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> > > Texas Fiesta

Texas Fiesta

Khader Nawaz Khan Road  

  • 43087882
  • 17/2, Shaffee Mohammed Road, Off Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai
  • Mexican
  • Meal for 2 - 800

54 Reviews / 54 Ratings

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Texas Fiesta Reviews

Not exactly Mexican but worth a visit

There aren't many so called Mexican cuisine oriented restaurants in Chennai. Although this is not genuine Mexican, this is the closest we can get. At least the menu with the Burritos, Quesadillas, Tortillas creates an impression. The Nachos are awesome but they are too steeply priced. We loved their wings with their sauces. For those who like extra spice, there are varying degrees of Chillis in the sauces that can be tried. The Burritos are stuffed with mostly beans which is expected, so are the quesadillas.

If you are not a big fan of beans or veggies, this is not the place for you. But the service is quick and friendly. And they also have a Foosball table so that there entertainment when waiting for the food to arrive. Neat concept !!


Times have changed

The staff are still as polite and friendly as always, but the food is AWFUL and the service is super duper slow. I used to go here a lot when I was in college, but the quality started to go downhill and even when I went there last, the food took over an hour to come. I decided to visit again with my sister just for old time's sake two weeks ago. We were starving and there weren't very many people in the restaurant. The waiters kept apologizing for the delay, and when the food finally came - there were no accompanying sauces and salsas - and the food had absolutely no taste. Our quesadillas, enchiladas, and chimichangas were filled to the top with onions and that is all we could taste. It doesn't even taste like Mexican food at all! They didn't have most of the sides that were supposed to come and compensated it with fries (which took another eternity to come). Come here for the decor and ambiance but not the food!


Great decor, good food, very attentive staff

So you wouldn't notice this place unless you happen to visit the CCD next to it very often but once you do, you have got to try it! Their decor is quite cool - big sombreros on walls, mexican-ish artifacts on the walls, a map of texas and sign that says "cowboys are welcome" or something like that. Anyway, I've been here twice and have loved the food both times. They don't serve alcohol but do serve non-alcoholic beer, margaritas and mojitos. Burritos, fajitas, enchiladas, chimi changas, empanadas - take your pic cos they have it all. The ONE thing I didn't like was that they don't serve salsa or guacamole OR cheese with fajitas! I mean...what is that?! And the last time I went there, the service was slower than a tortoise in slow-mo. But since I like the food, I am going to let that slide once. The place is not very expensive, neither is it cheap. And the staff is very friendly and attentive.

Before I stumbled upon this place, I thought Don Pepe was the most authentic mexican food I'll get in Chennai but no more!



For your mexican Palate

If you are up for hot mexican food, then you should visit Texas Fiesta. Though the prices are on the higher side, the food is quite authentic and delicious. The preparation time is quite long and they keep you waiting. The nachos with cheese and salsa melt in your mouth. The main course where we ordered enchiladas were spicy and worth the price. Mocktails and beer leverage the mexican taste.


Authentic Mexican? -No!

I really appreciate the fact of try to set up a Mexican restaurant, does miss a small figment to the cause.If it is the first time you step in for a Mexican cuisine,this place could give you the wrong idea.
They do take a lot of time to fix you your meal,but it would impress first-timers!
I must definitely put a world on the fact that you don't get the 'actual' ingredients here they are inevitably made to adapt to the available ingredients.But the pricing would contradict that!


Worth The Try

I visited TF last friday with my family. I booked a table well in advance and also informed that i would be writing a review on Burrp just to make sure that i get the best food :)

TF Food rating on a scale of 1-5
1.Chicken Wings with Raging Buffalo Sauce(4) -Starter
2.Jalapeno Cheese Bombers (4) -S
3.Potato Wedges (5) -S
4.Chicken Enchiladas with Marhara Sauce (4) -Main Course
5.Chichen Empanadas(3)_ -MC
6.Chicken Quasedilla (3) -MC
All the starters were served within a span of 20 mins as we were the only occupants at TF.The main course was a let down, We went for the chicken quasedillas and they were just OK. The price on main course menu does not reflect on the quantity of food that was served.I would say it's worth a shot if you wanna try something new.


Better than the best

For those who would like to try things different can opt for it. Definitely will love it and i recommend it.


Very average.

It is true that the price is very expensive for the quality and quantity of the food being served. I went there on a Sunday, 45 minutes before the kitchen was closing. It was my first time here. The ambiance is great. But the buck stops there.

We ordered starters, The chicken wings were really bad. They reeked of vinegar smell and tasted absolutely sour. The chicken crispers did not look / taste appetizing either.

We ended up ordering 3 different dishes from the main course. Chicken Fajita, Grill Chicken Breast, Chicken Burrito.

Chicken Fajitas looked great, with loads of red, green and yellow bell peppers, but the flavor-less of rice, the maida tortilla and a very low quantity of chicken, just killed it.

