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Rangoli Reviews

hiburrp - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 03,2014







For starters they serve dhokla, peas kokra with chutneys and sauces. They had jaljeera for the welcome drink which should be replaced with a sweet drink instead. Main course had rotis, pooris, pulav, plain rice, papad, curd buttermilk and pickle. For dessert, they had srikhand. Totally average.



Fine dining gujrati meal

A really hearty gujrathi / north indian meal in tnagar , you really have no choice but to head to rangoli
their buffet is extensive, though equally impressive is ala carte menu
A bit overpriced , yet attracts a large crowd and longer waiting times
Service level however is always good
you'd be sometimes surprised that saravana bhavan can actually house such a unique gujrathi resto in its premises and it doesnt fail to impress
Its definitely worth a try



I know it's not that famous a joint, but do visit this place on thyagaraja road in pondy bazaar.
It has good parking facilities and the ambience is good. Comfy sofas and neat chairs for seating.
Unintrusive service compliments the great quality food.
It's a unique place with starters and other items !
My friend swears by the Gujarati sweet dhal which is not to be missed!
If you are in the mood for Rajasthani cuisine, then Go for it !



Splendid buffet!

The buffet is really good and the pineapple kesari that was served that day was amazing. The ambience is too cool and service is good. Although a bit pricey it is complemented by the spread and quality of the food.

A wonderful mix of north and south indian food.



Hidden find

This is one of the surprise hidden finds in recent times. Located in the basement of pondy bazaar saravana Bhavan rangoli serves Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisine. They have thaali as well as alacarte. The ambience is good sofas on one side and neat chairs on the opposite. Silver cutlery like royalty.
I went for the gujarathi thali. Food is colourful right from starters. Unlimited starters dhokla, peas kokra, another starter unknown name with 1 chutney and 1 sauce. Jaljeera as a welcome drink was spicy not so authentic. Main course had 4 rotis, 4 pooris, 2 sweets one was srikhand, 2 veggies, Gujarati sweet dhal, Gujarati sweet khadi, subzis, gravy, pulav, plain rice, pappad, curd and pickle. It may not be authentic Gujarati taste but definitely value for money.
Service was excellent for me. The waiter explained to me the dishes and served with a smile. The place gets crowded during peak time both during lunch and dinner. Worth a visit.



Worth Trying..!!

After reading the reviews found here, i ventured into the basement of that building to give it a try. Its seriously worth for every penny you spend.

But, you are supposed only to concentrate on your food and not on anything else. Its not recommended for couples to go on a date. coz, you get an ambiance filled with laughter of oldies and of the noise from the kitchen.

Ambiance is just average. The best part of it is the service. They don't bother you by constantly coming near your table. The person will be watching your plates from the kitchen and when you are nearing completion, they'll come with the items and the serve anything, unlimited.

The only exception is some of the items are not so great as the authentic gujarati and rajastani coz they are made by saravana group. But, for people who have never got a chance of going all the way to RJ/GJ to taste the food, here's your location.




I suggest you to open your unique veg. restaurant in Ram Nagar, Madipakkam where there is not even a single sweets& veg. restaurant of quality. Its near to MRTS/Monorail./A big bus stand on the lines of koyambedu is all coming. Hence, you can think of opening a branch hotel from areas like Ram Nagar/kaiveli/pallikaranai/Vijay nagar near MRTS/ opposite to proposed Bus stand .your uniqueness is awesome. Moreover your quality food is good for people


Krishnan S - Burrp User

Krishnan S

12 Reviews

November 20,2012



Great ambiance; excellent food. Will visit again soon...


cthiruma - Burrp User


7 Reviews

November 19,2012


Good food

Nice ambiance and very good food who like North Indian food.The Rangoli thali is the best choice as it covers dhokla and one starter(i forgot its name),jaljera as a start.
The thali covers all varieties of subzi,kichdi,roties and puris also.All unlimited,so really good I should say,a must try !!!


amaravind - Burrp User


16 Reviews

November 17,2012


Authentic Rajdhani, Gujarati food

I've heard a lot about this place where food served in Silver plates and with silver spoons and forks, like a king's feast. When I visited the place and I was served the lunch in a huge silver plate and silver cups, I was overwhelmed. I was instantly reminded of that feast scene from Jodhaa Akbar! :P

The food itself, was really good. The thepllas, puris and rotis are served at regular intervals and tasted very good. The Dal-Bati was good too. Loved the Dhoklas.

Go here and get the Thali, if you have a great appetite or have skipped lunch, because it's really a feast :P
Parking is the only negative I can say, as it is located in the busy Pondy Bazaar.


Vibhor M - Burrp User

Vibhor M

13 Reviews

November 15,2012


Good food!

