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> > > > Star Rock, The Spring Hotel

Star Rock, The Spring Hotel


  • 04440509999
  • Basement,The Spring Hotel,New No. 11, Kodambakkam High Road,Nungambakkam, Chennai
  • Continental, Indian

10 Reviews / 11 Ratings

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Star Rock, The Spring Hotel Reviews






One time visit

Neatly tucked away at the basement of The Sprint hotel, Star Rock is strictly a one time visit kinda place. The service is very poor and the waiters are rude. The music on few days are very good but on other days, the place is really dark and it is difficult to find a seat. Stags are a strict no. The food is really bad and the drinks are a bit expensive, but people needing a change in setting can try it out once for its ambiance and music.



best place for the Couples

I went to star rock for valentines day with my gf., the whole place is awesome., it made our day so special thanks to dj for a music which made us to dance all night, Bar service people for awesome cocktails & shooters, Photo guy for the awesome picture. thanks to star rock management for the wonderful place..



NIce place for the

Hi, me & my gf went to this club for valentines day celebration. it was awesome place. price are reasonable, service & cocktail Star class. the photographer was really good he taken a picture of us which made us to remembered for life time, hope its a den for music lovers.....


Bawarchii - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 04,2013


AVOID IT! Unless you love being treated badly!!

This is the kind of place that would be liked by those wannabes who haven't seen the inside of a good disc in their lives.

Some of the Negatives:
1. Very bad service. I got my bill while my drinks were on the table and not even half-way completed. When I asked the waiter how he could bring the bill when I hadn't asked for it, he condescendingly tells me "NO Problem" ---- as if it was a problem for him!!!
2. Drinks tasted really average in taste. I have had better drinks in the road side bars of Bhiwandi. Cocktails were light and extremely watered down.
3. Food sucks (limited menu and you would do well to limit yourself and NOT order anything).
4. It is not cheap - although the service is. At an average of Rs 400 (plus taxes in Feb 2013) a drink, it isn't worth the effort.

To be fair, the positives: Has a decent ambiance and the music is ok

So, if all the other watering holes are closed (read Zara, Ten Downing); then go here. But FORGET to order anything (although the policeman-like waiters may find out and have a "Problem" with that!!). That reminds me, one waiter even moral policed me and asked me to "Sit properly". Should have asked him if his sambhar tasted as good as mom's.

This is the kind of place you suggest to your ex, when he/she calls you to "find out a good place to take my date"



Fun! Good Ambiance! and special Nights

I would rate Star Rock quite good on ambiance, good on service and reasonable on pricing. First time I went there for pre-valentine dance workshop and I was amazed by the lighting and dance floor they have.

Recently I found out they have fun nights like unlimited drinks @499, bladder buster @399, and most interesting of all "Chennaite Night". Also, for the audience who prefers to enjoy the live music can drop by on Friday on score night. They are friendly towards big group. Their entry fee is on high side compared to others... but I feel worth the experience.

So don't forget to rock! m/


Worth a try

Happened to be here during one of the salsa nights. It was a good experience. glad I got to come to this place. They have good food and beer. the crowd is also pretty good. Would want to visit this place again sometime soon



Staar RooCK!!

After turned away once for not wearing a shoe, we decided to give this place another try fully decked.

The place is pretty nice. Good ambience and not a very expensive place.

The drinks came in pretty fast and while we were the only couple till 930pm, the food was a bit slow to come. We had to ask the guys twice to get one item delivered. And then again twice to get the other item.

That was the only negative, but otherwise it was overall a very good experience.



quite expensive

Went there last weekend with a couple of guys to catch the futbol WC match with a couple of beers only to find it was only couple entry :) ouch! Was relegated to the restaurant :) Though the ambience of the place is good, the rates of liquor are too expensive for it!



Awseomeee placeeeee!!!

My frind suggested the place to meeee...this place is all renovated with classy decor!!!! the service is very good...the the chicken wrap was very good worth a try...they had a live band called Blues Conscience playin....guess they have live band every friday...must visit!!!!


Raaaack onnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

I have fond memories of this place in it's old avatar!! Frequent visitor, loud music, ROCK RULES here!!! The food is very palatable and it is not very expensive!! The rules of entry are pretty relaxed and this does not mean the pub caters to the low end trouble makers!! In fact, the crowd is quite upbeat and no mischief makers here!! Food quantities are adequate. Do try their chicken and mutton varieties!! Paneer is super spicy and makes a perfect side dish to ultra chilled beer!! There is no place to shake a leg, but that does not stop head bangers and air guitarists showing off after downing a few 'uns!!! Super fun to be with if you are in a large group who loves rock and eats well!! If you are looking to spend a quiet evening with your better half, then look away, unless she is into super loud rock that is!! :)