Grilled chicken breast - chicken was grilled rare, hard to cut through and bite. Had to be eaten with a large helping of mashed potatoes, in order to swallow it through.

Chicken Burrito - Again, maida tortilla, bad quality rice, and loads of sour cream filled into it. The portion was large but with just fries accompanying them. The plate looked very ordinary - Rolled up and cut burrito, with potato fries, as bland a look as it can get. I was expecting more accompaniments with the burrito.

Oh by the way, there wasn't any soup, and the tenderloin steak was not available on this particular Sunday.

Overall, I felt as if I had walked out a diet lunch, may be because of the low quantity in every plate and was also feeling bad that I had to pay an expensive price for this tex-mex experience.



Good Food.

I had been to Texas Fiesta last week and really loved the food there, especially the Buffalo Wings (spicy one) was awesome. I also loved the Salad, but thought the dressing could have been better as I felt it was a litle dry. But, overall my experience in Texas Fiesta was awesome and I would love to go there again, when I find time.


avwolv88 - Burrp User


21 Reviews

February 27,2012


Still yearn for quality mexican food

First things first, Tex-Mex isn't really mexican. I learned this after visiting Mexico and I want to make that distinction clear so that I don't offend any Mexicans. Nevertheless, Tex-Mex is a great fast food alternative that does give a great range of tastes and flavours to suit a spice-demanding Indian palate.

I went to Texas Fiesta last week, on the recommendation of the reviews here. The ambiance is great, has all these Texas motifs all over place, it's clean, and the service is good. The food, on the other hand, really isn't. I'll break it down with what I ordered:

- Nachos with Cheese and Salsa: The Nachos are Bingo chips, served with a local (Amul?) Cheddar and those useless Brittania sliced cheese spread across. That's quite shocking considering they charge a few hundred ruppees for Indian ingredients hoping to make up for a lack of Mexican.

- Guacamole - not available! I find this surprising considering you get decent avacados aplenty at Big Bazaar.

- Chicken Burrito: Non-descript grilled Chicken, served with an OK rice, uncooked pinto beans (bad rajma recipe?), a few pieces of lettuce, hardly any salsa, a tonne of sour cream, and wrapped in a maida wrap (not corn-based tortialla). As you can expect, those uncooked beans upset my stomach.

- Fresh Lime Soda -Salted: This Chennai classic helped me deal with the uncooked beans for a brief period.

All in all, this is a Tex-Mex facade serving you Indian ingredients in a Tex-Mex manner. The only thing Mexican on a plate were a few Jalepenos here and there and the Jalapene Tobasco on the table. For what they charge, they could take more effort to work on recipes and getting better ingredients. My quest for quality Tex-Mex in India continues...


fams20 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 10,2012


Pleasant experience

Very good mexian food adapted to local tastes . They did not have any taco tho-only taco salad. The waiters are very friendly and willing to go the extra mile .
The best thing that happened here was their honesty ! They found a signed cash chewue of mine for a very big sum, and made sure they called me and promptly returned it to me, Not only that, the owner himself was waiting to hand it over to me ! Thank you so much guys ! Wish you all the best !




I am happy to say that so far the best steak I had in Chennai is in Texas Fiesta.



Wonderful Experience

My wife and I visited the resturant on 25/1 & 26/1, mainly because of my wife's insistance, because she really enjoyed the food as well as the ambience.
She ordered Chicken Jolisco on both occasions & I had a steak & a chicken dish. We found the blending of the flavours and the textures was delightful. They were subtle (not over-powering) yet tasty. The cook did an excellent job.
The Manager & staff were also very courteous and professional.
Congratulations. Keep up the good work
Adidas & Gloria (27/01/2012)


sureshtsr - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 11,2012


The Great Mexican Let Down

The "Texas ambience" is the only saving grace for this restaurant. The restaurant is a serious rip off on the Mexican cuisine.

1. Partially baked beans( actually only Rajma comes to your mind)

2. Stale Nachos , again with some partially baked beans . I could taste some raw ones

3. Badly made quesedia - the toritilla which tasted like pure rubber and no character at all

4. Absence of authentic ingredients that typically make a Mexican dish what it is

Generally gave the impression that the owners and chef were not serious at all.

Salsa which is the key component was missing. All the dishes tasted like they were made yesterday.

I think Don Pepe is a much better restaurant and Cream Center which serves some Big Nachos do a much better job

Please buckle up.

Would generally stay away



Strong No for Veggiess !!!

the ambience wasnt soo great and adding to the shock was a Taylor Swift's songs played behind...the food is not worth the price....been there with huge hopes of tasting nice food but shocked to get French Fries or Potato Wedges or garlic Bread as starters for Veggies(never knew till then in this world, tht these are also considered as starters in a buffet meal )


tafuting - Burrp User


3 Reviews

November 05,2011


Good option for Mexican

Absolutely love Mexican food, and know its tough to make in India. Tough to get masa harina, right consistency of sour cream etc etc.
This place does a decent job - lot better than the Gujrati Mexican in Cream Center, or the horrid food at Don Pepes. Till we get a Sanchos or Chipotles, this place will do :)
We got few starters, and i got the taco salad (veggie). Liked the flavors, people at the table didn't love the enchiladas. Fajitas were a big hit.
Place was quite dead at Sunday brunch time, and of course the lack of Margaritas hurts..definitely pricey for the ambience and general vibe.


