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> > > > The Soup and Salad Cafe

The Soup and Salad Cafe

Anna NagarChennai  

  • 42611668, 9551777000
  • #3362,V, AE Block, 10th Main Road, Anna Nagar, Chennai
  • Andhra

7 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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The Soup and Salad Cafe Reviews

Felt feather light

I hesitated to step into this place.. soups and salads? that is not the ones that can give a man a fill. One evening I stepped in, the place was fantastic, great ambiance. Haroon, the smart guy, took the order was conversant with all the offering.
The sandwiches and the soup were good. will surely go there again.
I think I must do a bloggers meet out there. And before that I need to blog about the place.. after all I stay within 100 mtrs from it :)


Went there again for the new year dinner. Rajmohan the one who waited on us, was friendly.
The cream of chicken was not too great.
Pasta sun dried tomato with grilled chicken was yummmm so was the cruchy chicken salad.
The Meat Ball Wrap was good too
hey just an aside .. the loo has to be taken care of. :(



Pretty nice place

We drove past this place on Monday night and wanted to get in. But since it was almost 10pm, we were not sure if it was open. Plus the shop below was shut, so we left.

But yesterday, we made it a point to be there early and boy we were glad. The place was not crowded and the waiter was very friendly.

The soup that i ordered was nice while the Popeye soup did not have much macaroni. Nevertheless, the salad and the zondich were tasty.

The chilli cheese toast was different in terms of shape, taste and size. I was expecting a traditional toast when something different came in.

The Mango Yogurt Smoothie was Yumm!!

Overall it was a good experience. Neatly tucked away in a quiet corner and one blink, you can miss it though.


December 30, 2010response from management at The Soup and Salad Cafe:

Dear Spk,

Warm greetings to you from The Soup and Salad Cafe. Thank you so much for visiting our Cafe and sharing your experience with us. We are glad that you enjoyed the food and the ambiance. We look forward to more of your visits in the future with family and friends to taste all our offerings and would love to have your feedback too. Wishing your family and you A very Happy and Prosperous New Year. Have a great week end. Cheers

Great Place

Had a great time at SandS, AN. Unfortunately, didn't have space to have a square meal. Had been to almost 30 countries now and had never seen an ambiance, interiors, table mats, setup like this anywhere. Taste of Soup and food was great and so were the Cakes. Can't remember some of the names - perhaps my brains could register only the taste of food and not names. All the best. You have the best PR in the business.


December 23, 2010response from management at The Soup and Salad Cafe:

Hi Raghu,
Greetings to you from The Soup and Salad cafe. Thanks for visiting our cafe and glad that you thought that our ambiance and food match up to international standards. Indeed unfortunate that you could not enjoy a leisurely meal due to peak hour crowd. We hope that you will soon pay another visit to our cafe and look forward to serving you better. Thanks for sparing your valuable time to give us your feed back which will help us in improving on all fronts.Have a wonderful week end. Wish you a very happy x mas and a great New Year a

December 23, 2010response from management at The Soup and Salad Cafe:

Oh..thanks Mahesh..when I said I didn't have space I was pointing to the feeble size of my stomach..I have already now visiting Alwarpet too..I have never moved anywhere beyond T.Nagar to eat out and your concept has now shaken me out of my lethargy to drive to your centers. Wish you have one in T.Nagar too soon. :-) It was completely a different kind of an experience in Alwarpet..I dont want to be sharing all that I enjoyed out is for the rest of the citizens to take the share of my pleasure too. Wish you all the best, all once agai

December 24, 2010response from management at The Soup and Salad Cafe:

Thank you so much Raghu. We hope you enjoy yourself every time you visit any of our cafe and share your thoughts with us to help us give you fabulous service. Wish you a very Happy X mas and a great new year ahead.Cheers!

merijan - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 19,2010


How many chances do you give?

This is the fourth visit to this place and may be my last... since there seems no improvement in service.I have had varied experiences each time. The only good thing about them is great food. Thats the reason i keep going back...But awful service. Had been to Anna nagar cafe yesterday. The place was full at 9pm - to be expected on a weekend. Till 10pm just got my soup and salad and waited for the rest and nothing came. They have a pathetic menu card which they seem to have no idea of changing. I just paid my bill and walked out. I was not the only unhappy one there. Man, you have a great concept and if you need to grow please pull up your socks and get working. The only other great thing about the place is their PRO who i suspect is the owner.....frankly which other employee would be seen at an uneartly hour at 10.30pm patiently apologizing to customers...huh...and have met her before once when there was a power failure and she handled it so competently i was floored.But lady as an owner...if your business needs to go places your charm alone wont help... if you are employed there get another dont deserve to be there!


December 23, 2010response from management at The Soup and Salad Cafe:

Hi Merijan,
Greetings to you from The Soup and Salad Cafe. we are extremely sorry that your last visit to our cafe was not a very pleasant one and we apologize for the delay in service.We have noted all your concerns and all attempts will be made to rectify the lapses. We sincerely hope that you will continue to visit our cafe in future and give us opportunities to make them happy and memorable ones.Wish you a very happy X mas and a wonderful new year ahead.Cheers!

