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The Chocolate Room



20 Reviews / 20 Ratings

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The Chocolate Room Reviews


MUST TRY --The Best In Chennai

The worlds best cakes.
Yummy chocolate.
Best ever in Chennai and the world.
Must try their cakes , sandwiches.


Good place. Can improve.

Came across this in Velachery and decided to visit. The place is small and kind of cosy. Nothing too grand. And you get everything chocolate as the name would suggest along with some other things like burgers, etc..

Went in for the chocolate fondue and it was divine!

The slow heated chocolate sauce with all those treats to dip into the chocolate and have.

Any chocolate lover cant really ask for more.

The service was alright.

Will give it a 4/5 as there definitely is scope to improve!



terrible ambience.. slow service.. average food

terrible ambience.. slow service.. average food



Chocolicious !

A small place but feels good. A place for to hang out and have a nice time. Burgers and hot chocolate were amazing. Sizzlers is a specialty here ! There isnt much of ambience to talk of but looks like a typical coffee house. A next door cafe where one can hang out often ! Worth the money


Very good chocolate specialties

There are many exotic chocolate items here.. The hot chocolate and the chocolates were very good, but the chocolate pizza was a little disappointing. My favourite was the chocolate cake which is generally laden with chocolate and choco nuts.


Dr_foodie - Burrp User


4 Reviews

February 01,2012


Can do better!!

I had been to the chocolate room in Mysore, it was good!! I was expecting the same here in Chennai, but i must say, i was not impressed!!..The cottage cheese panino that i had was good, the Hot chocolate was nice.. but what dint work for me was the fact that, when asked, neither the guy taking the order nor those at the cash counter were able to explain what goes into the dishes!!!!!!! and the ambiance really does not do much to help compensate for the poor service... But you could try this place for the variety of chocolate dishes they have, more so if you are a choco buff!! but don't go in with very high expectations or you will just end up disappointed like me!!


sats1996 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

December 03,2011


lousy food, presentation hygene and worth nothing

We went there since one of my sond friends recommended this place to him. One look at the place and you know something is wrong. waiters are not dressed properly, understand nothing that they talk about and the signature "desserts" are not available :(

my son wanted a pizza and asked if the pizza is thin crust. waiter confirmed - yes it is. Guess what he got for a pizza --- a thick pizza base with some veg on it plus a lot of half cooked cheese... in short it was a microwaved "super thick crust" pizza..... Never did he have such a lousy pizza ever.

He also ordered a maxican wrap. and he gets a microwaved (half cooked) warp with curry flowing unevenly, and a lot of maxican sauce on it. bad taste, bad presentation and bad service.

We asked for a slush - thankfully that was ok in taste, lousy presentation though.

I promptly asked for the bill and got out of restaurant as we still needed to eat - so we went to ascendas food court and had some McD burgers ++

In short we wasted time, money and spoilt our evening. i do not understand how come Burrp has certified such a restaurant???????

you would do yourself a favor by not going to this restaurant :):)


Burrp certified??

Ok! The place has a Burrp certificate, beautifully framed and ornamenting one of the walls. My question is this - certified Good or certified Bad?!
Chocolate Room - staff's knowledge of chocolate (supposedly the USP of the restaurant) is dismal.
The menu card is "zeer interessant". Unique & intriguing names from start to end. One is baffled at the choices at his disposal and goes through a hard time selecting his food/drink of choice. Once the order is placed, we wait with our mouths filled with water, dreaming about "our food to be"! Only to be entirely disappointed by the taste! I LOVE LINDT and asked for one of those recipes that claimed to use it. May Lord have mercy!!
It does not take a chocolate connoisseur to conclude that the place uses some rotten brand(Lindt???!! for Pete's sake!!). The presentation on the menu(and the hype) would force one to assume the chocolate used here has been exclusively shipped from the factories of Ducd†or Lindt...very misleading!
It tastes like poorly made at home chocolate!
Ambiance is average - nothing out of the ordinary! The rest room made me lose whatever little appetite I had for the bad food!
Chocolate lovers - Stay Far Far Away!



Not upto the marks.

First of all , the place is full of smoke from the kitchen..maybe a bad day for us..we started crying coz of the smoky atmosphere.The waiters are from north do not know english much,and they do not know wat are the contents in the food.So you have to trust the menu. I think this is the problem in most places, the owners want cheap they hire people,who dont even know to talk properly or is not aware of what a good customer service is. I do not blame the waiters..I blame the people who run this kind of business.

