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> > > > Tasty Jones

Tasty Jones

Besant NagarChennai  

  • 9841586500, 45587848, 9841594500
  • No 1 & 2 TNHB Complex, Elloits Beach 4th Main Road, Besant Nagar, Chennai
  • American, Fastfood

20 Reviews / 20 Ratings

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Tasty Jones Reviews

mshiros - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 22,2013






Pretty average.. poor service

Been here for dinner. tried the steak burger. was a let down. bread was cold. burger dint meet my expectations... ambience not great again. N the staff act as if the customers are the least important ppl in the place. .For the prices. . not worth it


hkmurali - Burrp User


161 Reviews

November 13,2013






Average Burgers

Tasty Jones is located off Besant nagar beach and has an indoor and outdoor seating area with a nice ambience . Service is ok with a short menu of burgers and sandwiches with a couple of shakes

Its one of the many food joints around the area , and has some stiff competition nearby as well . Though the food quality is very average and burgers may not be the best you might have ever tasted, its pretty average and the stuffing is also not up to the mark.
However, its a decent place to hangout and prices are also moderate ( not too expensive, nor too cheap)






Used to be really good

Back in our college days, this used to be the hang out spot along with Pupil in Besant Nagar. Off late it has lost its charm though. Back then the service used to be prompt and the food used to be really good. the Hot Dogs, Sandwiches, Subs and Burgers were really good. The service has deteriorated. Waiters do not apologize for the delays, the food arrives really late and wrong orders are common place. I hope it can regain its old self again else we will miss a really good place to chill.



Poor service, mediocre food.

The staff is a confused lot, hygiene is debatable, taste is very optimistically average, and the whole experience is a bad taste in the end.

You've been warned... it's your money and your tummy. Avoid like the plague.


Megro18 - Burrp User


6 Reviews

November 14,2012


Think twice

This place is difficult to rate . First time I went there was excellent service , great food . Amazing sandwiches and great drinks . The north Indian food was to die for . But when I went again it was terrible . Horrible smell at the place and the food was all cold and stale . So think twice before going


Love the food!!!!

The burgers are just like the ones we get here in NY. The food is delish! No complaints! The sandwiches are pretty good too! Of course I'm talking about non-veg.


Avoid for your own good!

Honestly, I have no idea how burrp even gave this place any certification! The first time we visited, it smelled like dog poop, so we promptly left. We thought we'd give the place a second chance and stepped in 2 days ago, only to be met with bad service followed by a burger with a smelling beef patty and "Spaghetti & Meat Balls" served with corn cheese balls instead of meat balls! To add to it, the waiter did not even bother to apologize, and had the nerve to give us a bill charging us the full amount! I definitely rate it as one of the worst in all of Chennai and DO NOT recommend anyone waste their time and money on this place!



Taste is good. But not the price. It varies.

Taste... yes its very decent and good.

*Beware*, the price on the bill is not the same as what you see on the menu card. For takeaway, there is a separate price I guess so be careful when you order. I was just charged 199 for a chicken side dish which on the menu card was Rs. 119/-. They do not tell you the price of Steak & Sizzler menu so they can charge whatever they like. Be prepared for a heart attack if you are charged some 3 star or 4 star hotel rates.

Rs. 125/- for a small burger is way too expensive. The menu card uploaded here in Burrp! is very old. Taste is definitely good.


Praveen Raj - Burrp User

Praveen Raj

7 Reviews

September 16,2011


Finger licking delicacies

Best north Indian food joint on Besant Nagar beach. I found its quality best for price in comparison to other food joints nearby. Very friendly workers.. Nice decor.. and strategically best location on beach. Chicken dishes are too yummy to resist. Overbooked on weekend evenings. A bit pricey though, but being a north Indian restaurant in Chennai.. who isn't..


Best Burger Joint

One of my friends suggested this place to me. Their Burgers and sizzlers are simply delicious! The Mint Cooler served there is one of the best.

Psst..TJ has opened a new branch right outside the DLF SEZ in ramapuram!! I paid a visit yesterday and managed to taste the complementary starters! :D Planning to shift all the pending treats there!!


Nice Burgers

Have been here twice. Afternoon was not that crowded had some pleasant time. Weekend night was too crowded. Had to wait for the takeaway. Definitely a great fan of their Hugo Chavez Burger.



Too good to resist!

