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Parfait 3

Anna NagarChennai    & IN 4 MORE LOCATIONS


23 Reviews / 24 Ratings

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Parfait 3 Reviews


Loved it always. Neat.

I like parfait for the fact that they pack a punch in their food, be it a sandwich, nasi goreng, pasta or a burger. Their service is also polite and professional and they go the extra mile. I was saddened by the fact that they were screwed by the stupid Metro Rail barriers and were forced to move to Kilpauk. I did go there only to be provided the same type of warm service. Kudos and Please please keep up the standard and hygiene as before. Those two points are real letdowns by most chennai restaurants after starting out.


arunpragash - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 04,2012


Good if u r look' 4 authentic continental food

Ambience was okay. Service was very quick (maybe it was so since we were the only ones sitting). Soups could have been better. Main courses were good - quality and quanity wise- We had stuffed chicken breast. Beverages were excellent (Cucumber mint and lemon mint). Overall it was an good experience. Give it a try once!!


AntonEgo - Burrp User


5 Reviews

November 13,2011


Loved It !

My brother and I were in the middle of running some errands and since it was around 11 the both of us decided to grab a bite to eat.
Parfait 3 was right next door to where we were so we dropped in.
He ordered the Power Breakfast, which was a choice of eggs, sausages, toast/croissant, juice, and coffee/tea.
The upside was his jalapeno and olive omelette was delicious and perfectly cooked, without being crispy or burned. The toast was whole wheat and well done. The sausage was also fried perfectly.
The downside was that the menu said sausages, as in plural, but there was only one served. The toast was paper thin.
I ordered the banana pancakes.
The upside was they were absolutely delicious, with large slices of banana mixed in with the batter. They were cooked perfectly and not overdone like a lot of restaurants. There was more than enough maple syrup to go with it and it was great value for money.
Our waiter was very pleasant and willingly let us switch the juice from the power breakfast for another coffee instead.
All in all, a pleasant experience, glad we went there.


Perfect hangout for those who prefer quiet :)

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Annanagar's roads, this cafe is ideal for those who look for good food and some time on their own maybe on a lazy sunday morning or one of those rainy days when you want to hang out with your best friend.With good music playing in the background and cheerful service, Parfait 3 is one place you would definitely visit again.
As for the food, 10/10. They probably have the best french fries on this side of the city! I love their Roasted Onion and Chicken Sandwich which is always fresh and has just the right amount of onions and herbs. The Chocolate cold coffee is to die for :D You should try their pizzas too. I had Diavolo which was a cheese and chicken salami pizza. Truly amazing! They should improve their desserts though.
Overall its a nice cozy restaurant with good food and good music for a meal out with friends or family.



Yummmyyy yummm yummm

Finally a place dat serves yummyyy pasta and sizzlers in my area!

Everything we ordered was way too yummm to describe! To start wid, we ordered d clear soup (not a fan of clear soups).. trust me! it was very different and for good! d chicken starters were yummy wid d sauces they served. Chicken Caesar salad was yumm!

Mmmm and now to d most exciting part... Ordered 2 pasta and, d nasi goreng. Wow! Wat amazing pasta! Portions were too huge and too resistible till d last bit! very happy wid d deserts, d way they tasted. A real must try place! And guess wat! I was almost blinded wen i saw d bill!!! Was expecting some 1500 max bill, but it was jus 860 incl taxes for 3 of us for a four course meal! Unbelievable !! I was a happy woman dat eve!

Went again to d place last weekend, they had dis amazing offer.. Buy one sizzler and get a pasta free!! OMFG! my belly was tooo full to finish my desert!

The only reason I rate 4/5 is coz of the seating arrangement. Dis is d only thng dat needs to be changed. Good to go!



nightmarish experience

one fine sunday morning, i coaxed my husband into taking me out for breakfast....and our choice was parfait3 as that was the closest to where we live, n there arent too many other continental breakfast places around town....we reached the restaurant by 9.30am ( keep note of the time)....oh, am sorry, but i forgot to mention that we took our year old baby with us.....anyways, we placed our orders n requested them to bring the pancakes soon as we could feed our baby asap..the waiter promised us that everything would b brought to our table in 20 min exactly..all this was done by 9.45....and then we wait n wait n was past half an hour n not even water was places on our tables!!! when asked about the delay, the waiter just mumbled something under his breath and rushed into the kitchen.......and ten min later one omelette arrived with one sausage and still no signs of the pancakes or anything else....i was baffled as to why they couldnt three sausages together (a plate of sausages goes with the american breakfast) and bring half of another order to the table?! also , how long does it take to toast bread ppl?!!! oops...looks like i forgot to mention the time was 11.00 by the time they brought the above mentioned to the this time, my baby had begun wailing out of husband's temper had hit the roof and voila....our sunday morning went for a super it experience at parfait3......if u still wanna go there, dont tell me i didnt warn u...!!!