Yet another bad thing is..all the waiters dress were unclean..the white shirt is not really white,when they come to take the order..we can smell what they have been serving two weeks back !!!

As far as food is concerned..I say its ok.. the food is worth the value.



Eateratti: Sinful Experience

I spent a good part of my childhood being allergic to one food ingredient that is considered as ‘the food of Gods’ and sinful love of millions of lives. Thankfully, I outgrew the allergy as I entered my teens and since then attacked the world of chocolates with vengeance!!

So, Chocolate room was like living a dream, where everything around me was chocolate and only chocolate. I visited this place just once, as I discovered this when I was at the fag end of my Chennai stint & landed up having a 3 course chocolate meal!!!!. That’s true; everything from starters to main course to desert was a chocolate by-product. Imagine having Pizzas, wraps, sandwiches all with chocolate in it. It’s like attaining a chocolate nirvana!!

However too much of something is really bad enough. As a foodie,I strongly believe that a good meal should leave you satisfied,wanting for more and not so over-whelmed that you don’t want to see nor have more of that meal for a while. So my recommendation with Chocolate room is that, don’t order all courses with chocolate, take a mix of chocolate and some salty food, like the normal sandwiches etc. and you’ll thank me for it.

What I loved in the menu were the choco shakes, namely the Dutch truffle shakes, the brownie shake and the in-house shake were lip-smacking and sinful. Also, the pan cakes oozed out tons of chocolate. However, didn’t really enjoy the Chocolate pizza too much.

The Verdit: All chocolate lovers, visit to this place is worth it. Also a note, this place isn’t too expensive unlike the other chocolate places in Chennai and totally worth the price. For more follow


A poor excuse for a chocolate room

The food you get here is Stale. They have the worst waffles. The crew has no clue as to what goes into each dish listed on the menu. You wouldn't want to go anywhere close to this place.



Its awesome they provide u the best ,,,, especially the soda(strawberry soda)YUMMY!!!!! THEY R GREAT ,,PLEASE DO TRY IT.......




I took my sister-in-law and her family to the Chocolate Room as a special treat. Our experience was anything but special. Whatever we ordered, whether dark chocolate, mint chocolate, hazelnut was not available. The lite chocolate cuddle cup that was ordered tasted more like Bournvita. The waiters could not tell what was available and what was not. Moreover, the place was filled with smoke from the sizzlers, the least that could have been done is to provide proper ventilation.

My recommendation, avoid. This is not a cheap place, better bet would be CakeWalk or Eden at Beasant Nagar


binajac - Burrp User


4 Reviews

January 20,2011



Obviously some of these reviewers has some vested interest in the place, these reads like a paid review! Being a journalist I can tell! I had just the opposite experience - in one word 'Terrible'. We ordered an espresso no milk or sugar. My sister is severely lactose intolerant. When we got the espresso it looked like it did have milk despite us telling the manager, he insisted there wasn’t any milk added. We left the drink, but they charged us for it. My sister had taken a sip of the espresso after the manager insisted there is no milk - she managed to barely cross the road before she threw up! Tells you a lot for a Rs70 espresso is a fancy place ad zero customer service forget the fact that these guys are clueless about what they are doing! Anywhere else we would have sued the owners!!!!


Chocolate "Doom"

A few weeks back, I went to Chocolate Room, the famous hot chocolate shop which has recently opened a branch in Velachery, Chennai. Ambience was pretty nice. Comfy couches, low tables, a good collection of magazines (especially the gossip ones which people would love to read any day in a restaurant!!!) and awesome staff. Everything was basically going great. The experience was more than what I had expected until the hot white chocolate I had ordered was served. BAM!!! My appetite’s gone for a toss!

Chocolate room serves “Soodaana Aavin Paal” – Hot Aavin Milk instead of hot white chocolate. And even the steel tumbler was the same thing you get when you have soodu paal from a road side stall!!! The only thing that was even delectable about the whole thing was that they brought the steel tumbler in this crisp white porcelain candle holder thingy where a small candle lay burning and on top was the steel tumbler, keeping the hot chocolate warm.

One look at the whole thing and I thought “Even if the contents of that teeny tiny steel tumbler is tasty I would pay that 120 bucks without batting an eyelid!” … Crossing my fingers and PRAYING (which happens once in a blue moon) I took the steel tumbler, poured half of it into a mug, mixed some milk they had given along with it and a bit of sugar.

