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> > > > The Cream and Fudge Factory

The Cream and Fudge Factory


  • 04442137267, 04442137268
  • Door Number 29, New No 9, Kadar Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai
  • Ice-cream

28 Reviews / 29 Ratings

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The Cream and Fudge Factory Reviews

Creamiest Ice-creams

One just cannot resist ice creams can they? And they proclaim to have the creamiest ice creams on earth and boy don't they. Indulging in one of their sundaes gives you so much happiness and at the end of the sundae you are left craving for more.

Assortment of toppings, add-ons, 4 different types of waffles to add to the joy of the ice creams ... and everything in their own style of ice cream preparation ... mixed on a freezing cold marble stone.

You have the tingling sensation of chocolate left in your tongue, you get addicted to the taste and C&F bring about the addiction so beautifully.

A tad pricy but totally worth it. On the same road as the road that the world-renowned Haagen-Dazs stands on, C&F sure does give Haagen-Dazs a run for its money.


Awesome Flavors

Good in taste. All types of flavors with good combination.


Go for the combinations

There was a lot of hype when this place opened. The cold stoned ice cream concept is very neat. There are a lot of combinations to choose from the menu or of course you can combine different flavors according to your taste. There are a lot of toppings to add on to the ice cream as well. My personal favorite is the Chocolate Lovers delight but any combination on their brilliant waffle cones taste awesome. The pricing is reasonable so the place is definitely worth a visit.



Good Flavours

the place is not all that great but the ice-cream combinations are pretty good , and rates are pretty reasonable !


quite good

loved the peach melba. will visit again soon.



Must visit!

Khader Nawaz Khan Road. A foodie's delight road! Although Cram and Fudge is little on the costlier sid,e it is worth it I tell you! Their ice creams are AMAZING!! The toppings are delicious too. You can build your own ice cream like in Ibaco etc, which is a speciality!


priya16793 - Burrp User


13 Reviews

November 22,2012


best ice creams eva!!

amazig ice creams really!!!
their chocolate lovers delight just gets me every time!!!
absolutely brilliant!!! never will i stop visiting this place!!!!:D
nd the fact tht v cn create our own ice creams too pretty much satisfies every ones needs!!



Wanna be Cold Stone

The only thing I noticed in Cream & Fudge was how suffocating is was to be amongst so many people in such a tight space. And it was 10 in the night. People were jostling around for orders and I had to duck and weave to finally reach the counter, where they promptly told me to go and pay for the ice-cream first. The ambience is quite welcoming if you want ice cream, but seating is too limited to handle the huge volume of crowd that it gets. Cream & Fudge, however, wants to be Cold Stone and everything on the menu reminded me of it as such. The ice creams are pretty good, but how can you savor it when you're focused on getting a seat?



ice cream = Cream n fudge

If its about ice creams then the only thing that comes in mind is CREAM N FUDGE. the ice creams here are creamy n sweet. the menu is quite impressive. love the cold stone concept where they mix the ice cream with sauces n toppings. Good display of ice creams. Nice idea of how to blend the toppings with the ice cream. Chocolate lovers like me can try the ice cream with choco chips, choco brownie chocolate ice cream remotely its all chocolate.


Shahir M - Burrp User

Shahir M

8 Reviews

November 09,2012


Over rated!

This place attracts a lot of crowd and has been expanding in the city.
Thing is their ice creams are just cream and really lack any flavor. This is nicely hidden by their toppings that get mixed with ice cream. I feel you are just getting an overdose of sweetness and sugar without any true flavor of ice cream. I thought initially maybe it was because of the flavor I had, but I have tried 4 different varieties and I felt the same all t he time.
Skip it and try other place in the area which have better ice cream.



Loved it !

The ice cream here is nice and creamy for a change ! At most places its not-so-creamy and too sweet. Its just right here. And the menu is pretty impressive. The portion is too small though. But for the portion provided, they do add a good amount of nuts and other toppings. Overall, the taste is really good. They need to get a little more organised about taking orders though. Crowd can be managed better that way.


mailganes - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 23,2012



Good display of icecreams. Definitely need help to pick a good mix of ice cream, nuts and berries. But cant get it from the guys taking the order. Useless. Managed to get good one myself. Ice cream tastes good. But the experience sucks. Price - for the taste I bet its worth but for the experience and service - 50% of the price.