Something still missing

Went there this Sunday again and the experience was good. But a few things played spoil sport there. We ordered for Indian bruschetta, fish fingers, some veg soup, veg stew with herb rice and tiramisu. Fish fingers was good, bruschetta was pretty ordinary and the toppings were falling down. We had a better looking and tasting one a month back. Soup was good. Veg stew with herb rice was very good, spl mentions to the quantity. But tiramisu was not tiramisu. It was just a mousse with some coffee powder named as tiramisu. So overall, not a bad experience, but definitely there is a lot of scope for improvement.

While I was there, I checked their world cup offers, which was very good. Its definitely worth giving a try if you are staying nearby.


fearsam2k - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 11,2011



Dropped in there with my Girl, for a bite... tasted the Club Non Veg Sandwich and few more stuff @ Parfait 3 Anna Nagar.... let me put it str8 - It was awesome.... happy that we found this place coz we gonna go their more often . . . must visit - coz of its decent ambience, very tasty food, friendly staff and not so expensive varieties! oops I forgot to mention the French Fries! It was really good!


Perfect.... Almost ! ! !

Being a happy customer at their Velachery branch, had a chance to try out their anna nagar branch this week. The place looks definitely bigger and better than their velachery one. We went around 1pm and it was almost empty. Since its newly opened, the interiors could have been much better. Ordered for Bruschetta, cheese rolls, mushroom/black olive pizza and veg alfredo pasta. We loved everything and we were too full for a dessert. Definitely one you should not miss if your from Chennai.

Share: - Burrp User

3 Reviews

January 29,2011


Awesome Food .. Average Ambience

This was an amazing continental place to have our eat out and the budget is very reasonable. I had chicken sizzlers and P 3 Baked Chicken . Of course the menu read Broccoli, I had them change that to chicken and it tasted great with Garlic Bread.. top it of with ice cream and a hot cut of coffee .. Delicious !!!



Continental food : Sub-Continental pricing!

Was to meet a long time work colleague from Bangalore whose extended family,coincidentally, stays @ Anna Nagar.Its like they say : You leave town knowing EVERYONE and you come back : EVERYONEs changed!
Same stands for restaurants.
Since he did not know any around: I had to find and suggest a place for breakfast.
Would have picked places around Nungambakkam or Royapettah : but this guy has lost touch with the city and I dont want him driving around mad with hunger to boot!

After careful consideration : I chose Parfait 3 . For me its quite a drive from Nungambakkam. For him it was 5 and 'not-so-easy' to locate.Tucked away on a busy 2nd Avenue is this tiny place that can almost be missed had we not bothered to look up the GPS.
Having seen Burrpers reviews : I only heard good things: and this was most definately a "breakfast place".
Our steward was Ashok.

1)The place is new : So thankfully the place is also spotless . Looks more like a patisserie with extended seating.Good that there was no one save the two of us which I thanked god for! We had a lot of catching/bitching up to do :)
2)A conti place that opens it doors @ 8 AM in a place like Chennai is 'love @ first sight' for me. ALL places that I know of DO NOT even entertain a fly pre 11 am. This place runs 8AM-11PM .PINCH ME SOMEBODY!! Finally: someone giving the Idli/dosa joints a run for their money.
3) Ashok was great. Usually : even @ high end places, people dont say 'Hi: good morning': most of the times coz they are very self-concious to do that to a stranger. Ashok had a smile to match.Either Parfait 3 is running 'family' in the business or they actually do train people well : and it shows. this was a FIRST in Chennai for me. Never seen that happen :ever. And its not because the places we have been before were 'wallet-lite'
4) We were there @ 11 am.So I presumed the breakfast combo might have been done. NOT SO! . We were assured it was there. and very much so. Ashok also suggested we try their popular breakfast combo (of toast, OJ,Omlettes and Sausages with Tea).
We did succumb to that. Ashwin did an "Omlette with Tomatoes" with the obligatory Toast,sausages,OJ and tea. I had an omlette eggwhites w/mushrooms, OJ,toast, sausages and Lemon tea.
Id have to say : their taste . Bland! and I loved it all the way! I hate masala in my food when it is required for anything other than flavouring because if overwhelms the taste. The omlette was perfect. a Hint of Salt and pepper. period. Toast was brown bread and evenly done. 4 slices each in all. Chicken sausage was sliced. They have those neat disposable butter and Jam dispensers. Makes it a lot less messier and a lot more convienient. I am a stickler on attention to detail : but I gotta admit: even the butter that was brought to us : was not 'rock hard' ,something that happens when it is placed in refrigeration and you have to wait for it to thaw before knifing some on your toast.It was supple enough to spread ASAP.I know it was refrigerated just about enough : coz otherwise : it would be liquid ghee inside : for Chennais weather.
OJ was good but not sizeable in their whiskey tumblers. They should 'tom collins' the OJ . Would make for more.Lemon tea was good. They do provide it with some biscuits too.
5)Having had this : I felt the need to try some more. Since Ashwin was '@ it about his boss' : I looked up the menu again : and wanted the 'Salami and Sausage' . Was informed that it was a Pizza option : but nevertheless, they would see how they could accomodate my request. I did get my plate of Salami and Sausage : with Mayo for dip. The same. Bland. not dripping with oil.Liked that.
6) Whats the damage? 300 incl. tips. Impossible! For that price : its a beeline for me everytime I am going to be around Anna Nagar. For Sure. I did not want to try their pastry section as it was a late breakfast. But one of these days...
7) Oh! and they had the ACs running when we were there. Since we were the only ones : they were not switched on AFTER we go there. After all : liking a cigar is one thing. being in a Humidor is another .