Amazing Food, but overpriced

if u r looking for an ideal dinner or outing with family and friends and budget is not ur concern then this is the place to be, though the full is good and very authentic i wud say it is overpriced. a dish and a drink for one would be around 500 INR.


Closest in Chennai

I lived in Texas and Mexico for many years and this is the closest that I have found to real Mexican in Chennai. Not perfect but they try. Service is good and cheerful. The prices are not well balanced and definitely on the high side. The entrees are more reasonable but some of the starters and sides are very unfairly priced.

Unfortunately the Indian market does not provide all of the products required to make Mexican food correctly, most notably the lack of any respectable cheese products. No! Paneer does not count. Jalapenos are also hard to get, particularly fresh ones. I am sure some local farmers would be happy to grow some if asked though. There are enough substitutes that most dishes can be made without them.

We had a broad sampling and the food was generally good. The fajitas were well seasoned and well cooked, the taco salad was tasty and the nachos were also very good. The sauteed chicken and mushroom dish was very tasty. The enchiladas had the wrong kind of tortillas but the flavor was good. This was the least authentic item we tried. I am not sure how to handle making corn tortillas here, but the materials are not expensive. The beans need a little re seasoning but were pretty good, same for the Spanish rice.

Most of the larger problems were in the trimmings. The cheese sauce was watered down and dead cold, it also tasted like it had been "enhanced" with some mayo, just wrong on so many counts. Guacamole was not available as a seasonal item, but there were plenty of avocados at the market. Guess it didn't fit into the maximum price for minimal cost that week. There was no salsa anywhere to be seen either, all the ingredients for good salsa are here and cheap. I would be happy to provide the recipe(s). The Jalapeno poppers were little frozen dough balls with bits of chili in them. Considering the lack of Jalapeno chilies here, I can sort of understand it but not at those prices. The Fajitas (sizzlers) only come with one tortilla (chapati).

I will be back because it is the closest there is to Mexico and because of the serious lack of any alternatives to dosa and biryani in Chennai. I would love to spend an afternoon in their kitchen tweaking some of the problems. It would be easy and cost nothing.



Good service!

Was here on a Saturday afternoon, the waiters are very cool, the service was prompt, They even let us cut a cake there and to our surprise they played the good ol' happy b'day song!
The ambience is well set, the souvenirs hung on a wall do contribute to the whole setting well, The food is priced right for the quantity they serve.
We couldnt try out many stuff, but the Nachos and Chilaques were excellent and they gave pretty large servings with generous cheese dip! The crepes could have been served with more white sauce, its a pity because it was good :P

One problem that I faced was that the taste was very indianized, the chili was like rajma curry! thats the reason i've given 4 on 5. Could try to make the taste more unique!! would have made the whole experience better!!


G@ur@v  - Burrp User


3 Reviews

October 02,2011


Good , can be made better....

I was very surprised to see just 2 tables filled on a Sunday night at around 8.15... kinda surprising ... food wasn't that bad.... being a vegetarian my review won't be of much help to most of you, nevertheless the food was pretty good a tad overpriced but good... serving needs little improvement because I ended up eating garlic bread after dessert...some of my suggestions are
-improve your service
-improve vegetarian, dessert menu
-reduce prices a little I'm sure the number of customers will increase..


Ankit  - Burrp User


8 Reviews

August 17,2011


Indian food mexican decoration

Taste was ok but certainly far away from mexico.
Just naming the dish and wraping it in mexican style doesn't make it mexican. If some one gives you chapati stuffed with vegetables, it can not be called dosai. Ingredient is what really matter.
Another thing which nagged us was delayed service. It took them more than 30 mins to serve our order.
Certainly not a recommended place.


nice plc

food is good wth a wide variety on menu..only thing i didnt like is that the food served wasnt hot...:(


Nothing Mexican

All those 5 stars for this worst restaurant which serves a very normal north indian mixed with south indian cuisine are fake ids.
We had a very bad experience having said that this place serves the real Mexican or Italian Cuisine. Nothing seems to be the same.

My mom prepares pastas, sauses and noodles very much better than this place.

We have tasted 100% Mexican or Italian foods across the globe and this place doesn't serve them at all.

Over hyped and over priced.

Mexican and Italian Cuisine lovers will never turn to this place ever.


