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Chetpet HOChennai  

  • 42144206
  • 15, East Squrtank Road, Chetpet, Chetpet HO, Chennai
  • American

41 Reviews / 41 Ratings

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Sparky's Reviews

Giri  - Burrp User


6 Reviews

July 09,2012



This restaurant is now closed. This was one of the best places in Chennai for American food.


Home food away from home!

The best Vodka pasta I've ever had so is the Lasagne!!! Love the food, feels like I'm sitting in an American Diner in America! lol! The American owner comes to each and every customer for reviews and opinions. What other restaurant owners do this????? Not pricey at all!!! The servers are really friendly! Please remember that is AMERICAN CUISINE!!! NOT INDIAN!!! So you WILL NOT taste any masala! Sad to see how people are sooooo ignorant of other cusines except their own! STOP COMPARING OTHER CUISINES TO INDIAN!!!!



Very mediocre

Been there many times. Their food is cold most of the times, especially their rice served in sizzlers. Yuck.

Ambience is good. Service is good. Would prefer to have their special buffet on occasions than to choose from a la carte.

mash potatoes are a must try here.

The price of the food is quite high compared to their food quality.

Ambience - 4/5
Food - 1/5 (except for mash potato)
Service - 3/5
Price - 2/5


One of the best restaurants in town

happy to have been there. been best of my best food experiences in chennai. went with a group of friends and we all loved the food here. would go here again and again. they have amazingly good veg food too. the service and the staff are all too good. one of the best restaurants in town :) if u r in chennai do visit this place!!!



Pretty Good

Had seen this place a couple of months back because of its unforgettable neon sign. I got a chance to go there today and its safe to say that i enjoyed my food. I ordered a Philly Steak sandwich and a bottomless Iced Tea. I liked it.

The decor is lovely as well. Very american i believe. Worth a visit.



absolute disaster

second time to sparkys and the first time was not fantastic either.
the cons.
1.the wait time is too long for anyone's taste. was AWFUL!
onion rings were like onion bajjis
the nachos came with a chesse that tasted like flour mixed with water.
french onion soup was overloaded with salt we had to send it back.
3.main course: ordered grilled chicken breast with fries .how difficult is that?? then the platter comes and voila,the chicken is bruised and fried n looks like deep fried fish and the frech fries COLD!!
4.just about everything we ordered was served COLD! either they prepare the dishes in the morning itself and make you wait for 25 mins after you place the order and serve.that crap or its just a very twisted sense of humor they have. or both??!!
5.the bottomless lemonade/ice tea is just a sham. its sugary water enough said.

the pros (if i may say so!)
1.after calling the chef and showing him my plate and telling him that this is grilled chicken breast was enough for him to say we will take it back and did not charge for it.i applaud the fact he took it off the bill but really the job is far more than that when it comes to pleasing the cusomers.

when you serve food ,you serve it hot unless it is a cold dish. PERIOD.
this is something the sparkys has to absolutely,desperately and hurriedly have to learn n implement. its a shame running a restaurant as popular as this and not getting basics right.
the first time i had similar experience about 6 months back and nothing changed so i dont think we caugh them on a 'off-day'.
As nice the gesture of not charging was,would i go home hungry or pay for good food??that is a no brainer!

will i go again?? with the numerous choices available to dine i would NOT go there again unless the little birdy tells me things have changed drastically.




we went to the resturant ordered a food which i had in US the same one was so horrible in sparky. Ambience was so bad overall worst.


Never trust a skinny chef

Great food!!.......should visit, especially for the American menu!!

I had tortilla serving(Mexican)......the meat was cold......but it wasn't spicy hot as a Mexican meat tortilla should've been! :(

But the meatball sub was delicious!!!

Great place for a hangout with friends!!!!

Interiors rock!.....I loved that surf board!!!!



Spark Plugged!