I've been to this place thrice and never once did I regret stepping in. The food is absolutely delicious! Lotta variety to offer. however, I stick to my Sizzlers - soooo yummm! If the place was slightly bigger, am sure they'd be minting money in no time!
Way to go! Cheers to d chef!


Very good sizzlers

The sizzlers and burgers are just too good here. Among starters, chicken wings and chilli cheese fries are the best. I'm not a great fan of pasta, but my friends feel that the pasta is amazing too. Even the Indian dishes like biryani are pretty good and worth a try.

This restaurant might come a close second to kobe sizzlers when it comes to sizzlers in the city and is also not as expensive as kobe sizzlers.


Awesome Food

Go for chicken- beef sizzlers and u l love this place... Value for money... Food is so yummy.. It reminds us of burger outlet abroad.. Taste the sizzler ppl


Juicy Burger @ Pocket Friendly prices

Ever since taking up my current job my friends have increased plentifold and i have a couple of friends from my training batch. For few of them This is their first job and wanted to make everlasting professional friends. So came up the idea of so called outings. Convenient it was for us to narrow down on besant nagar as it was near to most of us, has good connectivity by means of transport and mainly if one spot was crowded we could move on to another restaurant.

Thus started our frequent visits to tasty jones. Voila, grt place with a neat ambience. Itz got two options.
One you can eat in the open enjoying the sea breeze and other watch tv and eat in d ac diner.

We usually prefer d open as it is airy and a relief from d stuffed atmosphere that v r usually in at office.

The waiters are very courteous and well mannered. Prices are affordable and quantity adequately served, except u eat like a gatodgach.

Visited this place like ten times and never missed ordering their chilly flake fries and lemon mint cooler the best on their menu.

Awesome American nd Italian menu they have nd it taste s super., juiciest burgers to d extent i dont even try at d stand alone burger giants. Their indian menu is also fabulous, quite a sumptuous offering with rice, gravy etc.

Grt place to enjoy with friends without worrying abt ur pocket.



Really really Tasty Jones

The rain gods have finally showered their blessings on our city and wow my friend and me happened to be in bezant nagar the same evening, when the weather was perfect and the breeze was amazing. I want some hot hot molaga bajji!! screamed my friend. Ahem, ok but its impossible to go to the sands wen its this wet and raining.. so we looked for a covered place but still could watch the rain and have some hot and spicy food. And were we blessed to find this shop right at the corner of the beach, with a little view to the sand and an outdoor seating so we can enjoy the rain as much as we enjoyed the melting cheese balls and pepper fries.

And of course we couldn?t stop there! The chilli cheese toast (yea cheese cheese cheese it was all evening, now who cares about health when the weather is so mischievous). Jus had to convince myself saying I can always ask forgiveness to my fitness trainer when the sunny days set in again and can actually wake up early enough to hit the gym anyway.

Yes the place is sinfully addictive and we didn?t want to leave from there at all. And to our happiness, the rains started too heavy again and we didn't have to choice but to stay back and eat some more! Can we get cheesier than this? we ordered another plate of those cheese balls!!! And to make myself feel a little better, I ordered a veggie salad, well nevertheless, it was amazing too. Spiced in a way that you would never feel that you are eating a salad, I couldn?t believe I finished it too.

Well that's about the food in here and there ends the positives too. The north-eastern looking waiters here, don't talk much and don't react to what you say either. They are pretty indifferent. Though we were in no mood to get pissed with the service, one of the waiters was in a really bad mood and was dumping it on us, which we didn?t have to take at all. I started losing my cool after sometime with his attitude, but remember the rain started pouring again? That's when I decided to let him get away with it. Did I mention the costs? It is not very expensive but not too cheap either, its okay-ly priced for such a place, wouldn?t hurt if it?s a little lesser though.

All?s well that ends well and I guess the ambience (just cos its facing the beach and its outdoor!) and the food made up the lack of proper service and we have decided to hit this place every possible weekend and try out everything on the menu once at least. Three cheers to Tasty Jones.. Really Tasty Jones!


A good evening spent

After searching for NEW places in Bessie.. tasty jones which is a sub of Pupil (which is supposed to sell the best burgers in Chennai)..was found.. the seating outside is nice and the atmosphere is great.. the waiters are very friendly and that is the biggest plus of this place am sure.

The food is a bit expensive considering the portions served. We felt a bit greedy and ordered lots and felt like there is going to be lots to take back home... unfortunately the amount served wasnt enough to even fill us for dinner.. so had to order somemore actually... even the drinks had to be re-ordered twice or even thrice.. the lemon soda served was nuff for 3 sips each!