Best Tex Mex in Chennai

Fantastic food! Just saw Texas Fiesta hosting the Vijay TV's namma veetu kalyanam show today. I have always loved the ambience at Texas Fiesta and a fan too. The food is fantastic and when compared to any other tex mex fare in Chennai, the best. The service is good but speed can be improved. Must try item - Marinara Chicken Enchiladas.




good ambience.
Clue less waiters.
Poor presentation of food.
Food itself was unappealing and very dissapointing.
Not worth the money spent.



As their tag line says, one truly gets Tex-mexmerized after a satisfying meal at Texas Fiesta. I had been there for dinner last night with family and i must say that their food is mouth watering.Their wholesome Taco salad, a meal by itself is the yummiest salad i've ever had. My favourite starters are, the chicken wings with sweet garlic sauce and well presented& mouth watering nachos with red beans and cheese sauce. for the main course i feasted on their juicy grilled chicken breast with potato wedges while others truly enjoyed their quaesadillas and burittos! and for desert i attacked a plate of freshly baked brownie with ice cream!I was truly tex mexmerized indeed!way to go Texas Fiesta.!cheers for their service and their authentic Tex-mex food!



I am a big fan of Texas Fiesta, as are many of my friends who have eaten there. I have a friend who eats a lot of chicken wings at Texas Fiesta. Once he ate about 15 wings I think. You should be warned though...the chicken wings are very spicy (hmmm will go so well with some beer) and the portions are huge. Somehow I did not see many vegetarian options. May be I am so much a carnivore I can't ever see the veg options.

My favorites at Texas Fiesta are Tenderloin fajitas, Wings of course and their milk shakes. I do not normally eat beef but the tenderloin fajitas at Texas Fiesta are a must try. Texas Fiesta is a Great place to hangout and have a nice time! To hang out go to Texas Fiesta on week day noons. You can lounge and dine all you want without a hurry.

Some bits of advice for Texas Fiesta:
1.could you guys add more beverages?
2.Some more veg options – not that I care but to balance a bit
3.Reduce the size of your burritos



Good food bad service

The food was good, not WOW exceptionally good but yes, quite nice kinda good. The waiters are really slow and dumb and service moves at a snails place even when the place is empty. Another slightly above run of the mill joint



Nice mexican feel to it all

I was there on a saturday afternoon for lunch. Started with some chicken wings and taco salad, moved on to fajitas and enchilada for main course...Food tasted quite nice, though the variety seen on the menu is quite misleading. Service was excellent and very Texasy ambience...coupled with a broken down foos table, a good place to hand out with friends.



Way Below Average

For pictures and more reviews, visit:

Trying Mexican food has always been a bit of a risk: it could go either spectacularly well or disastrously wrong. Deciding to take the risk, we landed up at Texas Fiesta. The decor dominated by cowboy hats, mounted cow heads and a foosball table. The seating is comfortable and the slightly dimmed lights add a nice touch.

Excited by the sheer amount of greasy food on offer, we ordered the Nachos with Fiesta Land dip and the Potato Wedges. The nachos lacked the essential crispy crunchiness and felt like they had been kept out for too long. The taste was very average and even generous addition of cheese failed to redeem the nachos. The potato wedges were OK (how can you go wrong with fried potatoes) but the cream dip it was served with was terrible. It lacked all semblance of flavour (even salt was completely missing) and we left the dip untouched. At times it felt like the universe was punishing us for untold sins by stuffing us with large quantities of incredibly unhealthy and completely tasteless food.

Very wary after this we decided to just try one Veg Burrito. The Burrito was OK. The wrap tasted a lot like rumali roti and the rice, beans and salad inside were decently done. However, the dish did nothing to change our earlier wariness. We decide to cut our losses and quickly headed out. The bill came to Rs. 600 which I thought was quite expensive. Quantities at Texas Fiesta are fairly generous.

Maybe we ordered the wrong things, maybe its particularly bad for veggies, maybe we caught the chef on a bad day: who knows? But I do know that I won't be paying Texas Fiesta another visit any time soon (and quite frankly, neither should you).

Pricing: Rs. 400 per person



Amongst the better casual dining places

Our experience with Chennai restaurants has been that they are expensive and not worth the price especially when it somes to food.
TF was surprisingly a different experience. The ambience is casual and needs some bit of maintenance. It seems to be falling apart in places.
Food is quite good. Good portion size as compared to other eatieries.
Service is good. helpful & attentive staff.
Prices are reasonable.
The restaurant has a service charge but the money does not go to the staff but to the owner. So be ready to tip 8-10% beyond 8% service charge!!



Best Mexican food in Chennai.

Thanks Chennai Live for recommending Texas Fiesta! My gang and I had a great time there. The food was no doubt the best Mexican food I have had. I dont remember the names, but my recommendation goes to the enchiladas, chicken wings, and the quesadillas. They could have given a bit more cheese sauce with the nachos, but we did get more after asking. The best was foosball! The ambience is excellent. LETZ GO THERE AGAIN FOLKS!