1)The portions are uneven. The bread takes up a lot more space than the sausage. It was only one sausage sliced. Same for the next one I tried. Im sure chicken sausages are not that expensive! You can take off a slice of toast instead :)
2)I love brown bread . It is a healthier option. But there might be others who prob. prefer white.
The OJ was from Real. I wish you had the Saint/ Tropicana 100% optional.coz OJ should taste bitter with rind. The indianized version is 'color mosambi' I guess you might not get a lot of takers for it again, but it helps.
Chill my water please.
3)I'm not too sure about the ambience. Its neat and clean : but I guess it works for the space that it is!

Overall : 4 on this trip. But this is a damn good start.Will do a steak sometime to see if they do fit into my elite list


Definitely try this

Thanks to burrp I visited Parfait 3 a couple of months back and ever since I have been a regular there. The dishes are yummy, people friendly and the decor warm & comfortable. I have usually been there for lunch or an evening snack. They give good recommendations and serve pretty quickly. It is a place where you can go alone or friends or family. I am yet to try their famed breakfast. Will do so very soon :)


Almost there, perfection is just a step away.

I usually dine out with a bunch of my friends and the foodies that we all are, we always end up ordering a lot of food. There have been times when we had to wait for ages for our food and times when we were served dishes that we didn’t even order. Even after reading great reviews of Parfait 3 on burrp!, I wasn’t convinced. Being the doubting Thomas that I am, I expected them to screw up. I mean a place called Parfait 3 could certainly not be all that perfect, right?

Six of us walked in for a very late lunch. Just another warm and friendly café. Simple décor, fish bowls on the tables, comfortable seating- a pleasant ambiance. We ordered a lot of food. Pastas, Pizza, Steak, Soya Chicken with Rice, some starters, Fish & Chips, Desserts, Drinks..we tried them all. Every dish tasted like great comfort food, the kind that every girl craves for after a break up . The Iced Mocha, Chicken and Cheese rolls, Beef Steak, Fish Fingers, Alfredo Pasta and Devil’s Chocolate were the stars of the evening. The Chicken in the Soya Chicken with Rice hit the right notes with the subtle flavour of light soya sauce and a mild smokiness; the rice however was just ordinary. The Chocolate Doughnut tasted funny- synthetic, like some chemicals were added to it and the Banana Split Ice Cream had too many ingredients thrown into it, I like it simple. The Cucumber and Mint Cooler was the unconventionally handsome dude of the evening. Never expected a beverage with cucumber to taste so good.

The menu is quite vast. They have a separate menu for combos which seemed rather interesting and great VFM. Their breakfast combo in particular seemed great. Portions are perfect. Prices are reasonable. Service is very efficient. Parfait 3 manages to come across as an ‘almost perfect’ place to dine at. They fulfil their promise of serving perfect quality, quantity and service.

Would I visit again? Definitely. I’d love to drop here some day for breakfast!



A good place to chill out :)

We had Dinner at Saravana Bhavan and decided to drop by Parfait 3 for a dessert. The Hospitality is awesome and the menu has a lot of good choices. Pity we just visited for a Dessert. We tried out Jamacian Rum Pastry, Choco Scotch and the Tiramisu. The service was warm and we also got a Gift certificate :)
We are definitely going back :)


Divya18 - Burrp User


6 Reviews

October 26,2010


Must try !!

I was there yesterday with a friend and we enjoyed the experience. Good choice of menu ! We ordered for a mushroom pasta and veg sizzler, both were good, the pasta was very good, creamy and filling! We tried the mango-mint drink which was very good, a nice combo to try!

We got the dessert as complimentary, it was too good! Felt a little sad that we didn't try their pastries(we didn't have space!) Made a mental note to try their pastries next time :)

We got a warm welcome and friendly staff around to help.

