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> > > > The Soup and Salad Cafe

The Soup and Salad Cafe


  • 42114504, 9551777000
  • 30,Kasthurbha Nagar, 1st Cross street, Adyar, Chennai
  • Cakes, Juice, Snacks

24 Reviews / 24 Ratings

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The Soup and Salad Cafe Reviews

Chennai24 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 02,2013






Nice and Calm Ambience

Although small and hidden away from the main road, this place is worth visiting. It offers wonderful desserts and the sandwiches are very delicious. Service is slow, so all those who like to hang around with friends all day long can put this place on their list of choices. Beware, it doesn't fare well on the pocket.



Light And Nice

I've been to this place a number of times and I must say that its a great place to eat. I'm not particularly a fan of the idea of pastas/ grills, but the salads, soups and sandwiches are really good. Some of the soups are outstanding. The pricing I feel though can be a bit more trimmed. The menu is also well designed for the vegetarian and the meat lover. Its not tilted in anyone's favour.



spring panzella

thumps up for spring panzella.. luvd t.. alwarpet location is quite good.. can improve quantity and service..
had augratin salad and Mexican sunrise soup.. would rate t 3/5..
let me know the happy hour timing..


Bad service and spoilt paneer


I am a resident of kasturbai nagar and i used to frequent your place atleast once a month . for the past 6 months I have not got a chance to come there and last night i came there and realized why i didnot come there for 6 months.

Spicy paneer oriental salad - was sweet and sour . Reason - paneer was spoilt. Even after we told them they did not remove it from the bill

Minestrone soup - i dont think we put red chillies in an italian soup

Quality of service - i sat at the outside porche and i had to keep coming in repeatedly to tell them to come outside and serve us.

I dont think i will come here any longer.




Visited again after a few weeks - no improvement.
Ambiance: Good
Courtesy: Good until order is placed.
Quantity: Fit for a 3 year old.
Price: Fit for a high income group.

# request for extra salad and sauce was overlooked. Almost had to walk towards the kitchen to grab a sauce bottle, before the dish gets cold.
staff nonchalant in spite of our open displeasure.
Went home and gobbled some left overs, fruits and ice-cream.


Don't be fooled by the name

Trying to balance my blogging needs and impending obesity, I decided to check out the healthy sounding Soup and Salad Cafe this week. The ambiance at this place rates really high. Cute interiors with some witty signage. They have books, a foosball table, board games, wi-fi connectivity and a TV. All that remained to be seen was whether the food matched up to the promise.

After ordering a staggering amount of food, we secretly reveled in the boy band music that was playing in the background (Seriously, Quit Playing Games with my Heart!).

The Chips Ahoy (potato, onions, and potato chips doused in mint sauce) receives a thumbs down from me. Even the overdose of potatoes couldn't compensate for the bland taste, excessive onions and dressing. Another salad that suffered from too much onions was the spicy paneer. It consisted of five pieces of paneer and raw onions. Terrible, terrible.

The Famous Kaamatein High Salad tasted great but it wasn't actually a salad. With rajma dal, crunchy peanuts, potatoes and liberal dressing it tasted more like a westernized chat than anything else. Yes, it was tasty but it wasn't what we signed up for. And this is true of most of the salads that day. The Mexican Salad was filled with crunchy nachos, buttered mushrooms and some peppers. It tasted nothing like a salad should but more like a Mexican snack. Admittedly, a Mexican snack that we liked.

The Nicoise was more like a salad though this too was plagued by the chef's onion obsession. So many raw onions! The South West Grilled Chicken was definitely the best of the salads but then again the dressing was excessive. In all fairness to the Soup and Salad Cafe, overdose of dressing seems to a common affliction with most salad places. And no, that doesn't make it right.

The best thing about the place was the wraps. It was light, slightly spicy wrap with nicely grilled panner/chicken in it. Possibly the healthiest thing we had that night.

Of course, the same couldn't be said of the Mornay Pasta which was melted cheese with some penne and olives thrown in. I couldn't put more than a spoon in my mouth. So much cheese and just cheese. While it may satisfy some, this is definitely not good pasta in my books.