Let me tell you about the first white hot chocolate I have tasted before I get into how chocolate room’s hot white chocolate tastes. There is a small cafe sorts in one of the malls in Auckland, NZ called “Bam Bam Gooey’s”. There I saw for the first time in my life, Hot White Chocolate. It sounded too delicious to even read, so I ordered it. And guess what they served. Imagine melted white chocolate with hokey pokey pieces and a sprinkling of dark chocolate on it! That’s how it tasted! Infact, I paid pretty much the same amount even in New Zealand for a larger cup of hot white chocolate.

Now coming back to Chocolate Room’s hot white chocolate, Imagine drinking a less sweeter, thinnest version of melted milkybar chocolate… Well, that’s my sad story. Please do think twice before you order for a cup of Hot White Chocolate in Chocolate Room. The rest of their recipes are highly tasty except for the white chocolate section… *sigh*…..




Got interested after reading the reviews here. Turned out to be a good experience. Good ambience. Dimly lit corner sofas are also available for couples. In accordance with the name, they have a loong list of chocolate delicacies. Tried many items as we were a group of 5 - all tasted great, particularly Death by Chocolate & Sizzling Muffin. White chocolate drink was out of the world. You have nothing to do here if you don't like chocolate. Few items in the menu doesn't have chocolate in it.
As pointed out by other reviewers, service is their weakest link. Waiters couldn't understand what we are saying and vice versa. When we had some left overs, he showed a surprise and so on. Cost is very reasonable. Food for two would cost anywhere between Rs.300 to Rs.400/-.

I would love to visit again.


nidee505 - Burrp User


11 Reviews

November 23,2009


Good Ambience but Bad Taste

I was excited to go this place for sometime and landed one sunday my surprise the place was big and the interiors were too good for velachery standards....very nice seatings....the menu card was too much to read and we were expecting someone to come and guide us in choosing the best...but none turned up and all the waiters were watching some movie in KTV......was dissappointed totally....
finally did not want to take any risk so ordered a mock tail and it had some bits of papers in it....disgusting....
the place is done up so well and if little concentration on the food and the service is given it would be appreciable....


Good taste.. weird hospitality

Bad things first:
So how would you feel when your cups and plates are suddenly removed and a bill is almost served in a left hand? Take it as "Buddy, your times' out. Now move on"? Thats what i experienced there. And yeah certainly these guys attend regular visitors first and not the new visitors (atleast in my case).

Now the good things:
The place looks neat great and very good. Furnitures are good and it can accommodate upto 50 members. The chocolate drinks and coffee drinks are good on par with all leading coffee outlets. The chocolate drinks are much better. I tried a Chilli +Chocolate drink which was "hot"! Thats a whole new taste I've experienced till now But the Tiramisu cake was a definite mood-spoiler. It was old and didnt taste all that good.

Overall, it may take atleast half-dozen visits to go through the menu and find out your "sweet" list of preferred chocolate drinks. :-)


God's food at its best in Velachery

I have been here several times now. All I can say about this place in short "yummy, still pocket friendly". My self, my wife and my cousins like this place very much and enjoyed the food, ambience and well-mannered staffs.

You will be offered very good choices in the menu. I had panner sandwich, chocolate sundaes, and milk shakes with your favorite chocolates like m&m, mars, etc. All I had so far at this place is great. I will take soravjain’s advice and try Chilli Chocolate Pizza next time.

Don’t miss: You will get a Chocolate coffee for free on your eighth visit. Do get/mark your card from the pay counter.

Do try this place once… :)


soravjain - Burrp User


3 Reviews

October 27,2009


Deliciously superb!!

Been there twice I hope I don't get addicted to it.

Paneer Tikka Sandwich for 41 bucks - just tastes yummy.
The Chilli Chocolate Pizza is out of the world.. You can never get that in dominos, pizza hut/corner.. perfect blend!!
Eskimos and chocolate vanilla is superb!! Ice creams we had on the 2nd visit was also awesome..

Its a must try place for all chocolate lovers as it offers you amazing choices.

One good thing about this place is the prolonged list of delicacies.. next time i am gonna try the continental menu out there! :)

Ambience: Red cozy sofas, clean place, good music (probably too loud), nice chocolate bar, and lot of other goodies available with 'THE CHOCOLATE ROOM' logo...

Must try!!