Its these little surprises that make me say Madras is a great place (Like Pondicherry) if you know the right people and the right places: and the city has got its own way of doing things.
I'm gonna start with some lousy examples to amplify:

Mission 1: Movie Ticket @ counter.(Post calling the hotline and being told it is full)
Bangalore :WTF?? "Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth"?.
Madras:Oh yes please ! How many sir?
Mission 2: Train/Bus tickets (as above)
Mission 3:
Traffic Violation:Driving your car thro a RED.
Bangalore:Ticket written and billed ASAP.
Madras: As long as you have not killed: 50-500 INR depending on variable factors. No ticket.
Mission 4:Authentic American Resto?
Bangalore:M/T/W/Thu/F/Sat/Sun: Super full all the time
Madras: Super Empty!!("This place is not good. I love authentic Dindugal Burger").

Am I condescending? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! How else would I have gotten to enjoy my food if the place was super full anyways!!! And thats what Sparkys was to me on Thursday evening ,last,@ 7:30.Deserted. If I had known so many people DONT go there : and the food was as good as it was: I might just find a regular seat and ask them to build a little toilet under there so I dont need to leave the table ever :)
The place:
1)Down Egmore's Don Bosco and turn right @ the second circle. You cannot miss it : Smack in the center that says in bright Neon " Dont trust a Skinny Chef".It's Basement has an almost dingy nightclubbly feel to it (Like the old Bunkers Inn). You dont smell cigerettes and Obviously DJ "Shithead" is not pounding the place with house music. Dire Straits and The Beach Boys worked their way on the stereo.
2)You are greeted by waiters who appear to be wearing Baseball shirts that look very Boston Redsox-ish.A funny American accent accompanies it and for a minute I thought of Edison, New Jersey.:) But you should appreciate the effort.All red and black seats,which possibly resembles a race car seat (if that was the intention) and if you dont get a hint : a lot of Daytona stickers will stare @ you to remind you of the same.
3)The Decor is very TGIF/Ruby Tuesday-ish with a lot of memorabilia thrown in ,in good measure. From where I was seated I saw some figurines that looked right from Sioux city (Cowboys and Indians) ,a Seattle Mariners Jersey and club, A Bottle of Missisipi Mud ?!! and tons of Number plates from cities and towns in the US of A. If there are Number plates , then Bumper stickers cant be far behind :) and there are tons of them. Craning my neck a bit I did see a Blue surfboard : and my table had a lot of pictures of surfers and Hawaii (I am guessing each table has a state theme).I am not going to bother detailing anything else on the decor as it gets too cumbersome and the food specifics will be sacrificed in lieu! Besides, I also figured since the food was that good, I will most definitely be sitting @ another table pretty soon and will do justice to the view. Thank you for not hanging a cutter and a bath tub overhead as it always scared me to death @ TGI/RT/Chillies everytime I sat under it.
4)The Menu card is a simple two pager , they also have table cards for the drink and dessert options. I did see they were putting up a 'Special' for St. Pattys day (Im guessing on 17th while also waiting for the release of the movie " Kill the Irishman" :)). Irish stew and Corned lovely!
The Food:
1)I wanted to try a Philly Beef Sandwich.But Since I was warned (by prev. reviewers and the FAQ list on their website)of the portions, I choose to go with the Sphaghetti and Meatballs. The guy offered the Lemonade and Iced Tea option : but frankly : Red wine or Coke does it for me with that classic combo.The Coke came as a bottle with a Stackable plastic Coke glass with Ice in it.Their presentation and Cutlery (like the place ) is very unpretentious (or thematic : if you still desire verbal poetry). It is meant to be an all-you-can-eat joint : so the fuss is better when its on the food. The S&M were great.
2)The sauce a little too thick for my taste. But maybe its just me: as I am so used ,now, to the watered down Prego and Barilla when looking for instant sauces that (in all probability) a genuine House-made sauce is too rich for my blood. The Parmesan ,however, was almost non existant on top except for that fine layer of dust I discerned. The Bread that came thro was definitely not warmed , both the first time and the repeat which I asked for.The meatballs though, were gladly better sized when compared to the modest ones you see in most places that do manage to serve up an Italian fare.Surprisingly, the portion was not as 'American' as I expected : but surely enough to fill a 5f4i :55 kg someone to the brim : so I am happy I finished my plate :coz I would not have had the heart to let go. I loved the food. It is genuinely good.And to think these guys would have trained the chefs to adjust the food to suit environs not easy to imitate (American food is more often than not an amalgamation of different cultures adapted to their environs.For eg: ask for pasta with tomato sauce with the Italians in Italy and theyd think you are a peasant: ask for the same pasta and tomato gravy in NY and they'd give you a treat of your life)
3) I wanted dessert and I knew it would be a sin to miss it. So when asked for the menu, was told that their dessert options were limited to the 4 on the table card. Thankfully, they dont serve their NY Cheese cake with a scoop of Vanilla: they ,instead, have a choice of toppings. Blueberry was on the list: and it was checklisted.
4) Not wanting to relent and knowing that I was full : I knew I had to improvise. I asked for a Pasta Fresca (Meaning fresh: which is essentially: penne with fresh vegetables , and you have a choice of meat that you wanted ordered: I picked beef), which meant both the "updated" pasta and the Dessert went "doggy bag" with me back home .When I did get the chance to scallop both (completely) : I also could not help noticing that they packed it well in hotboxes with the veggies and mustard/mayo mix/ cranberry topping separately and well. Goes without saying : The pasta and the dessert were equally good.
5) How much? 601. INR. that is just plain crazy! PLAIN FUCKING CRAZY!! Basically, that means I had a 'twofer' : but the food was good and the price was worth it completely. And the waiter did have the sense to ask (and be genuine) after the food.
One suggestion:
If your name is really Thom Petty : Then you should have something on the menu that says " Free Falling" or " the Heartbreakers" or something. Think about it !!
5 for me.Am I headed there again? This 'Lent' I planned to give up Meat and Alcohol. While Alcohol no-no for the next 40 days is difficult but not impossible: Sparkys is the "Devils horns/Bees knees" all rolled into an alternate place of prayer for me.
Great food.Not a lotta people.Terrific VFM.What else do you need?




