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The Rock

Anna NagarChennai    & IN 2 MORE LOCATIONS


10 Reviews / 12 Ratings

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The Rock Reviews

Terribly disappointing and Rude Staff!!!

I went to this Restaurant along with my wife on 30th June 2013 for Lunch. Its a jungle theme restaurant similar to "Wild Dining" in Mumbai except one thing. The staff is really very misbehaved and Rude. We were in a mood to enjoy the ambiance and stay there for some time. We started with the Soup. While we were enjoying the soup, a waiter came to us and started asking for "Main Course " order. I politely told him that "We are not in a big hurry". Then we order a "Paneer Tikka" which was really horrible. Again another waiter came and asked for main course order. This was really getting on my nerves. Again i told him that we want to order more starters and i ordered "Chicken Kalimirchi". While i was enjoying it; once again we were asked to place the main course order and this time it was the head waiter. I again politely told him that we need some time to order main course but he was adamant that we place the order. Reason given was that being a Sunday it is a busy day for them. I just told him to bring the bill and without any apology he put the bill on my table. While going out i observed that most of the 2-seater tables are empty and there was not even a single guest waiting outside for the table. We felt terribly insulted. The total time spend in this rubbish place was "45 Minutes" during which we ordered 3 dishes.Also you will find the staff looking at you in disapproving manner if you click the photographs there. Bottom line: If you wanna go to this restaurant "Just eat and get lost"......... Go to this place if you want to be insulted.



Place to see not to eat

Poor service, nominal menu, waiters don't bother much about you, too much noise by the staff themselves, very expensive.

If you want to impress somebody with the ambiance then pay the above price.


Just Go!

Ambience is real good, and that's why people patronize it. The Rock's USP is their charming and brillaint ambience. You feel so awesome walking into this place and believe me, you wouldn't have dined in such a place ever before.

When it comes to the food, vegetarian is ok especially the starters. But non veg is the best here! The starters are real good, exceptional. Parking facility is not all that great, though. It becomes a hassle trying to park your vehicles amidst all the traffic. Waiters are kinda efficient, but not upto the mark and are indifferent at times, although quite polite at service. Although the people who have reviewed this place before me have other things to say, I beg to differ and personally I would recommend this place to any of my friends.

Soups are wow-yum here. The atmosphere was lovely with an artificial falls setup and all. No special mentions about anything but the fried noodles is a must avoid because it tasted nowhere close to fried noodles. Starters of any kind are a must try and take it from that the starters here are as good as the ones in BBQ Nation - so you get the drift right?

Two words. Just Go.



Well not really an pleasent experience

To start with got my table very quickly....but it took almost 15min for them to ask me about the order....and another 15min later veg soup came but I have ordered for a non veg it took another 15min by the time I finished my platter ordered the main course....well it took 30min and me and wife by the time no mood in having yet v had too so little v had took off....the service is so poor or I don't know of because it's so dark nobody can see us....but if u have kids like to them I would say yes it's diff they will love it...


Very bad food

This is the first time i am writing a bad review. My firends suggested this place was good. When i went there and found the ambience to be good.

We ordered some starters. They were not upto the mark. Then i ordered a sizzler. Beleive me the chef does not know what is a sizzler. They gave me some panner peices in a hot place. They gave me a small bowl of rice separately. There was no sause or any toppings in the sizzler.

This is by far the worst food i have eaten till date.
Do not beleive the hype. The food just sucks.


Some Good Some Bad

Good Ambience - Poor Welcome
Excellent Food - Very Poor Service
Comfortable seating - Careless waiters
Reasonable Price - Slow Billing
Peaceful music - Noisy waterfall



very disappointed !

Thought its a good place to hang out with friends. But very bad service. No respect for the visitors. do not ever visit this restaurant.. they disappointed by saying vacate the place soon.. eat soon.. order soon.. totally ill behaved !.


A Tribal Disappointment

It's a new restaurant, so I'm trying to be liberal with my review. Service is extremely slow. It took the waiter forever to even notice us. Then he forgot about a sizzler we ordered, and he brought it in relatively cold and unsizzling.

The food didn't make up for the service. It's not the best food I've had, nor is it the worst. They've tried hard to create a strange tribal ambiance, but somewhere along the line, they've missed out on a few details and all in all you come out of this place feeling slightly unsatisfied and misled.

I hope they improve - there is much potential here.


guest123 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 17,2011


Caution!!!! Don't visit

Caution!!! Don't Visit... i planned to book a table for two and called the restaurant.. the GM of the restaurant attended and promised me to book the requested table but when i visited the place i was taken by surprise when the supervisor said that no tables has been book so you can expect what kind of response you can expect when the G.M assuch make that costly mistake... so on the service and response it the poorest of ever i visited

On the ambience they think that this is new theme... i agree to that but how good is the ambience inside... it is worst... the air condition not proper you can even feel the it stings.. full non veg smell.... so on the ambience it the worst...

On the food its the not so good.. it is average but you pay more... or it is bit expensive which is not worth it.

so if you are going to take your loved one and want to speak to each other this is not the place to be since as said below by the reviewer it is only place to eat eat eat... which is not worth to eat...totally a crap ... you can find the serves often starring at you which some might not like.....

overall be cautionous!!!!! if your ready to waste your loved ones time.... your money.... and overall very bad experience... i


The Rock rocks...big time!

It's been the second time that we've been to The Rock and I must say the experience just gets better and better. First off, the ambience is simply outta this world! Amazon-like jungle interiors greet you the moment you step into the giant, Gorilla-guarded portal! Animal, warriors, foliage - all of it gives the restaurant a beautiful, almost natural aura. And the waterfalls are soothing!
The food at this multi-cuisine restaurant is exquisite, especially the Thai dishes. Try the Thai fish curry, if you haven't tried Thai before. You'll become a convert instantly! The service is good, albeit a little relaxed. But it works in your favor, if you are going with friends and family and are chatting away endlessly.
Apart from the birds chirping away on the speakers, the place plays beautiful Christian songs that are at once enjoyable and soothing. For those of you who have never heard this kinda music before, you'll love it for its simplicity and heart!
We loved every bit of The Rock. It's centrally situated on Anna Nagar, plenty of parking space around. :)
However, I must tell you it's very difficult to decide on something from the extensive menu because there are so many choices in there. But keep at it! Hope you enjoy The Rock! My 3 and a half year old son has officially renamed this place - Gorilla Shop! LOL! He loves it just as much as we do.....