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> > > Savoury Sea Shell

Savoury Sea Shell

Anna Nagar East    & IN 3 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 04426263355, 04426211620
  • No. 3, 3rd Avenue, E Block, Anna Nagar East, Anna Nagar, Chennai
  • Arabian, Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 500

13 Reviews / 14 Ratings

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Savoury Sea Shell Reviews





A Perfect Restaurant!!!!!!

Arabian foods and biryani are too good..Their service is so cool..The best place for sizzling brownie!!!!!






Worst hospitality EVER!!!

I had been to this restaurant a few years back and hated the food especially the cream of chicken soup. But many of my friends repeatedly suggested this place and so I decided to give it one more try for my cousins birthday. BAD IDEA.
I went around 9.30 pm on a weekday and the first thing that bothered me was the haphazard parking for both cars n bikes and none of the security were even helpful. When I went in none bothered to ask me if I wanted a table everyone was minding their business so i sat at the nearest table n after few min I was asked to go to another table as another couple wanted that one. I obliged. My cousins came and so we placed our order of starters and started to open the cake. Before we even started blowing out the candles they started keeping the starters and food plates around the cake. What the hell kinda manners is that??!!?? Finally we cut the cake and started eating.
No spoon or fork was provided on the table. No side plate or napkin. Just a single plate. That's their cutlery essential list!!
There was a sideboard near our table and the waiter started serving the dishes and cleaning the used plates by peeping over the wall. Are u clearing our dishes or stealing our food?? Have some dignity!!
The food was OK. Soup was too salty. Chicken lollypop was nothing special. Barbeque chicken looked like it had been on the grill for one or two days then smashed with a rolling pin!! The biryani very bland. Sechuan fried rice was normal. Singapore crispy chicken was like deep fried chicken 65. Kungpao chicken (Kungfu chicken according to the waiter) looked and tasted horrible. And to top it off the lemon juice was sour and suspiciously tasted a lot like sweet lime!!
Seriously, WTF!! We ordered the most basic dishes and everything tasted like it had been cooked at a roadside fast-food shop!!
And compared to the food they served the bill was just too much. This has to be one of my top worst dining experiences!! N definitely the topmost worst hospitality and service!!
Is there a rating below one star???


Sea Fooood!

This resto is opposite to Nalas Appakadai in Anna Nagar East. The ambience is not all that great, but we went there for their famous Arab buffet. It pretty much lived up to the expectations as it had a really wide spread of at least 10 starters ... which is the major crowd puller. The rest of the buffet is not as interesting but people should defintiely try the Sea Salad - where you get really weird, tasty stuff to eat.

The price is a bit on the higher side - with the buffet being just 300 though. The parking space is a bit cramped, though.


Crowded.... But worth the wait

Always crowded.... Things u must never miss: 1.Kerala Parotta (Best in town)
2. Dejaj Chicken
3. Grilled Fish.


Awfully Bad

The food was old,cold and awful.
I strongly regret for having stepped in to this place with my family.
Soup 0.5/5(cold)
Grilled Chicken 3/5(only item which was hot)
Butter Pepper Prawns 2/5( Not hot)
Biriyani 1/5(worst)

Beware !!!!!!!!


piperer - Burrp User


16 Reviews

November 15,2012


Quality standards dipping

Sea shells used to have the best grilled chicken till inflation and other cost cutting measures have made the chickens grow smaller, less juicier and more expensive. The pita bread too served half the time is dry and at least a few days old. The hummus tastes rancid. Though the service is pretty good and a lot of other dishes like the al fahm chicken and barbeque chicken are still extremely tasty. The shawarmas also are pretty good.
Where this place is an absolute steal is when you book its party hall for a function, the price and package they give you is amazing and somehow the food too happens to taste better.


iamkaarthik - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 11,2012


Average Quality - Higher price tag

By various reviews went to seashell last weekend along with my friends.

Honestly my review for seashell in terms of Quality, Taste, Quantity, Price, service - just average (2 Stars only).

Quality: The crab we have ordered is nowhere baked well. My friend got vomiting. Mixed sea dish - name of the dish

Taste: except squid fry none of the items were tasty or to the mark. full chicken fry & tandoori just ok. soup, finger fish (square type-ready made type), briyani - chicken & mutton, sea food items poor taste.