You should definitely try Sparky's if you are in Chennai. This place rocks. Friday buffet is a must visit. If you are going on a Friday, ensure you book in advance. The food is great. Good place to go to if you want some real american food.

Flip side, if you are a hard core veggie, please avoid. You will be disappointed.


Vithlani - Burrp User


14 Reviews

February 20,2011


Never again!(Served Beef to a vegetarian)

Disclaimer(I know the effect that these reviews have on fellow readers and my intention is not to be mean or nasty to the people who run this establishment) I'd heard a lot about Sparkys and went there for a quick lunch with my father just before my flight to Bombay. Very Americanised and yes the owner does take the effort to meet with the customers. Ordered a French Onion soup and a plate of Nachos with refried Beans and a glass of Iced tea. The service is a bit too relaxed with the waiters making infrequent trips to the table. So when the Moron of a waiter came to my table to take my order I told him to get me Vegetarian Nachos. Soup comes, Nachos come. After quite a few bites from the Nachos I got the unmistakable feeling of eating something chewy and meaty. I called the Moron over and I ask him if he served me Chicken, he argues with me and tells me that it was Beef that I had ordered(I was livid). Tom came over and looks at my plate of Nachos and says something to the effect of me getting to know it was Beef after I almost finished the food (WTF??? as if I was trying to get a free meal). He says "Well you've eaten it now what can I do"??. Well Tom you could try to give an apology for starters and be sincere about it. There might be some good things about this place but seeing the gravity of the error I really don't want to point out the positives. Never going back.....


tkalr - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 09,2010


Junk and hurried

I have been to sparky's twice and in both occassions, i found it overrated. For a place so American, the taste of food is only slightly better than the Indian roadside food!

The quality of the bread (burger, etc) is not even average and even their bottomless drinks seem to be prepared hastily.

The friday buffet is also a bad deal considering all of it becomes dry and tasteless as there are no proper chaffing dishes. No efforts are made to keep the dishes warm and fresh!

Was probably the last time i went there..


scorpio07 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 19,2010


Sparkys -- Sparkles like a star

Why would i visit Sparkys? it just an Awesome place

Reason 1: Ambiance is simply brilliant
Reason 2: Chef and Owner makes you feel at home.
Reason 3: Well the FOOD, this should be the most important reason, you get a taste of every kinda cusine, well almost. Its not great that you get but it tastes really good.

Reason 4: VFM generous portions of main course and side items.

