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> > > > Saravana Bhavan

Saravana Bhavan

K.K.NagarChennai    & IN 24 MORE LOCATIONS


10 Reviews / 10 Ratings

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Saravana Bhavan Reviews

Go If No Choice,Better Choose A2B

This restaurant chain offers the best Masala Dosa in south so went to try it. The Dosa was Rs.55 and it tasted very very average and it wasn't filling at all. There were 3 different types of chutney given and they were pretty good but again the quantity was probably enough for two bites and no more. We later ordered coffee and it was like drinking sugarless milk. All in all a very expensive place with very average tasting food. Don't try it just because someone has told you that its good, maybe it was before but it definitely isn't now.
Nowadays their service is become worst and the rates are sky high.



Overrated and hyped

Overpriced restaurant serving mediocre south indian food.


It's alright

I fail to grasp the appeal of this place. It was highly recommended to me by so many people around here and when I went there it was just a regular restaurant serving vegetarian south Indian food, pav bhaji, punjabi & the like.

They give you a paper, which is to be used as a tablecloth, that lists all their locations on it before presenting the menu. It's great that they are doing well, but the menu should take precedence.

Service is good and very prompt. It's my own problem that my Tamil is very rusty.

The coffee is pretty good.

Everyone said this place was expensive but it absolutely isn't. I ate 2 plates of idli, 1 plate of medu vada, 1 alu paratha and 2 coffees and the check was less than Rs.300.

It's an ordinary diner in every way, food included. Over hyped. To it's credit though I saw some nice looking girls here, probably college students. I understand there is a university in close proximity.


HSB!!! The Best!

HSB!!! The Best vegetarian I ever tasted.

Now they have also increased the food portions marginally and no way to find fault with any of the varieties, from normal South Indian to Chinese and Tandoori.



We ordered food for my sister's marriage.. Food they catered was yummy... everybody liked the food. Even their service was excellent.


Can close my eyes and say, its HSB!

I guess this is the first of the saravana bhavan or atleast one of the first ones cos the class is apparent in it! The downstairs as in any south indian restaurant is non ac and u can have juices and fast food items here. They even have sweets and a bakery here. The a/c dining in the first floor is very nice with a class of service and ambiance.

Once we even ordered cake from the bakery below for an uncle and celebrated his birthday here. The service is great, it usually shows in such acocsaions. Atleast they broght in the cake candidly as we had asked them too. The food is yummy, no doubts its HSB!

My favorites are paneer biryani (must try), poori, the 5-idlis (so soft, cant find it newhere else except hsb), chilli parata, ofcourse the fresh juices and rose milk. The icecreams and esp the kulfi is great here! To experience class in south indian food, vast menu and food so tasty u ll wanna try it all, anytime hsb in the best and this is one of the best ambiances u can find in all the hsb's in the city!

I dono y ratna cafe and murugan idli shop are even compared! They are so dirty and horrible in service, the taste of food depends on ur luck, no consistency that is! Mayb namma veedu vasanth bhavan can come close, but hsb takes the number one spot always!


Awesome food

If you want to fill your tummies with a genuine, tasty, pukka South Indian food, this is the right place to land up at. Been eating here for years and it's a must visit restaurant if you're anywhere near KK Nagar. Not too costly, but surely worth the few bucks you spend.



Mini Idlli's Dipped in sambhar...simply best.....


Yummy south indian food!

Saravana Bhavan has carved a niche for itself. They serve absolutely yummy food!! I love the curd rice, sambar rice, tamarind rice, pongal, ghee roast & the masala dosa here...excellent is not the word, mind blowing it is!

P.S: Is there a saravan bhavan outlet in mumbai? Plz temme there is :-D


Simply the best

Saravana Bhawan started modestly from this very outlet in K K Nagar. To me, this means something special and I frequently visit this outlet.

One of the must haves at this place is their mini idly. Needless to say, they are known for their good quality food and awful service :-)

This is a one of its kind Chennai experience, don't miss it.