Soups and Salads at Anna Nagar

Soups and salads have always been an add-on and has never enjoyed the respect it truly deserves. The cafe serves soups, salads, rolls and beverages at a reasonable price. Get your kids the ice-cream apple soup, they will love it! Heard that chef.Koushik heads the kitchen(he is the one behind several popular outlets as Java Green and Cafe Coffee Day). There is an option to make your choice of soups and salads too from all the alternatives. The catamaran table, puzzles to solve and books to read while you wait, the good coffee and ample servings are all the star points. A small suggestion is to put up small and interesting promos and boards on the busy Anna Nagar main road (which is a stone's throw away) and the buzz would get into the place sooner.


November 12, 2010response from management at The Soup and Salad Cafe:

Hi Ram,

Greetings to you from The Soup and Salad Cafe. Thanks for visiting us and we are glad that you enjoyed the food and the ambiance. We appreciate the time and effort taken by you to share your experience.Thanks for your suggestion for putting up boards. We shall soon act upon it. Hoping to see you more often at our outlets in future. Wish you a wonderful weekend. Cheeeers!!!

Your 'Salad Days' Are Here Again!

After the success of their outlets at Alwarpet and Adyar, The Soup and Salad Café is now at Anna Nagar.

The ambience is pleasant with amusing posters, cute little coffee tables and comfortable seating. If you come in, expecting just boring soups and salads, you'll be in for a surprise! Contrary to popular perception, they don't serve just diet food but offer some great dishes for those who don’t care about watching their calories.

Apart from a variety of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Soups and Salads, the menu also boasts of Wraps, Zondiches (their version of a sandwich), Garlic Breads, Pastas, Paninis, Fruit Juices and Desserts.

We were very impressed by the soup Popeye goes to Italy which was rich, creamy and absolutely delicious, just like the menu promised it to be. The Cream of Bell Pepper Soup, Tomato Basil Soup are soups highly sought after. Salads like the Mad Chef’s Kimchi and the Sand’s Waldorf are popular.
We decided to experiment and tried the Vegetable Manchurian Zondich but found it a little disappointing. The Manchurian filling could have been much better. On the other hand, their yummy Alfredo Pasta with Sausages was much appreciated. Those who like spicy food can improve it with some black pepper like we did.

The service was brilliant and the staff were interested in every customer's feedback. Glasses were refilled quickly, plates taken away on time and food served on time.

On the whole it was a wonderful experience, with decent food and exceptionally good service.

Meal for Two (with drinks): Rs 500

(burrp! reviews anonymously and pays for its own meals)



Nice Experience

Always wanted to visit this place because of two reasons:
1. Love soups and salads, both! In fact anything that can be considered a healthy food option..
2. It's situated right on top of the neighbourhood supermarket, Heritage, on the 10th Main road..Hence commands great visibility..and is a stone's throw away from where i live..
Following were the food items i tried during my first visit to the place yesterday:
1. The Famous Kaamtein High (Veg Salad with a lot of protein thrown in in the form of beans and nuts, in a light mayo dressing)
2. Raspberry Cheese Cake (Could have been a bit more smooth)
3. Carrot and Peas soup (Yummy!!!)
4. Mango Yogo (Soothingly cool)
Found each of the four items to be quite delicious and fulfilling..the servings were large enough for an average person and left me quite content and satisfied..
Was amazed with the number of options on the menu..Didn't get a chance to try the pastas as I was quite full and didn't have a wee bit of space for more experimentation!
The service was pretty decent and the staff was cordial and presented ever-smiling faces..I liked the interiors which have a neat, no-fussy look which did well to pump up my appetite..Being a book lover, i was pleasantly surprised to see a small but awesome book rack which had a calvin and hobbes, a travel book and some other interesting reads for my consumption while consuming tasty food! Perfect treat for the senses is how i would sum it up! Anna Nagar definitely rocks in terms of the multitude of food options it presents!


October 13, 2010response from management at The Soup and Salad Cafe:

Hi Vivek,

Greetings to you from the Soup and Salad Cafe.Wonderful to know that you enjoyed the food and thank you so much for taking time off to share your views with us. We have taken note of your comments and will do our best to improve on things wherever required.

We want The Soup and Salad cafe to be a fun place catering to people of all ages.We are happy to tell you that we will soon be coming up with a yummy and sumptuous breakfast spread that will be both tasty and healthy.

We look forward to more of your vis

iamtuls - Burrp User


11 Reviews

September 17,2010


soups and salads galore

Was waiting for the Anna Nagar branch of S& S cafe to open.

They have quite a wide range of soups,salads and pastas to choose from.

The service was excellent and the staff were quite happy to suggest items for us.We also have the option of selecting our combinations.

The soup was excellent and the apple salad was really fine. The pasta we ordered was not cooked properly. The staff readily replaced it still i dont think it was cooked properly.

I thought it was slightly on the costlier side, especially the pastries and the pastas.

Would definitely visit this place again, after all salads are something that i like a lot.


September 20, 2010response from management at The Soup and Salad Cafe:

Dear iamtuls,

Greetings from The Soup and Salad Cafe. Thank you very much for visiting our new outlet at Anna Nagar. We are glad that you enjoyed our soup and salad. We have taken note of your observations on the food and assure you that no effort will be spared in rectifying the process.We would love to have you back with us as often as possible and ensure that it is always a pleasantly memorable experience. Thanks again for sparing your valuable time to express your comments. Looking forward to more of it in the future. Cheeeers!!