For dessert, we ordered almost everything they had on the menu. Keeping in line with the rest of the meal, the desserts were a let down too. Most of the desserts were dry and tasted synthetic. The Mocha Truffle Cake in particular had an unpleasant after taste. Stay away from the desserts here but if you must order something, then the Chocolate Mousse Cake is your best bet.

While Soup and Salad cafe has the ambiance all sorted out, they really need to concentrate on their food. The salads were terrible and the ones that we did like had no resemblance to salads at all. If you want a nice snack, this is not a bad place to head towards but if you go by the name you are going to be mighty disappointed.

Service is OK, portions sufficient and the loo clean. Prices are pretty reasonable.

This review stands for the Adyar branch only.
Pricing: Rs. 120 per person

For reviews, and more pictures: visit my blog!


harish_raj - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 22,2010


poor service and average food

Myself and my friend narrowed down on this tiny joint in adyar for our friday night hangout
despite warning from my other friends to stay away from this place.Wish i had listened!
So we reached the soup and salad cafe at adyar and all the tables inside were full so we were offered
a table at the entrance facing the road.i ordered one garlic and almond soup which was really bad.the salads were all ok type and the mushroom
croquet was quite decent. The service was the worst i have ever seen.Since we were sitting all alone
in the outside,the waiters did not even bother to come near us and twice we had to go inside
and remind the waiters that we are not quite done yet.


December 23, 2010response from management at The Soup and Salad Cafe:

Hi Harish,
Greetings to you from The Soup and Salad Cafe.we are extremely sorry about the lapse in service during a crowded weekend and truly apologize for the same. We have taken note of all your observations and we constantly endeavor to take customer feed back seriously and work on it to improve where required.We sincerely hope to have you as our guest very soon and look forward to serving you better.Wishing you a very happy X mas and a wonderful new year ahead. Cheers!

Prema  - Burrp User


8 Reviews

December 16,2010


Average place

Good taste (Except for the zondwhich. We couldn't wrap our heads around that one), but I feel the pricing has become too much in comparison to the quantities they serve. What happened to the nice bowl of soup? Now one can except a tiny teacup of soup instead. Nevertheless, my first experience there was good, even if the rest were just pretty average. I like that they stay open till late in the evening though.


December 23, 2010response from management at The Soup and Salad Cafe:

Hi Prema,

Greetings from The Soup and Salad Cafe. Thank you very much for visiting our cafe and taking time off to offer your valuable feed back.We have noted your concerns and will do our best to implement changes where required. We look forward to having you with us more often with family and friends. Wishing you a very Happy X mas & a wonderful year ahead. Cheers!

soundarya83 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 10,2010


Nothing was available

My friend and me rushed for a quick meal into soup and salad on alwarpet and the Waiter brings our soup order after a lot of delay and gives me a huge menu card with laminated excel sheet print outs and asks us for main course when NOTHING is AVAILABLE. I am not joking. no zondich, no sandwich, no panini, no burger no pasta. I asked the guy who have they kept the place open and he had no answer and I asked to speak to the Manager and he said he is the Manager. Got pretty irritated at having wasted 45 mins in a place which had NO FOOD to serve!! we left our soup behind and went to Kabul next door and ate a quick meal. If ur not planning to have half the dishes in the menu card then do us a favour and change ur menu card and dont waste a customers time!!!! the date of this event was 1st december 2010 and as i was travelling I am posting it now only. I am NEVER coming back here again. oh btw in the starters they once again said 'NO MUSHROOMS AVAILABLE MAM' dunno wat the problem was. those who want to go pls check if the full menu is available and then risk it at ur own choice.


December 30, 2010response from management at The Soup and Salad Cafe:

Dear Soundarya,
Warm greetings to you. We are pained to know of your unpleasant experience at our cafe and accept our sincere apologies for the same. We shall certainly look into it, get to the root cause and do the needful. We sincerely hope that we will have the pleasure of hosting you again and make your experience a truly enjoyable one.
Wishing your family and you a Very Happy New Year. Cheers!

reply to u

actually. i ve visited u 4 times so far in a group of 3 to 4 each time ( different set of ppl)
we have ordered almost everything in ur menu. not one of us have liked what we had.
really sorry about it.


