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Saravana Bhavan

MylaporeChennai    & IN 24 MORE LOCATIONS


20 Reviews / 20 Ratings

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Saravana Bhavan Reviews

pudukodram - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 15,2015


only vehicles driven by drivers allowed inside-self-driven cars not allowed

In this restaurant it appears that only vehicles driven by drivers will be allowed. Around 4pm, there was parking space . but when I came driving my car, I was not allowed. But, when I started to move my car, I found that a vehicle coming behind me which was driven by a driver was allowed. This is either sheer arrogance or something else is wrong. The restaurant can simply put a board saying self-driven cars will not be allowed and only cars driven by separate drivers will be allowed.


The HSB STamp

I remember this place for all the wrong reasons although they have nothing to do with the food here. With the standard HSB service and authentic HSB sambhar served piping hot, this place has all the stamps of HSB.

It has ample parking space and quite on the most buzzing roads in town, RK salai, one cannot miss it. One of the very few joints where you can get tasty caramel HSB popcorn. I dont really remember being in an AC hall here, because the non- AC hall is so wonderful you dont require one. Suitable for evening tiffin or morning breakfaast after a jog in the beach.


A crowded Place

The everlasting crowd in the places clearly highlights the quality of the food . They deliver high quality food thought the prices are a bit high . It is tough to find our self a place to sit as this place being located near the temple . My favorite is the sambhar vada , ghee roast and rava dosai . In spite of being crowded always they offer us great service , Prompt deliveries . A place that suits all king of people . Highly recommended .



For Good veg food

Whenever I've visited Saravana Bhavan, I've always found it crowded. So one should consider himself lucky if he gets a place to sit in anything less than 10 minutes. South Indian food is what its famous for and it definitely is wonderful. Everytime I've come here, I've tried something new and it turns out to be great (the last I tried was the Crispy Ghee Paper Dosa which was heavenly!)

They offer other cuisines too like Chinese (Indianised of course), Gujarati, Punjabi, Chaats etc. The ice cream sundaes were decent and so was the dahi chaat which we had. We called for a Tandoori paneer starter (don't remember the name) which took quite some time to come to our table but turned out excellent with the fresh smoky tandoor flavour adding taste to the paneer and vegetables!

Service is quick and effective. Havent been disappointed so far at any of my visits.



Good food. Not so good ambience.

After a visit to one of the banks opposite saravana bhavan, decided to visit here for a quick lunch.

In the scorching heat, i entered this place to find out that there is no ac section. Was disappointed. However there was a self service area and a seating area. Decided to go in for self service so that i can leave soon!

Ordered for a vada and a plain dosa. The food was tasty. Nothing great. just like any other south indian restaurant. One of the accompaniments with the dosa, a kinda chutney was very nice.

However, i was in for a big shock. While standing and having this food, I suddenly saw a rat run across the floor and i was shocked! If a rat can run so freely in a place where people are eating, wonder what the situation is within the kitchen! i shudder thinking about that!!! :(

This just destroyed the entire experience and i somehoe ate what was remaining and left, with a promise to not visit again!

No comment on the service as i went in for the self service thing.

The ambience is ok. 3/5
The food is normal south indian fare. 3/5

However, giving it a 2/5 overall due to the rat incident!


Pathetic Place

Just had Lunch Today in Saravana Bhavan. Was told a lot of tales about this place, hence wanted to have lunch here, what a sad experience i had. The place does not have AC, in such a hot place without AC is really tough! the prices are equal to to that of a 4 STAR HOTEL without a single facility of the same. The food was totaly pathetic & the quantity was like getting a prasadam in a temple. Looks like this Saravana Bhavan is only surviving on hype nothing else!



