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Pranav's Mirrchi



20 Reviews / 21 Ratings

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Pranav's Mirrchi Reviews


Satisfied meal

Has a la carte.
Starters - Enjoyable, good varieties and has excellent taste
Main course - Usual ones, less quantity, ok -ok taste

A calm and serene place



Falling Levels of Service

Hi .. Used to be a regular to the restaurant. It used to have good food and great service. However ever since they opened a new branch in OMR and Sundar moving there to run that branch, quality of service has fallen drastically and same with quality of food. Last 3-4 visits have left me with a real bad taste in my mouth.



Nice varieties

Been here recently after reading Burrp comments and it was worth a try. This restaurant has got some new varieties and they also suggest what to eat based on our requirement.

Thanks burrp team for providing feed back, you made my money to spend in worth place.



Highly recommend

I am a regular to pranavs ., just cos of their excellent service. Food is great but not wow. I would recommend you to visit this place if ur in n around velachery



This is a small restaurant which i had visited after seeing it listed in burrp. Nothing much to write about. Food was ok ish. not very spicy as the restaurant name would suggest. Dragon gobi here is good!. the rest is ok . ambience needs to be improved. An alternative to road side dhabas and kaiyendhibhavans............Thats it


Bad Quality, No Value for Money, Unhealthy

First of all I don't know why this restaurant is still Burrp cetified. Today we ordered for a home delivery and the experience was very bad.

We ordered butter rotti, kadai gobi, fried mushrooms and egg fried rice. Everything they delivered was very oily, pathetic in general and not packed neatly even.

We ordered fried mushrooms for starters. They were priced at 85rs and all we got was 8-10 pieces of burnt and sour batter fried mushrooms. Total waste of money.

Kadai Gobi had very few gobi pieces in it and was watery despite asking them to make it thick (as a kadai dish should be).

The appearance of the fried rice was very unhealthy (the one you would get if the utensil is used for a long time without cleaning). It tasted bad.

The butter rotti had no butter at all and tasteless.

And they have hiked the prices since last time I ordered. It has always been an average restaurant in quality whenever I have ordered. But the last two times (including this time) the quality had gone down to extreme low levels.

The moment their food touched my stomach, I am having gastric irritation which is seriously so annoying.

Maybe when they opened this restaurant it was good, but really Burrp should keep an eye on the restaurants they certified as many of them tend to loose their quality in due course but yet advertise that they are burrp certified.



Pranavs Salty!!!

I have a natural craving for hot and spicy food and the name of the restaurant was enticing enough for me to visit it once.I ordered a few naans and the usual gravy stuffs. They were OK.
But when I ordered "nethili fry" I was in for some salty experience. The fish were all toooo salty to say the least. I mean nothing can be more salty than those... They looked kinda preserved for a loong time... and did I forget to mention they were salty :P

So henceforth I'd rather like to call the place Pranavs Salty!!

But the above comments were for that particular dish only. On an overall experience the place was good with prompt service and good variety!



OK OK !!

This place has a moderate ambience.... the food is pretty decent, nothing much to complain about.... one item on their menu that i ve always loved is their Reshmi Kabab - awesome!!!
The rest is fine, and as pointed out earlier, the service is a li'l bit on the slower side !!!!!


Not worth the price

the food is ok here. but it is not worth the price. you will get dissappointed with the ambience, service and everything else.. worst part is the servers dont know english.. even the A/C is not effictive.. better avoid..


Veggies- Stay away!

The place is small, dismal and is owned by a friend's relative. So had to go on a invite. There is very less on the menu for veggies, and the taste is just okay types. The gobi manchurian was decent, and the rotis were just okay. Insider Info says the cooks are from kerala, but I did not find any special mallu tinge to it! The egg noodles was the most decent. Desserts - we did not even bother to try.

Food: 2.5/5 ( biased, as I am a veggie)
Ambience : 1/5(dingy, small, smelly)
Service: 2/5 ( No english knowledge. Mixed up orders)
VFM: Decent!

Try when you have no options. Stick on to basics.