December 30, 2010response from management at The Soup and Salad Cafe:

Dear Divya,

It is indeed unfortunate that you have not liked any of our dishes during your visits to the cafe. We would like you to join us for lunch on any day convenient to you so that we will have the Chef interacting with you on how we can improve the taste to suit your palate. At The Soup and Salad Cafe every customer is important and we take your suggestions seriously and act upon them. Wishing your family and you a Very Happy New Year. Cheers!

You guys need to work on ur taste

Guys... pls work on your taste. Living in adyar. I walk into ur place for a peaceful meeting. But taste sucks.


December 6, 2010response from management at The Soup and Salad Cafe:

Dear Divya Kumar,
Greetings from The Soup and Salad Cafe. Thanks for visiting our cafe and taking time off to share your views. If we had an idea of the dishes ordered by you we would be in a better position to reply to your suggestion. We will certainly look into what you said and strive to do our best to serve you better and tastier food during your next visit.Looking forward to having you in our midst.Have a great week ahead. Cheers!!!

Amazing place

This place down the lane in kasthurbha nagar is one of the best location to choose for a peaceful talk, book reading, work and now the wi fi works cool keep it going boss


December 6, 2010response from management at The Soup and Salad Cafe:

Dear Karthiksathia,

Greetings from The Soup and Salad Cafe. Thanks for visiting our cafe and taking time off to post your views.Glad you liked the ambiance and we hope you liked the food served too. Please do drop in more often with your family and friends and we look forward to you sharing your valuable views with us. Your feed back will help us improve ourselves in all aspects and serve you better. Wishing you a great week ahead. Cheers!!

sinori63 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 03,2010


New Outlet - Simply Too Good!

The new outlet at Annanagar is awesome in terms of ambiance, food, service, interiors et al. Spacious with tastefully done interiors the sumptuous variety of soups and salads tempts you to go on and on. Not to mention the in - house pastries and desserts that beckon you by their sheer looks. Certainly a place i'd frequent often simply for the fact that the menu offers you something that is so different from the run-of-the-mill stuff you get every where else. Lovely place to catch up with friends and family over a healthy meal...or to even sit in a quiet corner and get your work done over energizing soups n salads. Yummmmmm is the final verdict!!!


September 8, 2010response from management at The Soup and Salad Cafe:

Dear Sinori,Many thanks for your feedback.We are happy that you had a positive experience at our Anna Nagar Cafe.We look forward to your future visits with family and friends.Cheers!

The difference between knowledge and wisdom?

The one thing which is probably gonna stay in my mind in relationship to this place is a saying on the wall which went like," Knowledge is to know that tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is when you know it and still don't put it in a fruit salad."
Ironically, the place feels like the guy behind it worked a lot on how a cafe should feel, but didn't work equally hard on something more important - the food. There is a disparity here, but thankfully, not so much that you won't come back again.

The Kamatein high was a very filling, good-sized, good-tasting salad consisting of different kinds of nuts and a sprinkling of potato chips. It's not brilliant but I'd definitely go for it again sometime.
I had the Red Berry Banana shake, which was pretty good, but unfortunately, that wasn't what I had ordered for. Apparently, the people sitting in a nearby table had also been served something other than what they had ordered, so be careful!!!
The sandwich, or the Zondwich as they call it, falls flat on it's face. The filling inside is good, something we can live with. But the bread is desperately crying for a change.
Talking of Zondwiches, I wonder why they went for the horribly wannabe-ish menu. It seems to be crying out," Hey, see I am different, henceforth I am cool!!!", but all in vain.
I loved the papermats on the table though. Brilliant touch. Head over for a pleasant surprise.
The decor is really good, but I wish someone had worked on the acoustics. I could hear the conversation from across the restaurant, and this was a bit annoying.
A great plus for this place is it's book rack. With a few Calvin and Hobbes and a decent collection of coffee table books, a single visitor would love this place. An extra star just for this. :P

Overall, a fairly good experience. I'd go there again to try more stuff.
Average Meal for two - Rs.350-450


July 7, 2010response from management at The Soup and Salad Cafe:

