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NungambakkamChennai    & IN 17 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 45600600
  • No. 2, Crystal Lawn Wallace Garden, 2nd Street, Nungambakkam, Chennai
  • Fastfood
  • Meal for 2 - 500

11 Reviews / 12 Ratings

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Subway Reviews

Healthy Filling Sandwiches

I have lost track of the number of times I have had a sub for lunch or dinner.That is how much I like them! There is an outlet near home but the one on wallace garden road is the one that I have visited the most.

Infact, they also have free wifi and so I have spent many a afternoon working out of this place. It used to be fairly jam packed but I would find a corner to sip on my iced tea, bite into my sub and work away. I have tried pretty much all they have in the veg arena and also their salads. Salads I choose only when I am mega hungry, it is beyond filling. Among their subs I love the veggie delight, falafel and veg shammi. Recently, I tried the egg-mayo sub and quite liked it. The hint of mustard and mint sauce, the fresh boiled eggs is yummm.

Another favorite at Subway are their Oat & Raisin cookies- Oh I could die for these. I am not a chocolate fan, plus these are hot and moist. Drool.


Best Place To Have Sandwich

Subway is the best food zone for sandwiches.
I love to eat subway sandwich
I eat regularly at kilpauk , which is close to where I live.


Best Subs

Even though there are many subways in the city, the location of this subway is perfect. It is always crowded but the service is as always good. Personal Favorites are the Chicken Ham, Roaster Chicken, Italian BMT and Turkey. The introduction of new subs like Bacon, Egg and also the Toasties are an extremely good addition. The Subs of the day concept is also liked by everyone. But the most under rated item on the menu is the Cookie. The Double Choco Chipped Cookie when heated tastes awesome. Regular visits recommended.



Best Sub in town

Subway is always known for its wonderful healthy subs worldwide and it stays true at all their branches, esp the Ngmbkamm one.
Its really spacious , located in one of the most prime localities, KNK road
The subs are really well prepared and its a healthy filling sub
Bill comes to around 300 for 2 ppl
They have strived to maintain the same quality as their usual standards and stands out as well .
A definite visit !!


Trust worthy food

I am usually here for Sub of the day.
Subways offers fresh food and wide range of choices and sauces and meat.
Veg sub like paneer or aloo patty or Non veg like tikka and seekh are popular.
My favourite among the sub of the day choices is the tuna.
My friend likes the chicken seekh 6 inch sub.
Satisfactory service and I ll overall rate it at 3.5 or 4.


Way to Go!

One of my favourites!! I hate vegetables! But this way i actually eat it! :D with the sauces and is simply delicious! and mouth watering.. literally! :D My fav is the sub of the day! Affordable! =D
love the chocolate chip cookie too! :)
However its about time they do up the place :) It's getting a wee bit boring. Apart from that. i love it! =D


Sala212 - Burrp User


8 Reviews

September 08,2012


Experience at Subway

I have always loved eating at Subway - there is a outlet in the food court which i visit atleast twice a week. simply love them and their service and the staff. Very courteous and friendly..

However, my experience the last week at the Nungambakam outlet was one of the worst i ever had and made me decide never ever to go there again...
Went there at about 1050 pm on Sunday, the last week. was surprised to see that there was no in the outlet, including staff. made me wonder if i entered the right place.. Called for someone a couple of times and then finally someone came from inside, called out to someone else inside saying there was a customer, who came over to serve me.
This person had to be the most non friendly person i have ever seen working any place - smiled at him and there was no response back..Asked him how come there was not too much crowd today; again no response back.. made me wonder if i should havent come in at all.. on the making of the sub, asked him to put in some extra olives; initially he refused saying too many olives are not good or something. i said i know how they taste and if he can add some more. asked him a couple more time and he finally added just a few extra pieces, as if i was asking some charity from him.. Of course he kinda mumbled that they wouldnt taste nice or something on those lines...Was thinking about getting some ice cream also but then decided against that and went to the "cream and fudge" outlet down the KNK road,where i had some awesome ice cream.