This place is not for diet concious folks!
They have a set meal and that comprises of quiet a few items. And most of these are quiet tasty. But there are fews pain points here:
1. their spread remains more or less the same,
2. the staff, otherwise friendly, pushes you to eat fast and generly discourage any repeat. they'd be happy if you keep the flow as they'll put for you
3. it is in heart of pondy bazar and I find reasons to avoid the chaotic traffic associated with the area (not Rangoli's issue)

i'll visit the place if i am in t-nagar...and hungry!


foodie2485 - Burrp User


15 Reviews

November 14,2012


Royal feast

I prefer this place to Rajdhani, when it comes down to having a Gujarati/Rajasthani meal. Although tucked in the basement, this restaurant more than makes up for it by a decent ambience, beautiful silver cutlery and of course, delicious food! The dokhlas and mini kachodis with the pudina chutney sets the tone for the rest of the feast. The unlimited theplas, puris, rotis, and the variety of subzis with hot steaming rice are highlights of the thali. In fact, the Thali is highly recommended, and so is a quiet siesta post-lunch...



authentic rajasthani and gujrati food with quick and prompt service! for all those foodies with a varied taste bud, this is your next destination!



its yummy but quite heavy on your tummy !!!

would recommend this place to avid non-veg food lovers also as it is refreshing change from 'meat'. rajasthani/gujarati variety served on silver cutlery is not just a treat to eyes but to your tummy as well. flavor of the halwa would linger for a long time.
just found it tad bit over-priced but occassionally spending this much on veg quality food isn't that irrational.



Over hyped

After reading the reviews thought it was worth paying a visit. But personally feel that it is over hyped. there are many restaurants which serve better guj-raj thali like agarwal bhojanalay and rajadhani.


Worth a try

Been there on a sunday late evening. Though mentally prepared (thanks to burrp-ians !) for heavy food in the night, indeed quite surprised to see the varieties. Good - the serving was pleasant as well. Is it unlimited ? - never realised !. They were continuously feeding us. Best part was - pricing. Buffer at Rs.220/-. Deinfetly class apart !. Rating reduced to 4 - for maintenance / cleanliness. Table, Chair, Water Jug and even wash basins - definetly all need a 'customer care'. Deifnetly worth a try & is definetly different from the standard HSB experience.


Awesome food

Rangoli is located in the basement of crowded Sarvana bhavan's restaurant. The food is mostly Gujarati and tastes great. The best part was the starters and the khichadi. The staff is very courteous and the service is good although you need to tell them to bring everything separately. The best place in Chennai for rajasthani food, better than Rajasthani dhaba or Agarwal's bhojnalaya.



Nice Food and Service

Surprised to see such a good service in Saravana bhavan group. When I was there for lunch it was almost 3pm and the place was still full, I waited for about 15mins, my thought that time was "Yet again the same Saravana Bhavan!!!", but at that time I didnt realise 'after the luch I had to change my thought'. I had gujarati thali, I wont go deep into the varities as there are much available in this reviews here but I shoud say the quality was good(not like the experience I had in buffet hall in the same Saravana Bhavan few years before), infact thinking that Saravana Bhavana is only for South Indian food I skipped this restaurant few a times before, but this one is exceptional, right from the JalJeera they served to the final glass of Fig Juice. The service is the one which caught my attention, usually if it is saravana bhavan it is the hurry bury waiters and their orders, but here it is entirely different and ambient, waiters were swift and so polite in taking orders. The serving was also to the standard, not hurriedly pouring water on your clothes;) Keep it up Saravana Bhavan.


nice agian n again

be ready for an awesome meal with your taste buds wanting more than your tummy can take...must .be cautious all you diet consious ppl


Aberrated Rangoli???

I have always avoided this place thinking, how can Saravana Bhavan make good Gujarati meals. However, I decided to try this for lunch after reading so good reviews.
The Gujarati Thali is priced at 200 rs and everything is unlimited. The doklas and mini kachoris are good while the jaljeera is really refreshing. The main course however, i found to be more influenced by multi-cuisine type. The side-dishes were oil and masala laden, the biryani too spicy. I dont know if fruit custard is a Gujarati dessert. And I really missed my favorite kichadi.
Having savored Gujarati meals in Gujarat, I find the mildness missing here. I would rate this an average Gujarati restaurant (by Gujarati standards?).




this was the first thing that came up to my mind when i was savoring the thali with family and friends. to think of it that we frequent this area regularly and have'nt gone in, i cud'nt forgive myself.

coming to the food, i can only say, DAMN GOOD. I know Saravana has been THE chain in Chennai but its holier thou attitude and prices have always been a put off for me but this one was a welcome change. VALUE FOR MONEY food. GujRaj food by a Chennai restaurant was a pleasant surprise.

The starters were xceedingly good, so was the main course, shrikand and puris. bakri, palak, sweet kadhi oh my. my wife was amused at the way i was going ga ga over the food and that i cud have such a apetite. And of course the wonderful Jaljeera and the Chaas.