Respected Pavan Madhini,Greetings from The Soup and Salad Cafe.We thank you visiting us and sharing your experience with us.We have noted you valuable inputs and shall strive to improve upon ourselves based on your comments.We are glad that your overall experience was good and assure you that we shall offer ourselves better as we evolve.Your feedback has been very useful in knowing the needs of our customers and we sincerely appreciate you for your candid observations.We look forward to your visits at our Cafes with friends and relatives and ta


Food sucks

I have been here maybe twice in last 2 months, the place is good in ambience, but the food quality sucks...all salads are just with mayo health option at all...theres nothing great in the soups either..just looks like full of tomato and spinach..with extra ingredients.....the spinach would taste better if converted to palak paneer....

had the zondich this time with the kamatein high and it just came without being toasted..the raw bread and the raw salad..didnt go along too well...i didnt want to ask the staff if this is how the zondich is served,just bread cut open and stuffed, you couldnt even hold it in one hand and eat..leave alone enjoying it..

your food needs a revision..

ambience is v good...


June 30, 2010response from management at The Soup and Salad Cafe:

Dear Excellent,Warm greetings from The Soup and Salad Cafe.WE thank you for sharing your views with us.We deeply regret that you are not happy with our food.We have taken a serious note of your observations and shall look into how best we could improve upon ourselves.We assure you that we shall extend a pleasant experience very soon with our new menu.Good day!


Superb ambience, great food

Ambience: excellent: just quiet enough so that you can get work done while they have fun 90s music playing.
I love that they have sockets @ every table -- they really do get what a "cafe" is meant for: its not a barista where one can go play their guitar or cause a total tamasha with 10 friends, but it is a place where you can genuinely go to get work done or catch up with a couple of friends over some great sandwiches (kimchi is yummy :)).
Coffee: The "kapi float" is really good, but the plain coffee is strictly so-so.

I love that the servers dont hassle you even if you're around for 2-3 hours trying to read a book or work on your laptop. Its great to have such a cafe nearby!

Keep it up, S&S -- you have a big fan!

p.s. now.. please get the wi-fi working in both your cafes :)


June 7, 2010response from management at The Soup and Salad Cafe:

Dear Koushal,Greetings from The Soup and Salad Cafe.We thank you for visiting our Cafes and sharing your valuable views.We are very motivated with your observations and glad that you had a pleasant experience.We assure you that we shall get the Wi-Fi enabled at the earliest.We are opening up at Anna Nagar very soon and we shall keep you posted.Do visit us as often as possible and share your views.Good Day!

August 8, 2010response from management at The Soup and Salad Cafe:


gone 3-4 times since your reponse; still no wi-fi? This is a simple thing to fix, please do it!

August 9, 2010response from management at The Soup and Salad Cafe:

Kaushals O Kaushals!!!...extremely sorry.......very soon...I promise :)

December 4, 2010response from management at The Soup and Salad Cafe:

Not done yet! Went there just a couple of weeks ago. Btw, I'm really annoyed at the new menu. I loved the spicy kimchi zondich, but that's not an option any more. Moreover, the waiters seem to have been instructed fairly strictly that they *cannot* change any of the sandwiches on the menu even by the slightest bit which they used to do on a regular basis for us before.

Overall, disappointed at where S&S has gone since a very promising opening. ( , the 20% increase is a bit much, no?). Lost a fan :(

Interesting Concept...! Food cud have been bettr

I like the concept of the cafe. Great Potential. Only if few things are taken care of.
Good: Concept, Attractive Pricing, Interesting interiors
Bad: Went there with my family. ordered soups, salads and sandwiches.I tried the cream & corn spinach soup and was really disappointed with the taste. It was more watery than creamy. Asked for a change but wasnt happy the second time as well. The channa and the paneer salad and the corn and peas sandwich was good, but was really disappointed with the kimchi sandwich.

Another thought the menu design needs to be worked on. very hard to follow. A cafe of this sort could definitely do a lot better with their menu.