Sala212 - Burrp User


8 Reviews

September 16,2012


Cream and Fudge

a nice idea - how they make all the toppings blend with the ice cream but find them to be pricey.. order chocolate fudge which cost me 20 Rs extra but could hardly taste. they were so flimsy with that.. however pretty decent with the nuts..nice experience - can try out once in a while for a different ice cream experience


AnotherTroll - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 15,2012


Need the good posts! :(

It's surprising how we have something new and the critics start working up. Come on guys, I wanna see more and more similar franchisees in our state! :D But can't disagree on the fact that better appropriate staff again the north indians? :/ I want our state people to standout, not get other country people working to make ours standout D:

I know this is totally unrelated at this place but wanted to bring it to notice .-.



All Show

We visited the C& F @ annangar, it was chaos.....caused by the staff. They thought hitting the stone slab with their metal palletes , would show them in real hep style, in fact it was sounding more like the roadside kootu parootha stall.So much noise n commotion, that we gave our orders and ran outside to wait.......I just dont know what this hype is about stone ice cream .........taking a scoop and smashing it on a granite surface..........and charging u the earth.........people do get carried away. of course for most of us it just a single visit we get wise on the first itself


Suprisingly inconsistent!

I am writing this review after been to Cream and Fudge, several times.
Not the best, not the worst.......but having Movenpick shut,definitely a worthy stand-alone ice-cream parlour this city has got! The flavours are impressive, but not consistent.The way the guys there fix your ice-cream is a little chaotic,once I had to return my ice cream twice to get my order right!
But is for sure worth giving it a try!!


whats the fuss about!?

Not sure what the fuss is about! Like the processing of how the ice cream is made. Taste was sub standard! Assembly line chaotic! I wondered how they get the orders right. Too many staff hanging around; dirty washrooms!
Not going back there anytime soon!


Sue James - Burrp User

Sue James

7 Reviews

January 26,2012


It's the icecream that counts..

I'm not picky when it comes to eating. Not fussy. Very accommodating. And this is precisely why I would go to the cream and fudge factory again and again and again. I don't dispute with their ice cream. I can't. It's an absolute delight. My favourite, Chocolate lovers (chocolate obsessed freak that I am), is a mesh of chocolate brownie, chocolate icecream,choc chips and everything even remotely chocolate. Note: Have in the waffle bowl and in the waffle bowl alone cuz nothing tastes as good as this combination of waffle and icecream :D

However I do not like the place! I mean you generally would be willing to shell out a load of cash for not just the food but also the experience. And believe me the experience is not worth it (omitting the happiness of actual eating of your dessert). It is a small place and unbelievably crowded on weekends (yep a lil too popular for obvious reason; the desserts are that good).

Piece of advice : Go stand in that queue, don't discuss anything with the man at the counter (make your own decisions! cuz he ain't gonna help you much either way), take your icecream to your car and indulge. You'll be a lot happier. Trust me.


Cream & Fudge Factory- miss the WOW!

So, finally the visit to Cream & Fudge Factory happened last evening. It is a fairly small place, rather narrow and long space located near Auroville and Cafe Coffee Day lounge on Khader Nawaz Khan Road.

I had read about the Cold stone concept and how they mix the ice cream with fruits and sauces before serving it to you, ergo, I was curious to taste the end result... As you walk in through the doors, the display of ice creams and waffle cones are the 1st thing you see, but not before the warmth in that area has you break out into a sweat.. it was really warm there.. but the seating area was cool/cold wherever the ac worked!. I was fascinated with the 4 kinds of waffle cones and cups on display.