Reason 5: A place to be with friends and have a good time.

Against: Waiters are a bit on the way too relaxed side, it takes ages to get their attention, for getting water or when you need to order more food.

I have been a regular at Sparky's and its truly one of those places where you keep heading back quite often.

I would recommend this place to anyone who needs a heavy dose of American- Caribbean- Mexican -- Italian food.

Only word to everyone visiting it Bon Appetite


Never Trust a skinny restaurant owner ;)

Well...this visit was quite a long time back...two years in fact...I had given a treat there...anyway without much further ado I shall explain the menu (yes I remember it)

Ice Tea - Brilliant!!!! best ice tea ever
garlic bread - was interesting
Onion rings - #EPIC as we say in twitter
Penne with garlic in white sauce - slightly bland but hey its american right ;)
Mushroom & Cheese Sandwich with fries - good but not as good as Tasty Jones

this was just me btw...we were a gang of 18 & we had probably everything on the menu....ofcourse the owner came and greeted us etc etc :) he was super fun...the memorabilia on the wall was amazing....friends had some vodka pasta which was not that great primarily because the sauce was too too liquidy (intentional or on the day am not sure)

Ambience - 9/10
Hospitality - 9/10
Food - 8/10
VFM - 8/10
Overall 8.5/10



:D HAH.I Agree completely with chicfoodie.
This place is all about ordering right.Depending on which you will either love/hate it,no im not even being dramatic!

Been here countless times.

For starters Order nachos & cheese/Gneral tsao's chicken wings(not on the menu) or fries,cant go wrong with any of those

Next Main course:My personal favourite and the reason i will keep coming back here-The Bourbon street Pasta-with beef/chicken/shrimp.Anything.Comes with a salad too.Heavenly.Roughly id say go for the pastas,american is average,some other recommendations would be the korean beef bbq.Dont experiment too much judging by what the menu says.

Dessert,TRY the New York Style cheesecake-either chocolate or with blueberries.Anything else is,well average.

AMBIENCE is quite fun and original.American souvenirs & postcards hanging off every available surface,still,it works.

SERVICE is a hit and miss sometimes fast sometimes slow sometimes speed of light.Still always friendly,albeit fake american accents,ahh well.

MONEYWISE the portions are gignormous so its all good : )
All in all.Dont write it off if you have just ONE bad experience.My bourbon street pasta discovery was an epiphany!

It only takes a spark to get This fire going :)




Would never go there again, the place stinks like a urinal , the chef tries his best at aping top chefs but only qualifies as a loud mouthed Ameican and the waiters also try to put up a good American show but fall flat on their face,

Too much fluff no stuff

Not going here again



Not Worth a Visit

I have been wanting to go to this place for a long time as my fellow US wannabe boasts about the place and the chef. I had a chance to visit this on Thursday for lunch :

1) The decor was different and appreciable definitely American. Even the waiters speaks english with an accent and the service was good and courteous

2) We ordered Buffalo wings and was cautioned its going to be spicy but when it arrived looked great but tasted average. No trace of buffalo sauce it tasted tomato ketchup and i even found onions in the sauce. Tasted like chicken tossed in onion chutney. Ranch dressing along with it was like butter milk

3) Ordered quesadillas, it came as if its like steamed ones. i asked them and got an explanation that they dont grill their quesadillas but got them grilled

4) ordered for a burger - very average not juicy at all

Out of all the chef came to each table asking how are you guys doing in a typical US airhostess style smile which was very dramatic and non comitial

There are times that you should not trust fat chefs as well.

Final verdict not worth trying....


Sorry, fat chef..I underestimated you!

I went to Sparky's a long time ago & had a very bad experience. But I tried the place again a month ago & ended up going there on two consecutive saturdays. I really like Sparky's now!

This is def'lly not the kinda place that does every dish perfectly well. If you come here, you hafta know what exactly you should order. The menu boasts of american, mexican, hawaiian, italian & even korean cuisine. From my experience, its best to try out the burgers, sandwiches, chicken wings & similar starters & the vodka pasta. If you're into salads, u should try em too!