SUBWAY - Eat Fresh

I totally love just makes me feel so light, healthy and hearty after I eat a Sub....its an absolute satisfying feeling and a non guilty meal...especially wen I have to watch my calories once in a while...Subway nungambakkam has wi -fi as well that makes me spend more (time & money) its WORTH it!!! Enjoy a Sub a day and definitely keep the guilt away.....


new2chennai - Burrp User


8 Reviews

December 26,2009


Not worth it

For the price u pay the subway sandwiches are definitely not worth it..especially the non-veg subs.Order a non-veg sub and u wanna sink your teeth into the meat but meat so thinly sliced u cant even feel its there.They say they wanna keep the meat size so thin so its within 6 gms of fat.Do u really buy it? If they are so concerned about calories they shouldn't sell cookies,chips and carbonated beverages in the first place.And of course u can double the meat but u gotta pay Rs.60 extra to the already overpriced subs.Just another money milking strategy.The least they can do is keep the double meat cost at bare minimum when you are already paying a premium for the sub.

You are better off with veg sandwiches or better yet, sub of the day.Or do yourself a favor buy a french loaf for Rs.20 and add some green veggies at home.And their cap "Eat Fresh" is a joke when most of their meat are processed meat.And there are funny things like "pork no entry","bacon served is turkey bacon" LOL


Custom built sub sandwiches!!

Thank God for Subway!This is my place of choice when I decide to go veggie.
The freedom to choose everything in your sub (right form the bread to the sauces) reminds you that India truly is a democratic country!
Nothing much can go wrong here unless you've got bad taste in assembling ingredients.
However, in non-veg subs, the chicken/ham is such a thin sliver that when you bite into the sandwich in totality, you can't taste it at all. It's like eating a veg sub!
But it's still one of my fav haunts and will be for sometime to come!

P.S: Their chocolate chip cookies are yummmm but overpriced.


September 3, 2009response from management at Subway:

Dear Hungryforever,Thank you for your feedback,we really appreciate your fondness towards subway.For the chicken ham i suggest that you go in for double meat as you will acquire the taste that you are looking for.As our chicken ham sub comes under 6gms of fat and less we cannot afford to make the slices thicker.
And for the cookies,we use high quality dough and chocolates that is why it is priced as such.
Hope to see you soon @ subway.
Neha Khemka
Marketing Manager.

lipsmacking lettuce!

I know what you are thinking! How can something as boring as lettuce be lipsmacking? trust me i have never had such fresh crunchy yummy lettuce (dripping is an awesome honeymustard/sweet onion sauce) in my life. The salad at the subway in nungambakkam is to die for, though am not a big fan of their 'Indianised' version of subs which is nothing like the actual ones. You find it funny to see words like 'tikka' in an American fast food.

They let you add any sub pattie to your salad which adds to the taste. Btw, the sweet onion sauce is fat-free which is so not believable cos it tastes really good. I have always wondered why health food never taste good and tasty food never seem healthy. Guess I found a solution, this place is hidden somewhere in wallace street (road parallel to Khader Nawaz Khan road) in Nungambakkam but its worth searching for and payin 145 bucks for a veggie salad if not everyday atleast once in a while. It gives a good mood uplift cos of its ambiance which seems fresh too. I would not recommend the subway at citi centre, it definitely is not so impressive.


September 3, 2009response from management at Subway:

Dear Sansmerci,first of all i would like to thank you so much for appreciating our outlet at Nungambakkam.We feel great when we see feedbacks like these about our food & service and get encouraged to serve you even better.
About our Citicentre outlet,yes it can get a little crowded,since its a mall,but if you visit our outlet @ spencers phase 3 you will be more than impressed i can assure you that.
We hope to hearing from you soon as we love to receive your feedback whether good/bad as it only helps us to make your experience more exhil