I'm giving it a 3 on 5 for a really disappointing kimchi sandwich


May 31, 2010response from management at The Soup and Salad Cafe:

Dear Mr.Nishanth,Greetings from The Soup and Salad Cafe.We thank you for sparing your valuable time and sharing your views with us.We have made a serious note of your observations and assure you that we shall take steps to rectify, based on your inputs.We regret that you did not enjoy the Cream and Corn Spinach and The Kimchi Sandwich,but assure you that we shall strive to extend a better experience to you during your next visit.Your observations have been very useful in knowing the needs of discerning customers like you and we appreciate your


Nice place

This is a good place if you are not looking for regular food stuff and want to eat something healthy, tasty and different. I had been here couple of times with my family and alone as well. Salds are really very nice, we have tried paneer corn salad and once a chinese kind of sald and both were pretty good. My wife and kid just love this place.
Actually Chennai should patronise such places more to keep them going. I dont see much crowd there but I hope there are times when they are full.
Wish them well and good business.
Should also have thinner and clear soups in Menu


May 31, 2010response from management at The Soup and Salad Cafe:

Respected Vyomsinha,Greetings from The Soup and Salad Cafe! We thank you for visiting our Cafe and sparing your valuable time in sharing your views.You have given a very motivating feedback and we are grateful to you for your kind words of appreciation.I have conveyed your wishes to the entire Soup and Salad team.We have indeed got a good response from Chennai and we are opening our third outlet at Anna Nagar shortly.We look forward to your continued visits at our Cafes and also to your valuable feedback.Regards.


Very nice place

Been there twice and had some nice soups and salads so far. Yet to try their sandwiches and desserts :-) Pretty quick service and amazing ambience. Its a haven for laptop users who have their own space and munch on something :)


May 28, 2010response from management at The Soup and Salad Cafe:

Dear Ms.Archana,We thank you for visiting our Cafe again.We regret the delay in responding to you.Your observations are very encouraging and I have shared your views with the entire Soup and Salad Team.We look forward to be of service to you at all times.Kindly feel free to share your views,since this will help us to serve you and all our guests better.Good day!


Amazing place


Been there couple of times and loved the soup and salad I had. Have not tried other varieties as yet. Hope to sometime in the future. I had panneer-based salads both the times and it was amazing ( Spicy corn and Panneer & Spicy oriental panneer resp.). Soup orders were Carrot n Peas and Italiano macaroni.

Pls keep the spirit alive and keep serving us with amazing stuff as always. I am glad i came to know about this place and will frequent it on and off.


May 28, 2010response from management at The Soup and Salad Cafe:

Dear Ms.Archana,
Greetings from The Soup and Salad Cafe.We thank you for visiting us and sparing your valuable time to share your views.We are delighted that you enjoyed our food and had a pleasent experience.Your feedback is very motivating and we assure you that we shall keep the spirits to your expectations.We shall be introducing more exotic varieties of Soups and Salads very soon as we open up our third outlet at Anna Nagar.We look forward to your visits at our Cafes and request you to share your views whenever possible.Cheers!

Experience Soup and Salad Cafe

One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.
Chennai welcomed me with swealtering heat and busy life. My day at work started at9am and then it was time to move from one office to other. Enroute, Accidently came across and visualling appealing banner and bright ambience “Salads and Soups”, as they say
The belly rules the mind… couldnt resist to stop by. The ambience was refreshing and cool promising to explore and try some food. Being on a no nonsense food for some days now, was pondering and little amused with the names finally since did not have much time asked for some help from the staff, surprisingly the staff did a mini interview to find out what kind of food excites me, oo la la I felt so pampered and left the choice to them.
I'm trying to eat better. And, I do feel wise after drinking tea. After eating vegetables, I just feel hungry.
Spicy spinach soup had the flavor intact, as the promoters quote “we pour passion in our cups” was felt and experienced. “Worries go down better with soup”
The next worry was what is the staff going to bring for me!!!
Pita bread with mustard sauce was lipsmacking. It was a meal by itself. All along refreshing and pleasant feeling engulfed me ?
Salad "freshens without enfeebling and fortifies without irritating."
As a child my family's menu consisted of two choices: take it or leave it. Taking with me refreshing and pleasant memories of dining experience at “Salads & Soups”
Wishing the team success and request to open outlets in Bangalore too ?. I shall do my little to make it visible and favor joint with my amongst my friends and colleagues.
If we're not willing to settle for junk living, we certainly shouldn't settle for junk food.