Plain Waffle

Waffle coated with Chocolate sauce

Waffle coated with Chocolate sauce and colourful sprinkles and finally the

Waffle coated with Chocolate sauce and nuts

[Pic courtesy: Cream & Fudge Factory website]

After scanning through the extensive menu card, i decided on the Apple Crumble ice cream.. They also had a choose the flavours and create your own ice cream option

I love Apple Pie, and basically anything to do with Apples and Cinnamon... :-)

I chose the Waffle coated with Chocolate sauce and colourful sprinkles in Medium size and waited for the treat to arrive.. My Friend chose the Rocky Road in the same waffle cup...

It was sinful.. The flavour of apples, cinnamon and sweetness was just perfect.. I relished it to a point where i was nearly done and remembered I have not taken a picture of the dessert :D

The ice cream no doubt was good.. but i don't really know what the cold stone did to the dessert, it tasted like someone had mashed up an apple pie with ice cream, and dolloped it. The vanilla ice cream is nice and full of flavour and so is the fudge sauce.. And another thing was we were unable to enjoy the waffle cup, it is just there, towards the end of the ice cream, i kinda squished the waffle like a dosa and gobbled it up!!

Ok, to update, I was here again in the same week when another friend took me over for a treat.. And this time, I was wise, actually both of us were- we chose the simple plain cup for our ice creams. I had the berry ice cream with Cherry pie and it was good!! There was no place to sit, so we walked around the road devouring our ice creams and catching up on our lives... Was fun!!

Ambiance- 7/10[Ac wasn't working in the area where you place the order, but it was cool in the seating area, don't know if it was a deliberate thing]

Service- Nothing to rate here as it is self service

Food- Good 8/10

Price- 5/10 [And it is quite expensive.... Albeit, it was friend's treat, but i did notice the prices!! ]


madan80 - Burrp User


44 Reviews

September 29,2011


Old wine- older bottle

After a lot of hype and buildup that folks gave - that you select an ice-cream and they make a fudge - etc etc... so we decided to go there last night. I just wish the experience was something I could talk about but sadly - the person at the billing counter was so rude - I was shocked beyond belief. From the other reviews I notice that its been happening for the last 1 month and who ever owns this place seems to care 2 hoots about it.

the concept- what are you trying to achieve? If this place was a nice and simple ice-cream shop with some brilliant toppings - it would have been a hit. First the crowd management is terrible. you go into the seating area, order, come to the delivery area and then walk back in - the basics of crowd flow completely screwed up. Secondly- the image of the "dessert" looked so different - the final outcome was completely off- and when I asked the gentleman behind the counter- sir how come the difference - in a tone of complete indignation "its all blended" Like I was a fool to ask such a question. The other staff were nice and polite - but this one dude rocked the boat so badly- I was disgusted!

Well- I am never going there again - and nor am I going to recommend this place to anyone I know. I completely dislike- cause this is worse than torture.


Vinu V - Burrp User

Vinu V

1 Reviews

September 13,2011


Liked the Ice Cream not the staff

You guys have to really work on how to handle the crowd.... please train your team to be more polite to the guest.... Undoubtedly your ice cream rocks ... have no complaint towards it...


Confusion can be another name

Wanting to enjoy the delicious ice-cream which was the talk of the town end with disappointment. Me n ma fren was there last friday, oh man it was crazy...too many people were in that tiny place. So much so that many were infront of the icecream display unit. Not being able to select what i wanted, landed up something crap....Chehhhh wat a waste of time n money....

Thinking of the crowd, actually not worth the icecream.


Ruthless/Rude MAnager

having written a review for the place already I didnt wanna write one more , I'd just likt to bring to the notice of the management about an incident that happened.

A friend hadn't checked out the place, so a couple of us who had already been there took him there .

As we went to order stuff, we were pretty new and didnt know how exactly to go about it.

There was this person at the counter(who was the shift manager) and was behaving really rude to us.

Not being polite and not answering our queries properly. I got really irritated and asked him who is the manager here. He said its me and I was like Oh great!!He was like why what's the problem.

I said no its about you, I don't see a point in complaining to you. Then he really insisted and I told him Do you realize how you're talking to customers and treat them. You should be polite and make suggestions as to what toppings will be good for a particular flavor and such stuff.

Then he started explaining, I told him that we are already done ordering and it's not really necessary.

You guys probably need better managers managing a decent place?



