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> > > > Six-O-One, The Park

Six-O-One, The Park

Anna SalaiChennai  

  • 42676000
  • Ground Floor, The Park, 601, Anna Salai, Chennai
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 3000

5 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Six-O-One, The Park Reviews

On the spot

Quality delivered. Though expensive this has to be one of the best places for a buffet Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner in the city. The Breakfast buffet is huge. It includes Waffles, South Indian, British and every kind of breakfast food one can imagine. Their Biryani included in the Dinner buffet is brilliant. Highly Recommended


Foodie999 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

October 02,2010


Over it

Very disappointed. Crappy service. Had to ask several times for someone to take our order. Waiter came back to take our order the second time because the first waiter did not understand. The shrimp tempura arrived cold and soggy. The falafel did not have hummus in it and the veg wonton soup was too salty and contained a HAIR.



Pretty good place and even at 3am the food was served pretty fast.
Delicious sandwich :)

Must spend more time to enjoy the meal there.


Perfect 10

601 is the restaurant the city has been waiting for. Their buffet has the best variety, not to mention the steady stream of food which keeps appearing in your table! I've been here quite a few times and they still surprise me every single time! Make sure you try their thin crusted pizza, and their crepes. The indian food is excellent, as is the chinese and italian. You can even get your own pasta custom made and the sunday brunch even includes a pancake stand. The dessert selection is constantly innovative. Its a great place for the family, fantastic ambience and incredible food.
Make sure you spend a good amount of time there, and enjoy the spread!



Ummmmmm. . .

The whole concept of this place from start to finish is an experience on it's own. I love the thin crust pepperoni pizzaz, to the creamy al dante cooked pastas to the potted biryani. The portion is very good and the priciy is reasonable if compared to any 5 star coffee shop.

The service could be better. Some days you get the best while a few you dont and a fewer occasions you get none. Go there for the food and do not expect to get pampared. The food certainly makes up for it. The drink menu is from the adjacent bar and quite good in it's own boutique way. The wine are way too pricey as the taxes in TN are abnoxious.

The decor is a total 10 on 10. You can choose(if your lucky) from the leather booths to the half booth half leather chairs seating. Or you could just be peacefull at the pasta bar where you have a chef cook you a superb pasta meal. Or if you need some privacy with a group of 8 to 10 jump for the private dining in a glass chamber with a rack of wine bootles. Empty but serves the purpose of decor.

The dessert to die for would be the Devils' Food cake which is totally sinfull. Dont attempt to try this at home cause this is only at the Park that you get a sinfull dessert as this one. And DONOT tell your gym instructer about this as he would just refund your money and ask you to leave!