasted good. We ordered for 2 more portions of steamed rice and for the curds and for some paneer soda which was prominently displayed on the placard on the table. Just as we were finishing up the rasam, we were informed that curds were over and so was the paneer soda. We wasted one entire portion of the rice.

We were so frustrated by then that we didnt have the energy or inclination to scream at the pathetic experience. The total bill came to about Rs 1,250/- for three of us (atleast they got their pricing reasonably well).

My final verdict-Parambriym is all hype! They are totally understaffed (just 4 people for the ground and first level)-so be prepared to wait endlessly for your food. Ambiance is decent. Will I try it again or recommend it-may be after visiting it for one last time on a week day to see if their service improves. Else, there are other south Indian restaurants that offer better service and food.



Southern Delight...

After seeing the promos in english dailies decided to checkout the place along with few friends. We dropped in on a weekday and were greeted by Maitre d' who showed us our table. For a weekday it was fairly crowded.

The menu had an extensive variety of south indian dishes. We placed our orders and the food arrived about 15 mins later, with both starters and main course arriving together. Shredded fried chicken was a bit dry n hard for our comfort. Vanjaram was neither good nor bad. The best of the starters was the kola vurundai, it was yummy and succulent.

For gravy we had the Mutton kheema masala, the minced meat dish was absolutely wonderful and a good accompaniment for idly, veetu dosa, appam and paniyaram. Along with idly and veetu dosai, two varieties of chutney and sambar was served.

The food was amazing and we were fully satisfied and for a group of 3 the bill was about Rs.800