Quantity: instead of 7 pieces 4 to 5 pieces being served for finger fish & tandoori. Against the pricing , Our view Not Ok

Price: other malls/ eatable points items@250 ~ 270 same being priced @ 350/-, extra sauce & chutney charged @ 30 & 10 resp. The worst dish-mixed sea dish we payed 560/-

service: Oops nothing less than 20 mins waiting - though we arrived thr by 12:30pm.even for chicken & mutton briyani we waited for long time. so i request ppl to order in advance everything.

Overall dont get in to the hype given by other reviews.Its just average


A good place to dine out

Located this place on the net. I had taken my family and some American friends to dinner. The food was good - their grilled fish and meat was lovely. The ambiance was good. And the best part was that the whole bill was so reasonable for nine of us eating there. I would recommend this place for a good evening out.


Savor the Savoury Sea Shell..

We've been to the Savoury Sea Shell (henceforth, SSS!) more than a couple of times. Some friends hosted a dinner there and we've been regulars ever since.
The food is far above average, bordering on lip-smackin...especially the grilled chicken. However, the pita bread is mostly too breaking bread with friends isn't a good option there (hehe!)
Each dish in SSS is well prepared and you'll receive good service even in tight situations. Do make sure though, that you constantly remind stewards and servers to get you your order. The place is vibrating with so much action, it's gotta be tough for them to remember stuff!
If you see smoke wafting through the restaurant accompanied by a sizzling sound, that's the Sizzling Brownie, a must have if you're at SSS.
Try the Sea Shell on a weekday...You'll have better chances of getting a table, even for 8. Weekends? Go armed with a magazine and your iPod, maybe a massage chair too!


What's with the other reviews??

I've been visiting Sea Shell for the past two years regularly. After having been here a countless number of times, I can safely say that it is highly unlikely that you can have a bad experience at Sea Shell.

Most waiters here are Malayalees. Service is reasonably quick and efficient. Menu comprises of Arabian dishes & a mix of Chinese, North Indian & Continental dishes. Authentic? Not really. Tasty? Hell, yeah! Everything tastes good but I have some all-time favourites.Their Grilled Pomfret & Grilled Chicken are lip smacking and so are the Prawns Biriyani & Chicken Macaroni. Also, try their Bahraini Sandwich. My friends from Bahrain do not vouch for the authenticity of the dish but it's delicious! If you're here in summer, the Mango Cream is a must-try. Lovely, fresh pieces of mangoes in mango pulp and cream- absolutely yum!

Avoid the various types of ice creams here. They're quite sad. Every ice cream has a unique name but tastes exactly the same. Never got the chance to be here in the evening but I heard that after 4 pm, you get great Shawarmas here.

Ambiance is nothing great. It's a nice, clean restaurant suited for families.



The Food. Nothing more.

As long as you get your food on time and enjoy it, you're good. The service and ambiance is quite average.

Home delivery would be a better option. :P



Worst customer service

The place where you can expect the worse customer service for some, the best service if you are lucky that day. Its not even 30mins since I have come from the restaurant and I am so much frustrated that I couldn't even think about anything else than penning down this review comment. Every set of order takes 20-30 mins to serve. My first disappointment was that there was no GRILL CHICKEN at 1.30pm. Isn't 1.30 PM lunch time ??? And as far as I know GRILL CHICKEN is the most famous Arabian dish at Sea Shells, and they don't even have it ready. The waiter gives a reply when asked "Sir the chicken arrived late today".

Secondly they brought the wrong dish and tried to justify it without checking it with their own guy who took the order. And the guy who took the order also wrote it wrong when I had told him clearly twice that I wanted a macroni, and he had bought a burger. All this was happening while we saw people at nearby tables getting their orders faster and people who came after us left the place before us with almost the same amount of order and with more headcounts than us. They had one person attending to them personally. We had to even ask them to fill water frequently.

Even some of the desserts that we ordered were disappointing.

When I escalated this to the Supervisor he came up with a very lame excuse "Sir we have heavy orders running, so things are getting delayed". The only thing that came faster than we expected was the "BILL". Come on guys show some courtesy.

Now is the climax scene : We ask a guy for FINGER BOWL and WATER. They guys goes out and never returns back. Some other guy came in luckily after 10mins and we had to ask him again for finger bowl. The WATER which we asked never came !!!!

What do you call a Restaurant that forgets to serve you even the basic thing such as WATER ???

A kitchen inside a JAIL maybe !!!

When I asked the supervisor again he didn't know what to say and finally said "SERVICE FAULT".

SEA SHELLS Anna nagar service sucks big time. My kind advice never go there unless you want to beat someone real bad !!