May 4, 2010response from management at The Soup and Salad Cafe:

Dear Khushilali,
Greetings from The Soup and Salad Cafe!We thank you for visiting us and sharing your views with us.We are greatly motivated with your observations and glad that you had a pleasant experience at our Cafe.We now have another great reason to open our cafes at Bangalore.We assure you that we shall bring our passion to Bangalore in a few months.We shall keep you posted and request your valuable presence with your friends and colleagues.Cheers and Good day!

A restaurant has to make sure it has food to serve

After reading the favourable reviews here, my wife & I checked this place out for dinner. The only reason I agreed to give it a shot was because their menu has sandwiches/wraps on it, or as they like to call em, Zondich. When I ordered for the Zondich, the waiter coolly informed me that during prime dinner time (8.30 pm), they did not have any pita bread available to make any Zondiches.

Perhaps business isn't too good for The Soup and Salad Cafe. I can't think of any other reason why an entire section of food would be unavailable. A man who expects a sumptuous meal like myself had to settle for a salad, which was neither filling, nor too impressive on the taste buds. It really baffles me why restaurants, particularly in Chennai are so miserly in stocking up. The biggest turn off for any customer in any restaurant is to order something he finds interesting, and to be told its not available. Maybe a cheap place to eat, but certainly not a place I will return to.


February 17, 2010response from management at The Soup and Salad Cafe:

Dear Seventh Samurai,Thank you for visiting us and sharing your views.We sincerely apologise for this serious lapse from our side.We assure you that we have taken steps to ensure that such lapses do not occur in future.We regret the inconvenience caused to you and request you to give us another chance to serve you better in future

vinutha - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 11,2010


Refreshing Place

This is a refreshing new place with its lemony yellow ambiance, food and service. One could have their soups and salads over a book or make the kids read while you enjoy your meal.

Between the three of us who went there, we were able to try out a variety of things. The menu is quite extensive, and realised that everything is vegetarian. 'Popeye Goes to Italy' is a must try spinach soup with Italian herbs. The Spicy Spinach and Mexican Corn soup were good too. There are cold soups on the menu as well...perhaps will try next time.

The main course offers salads, wraps and sandwiches (Zondich as they call it). After reading and re-reading the menu and taking suggestions from the staff, we zeroed in on the Kamtein High, Mad Chef's Kimchi and Cream Cheese Zondich. Kamtein High was quite different with channa and peanuts mixed with some sinful mayo and salad cream. It can get difficult for one person to finish off this salad all by themself. Low cal mayo could be an alternative. The staff expalined that the dishes are 80% health and 20% taste...not complaining at all. The Cream Cheese Zondich was very nice with salad served in an unconventional sandwich.

Now for desserts, if you love chocolate or even otherwise, Mississippi Mud is a must. This yummy chocolate cookies with chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream, topped with crunchies and nuts is sinful. The Matcha Green Tea (its not a hot drink) is refreshing.

Suprisingly, this place is not very expensive for the experience it gives. A wholesome meal for 3 of us came to Rs. 600.

This is a promising place and looks like a lot of passion gone in it. Hope the passion stays. I was quite happy to receive the no nonsense tiny bill slip, not wasting too much paper.


February 12, 2010response from management at The Soup and Salad Cafe:

Dear Ms.Vinutha,

Greetings from The Soup and Salad Cafe!

We thank you for your postive feedback.We are highly motivated with your observations and assure you that the passion will stay forever.We shall always strive to evolve, based on inputs from valuable customers like you.We are so glad you had a pleasent experience.

Do visit our cafes with friends and relatives and share your views so that we may serve you better.Kindly visit us at for any other information that you may require.We are opening our

karuna01 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 02,2010


refreshing new family cafe

I am delighted having found a place where elders at home would readily agree to accompany us to eat out.

Ambience of soup and salads is thoughtfully designed to appeal to both kids and elderly people. While our parents had small game of snake and ladder at the table with our son, we had a quick reading session. My father really enjoyed the Sands rasam ,my kid was impressed with the carrot and peas soup. I am exited about the chocolate and cookie salad with ice cream- mississipi mud.
We have spotted more menus to try out at our next visit.


February 3, 2010response from management at The Soup and Salad Cafe:

Thank you Karuna.Do visit us more often with family and friends