Worst mexican food

Heard about this place and headed there with a bunch of friends to gorge on mexican food. It was an absolute disappointment. The food served was nothing close to mexican and all the ingredients used were frozen stuff, even the nachos..chips tasted stale. Will never head back to this joint.


vikramhb - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 13,2011


expensive and decent food

This place has all the ambience of Texas and it took me back to the times when i had visited dallas.I love the paintings on the wall which depicts a cowboy rescuing a damsel in distress and winding up at the restaurant. The food is decent and my chimichanga really came late. Nachos served was very good. Service is avg. The price for two is steep at Rs 700 considering the fact i am a vegetarian.


The christmas carol

on the eve of christmas , i decided to check out texas fiesta as my craving for mexican food started blooming ,after a good serious of planning and management ,it was fixed .

let me start with me rating and the explain .
i rate is 8 out of 10 .
1 point lost for is wierd location . it took me 30 mins in sheer hunger and asking a dozen men to locate it . phew .

1 point goes off for its not so great desert ..

if ur planning for a date and candle light dinner annoys you , this is the best .

the waiter is really friendly and suggested me a wonderful meal

the torillas , nachos , burriotos , fajjitas were all perfect .

i shall not give u the specifications further cause i want u to try it .

christmas spl was a five course meal for 500 . and trust me , ull love it .

the waiter waits patiently till my last digested part of the dish and then takes my next order .

id love to keep going as long as they have the offer or i manage to get a rich girlfriend :p

aye aye aye .


Nice place for mexican food

well , it was a sudden plan to go to TF , easy to find , opp to FSOG(fruit shop on greams road) on greams road, quite fast service , good ambiance , price is moderate. must try desserts


iamtuls - Burrp User


11 Reviews

August 28,2010


Tex - Mex

Texas Fiesta has been on mind ever since i read the first review in Burrp.

Atlast, me & my friends made it for lunch today to TF.

The staff were pleasant enough and were ready to help when asked for sugggestion.

We ordered chicken wings, Spicy Jalapeno something for starters. Both were good.

Main dish were Tortizza which was more or less like a pizza but very thin, chicken fajita, veg stew with mexican rice etc.

Strawbery shakallado, Jalapeno mojito, tortizza, jalapeno starter were the stand out items. Jalapeno Mojito with its lemony n spicy flavor was a big hit with us.

Overall it was a fine experience and all this were fairly priced.

Would love to visit this place gain.

Tex Mex all the way


ani45 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 19,2010


mexico in chennai

this is my third visit to this place,as usual they did not disappoint me.smiling staff,timely service.this not a place like"lets go and grab"something is a place where u can unwind,relax&have a ihad enchilladas&burittos,which are cooked&wrapped in correct consistency.quite filling too.{vegetarian}potato wedges are simply unstoppable.not worth counting ur callories,here.Tortizzas are masala pappads.can desserts i tried applepie,&enchilladasstuffed with banana pie,a sort of.simplydelicious.warm&light.
on the whole worth of every penny u have spent.



Loved it

The Food was amazing .. It was my first time in any restaurant on Khader Nawaz Khan road and my friends told me that is the most value for money resto they have been to on that road ..
The cheesadillas and Tortizza were quite filling .. The dips are amazing ..loved the Mayo ..
Service was quick and the waiters, in our case, knew about the menu and suggested that we were ordering too much :P .. I have been to some mexican joints abroad ..while the taste here is not exactly that,however,.there is a genuine effort to match the taste .. I will surely go back ... and yes the food can get spicy !




we were there a few weeks back .
we ordered a few things . for me nothing was bad in taste cos i like spicy food . but nothing was like mexican. it was like eating andrha sapaadu.
service ok not bad.



Your Taste buds will yearn for more

I have always cribbed that, there is no place good Tex-Mex joints in Chennai. Finally, I am going to stop doing that. Texas Fiesta really surprised me with their spread of some yummy food. I walked into Texas Fiesta with 3 other friends this Saturday, all us weary of what we might get, going by the previous bad experiences eating Tex- Mex food in Chennai.
We were greeted by a quirky, yet comforting wooden board, that said " COWBOYS AND YANK'S ARE WELCOME". The ambiance was pleasant - Notably there was a foosball table, that we could roll our hands. Besides, there were a couple of cowboy pictures that were hung, just about to get the point it was Tex-Mex. We ordered for some Chicken Wings, Chicken Flamendo Cheesadilla , Kang Ranch Tortizza & Fajita Burrito. They didn't seem to have coke or any of its variants, so we had to order their house beverage. We ordered for some flavored soda pop. We were not disappointed.
The food came by as we finished one round of our fooseball game and it was one word YUMMY. The Chicken Wings was an absolute delight. Made us wonder, where were these guys before. We quickly called in to ask if there was beer, because it would have been an amazing combo. We were quickly pointed to a board that said in Texan style “You Can’t Drank Alcohol Here”. That was the only disappointment of the night. Hot, spicy and delicious our 12 wings disappeared in no time.
The main course soon landed, the Cheesadillas was Texas Fiesta’s version of the Quesadilla, really spicy and really yum. We were given Fiestaland and raging buffalo sauce as dips, which made it even more delicious. We almost asked 3 -4 times for the dips. Tortizza, apparently pizza made with a tortilla base, was more like a thin crust pizza itself. The one we ordered was a chicken sausage pizza and it tasted so much more better than any pizza around in Chennai. The burritos was huuuuge. We managed to just about finish it. Just like every other dish that we had eaten here, the burrito too was simply spicy and delectable. By the end of the main course we realized we were too full for the dessert and we decided we would come the weekend after to eat the whole course.
The finally the bill, we were really surprised that four of us managed to eat all the good food for less than Rs 1500. These guys have managed to get some regular weekenders from today. We will be there next week Texas Fiesta, to find out about your desserts and more….