Suggestions: I would have preferred a dimmer lighting, i personally felt the place was too bright, else nothing to take away from the ambiance-comfortable seating.

Food: Both the dishes we ordered had a strong flavor of pepper, i like the flavor and hence enjoyed it, not sure if all their dishes do have pepper. Of course the flavor only enhanced the taste of the dishes and was no way a spoiler :))

Please note they do have combo lunch packs, looked enticing on their menu. Make sure you check them out !

All in all, value for money - priced very reasonably.


navya rao - Burrp User

navya rao

1 Reviews

October 26,2010



P3......the first thing that comes to my mind is "warm", that counts in right from the the hospitality!
the food, desserts & bakes are bang on!!!
it sure is a relishers treat when it comes to slowly enjoyinge very bite of that mouth wateringly extravagantly dressed pastry!
& the food, is quiet good when it comes to making an attempt to conquer a 3 course meal! whether its kick starting a day or simply end the day with a candle light like my fiance n i wanted an experience, they sure made it special, n parfait3....u sure make ur food speak out, n it sure speaks out loud...

what i love the most personally are the "at the home"experience, and the justice to coaco n bake lovers....
apart from just the chocoholic desserts,the cheese cake & the mousses sure got my jaw dropped!
talk abt customer satisfaction, the other day... i picked up a cake to celebrate my friends bday, lemme tell u i was totally nt prepared, n i was pleased when my needs were prioritised, n i got this lovely cake ryte below my budget, it was so mouth watering that they had this chocolate slab with the message i wanted to convey....all u eat is divine, n am sure every penny u shell out is worthied. although a lil could have been worked on making the interiors look warm with yellow lighting n a few wall fixtures...

on the whole its a Yes!! go indulge!




I am a vegetarian.A very staunch one at that.I ate off a non-vegetarian's plate today.My tongue died and went to heaven and still hasnt come back. :) Its unanimously the sunday brunch place for us now.
Pancakes in Chennai????!!!!! I was dubious. But these people ABSOLUTELY floored us.
These people (right from the cashier to the waiters) know their stuff.They arent running just another joint.They know whats coming out of the kitchen and how its made.
A very very refreshing change in the Anna nagar food scene.I could go on and on praising them,but lot has been lets just say,if you are in anna nagar,do drop by.You'll be pleasently surprised.


Awesome food at unbelievable prices!

Had been here yesterday with my cousin. The soup, starter, main course and dessert was awesome. And we were surprised when the bill was only Rs. 400/- Quiet place and not so busy, perfect place to relish the food. Will keep visiting as often as I can. All the very best guys!


ushalazar - Burrp User


2 Reviews

October 06,2010


Parfait 3- AnnaNagar

Nice continental place........The service is excellent!
Food is also great for the price offered.The menu is widespread and gives a lot of choice.
The pasta and chicken was really really good and the mango mint smoothie is a real hit and one to die for.It is absolutely refreshing!!!!!
The place looks like a bakery from outside ambience could have been done a little better.

Looking forward to my next visit!!!!
Keep it going guys!!! Great work!!!


A Good One

This place is good. have tried about 20 dishes. and all of them tastes good. Like their cost. Starter/Main Course/Desert for 5 costs Rs. 1200/- (might differ for you) for me and that's really good.


iamtuls - Burrp User


11 Reviews

September 17,2010



Wanted to check out this place ever since i saw it in Anna Nagar. Finally went there last week.

This is a continental Restaurant.

The name Parfait 3 stands for Perfect Quanity, Quality and Service and rightly so.

The service was excellent with extremely courteous staff, good quality and quantity.

The food was pretty tasty and they also have varieties fo bred that one can take home. The bread was also good.

The pasta was perfectly cooked and the complimentary salad was excellent.

The Mango pastry was also nice.

And all this comes at a decent price.

I did get some coupons as this is a newly opened place, they had some offers.

I am certainly looking forward for my next visit to this P3


Tasty stuff!

Good yum food and exhaustive menu. Italian feel. Fish tank they place in customers table who come alone for companionship!


nice food, average ambience

I got down from my office bus at blue star(after travelling for a hour and half) famished and tired and desperately wanting a quick snack.
So I saw parfait 3 and ventured to explore since I have already read about the one in velachery..
They have a small fish tank which they place on customers who return or some tradition of that sort:)
the owners and waiters are very friendly and you have an extensive menu right from breakfast to dinner, with coffees juices and a lot of quick bites.
The ambience doesnt look exactly like a coffee shop neither like a restaurant and it could have been done a little better.
For breakfast you have continental varieties french toasts, juices, eggs etc and for lunch and dinner there are items like pasta and pizza..

I tried the chicken cheese rolls and it was good.

Guess i would go there again and try other stuff!!