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The Bayleaf


  • 04428114557, 04428114558, 09003019386, 09840082367
  • 14, 6th Street, Opposite Stella Maries College, Gopalapuram,Chennai
  • Bengali, Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 800

16 Reviews / 16 Ratings

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The Bayleaf Reviews

Not Too Bad Not Too Good

I thought of trying out a new cuisine that I haven't tried before and the recent reviews got me here. I tried the Lucknowi biriyani and it was very average. The mutton biriyani my dad had hardly had any pieces. The paneer paratha was good but the kadai paneer was a bit too spicy. I had the gulab jamun with ice cream and was good with the jamuns freshly made and warm.


Bengali delights

BAY LEAF is a Bengali restaurant in Gopalapuram that serves some tasty food.
The ambiance is great, but it's not a very large place and a bit confined.
Coming to the food, Chicken kathi roll - lovely parathas with stuffed chicken grills.
Lucknowi chicken biriyani, alu parantha and Kalimirrch kebab were really tasty options that I sampled.
Coming to deserts I had a lovely gulab jamun that was heavenly !
I personally found the prices to be a bit expensive, but I recommend you go try this place for the good food it offers.



Great biryani too

As many reviews say Bayleaf does serve up some good Bengali food but what it is not known for is the amazing Lucknowi Biryani they have. I have lost count of the times I have got the biryani home delivered - arguably some of the best biryani in the city and the raita is awesome too. Another great dish thatyou might want to try is the pomfret paturi (fish wrapped in banana leaves and steamed) the other bengali dishes taste fairly good but are a little expensive, something that you might not mind so much considering there are hardly any places serving good bengali food in the city.


mbohidar9 - Burrp User


14 Reviews

November 09,2012


Yummy food!

This place has a variety of kathi rolls. Try the chilly chicken roll if want something different. The main course stays as bengali as it promises to be. You can order for simple as well as elaborate or spicy stuff - the menu has it all. Do try the gold coin prawns - a speciality from Calcutta. You can try the Doi Phulkopi and yogurt-based cauliflower curry which is really tasty. The kawsha murg with luchis make for a divine combination. Top it all up with some gulab jamus and ice-cream at the end. :)


Bengali _Food @its best

It s been long , in chennai from 2008 and a number of times to this place , a lot of special occasions have been celebrated ........I am a big foodie and really enjoy the all the delicacies here ....have tried nearly all of them but dab chingri( a bengali delicacy prepared with prawn and tender cocounut) , potoler dolma(fish stuffed in wax gourd), mutton kosha bhetki kabiraji(kadua tamil name for bhetki ) are not to be missed and of course no bengali serving is complete without sweets for which you have malpua, sweet curd ....( though u cannot expect the same reddish curd u get at bancharam ( a famous sweet joint at shyambazaar kolkata , but yes a definite yes stayin at chennai ....

The owner and the staff were very courteous , Owner were very co operative and friendly .2 plates of jalebi were given complimentary ....which was worth mentioning besides having a lovely chit chat ..

I request the management to open up more avenues in velachery , OMR area.

Pricey ....Yes a little bit , but it is expected depending on the location and other resources....

So what r u waitin for ......... go nd hog some good bengali food .



Good food but poor service

The spread is good and there is quite a lot to choose from the Bengali dishes even for vegetarians like us. We tried out mixed veg kababs, veg pulao and Potolmer Doloma (it was a dish with wax gourd). We have never tried anything Bengali before to gauge its authenticity, but the flavor was mild and very tasty. The gourds were crisp on the outside and generously stuffed with crumbled paneer. However, the service leaves a lot of scope of improvement. I guess they are short staffed because orders take a long time to be served. And sadly for us their card machine was not working and we had to walk to a nearby ATM to draw cash. While we can understand an emergency like that, the waiters could have handled the situation better than demanding that one of us stay back though we were leaving our car behind. On the whole a nice place to visit if you want to try out some Bengali/Kolkata cuisine, different from the usual north indian fare.



Quite Good

I went there with a group of friends recently. I can't say how authentic it was but it was fresh and delicious. The mains were definitely the highlight and they had a large but not overwhelming selection to choose from. The Bengali food was probably the best, ordered from their specials menu. As well the vegetarian dishes were quite good and their ice tea was amazing.
The waiters are semi-professional,but I didn't find the service bad, perhaps a bit slow. The atmosphere is quite pleasant with nice lighting and décor. Overall a nice place to relax with friends or as a couple over a lingering meal.


Satyam_L - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 12,2011


pathetic home delivery

Just now I ordered Bhapa Ilish . I was anticipating it eagerly given the fact that Ilish ( Hilsa fish ) items in chennai cannot be found easily . But , to my surprise , I got three small pieces....!! Called them back , they replied back saying that proper sized pieces were not available...and hence those pieces....and will you believe the price for those miniature pieces... 450 rupees !!!! Along with Vat and service charges it became 482 rs.




Bayleaf was a serendipitous find, but the happiness was short lived. Service was never something to write home about, but recently I have been finding that even the fish served is stale. Specially the Bhetki is old.

On the pro side is that their ice tea and their veg dishes are good, if you are ready to put up with their pathetic service.


satyaki1975 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 12,2011


Awfully Stale Food

Sorry to inform that today I ordered parcels from Bayleaf Restaurant at Gopalpuram Chennai for a Bengali Fish Curry & Chilli Chicken. To my astonishment when I reached home I found that both the dishes
were served stale. This is totally unacceptable especially when this so called restaurant charges a premium as a speciality restaurant. Also I informed the waiter taking the order that to cook it light since I have a 3 year old kid. In spite of knowing this, I was served stale food. Both the fish & chicken seemed to be old and stinky. I would not let this go easily....