Terrible Service

The restaurant has no clue of the words service and time. They took about 45 minutes to say that they had trouble with our starter order Nachos. The cutlery was not in place and the staff didn't know what hit them. All this at 50% occupancy.

All my impressions from the first visit (late in the evening, no crowd at all) have been rewritten and I doubt if I will visit the place again.




Dont even want to talk about the service as there is no service, took forever to get our food, soggy buns on the burgers or whatever they call it in texas fiesta , nachos were a just plain stupid concoction, there were other customers also who had problems with service and orders being messed up, when i was there,



Fiesta for Sure

I got a voucher to get a beverage and starters free at Texas fiesta, worth Rs.140/- when I took my kids to watch "Toy Story 3" at Inox . I'm glad I did, because it gave me an oppurtunity to try the place out. We went there last evening with the kids in tow. They absolutely loved the place.The decor was amazing and the Texas based memorabilia got them interested and kept them engrossed.The free drinks were wonderful so were the texitoa that we ordered for starters.Since they came free, we did not feel bad about ordering generously for main course. We ordered a mixed bean tortilla soup and a veggie delita burger for the children.They loved both of it. Wifey ordered the U-Ston's tortizza which she desperately wated to try and I ordered the vegetable enchilada, both of which again were exceptionally good.

For dessert both the children wanted brownie with ice- cream and we elders shared the fruit quesadilla.We just couldn't bring ourselves to order a dessert each after such huge and filling portions of main course.

We came out feeling happy and thankful to the Inox special offer which introduced us to Texas Fiesta. By the way, they also have an alternate offer where if you make a bill over Rs.1000/- at Texas Fiesta, you can win tickets to Toy Story 3.

Great offer, Great movie and Great food. You stand to gain all ways from this offer.


Insult to Mexican Food! Spoilt & Undercooked.

When a Mexican or even a Tex-Mex restaurant says that they don't have any salsa available, you know you're in for trouble. If I was the owner, manager or waiter at a Mexican restaurant, I would rather hang myself than admit to the customer that I have no salsa available. You should be able to serve salsa by the bucket-load.

And the food. Hmm, should we even call it that? My wife and I ordered some potato wedges, jalapeno & cheese garlic bread, and nachos for starters. The wedges were well, wedges served with sour cream. Strange but I can live with that. The jalapeno & cheese garlic bread I guess tasted decent.

And then we tried the Nachos. Who the hell adds cumin-coriander (dhana jeera) powder to the beans in a plate of Nachos?!!?! Who serves Nachos without melted cheddar cheese on it? You guessed it. TEXAS FIESTA! I don't understand why people cannot serve food the way its supposed to be served. Chef, I don't want this bullshit personalized touch to it. I don't want it to be Indianized. Just serve it the way it should be.

Then came the main course where my wife and I both ordered burritos. She ordered the veggie burrito while I opted for the tenderloin beef burrito. My wife's burrito had broccoli in. Being from California, I find this extremely strange as I have never seen broccoli be part of any Mexican food before. To add to it, the broccoli looked stale and spoilt, the lettuce was bitter, and the rest of the burrito was tasteless. Same deal with my beef burrito with the tenderloin being anything but tender. I could have eaten a morsel of mud and it would have tasted better...or at least tasted.

After a bite each into our burritos, we politely asked for the bill, paid and left for Tuscana Pizzeria a couple of streets away where we enjoyed a decent dinner.

The owner and chefs of this restaurant should hang their heads in shame for serving this pile of crap to paying customers, if not for duping them into eating what they lead people to believe is Mexican food.



Love the food.

I would have eaten at texas fiesta more than 10 times by now and I can definitely say their quality on food has been consistently getting better.

What I love about the food is its distinctiveness in taste and afcos the cheese and chcken.

I have my standard dishes that I love to eat there and would definitely recommend people to try it.

Chicken wings with Raging buffalo sauce (a MUST have if you love spice)
Chichen Flameado Cheesadilla / Chicken Salchichon Cheesadilla
Kang Ranch Tortizza
Fruit Quesadilla (desert)
and afcos starwberry soda pop to go along.
DO NOT FORGET TO REQUEST FOR THE DIPS (Mild buffalo , Queso and raging buffalo) . The dips are ones that make the food taste even more yummy.