Great place, Great food, Great service, Great prices. Nice way to end a birth day.

JUS GREAT - keep up the good work guys. See you soon


vinutha - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 11,2010


De Thali!

Every time there is a plan to go to Rangoli, I tell myself that I am not really hungry and I don't need the Thali. Then something happens when I see the Thali menu card and I count myself into the Thali gang, and always come out a happy soul.

This place would top the list for authentic Gujarati/Rajasthani food when it comes to taste, ambience, service and choice of thali and a-la-carte. The thali starts with pudina-jal jeera pani, dhokla and two other short eats (veg cutlets, kachodis, etc.) served with mint and sweet chutney. Then comes the main course with rotlis, theplas, puris served with about four sabjis (paneer, aloo, bhindi, mixed vegetables, etc.), two dals, kadi, curd, two sweet dishes (kheer, shrikhand, halwa, etc.), marinated bajji mirchi, butter milk and sweet paan. Each of these dishes have a distinct and authentic taste. Some of the dishes have the typical Gujarati sweet taste. Its your lucky day if the thali includes the Moong Dal Khichdi. If not, for those who do not plan to frequent this place, would highly recommend ordering this dish. This hot khichdi served with warm ghee just melts in your mouth.

By now you would be holding on to your tummy and greed makes you want to somehow polish off every last bit of the khichdi. You shake your head vigourously when the waiter wants to serve you plain rice.

The a la carte menu offers a great variety as well. Baingan bharta is recommended.

The service is suprisingly pleasant, unlike the other restaurants in Saravana Bhavan. With Rajasthani puppets, sketches and bright colours, the ambience is cheerful as well.



Sumptuous Meal

The only problem with the Rangoli Thali is that u just cant finish it. Beware, readers u need to starve yourself for abt a day to be ready for this colorful meal.. Everything in the thali is UNLIMITED, for only rs 180/- per head. U start of with the Jaljeera and khaman dhokla, which u simply cant resist!!.A whole lot of starters are yet to follow. Next comes chappatis and puris and khichdi(only for dinner)buttermilk,salad, custard,rice 2-3 varieties of dhal,3 varieties of curry, curd, papad,
A La carte is also available.
So go ahead and give it a try !


kumvjuec - Burrp User


4 Reviews

August 05,2008


Great food, authentic gujrati cuisine

I am a North Indian and had to stay in Chennai for a month on official visit. Was very worried and fellow colleagues had been making fun of me saying "get ready for 56 type of sambhars".
I read the reviews on this site and thought of trying this outlet. It is in the Pondy Market area.
I ordered thali which costs 170 bucks. In their menu, it was referred to as "Monday Thali" so I am guessing they might be having different thali items on each day. I liked most items in the thali. It's very refreshing for a North Indian like me. Today, I ordered food in my room and have decided not to order again. Would visit Rangoli again tomorrow.


Death by Thali!

I definitely want to start this review quoting that this is by far the best food i have had in the city of chennai. Well no wonder it is from THE Saravana Bhavan, but surprisingly it aint authentic south indian food but tis authentic rajasthani/gujarati food!

Precaution: DO NOT EAT the entire day or if possible the day b4 too, so u have enough space to eat the entire thali. It is unbelievable that sucha high quality tasty fine dining experience at sucha restaurant is available at 150 bucks per thali which is UNLIMITED!

Coming to the food, dont hog on the starters. Beware! There is hella lota stuff comin from the kitchen served hot and yummy by the waiter with so much care as you would treat a guest at a wedding. But yes the starters are the yummiest of all especially the Veg roll and the Dhokla (irresisable)! The jal jeera with boondi is gr8 too.

The Thali has chapathi, poli, some 4 to 5 variety of side dishes like paneer butter masala, mixed dal gravy, a special sweet rajasthani gravy(which is too good). kesari, srikand, pickles(not the usual boring ones), and a lot more i cant remember now! Then comes hot hot puris, the dal kichdi and biriyani. After all this the waiter asks you if you need white rice for your curd (btw curd is too good dont miss it). Finally you get a pan too. But trust me, it is too hard to stop eating.

Nobody can not be stuffed with this meal not just because of the quantity but also the quality. Man! I can keep on writing let me stop here!



Best Gujarati n Rajasthani Thalis

Hungry as hell n wanna eat for like 150 a person? Head out to Rangoli.

I do not know the names of more than half the things on the thali, but I sure do know that all of them taste great!

And there's loads of it! You end up feeling like an overstuffed Turkey on Thanksgiving. That too American for you? Hmmm... like an overstuffed Brinjal at Sanjeev Kapoor's show. Now, dont argue about the nuances.. read on.

The buttermilk they serve is thick enough and tastes delicious.

The food with its subtle sweet n tangy flavor. The light bites, the fluffy pooris, the dal rice and the dessert -just about everything tastes great.

Must try!