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> > > Terabite Multi Cuisine Restaurant

Terabite Multi Cuisine Restaurant

TTK Road  


8 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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Terabite Multi Cuisine Restaurant Reviews


lovely food ( currently under renovation )

this place has so much variety...its wonderful...all cuisines :)
the menu has pictures on it which is really nice and helpful
very very affordable !
been there like a billion times
should try the golden pouches ! its a must ! :)
the service is also really nice
don't know whats wrong with the others for putting up bad reviews..i must tell you not to get mislead !


Another One Bites the Dust?

I used to call Terabite initially, to get food delivered. They had a limited vegetarian menu, but I rated them full marks for consistency. Their parathas were the softest, even when delivered and not hot off the tandoor.

Recently, a bunch of us friends visited the place for our annual lunch. The manager, Krishnan did a fantastic job of recommending food to our individual liking, and gave us all the attention that a bunch of noisy foodies with eclectic tastes would require. The crispy vegetable in sweet chilly sauce was mind-blowing. All my friends were amply impressed by this quiet place tucked away on a first floor. They loved the food and they were even more impressed by Krishnan's hospitality.

Last week, when I returned with a strong craving for that crispy vegetable, I found the place in darkness and a sign that said Closed For Renovation. It's tragic that such a simple eatery with excellent service had to close for renovation within a year of opening - if you get the drift of what I'm saying.

I hope it is indeed a renovation and the place is back in its new avtar. Till then, I will have to contend with overpriced crispy vegetable in snooty red-lanterned Chinese restaurants.


Another so called restaurant

Terabite? Who takes a restaurant called Terabite seriously? Somehow, just by having a passing glance at the place, I knew that it was one among many multi cuisine restaurants in the city which had funky names and never took their food seriously. Nevertheless, I decided to try their food and only then judge them.

The menu consists predominantly of Chinese dishes with a much lesser number of Indian dishes almost like they had been added to the menu as an after-thought. Every dish has a beautiful description to it and one such description was rather funny. Chicken Manchurian- (Prepared in authentic Chinese Manchurian sauce)! Anybody who has a decent knowledge about Chinese cuisine should know that the Manchurian was an Indian invention..probably by the Chinese in Calcutta or the thela wallahs.

Coming to the food- We had Veg Dimsums, Veg Schezwan noodles, Veg Fried Rice and Hunan Chicken. The dimsums surprisingly were good, the fried rice- bland and mediocre, the chicken- pathetic and the noodles- a disaster! The Hunan Chicken was sad strips of chicken that was kinda sweet. The noodles was so spicy that it probably must have burnt a hole through my gut lining! Ambience was average and service, nothing to boast of. Prices are reasonable but then again, what’s the point of reasonably priced lousy food?

Will I go there again? Not willingly, anyway.


bandoiler - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 13,2011


Terabite ! terrific bite !!

It was my first time to this restarant and i was totally impressed by the service and the food ! We had both indian and chinese food there and i must say it was more than fantastic. Please try out this restaurant its really a great place to dine! Crux: Resonable prices, Great Service, Fantastic Food! Both Thumbs up to "Terabite"


Simple and Abundant...

Went in today for lunch and I must say the food was really good. The place is neatly done up without much ado of those wannabe "cool" designs!! Quite spacious to accommodate office lunches or a gang of friends. Service is quick and the gap between each course of the meal was right enough to relish the taste and expect the next in eagerness. The portions of the Chinese and Indian main course are sufficient enough for 2 persons!! A really wide variety from Indian to Chinese to Continental and the must haves of a satisfied tummy's menu. A perfect restaurant when you want to have that casual eat out without having to get dressed too much!!


Good food.....generous portions!

I went to this resto after reading the +ive reviews here. What was refreshing to see was the very friendly and courteous service of the staff and waiters. Being a relatively new restaurant, the place was well lit with a pleasing ambiance.
Now for the food......we ordered Terabite platter, phad pakh kraphaw, veg dum biriyani, noodles, butter naan, achari chicken and for dessert - fried ice cream. The noodles and ppk was very good but the veg dum biriyani and the desserts were average. The portions they served for each dish was very generous and could easily fill 3 ppl. We had to pack up a lot of the remaining food. The menu is extensive so I think I'll come back again to try the other dishes!


Rock.rock4u - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 19,2010



Hi its Really an amazing experience!! wanna share with you!! i was quite surprised with the name which makes me to think is this an restaurant??? Then I was sure that this is an restaurants when i saw the waiter opens the door n greets me,,. and then its my chance to select my seat and i picked up the seat which is near the Giant Transperant Glass which shows me the greenish trees which makes my day cool...its really an AMAZING ambience i was really surprised with the menu prices which is very very reasonable and i ordered for Grilled chicken Satay and Hyderabad Chicken Biriyani i was suggested to have Tasty Fried chicken which goes well with Biriyani suggested by the ordertaker n i wish to go ahead with half heart with what he suggested n to my surprise it was excellent...
The Quantity which they serve was huuuuuuge.....Im gonna try 3 dishes a week i thik it takes couple of months to cover their menu.!!
This has the all.... wat i expected...the Tasty Food,Quality Service,Excellent Ambience and Reasonable Rates...
Visit Terabite You will be Excited...Worth for the money


Richa  - Burrp User


9 Reviews

November 07,2010


You'll be surprised!

Terabite is a newly opened joint on KB Dasan rd, I passed by it a couple of times and also saw its ads around teynampet, finally got a chance to go here for a office get-together, we decided to go for dinner, since its a new place we did not make any reservations and rightly so.

Right so coming to the place - the decor was quite neat, nothing fancy - as we entered I thought maybe this is a bad choice as nobody else was there, but it soon got filled by the 12 of us.

So after we got settled, we got the menus and I was pleasantly surprised by their spread, quite a lot of variety ranging from indian to continental, starters to desserts and drinks. So finally everyone made up their minds and we ordered a mix of indian and continental food, it took abt 15mins to arrive.

The quality and the quantity of all of our food was great, I was not expecting that this new place would actually have great tasting stuff, me and my friends all enjoyed their meal. The price on the menu also was reasonable enough.

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who likes good food and does not give that much importance to the place/crowd etc. I'll mostly visit again and might try their take-away food too.