I remember the names cuz I have only had these dishes every time I have gone. I just love them.


My kind of Place

I was going through the reviews on Burrp and I came across a slew of negative reviews on Texas Fiesta. Well, I beg to differ. I have been visiting this place regularly since it opened which was about 2 months ago. I love my food but never have reviewed the places I visit before but when I came across this listing I thought I should give my two cents on this place.
Texas Fiesta is the place to go to when you want to have good food and a good time. The decor is interesting and well themed. Right from the entrance to the walls to the counters to the rest room door is well within theme. Now that’s a rarity in Chennai. Not too many places realise that there is more to eating out than the food. It is the entire experience that counts. This place gets full marks from me for the ambiance.
Now, the food. The food here is mind blowing. There are no meagre quantities and no compromise in the quality of vegetables, meat or condiments. Everything I have tasted here has been good, and I have tasted almost everything on the menu. Like I said before, I have been coming in often. The drinks are creative and well flavoured. I am not much of a dessert person, so I am not in a position to comment on that. Special mention to the U – ston’s tortizza. This is one dish I order no matter what else I’m ordering.
I have been recommending the place to everybody I know and nobody has come out disappointed yet.


Great place

Every time over the last few weeks that I have gone past Shafee Mohammed road , the feisty signboard of Texas fiesta has caught my eye. I have meaning to go in for a while now but my diet has kept me back. The other day, this huge craving for good food hit me and I couldn’t take it anymore. I took it as an opportunity to go to the place I have been wanting to try out, for what seems like forever now.
When my husband and I walked in for lunch, the place was fairly packed but we got a table. I hate waiting for tables; I promptly leave if I ever have to. The decor was arresting and the service , prompt and cheerful. The margaritas sounded interesting considering the heat and both of us opted for one each. A Limone and a Grappa. Both were very refreshing. My Husband ordered the Chicken wings and I went for the Nachos for starters and both of it disappeared rather quickly. Main course was the chicken fajita and a pimiento cheesedilla which were both well received and gobbled down no matter the huge portions. It is amazing how much you can tuck in when the food is good.
After all this I still couldn’t resist dessert. We opted for the apple pie with ice cream which we chose to share (well...I AM on a diet, remember!) which was again everything I expected.

I don’t know if I made all the right choices or everything at this place is exceptionally tasty but that is something I intend to find out. They have earned themselves a regular.



Avoid this place

My boyfriend and I went here on our last weekend together before he left the city. We thought it would be a fun idea to check out a new Mexican restaurant. Much to our dismay, it turned out to be our worst experience in a restaurant and a complete ruin of our time.
After taking our seat at 8 30, we enquired with the waiter whether they accepted debit cards. He had no clue what a debit card was and had to check with the manager. He seemed like a sweet chap so we didnt really mind and we ordered the starters and the main course.
The starters did come a little later. And then we waited for the main course and waited and waited and waited. The waiter appeared again to serve us another plate of starters which he had never ordered for. Meanwhile, we just watched the waiters creating one fiasco after the other around us. They served the wrong order at a table behind us. They didn't serve the family who sat beside us for a very long time. Finally, the patriarch had to set a deadline of 10 minutes to the waiter to serve them or else threatened to walk out. We watched all this while we waited a little impatiently for our food to arrive.
We waited till 9 40 and we had had it. We gave them another ten minutes to serve us. And they didnt!!
The manager was not even bothered. He did not even apologise. He did not offer to serve us something else. We walked out at 9 50. On the way out, we met the manager and told him politely that he needed to improve the service or else he would be in trouble. Even then, he did nothing but smile and go about the billing. Our words fell on deaf ears. He didnt care about what we had to say. And of course, he was courteous enough to also bill us for the one mocktail and plate of starters that we had had while waiting for nearly one and a half hours for the food.
I dont have anything to say about how great their food was coz i never got to taste anything except for some oily fried baby corn starters.
Such places are the perfect example of all the ways you can go wrong in treating your customer right.



I went there a few weeks ago with a few friends and i think the only thing that saved the dinner was the fact that i was with friends. I had ordered a vegetarian baked dish which was rather awful and for the money i was paying not worth it. The dish in itself lacked flavor and the portion was very small. In fact, considering this place is called Texas Fiesta (and everything is bigger in Texas) well the portions of everything were very small except the burritos which looked average in size. The food came on time but that isn't saying much considering we were the only people there along with another group of four who came a little while later. All in all it was a disappointing experience. I would not recommend this place.



Can get better!

