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Taste of Kerala



3 Reviews / 3 Ratings

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Taste of Kerala Reviews

Worst Service

We went for Onam Sadya lunch. Group of 16 people. The service was the worst. No one was taking the orders. Service was very slow. Food was not so good. No hint of Kerala taste . Just another restaurant with Kerala in it's name. It took 45 min to get the food served.


vfm kerala food!

Located in egmore, this is one of the many kerala cuisine restaurants that exist in Chennai. The place was pretty good and spacious. The waiters were knowledgeable and very helpful.

The food is good. Typical kerala fare. Nothing to rave about. Had the malabar paratha with a chicken curry, both of which was tasty and well prepared.

The best part is the pricing as this is definitely cheaper than other higher end kerala cuisine restaurants.




Good Kerala food at a very decent cost

If you are someone who looks for authentic Kerala food but cant afford the Ente Keralams and the Kumarakoams daily, then this is the place.

Was there today at around 9 p.m with my brother and a friend. It is on the first floor of Red Cross Building(that houses "More" and Bank of Baroda). From the outside we did not have much expecations. But actually the ambience was good and it was spacious. They have a good variety of Kerala dishes and deserts. There were a few Chinese dishes/soups available and a few Tandoor items as well.

We ordered Cream of Chicken soup and were suggested Kallumakkai(mussels) by the waiter. The soup was exactly how I prefer it and Kallumakkai was also really good - first time I had it - was made like the beef coconut fry. Unfortunately we were a little late - Appam and Kappa were not available.

Had parotta, beef curry and chapathi - were good. Was surprised to see around 6 different payasams available in the menu - but could taste only one - ada prathamam It was hot and tasted like it actually should. I have seen payasam being served chilled in a few other restaurants which completely kills the taste - was happy that way. Otherwise they have a decent choice of deserts that should serve the purpose.

Service was really good and was well managed for a recently opened restaurant. You actually feel the warmth and hospitality. I think they serve meals for Rs. 70 in the afternoon and also serve breakfast. Should be worth trying.

Cost is not that high - probably would be around 60-70% of what you would pay in Ente Keralam.

This is my first time, we went in after 9 and the restaurant has been opened only recently - so we did not have to wait. Will have to 'wait' and see how they manage it. Parking might be a problem during week days when the Bank is open. Should not be an issue at all during weekends.

My only complaint is that an Authentic Kerala restaurant should never run out of Kappa, Appam or kattan chai. Couldnt check those.

But surely this would be a place I would visit very often.

My ratings**

Taste : 4
Ambience : 4
Service : 4.5 (tempted to give a 5)
Parking : 3
Cost* : 3 - Moderate
Variety - Dishes : 4 (considering Kerala dishes only)

**On a scale of five, 5 being the highest/best.
*Higher rating implies that you will return with a smaller purse.

P.S: I have been waiting for a good Kerala restaurant for a long time, around Egmore - where I stay and where I worked. So really happy now :) Being just opposite my office, I would have been there almost everyday for breakfast and lunch. But unfortunately changed my job a month back and I am still continuing to look for a Kerala restaurant - now around Nandanam :( Only half the job done...