Good one

The place is pretty small. The ambience is good, which has a touch of a old style interiors. Situated right behind Gangotree, they do serve a good variety of bengal food. The service was good., and the time taken to serve the food was perfect. They explain the food, what it is and what it is made of, and the recommendations they give is good.
The taste of the food was quite exceptional. We happened to eat some briyanis and had non veg platter, paneer.., and had no complaints with the food. Twice I've been to this place, and liked it a lot.
Totally, a very good restaurant.



Fell just below par...

To start with, The Bayleaf was an unassuming accidental find, tucked in a small road off of Cathedral Rd. behind Gangotri. To start with, the place was nicely decorated with earthy tones and aesthetic art pieces. The seating was a bit too close, the chairs moderately comfortable, and the table nicely set up. For lack of it, they made good use of the space available. To start with, we ordered fish fingers, which were sear fish. They were the best part of the meal. They were a bit dark, but the tartar dipping sauce was divine! Overall, the combination--DEADLY! For the main course, we had a few different types of naans and kulchas and a "spicy" chicken gravy dish -- Murgh Makanni. The food overall was GOOD; not great, but not bad either! The only down side was the service... The food came rather quickly, but we kept having to ask for water refills. Pricing is rather reasonable-a little; for two, our bill came up to just under Rs.500. Overall a nice joint to catch some decent grub.


Bay of Non-Bengal!

One of the restaurants in chennai i wanted to visit badly and suggested each time someone offered to gimme a treat ...bengali cuisine is something i felt was left unexplored by me. The place seems unnoticebable at first tho its rite behind the famous gangothri. The restaurant with very few tables, does LOOK crowded.

The ambiance is ok but somehow the chairs dont feel that comfy to sit down and have a nice chat. I take a look at the menu, quite a variety it seems. The veggie platter was tasty and filling for 4 of us. The other starters, say the different rolls were attractive, but the egg roll i ordered was placed bak to be taken to the kitchen rite after the first bite. The Bengali menu was one whole page which was entirely unavailable according to the waiter! Can there be a better disppointment?

So the regular roti and side dish it was, painfully! The food was not very appetising, its not like u cant stop with one bite, in fact u will stop with one bite! The lucknowi biryani which was another speciality here was ok, no complaints but seriously noone was hungry after all this. The desserts were yummy, the jelebi tho wasnt authentic looking (had more south indian looks to it!) was freshly made and yummy but too damn sweet to handle.

Anyway there is 'annapoorna from calcutta' in egmore to actually taste Bengali i guess, that wud b my next hitspot!



So SAD :(

The place was empty, so I had my own doubts before going there, still wanted to try out cos of the fame it HAD before. Tried the veg gobi tandoor starter, it was awesom, hopes rised....
Then I had roomali roti and cheese panner naan, hopes fell 1000 feet below. I had to gulp it down, no other go, finally padid the bill, threw myself out


Best Bengali affair in Chennai

The present "Bay Leaf has moved from its original place. Earlier it was in an Old Colonial Bungalow on the other side of the Cathedral Road, inside the lane next to Chola Sheraton.
The Bungalow itself was a treat, with stained glass window, the rooms, the old ceiling fans, the Veranda, it had an old world charm.

I checked with people and came to know, this unique restaurant was a joint effort of a Bengali+Mangalorian couple, but now I don't think now it’s managed by the original owner.

Bengali recipes are authentic, the Posto, the Aloo Fulkopi, Chingrir Malaikari, Mangsher Jhol...the added advantage is that this is the only place in Chennai that serves Awadhi Biriyani, that Kolkatan's are familiar with.

This place should be tagged for Bengali food


Somaditya - Burrp User


5 Reviews

November 04,2007


Gold Standard..

Yours Trooly was the lone diner at Bay Leaf restaurant a recent sunday evening (having schemed all day and stepped in bang at 1900 Hours IST - opening time after sundown) Bay Leaf is opposite Stella Maris College on Cathedral Road, Chennai - the area is a VVIP location as Tamil Nadu CM K stays there.. Your best marker is Gangotri, a happening sweets and chaat and paani-puri joint that has its shop-front facing Cathedral Road, caters mostly to the college crowd and a smattering of North Indian customers.. take the lane left of Gangotri to find Bay Leaf staring down at you.. The menu is a full six pages of text bound in black leather (as befits a predominantly non-vegetarain menu).. veggies rejoice!! all the veg dishes on the menu are priced at double digit INRs only.. the Non-Veg crowd has a fairly wide selection to choose from in Bay Leaf.. I ordered the Chicken Shorba, the Lucknowi Mutton biryani, a egg-chicken roll and a sweet lime soda.. all tasted fairly good except the Chicken Shorba - a piping hot, watery soup with strips of white chicken.. the biryani and mutton roll met my expectations and I settled the bill at 275 bucks only.. a tad expensive considering I am used to the more mundane (but robust and good-value) offerings at Annapurna in Egmore, Chennai.. The soft music and muted lighting at Bay Leaf add to the ambience and the wait staff was attentive (I was the only bloke eating at that time..) (he, he..).. I watched a couple walk in with a bawling child and ordering vegetarian take-aways (the cheek of these veggies..!).. Clean but plain china plates, cold steel cutlery, no-nonsense furniture and fresh, chilled drinking water add up to a decent (dare I say, upmarket) dining experience.. The place is NOT huge and can seat upton 30 covers at a go, methinks.. Anyways, I plan to try many of the other Bengali and North Indian non-veg fare variously listed on the Bay Leaf menu.. but that only after I plan a budget.. shall post more reviews on as I dig through their offerings.. BON APPETIT..!