The burgers here are really good..nothing extra ordinary..but they're exactly what they promise to be..good, home made burgers! The sandwiches again are good too..although they can be a tad too heavy. I've had the general tsao's sandwich & its pretty good. I swear by the foot long hot dog here! Absolutely amazing. One of my fav places for a hot dog. Bbq chicken wings are a favourite & the vodka pasta is worth trying too. You can have unlimited lemonade or iced tea both of which are decent.

Ambience is unique & fun! Food is good. Prices are reasonable..meal for two including drinks would come upto around rs 600. Service is extremely good! The waiters are polite & warm & always have a smile on their face. The chef personally comes around & sees how the customers are doing.

So thats my opinion..I'm goin to Sparky's again!



Sparky's sucks

The chimichanga had corn in it, a surprise ingredient perhaps! The eggplant marsala tasted like milk payasam with mushrooms in it. Very disappointing.
When the chef came by asking for our feedback, we told him that we've never had chimichangas with corn, he simply said corn shudn't have been there! Not sure if he's the chef after all! :)
He said that it would be on the house but unfortunately for us, we had already signed the merchant copy of the credit card invoice. The ice tea was almost all ice with no flavour. Thankfully we din't order for more than we could have had at this place.
This is not the first time we've been there. We've been here about a year ago with a similar experience and since we were hanging out in the area we thought of giving Sparkys another chance. Alas, some things just don't change (improve)




iwas surpised there is restaurant in chennai like this!!it was cool place friendly service food was excellent espically the chicken croqutets,bbq wings,pasta fresca was awesome my friend loves the brownie sundae with the extra fudge and i should say about the cheesecake with blueberry topping everthing was cool and the fat chef is really freind for the customers finally one word american chef rocks keep the good work


it sucks

worst place.cleanliness not maintained.the staff is good and friendly but they served us rotten beans in a dish..:( ambience too is stuffy


cnnamazi - Burrp User


18 Reviews

February 19,2010



Awesome Pastas! D quanity's realllyyy huge.. Though am a foodie.. I jus can never finish my meal wen I visit d place.. D mashed potatoes are AWESOME! D sauces they serve along with salds and d chicken wings are lip smacking!!

Love it.. A Must try for all those pasta lovers...


KennyK - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 04,2010


I am in love with Sparky's

This is such a wonderful place for a foodie like me. And this place was chosen for lunch in a hurry. so i had to go to this place(searched a lot though) and found out as an underground joint which i have seen very rarely in chennai. I loved the place as soon as i entered and the theme is awesome. i started loving themed restaurants from the time i saw this place. Every popular thing in the US is being kept in this restaurant arranged state wise.

Coming to the food, i had a cheese garlic bread and a vodka pasta with iced lemonade.

Garlic bread is best in town
Vodka pasta was ok, not upto the mark
Iced lemonade was segregated properly so that i could feel the taste of lemon and water.

A must go place for all the chennaities and the owner greets you and asks about the food and place atleast 3 times during the course of the meal.



All visas required...

As soon as you walk in, you get a very American diner-ish feel. It looks almost as if a memorabilia store of all things American exploded in there! There is quite a selection of foods and drinks. If you can handle it, the bottomless drink option is worth it! The food is heavy and filling with large portions. The Vodka Pasta is a must-try dish. The desserts are also very tasty, especially the cheesecake which is the most authentic cheesecake you can find anywhere in Chennai! For a real treat, go to Sparky's on a Friday night for their buffet! It is quite crowded so I suggest to get there early to avoid the long line that sometimes extends till the door!!! There is a huge selection of foods with everything from burgers, hot dogs, Mexican enchiladas, salads, desserts, chicken wings, etc! Be sure to bring your appetite because it can get pretty heavy. The buffet is worth a try, but another visit is required to try some of the popular items on the menu. The food is a nice blend of all American, Californian, Mexican and Cajun tastes! The service is excellent, the waiters very friendly and chef Thom Petty and his family members who run the restaurant make it a point to make their rounds greeting and chatting up their guests making it an even more personable experience--what a refreshing change from having to beg for service in some other restaurants! If you don't go for anything else, at least go to take a look around at all the funky stuff on the walls, tables and ceiling!


Service is the name of the game.

