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> > > > Pasha, The Park

Pasha, The Park

Anna SalaiChennai  

  • 04442676000
  • Located in The Park,The Park,601,Anna Salai, Chennai
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 2500

11 Reviews / 11 Ratings

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Pasha, The Park Reviews

Extremely Overrated

The dance floor is small and totally doesn't warrant the huge entry and cover charge. The drinks are also extremely over priced. The music is lousy and the place is jam packed because it is so small. Do not understand the hype given to this place. Dublin any day


V P - Burrp User


4 Reviews

March 12,2013


A good night...but quite a few negatives!

We went to Pasha last Saturday; we went as a couple with our friends (another couple). We got there at around 10pm. First impression…the club looked classy but empty except for a few stags. There was no DJ too! We were told that the place gets busy only after half 11 as its open till 4am.

Though it is spread over 2 levels, the place looked very small.

The drinks were quite expensive and our favourite Indian brands such as Kingfisher & Havana Club were conspicuously not available. In fact, the only beer available was bottles of corona. We were kind of surprised how a club on Saturday night doesn’t stock up before the night.

We wanted to take a couple of photos of us but the bouncer came up and said that photography is not allowed. We have been to several bars/clubs all over the world but we have never seen a place where photography wasn’t allowed! That was very annoying.

The DJ started at around 11pm and the music was rocking (a mix of RnB, house & Indian). We danced all night but once the club got crowded, it was quite hot & sweaty inside (as the place was too small).

There seemed to be more stags than couples inside but we didn’t see it as a problem.

Overall, we had good fun especially because of our lovely friends with whom we went with but there are quite a few negatives about the place which will make us think twice before going back to Pasha.


Love it!

This was where I always hung out before I left Chennai!!! The music rocks and people are good! It's pretty classy, I always enjoyed dressing up to go here! Again I'm talking 3yrs ago. LOL! Not quite sure how it is now though.



poor DJ s PHILIX and Ajmal

DJs were not knowledgeble on trance . what is a disc with out trance for? They dint know the famous trance tracks . I pity them. They kep on sayin they ll play it never they did. after some time when I asked them they said we already played that track :( how pathetic. may be these guys need to visit fuga in bang is the place where yu really cant hold yaself to the couch n pulls yu to dance floor.
More over these DJs think these are super DJs .. ha ha may be in chennai they rock . but ppl from other place will understand how poor DJ skills they have . any ways yu can always improve on ya skills . over all exp was good. good staff :)


Shan B - Burrp User

Shan B

8 Reviews

January 16,2011


too small

well was there yesterday ... the bar and the system of giving drinks is much better than dublin ..... but too small ... too cramped up seats more like spooky ... i guess i would prefer dublin .... but for one thing very strict but good ushers ... no stags ... so was pretty good and a good smoking lounge too




The staff here are very rude thinking like they are the best club in the city!!! but the club is very small is size prob. the smallest in chennai!!! the service needs to improve a lot.....DJ is good here!!!



Great vibes

The Park as a hotel is peerless in Chennai and stands out despite the presence of several new hotels. Its vibrant disco is a great place to chill out after a long day's work with a full bar and an "in-tune" DJ. Absolutely the best place to be late at night in a city not known for its night life



An absolute embarassment!

So I was here last weekend. I had with me a good friend from Singapore. He happens to be a top notch litigator and just wanted to get away from work. He was always curious about India and I had the nerve to tell him nightlife wasnt too bad here and he should make the trip. He chose the Park Hotel. I was thrilled because just the last weekend before that I was at the leather bar till abt 2am. So we head there on a Friday and Sat night and guess what! 10.45 pm . They close. My friend was laughing and I was just plain embarrased.To start off the first thing the bouncer says is sorry only for couples.Then we explain to him that one of us stays here and so we are allowed in. After enterning I found one guy who was obviously single and alone drunk and dancing quite idiotically and even fell twice on the dance floor managing to ruin a couple's dance.So what was the point of the bouncer telling us only couples , so that he could let in a monkey like the other guy. So let me get this straight . Two decent chaps wanna drink on a sat night with some good music and maybe some decent crowd where we can get to know people or just even ask a girl or two and thats not allowed! Then what the hell do you club for. But of course solitary monkeys can be let in. Then I still did not lose hope so I told him lets head to the Taj Mount Road. Guess what couples only. I lost my temper and told him we just wanna drink and told him we stay at the Park. Then he lets us in. And at least they were open for a while. But the Park was a sore disappointment. I mean 10.45. And I thought Bangalore was sad because of the 11.30 ruling. 10.45 is when school kids gulp their milk and go to sleep. Not when individuals post work come out to relax. I think The Park and chennai night life in general has a lot to learn yet about what "Partying" means.


Best Nites @ Pasha

Every Wednesday / Friday / Saturday i go to Pasha i have the best of the Times.... Specially since all the people @ the park are sooo friendly and are so nice its more like Family @ The Park...

The only issue is it is really small and when it get's crowded it not so gr8 at times.. but if u like to shoulder dance U might enjoy Pasha even more

Cheers People


nidee505 - Burrp User


11 Reviews

September 30,2009


Great Place

I have been to pasha so many times and this is the only place in chennai you can find decent crowd.......though it is slightly on the expensive side its really worth it......compared to other discotheques pasha is the best i can tell.......



Its been a while since I visited Chennai... and my memories of a conservative city got thrashed when I visited Pasha.
In a celebratory mood, my friend and I stumbled upon a billboard outside The Park advertising desi nights on wednesdays at Pasha. Entered the place where my friend was ordered to exchange his flip flops for shoes. Shame! Since we were staying close by, that was easy. Being from Bengalooru where everything shuts by 11, we thought the crowd would be there by then, but were shocked to see we that we were the only people. By 10:30, however, the place was buzzing, the dance floor did not even have an inch of space (it is a bit small though), chic BPO girls in halter neck dresses and tube tops swayed to the music and the top floor was packed with couples. And this on a weekday night. As my friend said, where are these people during the daytime?

Alcohol here is expensive. There is a charge of Rs.400 per couple - and it is not a cover charge. My friend ditched his usual Fosters that was priced at Rs.450 per bottle for the Kingfisher that was about Rs.230. I tried the vodka and banana liqueur and pineapple juice cocktail, it was quite ok. We also had the a non veg platter which consisted of a bunch of kebab rolls. Good not great.

In any case, a great experience. I now see Chennai as underground party city :-)