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> > > > The Wharf

The Wharf


  • 27443636
  • Lobby Level, Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay, 57 Covelong Road, Mamallapuram, Chennai
  • Tandoori
  • Meal for 2 - 5000

6 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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The Wharf Reviews

wiredbeats  - Burrp User


5 Reviews

November 19,2012


Superb. But small and always full

This is a great place. Right on the coast. Although i guess 25% of the place blew away with cyclone nilam. They lost their cost side umbrella seats and only the indoors restaurant is around. You got to book a day ahead to get a seat. Its worth it.

Negatives : Tiny tiny menu
Positives : Ambiance.


Wharf an experience!!

The Wharf sea-side restaurant is recognized as "one of the best restaurants in Asia" by the famous 'Miele Guide'. The restaurant is located few meters off the shore of Bay of Bengal providing the diners with the most romantic and pleasant view!! On the ambiance front Wharf tops the chart with a perfect score!!! A perfect place for couples to have a romantic meal or for a bunch of friends to relax the day [just like us: D]

This seems to be the best place for seafood and unfortunately we all were vegetarians except for one! He seemed to enjoy the fish that he ordered. On our part, we ordered Aloo Firdoushi tikki and Paneer ke sule. And we followed it up with a Tofu Steak with paprika sauce. The tandoori dishes were so delicious and juicy but the portions were very less. The Steak was so succulent that we gobbled it up within no time.

The good part is that all dishes come with rice or Indian breads as accompaniments! There was also dhal makhani and rajma gravy that came with the rice and roti. This compensated for the small quantity of food that was served.

The service was on the slower side but that time can be better utilized by taking a stroll along the sea-shore and taking snaps of the wonderfully designed beach resort. Dining right across the sea shore with cool breeze smacking your face gives you one of the best experiences!! Definitely this tops as the best experience I've ever had till date in a restaurant. Will definitely take my gal for a romantic dinner here in the future ;)

Overall we had a splendid relaxed Sunday with a decent food.

Ambiance - Perfect score
Food - 3.5/5
Service - 3.5/5
VFM - 4/5



Warf experience

hey .. i was under the impression the warf was the an out of the world experience but the last time i went there on the 11th of Dec .. the food was horrible and not worth the price . The steak was hard the Norwegian salmon was crap


serah - Burrp User


3 Reviews

June 17,2009


splendid service

I am a person who gets turned off by a place if the service is bad.....for all you people who have similar attitudes, this place is a must visit. Apart from the splendid ambiance, and out of the yummy food, the service is splendid. so for all you people who prefer being treated royally, this is just the place for you.



yummy delicacies;)

if u wanna enjoy sea food, den Wharf is the right place for. Even though its expensive, u can take ur family or ur love to a romantic dinner at the sea side where exciting delicacies of sea food will be served for u!!The fish is caught right in front of your eyes from the sea, and the chef does an excellent job dressing up the fish!!! so visit this place, sit back and enjoy the sea while having the dummy dishes.



A brilliant place

If your a seafood lover, this is the place. I went to Wharf at The Temple Bay with my friends and all of us were bowled by the terrific ambeince first, it's an out door restaurant and right across the, if your going on a special date, what better ambience can one ask for?coming to the food, we are true blue non-vegetarians..the fresh catch of the day was stunning. my most fav was the grilled prawns and i relished it the most.Though they are super specialised in continental cuisine.They serve fairly good Indian food..the dishes are served with 2 naan and dhal or rajma gravy which is absolutely brilliant. The service is tremendous with a set of well experienced staff. The best is we can meet the chef and ask him to make our dishes according to our taste and liking. They also give these on the house gifts along with chocolates. We were gifted marble key chain with a jute wharf bag..a cute one!!!yes!!it is deifnetly expensive, but you wont regret it coz the entire experience at the wharf is worth every penny. A must visit restaurant in Chennai. Cheers.