When i walked into Sparky's little did i expect to get the feel of stepping into a pucca americano joint in Chennai. We were greeted by the proprietor of the place and the waiters/attendants were extremely friendly, respectable and well groomed and mannered.

The food is just perfect. No over spiced indian'ized version of american food, that you usually find in so called american food joints that serve you pizza, pasta etc., Mind you, the portions are huge so if you order lots then you are going to end up wasting it or get a doggy pack.

The place is well priced and is moderately expensive for the quality service they provide. Its more like hanging out at a party spot because all i saw on a sunday afternoon was people laughing and making merry and occasionally when they yell too much the fat chef (never trust a skinny chef as they say) comes over and hushes them with a smile.

This place is definitely a different kind of an experience and if you want to feel the american on your food its a must visit.


Why not???

I'm quite surprised how I missed out this place in spite of living and dining in Chennai for 1.5 decades! When I read most of the reviews here, I was a little sceptical whether to go or not to go. I finally decided to go with some company to check out the place. Was hoping it shouldn't be bad as I had to travel nearly 15 kms to reach that place!

Surprisingly, it turned out to be great! Though the interiors are well done, I guess it's a bit old, and an odd smell was emanating from the upholstery...and as pointed out by one of the reviewers below, it did take a lot of time for them to serve water, but hardly 2-3 minutes to get Iced Lemonade??????

Anyways, about service, just about average. They have young adults (almost kids) taking orders, and they try to put on an accent. I tried talking in tamil, but they didn't give up their "American" accent. For the record, they were courteous though.

Food, was on a different scale all together. Probably I ordered the best of the list, or I got lucky, or these guys are good! In any case, food was mindblowing! We had a nachos and chesse based starter, which was dripping all over with molten cheese, minced beans and vegetables! For the main course, we had a huge..rather HUMONGOUS Burrito roll, with Mexican rise and tortilla chips on the side. I had BBQ'd Beef, which was the second best BBQ'd dish I have ever had! (My personal favourite is the beer chicken at the farm :-p) ...It came with fires and onion rings. The BBQ sauce could be a tad too tangy, but I won't complain! Another dish we tried, was the good old chicken hamburger, which supposedly was a simple dish, but was super heavy! I would still bet on Gallopin for burgers though! You should come to Sparky's to try the rest :-P

The home-made (as claimed by the waiter) iced-tea-lemonade was an interesting was priced at Rs. 45, and was bottomless! After about 2 glassfulls, I couldn;t have anymore of it!

As far as pricing goes, an average meal for 2 costs about 200-250, which is not bad considering the proportions!

My score:

Food: 9/10
Service: 7/10
Ambience: 7/10
Value for money: 8/10


Good continental food

Located opp the Palimar at Spurtank road.
Run by an American. Haunted by americans. He had left the US Irvine City about 20 years back to settle down in India. He seems to be disgusted with it. Comes down to every table condescendingly to talk to you, but a poor listener. His manners lack a genuine warmth.
Place is extremely noisy and cluttered.
Filled with all things american from Redindian stuccos, baseball bats, cowboy saddles, american number plates, to lot of postcards in each table portraying a city. Every area is named after a city, albuquerque, lafayette etc.

Food is good, american mexican, cajun. The quesedella and the main course Louisiana something was good the dessert was desert nachos; tortillas and icecreams was good.

Ambience is poor.

Service is worst, i presume it is done by college kids working part time. The first thing to be kept is a glass of water, it never turned up until after 45 minutes and after repeated requests.

There was nobody to serve from plate nor anyone to clear the dishes once it was over.

Moderately priced. Once is ok. Nothing compared to JC cafe



Whats the big deal!

This is a good place to hang out! Tpically cluttered decor with memorablia and old posters etc.... something that TGIF first got to India.

The food's good! the meat is great-- excellent beef!
Portion sizes are huge... would definately not suggest attempting 'a course meal' here. I've never managed to reach dessert.
well, I don't know what the fuss is all about-- especially with the reviewers who call the food 'bland'!! Continental food is 'bland' people!!
Well, it's not 'wow' and the novelty of the place is on the decline, and definately a lot more competition in terms of the product in the city, but definately worth trying and I wouldn't mind dropping in again.