This so called 'Mexican' restaurant on the road that connects to Greams road from 'Move n pick', though can be given a 3/5 on ambience, needs some serious help when it comes to authentic Mexican food.
I and my friend went there for dinner last evening... My friend ordered a cream of leeks & potato soup and I ordered a Chicken Fajita... The soup turned out to be a total disaster... Full of garlic, bitter and lumpy... The Chicken fajita was comparatively better but nothing Mexican… Chicken cooked with some capsicum, tomato and onions, made really spicy with the usual sauces and pepper and served with some spinach rice.
Service – fairly good.
Not worth visiting unless the quality of food is bettered.



Lively place

Fun filled afternoon
Very lively place

We were just returning from the planet of Pandora. We weren't that hungry since our tummies were already half filled with popcorn and coke. However, we had to check out the new Tex-Mex restaurant in town, Texas Fiesta. We had already heard about the place from our friends.

The place is definitely nice. The ambience transported us from Pandora to Cowboy world. Leather pants, jackets, wall decorations, country music and especially the neon sign beside the beverage counter - all nice! We were seven - self and rest of the gang. We started off with chicken wings (simply awesome!), garlic toasts and fried baby corn. They have a good choice of beverages. Worth a try! Then for main course, we ordered steaks, burgers and burritos. Yummmmmy!!.Their fruit quesadilla is a must try item. The prices are friendly.

Service is very good (keep it up guys).

A real good hangout. Way to go Texas Fiesta!!!!!!!


a wasted evening

'ma, let's go to gg's for dinner,' my daughter said. seeing it was a rare homework-free evening, i grabbed my kids and drove out. on the way i remembered reading something about a new tex-mex place, and by popular vote, we drove past galloping gooseberrys and to texas fiesta instead - i wish we hadn't!

parking - there's no designated parking.

ambience - you've got to climb up a flight of stairs carpeted in an ancient, and quite grotty red felt, to get there. the interiors can at best be described as garish. there's even a faux-bar with lights that change from green to blue to purple every few seconds!
they played nice country music at ear-splitting volumes which was turned down on request.

food - sad
son ordered coke - 'sorry sir, only our house drinks' they said. so he ordered something from the list of mocktails. first one was not available - 'no sauce sir.' the second was horrendous.

we ordered nachos and chicken wings for starters. nachos were tough bits of some friend flour topped with a chicken and rajma substance which was being passed off as 'chilli.' the chicken wings tasted of chilli paste and not much else.

main course was some 'cheeseadilla' quesadilla like thing woefully short of cheese and flavour. my daughter declared her tortilla-pizza fusion dish 'ok.'
my herbed chicken breast was frightfully dry and even the accompanying chilli paste dip couldn't rescue it. it came with crisp fried potato wedges liberally coated with chilli powder, and surprisingly delicious buttered steamed veggies seasoned with cracked pepper.

service - the waiters tried hard. they really did.
but when it came to the bill, they took my credit card, and brought back a slip of paper with my card number, and a space for my signature, and NOTHING ELSE! i was supposed to sign a blank credit card slip for them?? when i asked what was happening, i was told their swiping machine didn't work!! tore up the slip, paid cash, and left as fast as i could.

at first 'let's give them a chance ma' my son said, 'i'm sure someone's put a lot of effort and money into this, and you shouldn't be so quick to judge.' but as the evening tumbled from one disaster to another, all even he had to say was 'i hope i don't get sick tomorrow.'

i'm sure it won't come to that, but it was a waste of a beautiful mid-week evening, and no buttered vegetables, however delicious are worth 900 rupees!

we're not going back to texas fiesta in a hurry again.



Mexican, Chennai iShtyle

Well, first review , I guess of this restaurant.

Location: Diagonally opp Apollo Children Hospital in Nungambakkam. Reach from Khadar Nawaz Khan Road or Greams Road. Another identification is MoveNPick IceCream shop / Limilite Unisex Saloon. However, locating it is a bit of struggle as they dont have a big hoarding / display.

Facilities. It's a fairly small restaurant which can accommodate upto 30 people. I went on a Sunday afternoon, so could park my Car w/o difficulties. There is no parking otherwise just for the restaurant. I think, they provide valet parking (not sure , check yourself).
Interior decoration is fairly sparse, neatly done nevertheless. My Kids enjoyed the Cowboy Hats. Airy, with neat arrangement of seats.

Food: In one sentence. Mexican, Chennai style. You get the mexican favourites -- Quesedillas, Fajitas, Burritos, Nachos etc. Not authentic. But fairly spicy. Salsas were bland - definitely Salas can be better. We ordered Margaritas, 'was good. On the whole, not bad. Not excellent either. Definitely worth a visit. We ate the Veg dishes.

Service: We had good service. Probably, we were the only other guests there. It was friendly service, nevertheless.

Price: Definitely lesser by about 30% vis-a-vis Don Pepe. We spent close to INR 900 for a small family (2A, 2C). Another comparison is Cream Centre (did not like it much, my 2c). But , we went a coupla years back.

Verdict. Definitely worth a try. We will come back some day.

Another review of the same restaurant is here:

Hope this helps.