Coming to the food, it wasnt actually very impressive, but the ambiance and service makes up for everything i guess (and of course the evening breeze from the beach!). The menu is very extensive, has everything from american fast food to indian breads.,.but like any wise person wud, we ordered the burgers and lasagne here... the veg steak burger was nothin but paneer tikka inside the burger bun (wat a BIG disappointment for a place opened by PUPIL!) and the lasagne was ok, no complains, not that we expected anything authentic. The turn around time was fast, the starters were yummy, veg fritters, pepper cheese fries and cheese balls, cudnt have nuff of them, mayb cos they were served in very less quantities! i think they count the number of fries and balls they keep on the plate!

Overall, money not so worth the food, but an evening worth spent! Will definitely go here again, and if ur here make sure u order lots and have ur wallet full :)


Tasty Jones

We were searching for something spicy to eat and moved to Besant Nagar and after rejecting Galloping Gooseberries, we walked over to the row of food stalls near the beach. After finding Dhaba Express too crowded, we finally settled on Tasty Jones. We found a seat near the entrance, with plants jutting on to the table, however it was the only one we found. In the balmy heat,we were soon sweating, but the AC seating was full.

We weren’t looking for a meal, as we had filled our stomachs with coffee and chocolate. We wanted the Achari Kebab, but it wasn’t available. So we settled for a half Tandoori Chicken (2 pieces) and a Chicken Sheekh Kebab (5 pieces). The service was pathetic with the waiter serving us water only after we were through half our meal, and that too after we asked for it. Paper napkins were provided after the bill and that too on request.

The meal was good, with the chicken being accompanied with mint chutney and onion. The Chicken Sheekh kebab was delicious and spicy and hit the spot. We had got what we were searching for. The Tandoori chicken was typical. Meat was succulent though.

The bill came to around Rs.200. The location is good, near the beach, but it gets too hot if you choose to sit outside. You are also besieged by beggars. They also offer steaks, burgers, sandwiches, and Indian breads like naan, roti and curries. Worth a visit, but the portions are not very large. So I wouldn’t make a habit of going there regularly. The service is pathetic.

For the rating:

Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 2/5
Taste: 4/5
Value for Money:3/5

Rating: 3/5

Verdict: Good to try if you’ve spent an evening at the beach. Can get crowded. Have to wait a long time for the food and anything else you might need.




Quality gone down

Tasty Jones was a place with great food and good value for money. Went there last week only to be disappointed.

Service quality and Food Quality were down and the price higher. This time it was actually an effort to finish the veg biryani and the aloo parathas. The french fries weren't that great either.

Just hope it was a one off case. If not, Tasty Jones will be another case of a good restaurant gone bad.


Tasty food at Tasty Jones

Tasty Jones is such a good place...offers a lotta variety. Was here yesterday for lunch with three of my friends. I liked the look of the place. Walls were painted red...looked nice & bright but its a small restaurant & all the tables were occupied, made me feel a lil claustrophobic.

Placing the order was one heck of a task! We found it difficult to understand the kind server's weird accent & he was also very distracted by his constantly ringing phone.

For starters, we had fish fingers & chicken wings. The fish fingers were slightly burnt, had this charred look & taste...I couldn't taste the fish! The chicken wings were good & looked very moust but tasted quite dry & flaky. Also, when we order for Chicken 'wings'..aren't we suppose to be served 'wings'? Some of our chicken wings were 'wings' while some were 'legs'. The chicken WINGS at Dominos are much much better. Both of the starters had an irresistible cheesy dip to go with. I was tempted to ask em to pack some of it for me but didnt ;)

For the main course, I had Chicken Handi Biriyani which was served with raita. I liked the biriyani, it was yummy! My friends had Spaghetti with meat balls, a fish tikka burger & herbed rice served with mashed potatoes, fries & sizzling chicken & beef. The spaghetti was good but my friend found the sauce a little too indian-ish & there were exactly 4 meat balls! The burger looked amazing, with the melting cheese, brightly coloured fish & fresh lettuce- I think it was absolutely delicious. The herbed rice was okay, the mashed potatoes needed a little more butter & the chicken & beef were really good. We polished our plates off with gusto!

We also had lime mint cooler which was good as predicted. I could anyone go wrong with a beverage as simple as that?

Damage done: Rs 800 (for 4 girls with amazing appetites) :)