Not at all a value for money

The cost of the food is too high. Even after spending few hundred rupees for one meal it was not at all satisfactory.. But, the quality of food is good. The attitude of the staff was the worst part of it.


daththa - Burrp User


20 Reviews

October 29,2011


Not worth for Money

I have been to this place after looking into burrp reviews, but not worth the money you pay. Horrible service, had to wait for orders and servings. Food for a typical South Indian is not so Exorbitant. North Indian doesn't even get near the original taste. As a foodie I will avoid this place next time


best foods at best rates..!!!

excellent food, tasty and yummy.. I have been here several times with my fiancee and father.. good place, good serving, correct rate for foods..



Good Food but Expensive for its looks

Food is great. I frequently travel to Madras and live in Mylapore opposite Nilgiri's. Saravana Bhavan is the best joint in the area for Idli Dosa and typical South Indian fast food.

Food : Hot yummy and tasty. It is commercial preparation, but they make it very well. Food has always been served hot in my 4 years plus of experience at Cathedral Road. Their mini idli with ghee is too good to be true. Pongal , Idli Wada and Rava Kesary are yum and make a good breakfast.

One discalimer on the Dosa. The bhaji served in a masala dosa in minimal compared to a Bombay Masala Dosa. Please do not be surprised with the bhaji quantity. But the Dosa is very nice.

Choice of chutneys available, that adds to the experience.

Prices: Prices are on the higher side, a heavy breakfast for two can easily reach upwards of Rs 200. Please check the prices to avoid a first time bill shock.

Observations : The movers and shakers of Mylapore gather in the very large and spacious parking lot outside the restaurant. Great place for business social networking. They are usually served in the cars or stand around the round tables in the parking or inside in the self service area after they are done with their fitness programs in the mornings.


HSB - strictly for regulars

Though - a review not required for this widely established fast food company, the objective seems to be crystal clear - across their branches. Are you a regular ?. Be greeted with broad smile on floor manager. Server give a quick nod on what will be your order today (monday - idli, tuesday - dosa, wed - adai... & on.. and on...). If you are with guests, you will get even better treatment. Not for the tips, Not for 'please visit again - courtesy'. It is as simple as 'you pay for us - regularly' !!!.

Having visiting many branches, venturing all their new venue and their price hiked A/C restaurants, the personal opinion stands AS-IS 'if you are hungry and in doubt to choose a fair place to eat - go to nearest HSB' !.


Pragash - Burrp User


3 Reviews

January 26,2011


Too much for too less

This review is based on several visits and its for all the Saravana Bhavan Hotels. This place serves good and tasty food. No doubt it. I have had many BAD Experiences when it comes to service. They don't seem to care at times because they have the crowd. The COST involved for eating anything is TOO HIGH. The QUANTITY of food is TOO LITTLE for the Cost and that is bothering me too much. Its not that people cannot afford eating there. Some people don't really care about how much they are paying. They cannot charge a BOMB stating about the quality of food. QUANTITY AND SERVICE MATTERS.


Ravi ABCD - Burrp User


11 Reviews

December 30,2010


Best Easiest-To-Find Veg in Chennai

Yes, it's a bit pricey by Chennai standards, but there's no better vegetarian meal experience to find, unless you find some hole-in-the-wall gem (a time consuming task, considering there's thousands of candidates) or crash someone's home.

The fantastic vadai lacks even a drop of oil - it's my favorite vadai anywhere. The dosa, idli, pongal, chutneys...all first rate fabulousness. Ditto on the tea, but, they only serve that after the food, so as to torture us tea drinkers.

My only complaint - and it doesn't apply just here, but many others - the bathrooms are dirty. At least the food and eating area seem clean.


What a let down !