Overrated frozen yogurt

I was expecting something amazing because of the dozens of people I kept noticing waiting in line at the counter every night at this place. Turns out, it's just a regular frozen yogurt place with some ineffectual dressing up.

The concept is a return to the Cadbury's Ice cream stop cafes where there is a freezer showing multiple ice cream options and you can pick which ones (or combinations) you want, how many scoops, and what kind of dressing. There aren't many options because of the limited space maybe, so I would recommend that the establishment rotate the flavors every week.

I ordered a mocha fudge thing - the menu says it's 80 something INR but the cashier convinced me that a "small" is only enough for a "child" (his own words!) and so I should go for a medium (150~ INR). I should have stuck to my guns as the medium was pretty big for me. But that's a personal preference; if you like ice cream, the medium might be what you want.

The fudge is chocolate+coffee ice cream with brownie mashed up in it and a hot chocolate sauce topping. It's pretty delicious. The people I came with had a litchi scoop (very artificial taste and too sweet), and a Choco Lovers (chocolate ice cream, chocochips, hot chocolate topping and brownie - also tasty).

The atmosphere was a little noisy (expected). The "factory workers" make the portions on a ice covered slab which is the main concept of this place, I guess, but I don't see what the impact of that is on the ice creams.

TL;DR: It's good ice cream. Not a lot of options or creative possibilities. Over priced.


Where do I have my dessert?

Now what were the people designing the place thinking of? Just a billing counter??

A dessert place has to be so calm and nice and give you that feeling of wanting to stay longer and enjoy your dessert..What the cream and fudge factory offers is something just except that..

It's a small dingy place, all cranked up- am not sure if this was a trail run ?@$#$

As soon as you enter, your'e in for some confusion , you do not know if its a self service place or someone comes to take your order..

SO after observing few people we decide to give the order for a Mango Icecream..
costs around 120 inclusive of taxes with a little mangoes and some mango syrup and just a cup - no waffles...

There is a wide variety of cones/waffles to choose from and a lot of add ons too..

On the expensive side, but the dessert was really nice- the mango ice cream with real mango and some fresh cream..Quite a heavy one indeed..

I don't mind paying money for something nice i eat, so the real tough part comes to this..

Where do you expect customers sit and enjoy the dessert?

Once i got mine we had to get out(literally pushed out) and stand out and have my dessert... there are people sitting at every possible place on the road and eating..

Now this is the kind of setup you give your customers?
Although the quality might be really good, without enough chairs and tables I dont see how youll attract enough customers!

Overall a good experience except the stand and eat part..
Ambience - 0/5
Quality- 4/5
Service -2/5
Pricing - 3/5



Very badly designed place and absolutely unorganized. They just do not know how to handle the crowd. Yeah the ice creams are delicious if you can manage to get to it. Doubt I'd visit again.


An international favorite..!

I agree the place is small but in its defense i don't think the owner ever expected such a response and being one of its kind,the crowd, the rush is completely justified...Moreover the marble slab ice-cream concept has been picking heat lately all over..I am in love with certain flavors and decent set of varieties, quality and pricing make Cream&Fudge a factory that everyone should definitely visit..! Please do open a bigger better branch..!



Disappointed actually.

Yes yes.. variety and various tastes yes. Agreed. But whats food without proper service. The shop itself is small. I went on a Saturday and it was crowded. The entrance has the ice cream counter with the cashier counter. So everybody is left standing at the entrance gaping at the varieties or queued up for the cashier.The cashier behaviors edges on snobbish. He doesn't respond to you and only looks at you when he wants to. You finally nudge thro the crowd to find just a couple of table and chairs inside. After all the bill (and its quite high but normal as per KNK road standards i guess) is paid you wait for t to be made. Then, when its done no place to sit. I finally ended up sitting at a small place near the entrance. From the shop comes one of the ice cream making guys, crosses me to the wall where I find from one of the card boxes( I thought they were discarded ones lying around) pulling out the paper cups for the Ice cream - worse still - next to the cardboard boxes is the dustbin outside! Guys! Please. We can get dessert at other places for much cheaper rates and better service and highest hygiene. Disappointed actually.