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2 Reviews

August 23,2009


Good north indian cusine

After reading the reviews here, i was half expecting the place to be a smelly damp place. But when i reached there i was surprised to find that it is a pretty nice place.. pretty responsive waiters.

Food was good, phulkas and egg masala were very good. I cant comment on non-veg though.




Small place, customers are politely attended and to say abt the food ....good variety, tastes homely, fullfilling and not too expensive either. I recommend the Phuket Fish and the Basket Chicken..Overall a nice joint..


nice place to be...

Been here couple of times and food is tasty and spicy. As the name suggest they have some really nice spicy stuff.Try there chicken varieties.

Price is little expensive but finding such a nice eatery around Velachery which is kind off affordable is difficult.


Pretty good food

Living very close to Pranav's and being a frequent home-delivery user, I have never had a sit down meal at Pranav's. However, I did go once to pick up some food and was horrified by the slightly ...hmmm..shady ambience. And walked out with my food in 2mins.
The menu is nothing to brag about, nothing distinctive. The usual list of indian-chinese-tandoor dishes you normally get. But the food is good. Period.We have been ordering in since they opened and have never been disappointed with the quality. The quantity, however, has reduced but is still reasonable.

A good takeout/home delivery joint for sure!!



whats that smell!?

ughhh! my initial excitement of having a nice sounding restaurant near my place was dashed the moment i entered the place... what else? umm seems like the smell overshadowed everything else... whatever!


great home delivery

i din like the place when i walked in but ordered food home. delivery is fast and well-packed. They serve best biryanis in velachery i guess and i loved the nans and side dishes too. they have a great variety and my fav is the bindi fry starter. Yum!



To start with the first time i went to Pranav's was sometime a year ago. Its a place where you can enjoy the best food...Till date i go there regularly for my Lunch as well as dinner.......

The people out there are very down to earth and are very much friendly...... Once you get inside they take care of you as their family...The waiters out there are very polite and make us feel very comfortable.....The best thing you can get out there is Chicken Mayonise......Its simply mouth watering....... Trust me the noodles and chopsuey out there are really really good.......

The quality of service they provide, the taste and quantity of food being served there is high....Be it with family or with friends its a place where u can spend time and enjoy having a taste of all the best food available in Town...... Off late Pranav's has become a second home for me......

Live for Today,

Plan for Tomorow,

Party tonight @ Pranav's


I walked in ... and walked out!

I really dono y

is it the empty smelly ambiance or the oh-so-regular m-sick-of-it menu card?

After reading the review below...

i ll make another attempt... mayb someday... mayb not


nautankey  - Burrp User


52 Reviews

December 29,2008


Mirchi indeed...

Pranav's mirchi is a mid-range restaurant. The restaurant is good and the food is spicy. Trust me spicy as in really SPICY,used to imagine even their water has masala added. The clear soups too are spiced up, but then its an andhra style restaurant,so can't blame them.If you are one who is allergic to spicy food need to take precautions.

It's a cozy little place which is mostly filled up. The waiters are polite and the hospitality good. A special request for less spiced dishes to the waiter helps a great deal. The best dish is obviously their "chicken kothu parotha",their veggie gravies are also worth a try.The mushroom gravy which I had was really well made.Rotis and naans were above average.They also have mixed non-veg noodle[chicken+ mutton+egg],most of their noodles are as good as the ones in noodle house.

The best part of pranav's mirchi is their quantity, most of the dishes can be shared by 2 people[our noodles was a 1/3].And i dont remember a single time i had been able to complete the kothu parotta.

Not sure abt the south indian meals the reviewer above has mentioned, most of the times they dont have meals. The biryanis are good but the quantity of chicken/mutton is sadly less.The order takes longer time for delivery in peak hours.

With a place like this which has good value for money and taste buds I am pretty stuck here and have not ventured to Kalinga which is bang opposite to it.



One should not miss their South Indian Meals in this restaurant where u can feel at ur home and the Kotthu Parota which is awsome.The Tandoori part,it's very tasty compare to other hotels in Velachery