Nice restaurant

Going through the other reviews, i guess most of the people must have tasted authentic American, Mexican and Italian foods in US. Well I consider this restaurant to be a starter for people who want to try other varieties other than Indian dishes. I would certainly recommend the buffet on Friday Nights. Though the spread is limited, you can enjoy unlimited eating. The hotdogs are great and you can have them in your own style. Not to mention the burgers as well. But some might dislike the buns they use for it. For chennaiites it might be difficult to adjust to the taste as the salt level is low in most of the foods. But you can manage. I wouldn't recommend the burrito as it will be absolutely blunt. Haven't tried much of the menu, but certainly I liked the buffet.


Sorry, fat chef!

Was at Sparky's for lunch yesterday..I have mixed feelings about this place.

Positives: The ambience- very american, colorful, cheerful. The chef is extremely friendly & polite, servers too. Oh, & the drinks are bottomless..thats something I liked!, they give complementary salads.

Negatives: The food!!

We ordered for:
Garlic cheese bread (good)
bbq chicken wings (amazing)
chilly fries (was just okay)
Veg lasagna (where's the salt??)
Mexican chilly spaghetti (where's the taste?? & since when did chicken start tasting fishy? Yuck! I nearly threw up!)
Beef lasagna (nothing great)
Chicken bourbon pasta (very creamy, heavy, bland but yummy)
Spaghetti with meat balls (very tomato-y, too sour, there were exactly 3 meat balls..& that too as hard as pebbles)

Will I go there again? Noway!

I regret not telling the chef that the food wasn't friends apparently didn't want to hurt the feelings of the chef & the ugly sweet server with the fake american accent.

We paid Rs 1335 for the meal (including beverage)- for 7 people. The food is reasonably priced but I'd rather delicious but expensive food than have inexpensive but tasteless food.

Highly over rated place!



Sparky's is one of those places you can't get enough of. True, the quality had slipped over the years but it's still one of the highest in Chennai.
The crumb fried chicken we ordered for starters was..well..perfect. Served with honey-mustard, it was perfectly coated and the chicken was fresh and juicy. The lasagne (we had chicken) could've used a wee bit more cheese but was again, awesome. The texas hold-'em steak(chicken) was good too. However, the country fried steak (beef) was tough and the entire dish was bland (with ,sauteed veggies, mashed potatoes and no gravy).
The portions are huge and the place is excellent value for money.
(Am still dreaming of the crumb fried chicken!)


2 S - Burrp User

2 S

2 Reviews

June 06,2009


Mexican food wasn't quite mexican

We ordered Mexican and Italian dishes. Both of them didn't taste quite authentic...

However, they do have fantastic choices as they serve Italian, Mexican, and Continental.


Absolutely horrendous

Heres some of the things me and my friends have eaten there,
1) I tried their BURGER (chicken and beef) From the bread to the patty to the stuffing ..everything tastes awful.Its some kinda weird yucky white bread.Patty is unpalatable.Fries all soggy.Worst burger i ever had.
2) Country fried chicken - Very freaking hard to even have a bite.
3)Roast beef /country fried steak - All their beefs were very hard in consistency,very very salty.the moment u take a bite and u start chewing ..u just wanna spit it out.
4)Bourbon street pasta - Yucky sauce..very salty,just had a few portion and left untouched.Enough of misery lets just try some dessert and get out of here.
5)Hot fudge brownie sunday- very good,Apple cobbler-good,Cheese cake-good.

We are never setting foot in that fake-americana restaurant again

............The End.........


Not Sparkling anymore

They had one of the best burgers. I went there around 3 months back I was really disappointed with the quality. I thought that it was one of those days. But I went there last week they disappointed me again. From the bread to the grilled onions its not like before. Except the decor nothing is American. I hope they get back their original taste.


Failed to meet expectation

I was upset with Sparky's for the second time in a seems they do not want customers to go to their restaurant regularly. On Feb 14th, I had dinner at Sparky's, but it was not worth the money and the taste was not of Sparky's style, it just like a combination of some ingredients they have. I didn't report it because I thought it was an exception due to heavy crowd.