I am from Bengaluru and have been told by my relatives in Chennai that there is nothing to beat Sarvana Bhavan. So faithfully tried to see for myself the wonderful place when I came to Chennai.
Boy what a let down!
The food is no doubt good. So is the food in umpteen places in Bengaluru. The portions are miniscule and prices exhorbitant.
Imagine paying Rs. 18 for a single Vada half the size of a normal one, Rs. 19 for a small helping of coffee etc.
Compared to our own Mavalli Tiffin Rooms, Vidyarthy Bhavan, Central Tiffin Rooms, Janardhan hotel and others this is a rip off!
And they say Bengaluru is more expensive than Chennai


price for the hygiene..

wen u luk at the'd wonder what's keeping the prices on such a high note...but the way the food tastes and the hygiene blinds this thought..!!!!

the place is real humid though..

a place to hunt 4 the rightly situated in mylapore..!! :D


Typically Tamil

Love the noisy ambience. Sometimes we need to go to such places and soak yourself in this atmosphere. No need to put on any false pretensions. You can be yourself. Noisily talk and laugh. Super place to look around and watch people. Food as always is good, though pricey.



tasty and satisfactory

Visited Saravana Bhavan Mylapore 3 times. Twice with family and once for a Birthday party. Party menu was too good esp. the cream of tomato soups, Bisibella Bath and curd rice. The other 2 times we had tiffin items and its always been a pleasure to dine there. ..

We had the combo menu with Kichadi, Mini dosa, Mini idlis etc and my son had his favorite butter masala roast. Service was good, food was served fast esp when we had 3 kids that was very important to us and food was hot and good. We also had Sambhar vadas which tasted good as well.


scorp30 - Burrp User


6 Reviews

November 17,2008


Loosen your belt but keep that wallet tight

I sampled Mylapore Saravana Bhavan's rangoli thali and came away thinking, now thats something!!!
I'm no expert on gujrati cuisine and will certainly be in no position to pass verdict on its authenticity. What I can say, though, is that the food is lip smacking, filling and easy on the pocket.
Now thats a combination I would easily love to replicate in all my gastronomic experiences in the city.
Starting off with the dhoklas and the jal jeera's and summararily proceeding to the main course consisting of small soft rotis with a dollop of ghee and mouthwatering puri's with tasty vegetable accompaniments, the food hits the spot.
Dont bother to restrict yourself and just indulge in all that is on offer. The shrikand with its sweet and tangy taste will play with your taste buds, while the kadi adds a zing to the menu.
As you continue to dismiss the growing warning signs from your tummy, turn your attention to the khichidi and finish it off with some good old curd rice.
I usually sleepwalk through the fare than is offered in the chain restaurants in the city, but this thali has definitely carved a niche for itself.
Authenticity be dammed, burrp your heart out in here!!!!


Descent way of cheating through reputation

Earlier HSB (Hotel Saravana Bhavan) was outstanding it its service and quality but they have become v.pricey!. One who has visited the pondi bazzar branch would really feel it a lot.
We were just four of us to visit this place and we took the first floor to have a quick dinner. We just had some roti's and some 3 side dishes and bill came to Rs.780!

From then we decided not to go for this place but still few others in my family who are addicted to HSB coffee in early morning stay that they are good in quality and service.

Yesterday, we tried the R.K salai one and i was waiting for more than 20minutes just to get a business lunch!. The bigger difference between the quick lunch and business lunch is just three poori's and one cup of sambar vadai. The other two who order for quick lunch got their food within 5 mins so why is this delay for me to just add 2 more items.

Folks, dont just go for reputation and branding look onto customer service and quality. Thanks. Deepak



For those who want a hearty lunch

For those looking for a decent, affordable filling south indian lunch, look no further. Saravana Bhavan,Mylapore is the place to head out for! Been here many times, never got bored at all, though i take only the meals which costs abt 50, but worth it!
Rice,Rasam, Sambar,(All Unlimited), Sweet, Pachidi, Curd, Butter Milk, Papad, make up a hearty lunch. It is generally crowded. The service could be a bit better as repeated servings comes after a wait of 5 min or so. The ice cream priced 22 Rs and above in many flavours is mouthwatering!!!!. My favourite is Water Melon. Be sure to try out this restaurant!!!