Day before yesterday, I went to Sparky's again hoping that they've improved, this time I went to celebrate an occasion, it was much worse than what I ever had--Can't accept a hair in my Broccoli Cheese Soup, I returned it and yet I was billed for that. Taste of Spaghetti Marinara was not worth eating for sure. The taste of vegetarian foods have dropped recently and it is disappointing.


Not my type

The ambience was cool, but was very diasppointed with the food. Hopefully they will have more veg food tasting like VEG FOOD!!!


thebigbull - Burrp User


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February 05,2009


One of the best restos in town!!!

The motto...Never trust a skinny Chef..was the first thing which pulled us to this resto.....located at the basement and very tastefully designed....every table has got photos, baseball cards and some memorabialia about a u can choose the state u wanna have ur meal in :)...the aiters are very friendly and make u feel at home...the first thing i order everytime i get ther is the bottomless lemonade...and its truly bottomless...u can also try mixing lemon tea(again bottomless)...with this...and the combination is lik necter....starters...the clilli fries are so yummy...with a layer of french fries with baked beans and melted cheese on top of it...this itself is close to a meal....Beware...the portions are all so WILL NOT be able to eat them on your when you go as a group...ORDER LESS!...main course..Mama Rita's Lasagna is is the Vodka pasta and the burgers...the burgers are so huge...the patty is massive...the meals are accompanied with a side salad and a bread roll....The owner of the place,Thom, a lovable guy comes around asking you if u are enjoying urself..why you undenyably will be....The blueberry cheese cake is one of the best things you can ever have in Sparky's...but as I said before...after having so much..every bit of ur body will revolt if you try stuffing more food so make space for the blueberry cheese cake by eating a lil bit thing i forgot to tel...don ever think of sharing the bottomless drinks...if u try ordering lesser drinks than the ppl who are actually der...THEY WILL IGNORE cant blame it on them...can you...But, if you wanna have a meal like no other...then Spark's it is!!!



All American

Its the America in India. The place belongs to Tom, an expat who has been here and done that ! If you are going alone, be assured you wont be left alone, Tom takes care of the company. The service is great, the folks are friendly and if you like good authentic american food, Sparky's is the place to be.

Priced a bit on the upside, regular visits might cripple your wallet, but will definitely keep your taste buds wanting for more.

Ambiance blows your mind away looking at the kind of floor setting and there is a store that lets you buy souvenirs as well.

A good place to spend a very lively evening with some delicious food.


Tasty and Worthy food

I'm a vegetarian and I like to taste International Foods, kinda boring with the regular Indian varieties...I've a flair for dining Italian varieties there I found Sparky's almost 3 years ago.

The service is very good, hot and tasty food.

If you are fond of pasta and want to try something different, I strongly recommend BOUREBORNE, decent quantity and very tasty. The pasta is served with a bread and a salad (not sure).

It's a great place to have an occasion celebrated.

Not to mention about the spectacular interior decoration, all native American items...for those who visit for first time, you'll most certainly enjoy and you'll recommend to others also.


Etouffee - A dish you must have at Sparky's

I would recommend Sparky's for 3 reasons:

1. The Etouffee - Sparky's is where I first ever ate an etouffee (a Lousiana specialty) and I absolutely loved it.

2. The Sparky's tagline - You can't resist entering a restaurant whose tagline reads: 'Never trust a thin chef.' When you meet the American chef at Sparky's you'll know why they have the tagline.

3. The stuff on the wall - The walls at Sparky's are filled with differently-coloured number plates, direction signs, surfboards etc. All of it adds to Sparky's uniqueness and American feel. (Apparently, this was all picked up over eBay.)


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April 13,2008


American food !!

Well. I have had mixed opinion of this place. I have been there three times in about a year or two.
The first was uneventful, but was interesting to see a lot of americana around. The service was good and food decent.
The second visit - i chose the buffet. The buffet on friday evenings has a good spread (small compared to typical Indian buffets). The service was still friendly.
The last visit a week ago was a disaster. Like they suddenly lost all their moorings. The food and the service both took a severe beating.
Their slogan reads 'never trust a skinny chef'.... well apparently the fat guy chef has suddenly lost a lot of weight.