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> > > > Veekes & Thomas

Veekes & Thomas


  • 9500031337
  • 15/4, Haddows Road, In Haddows Lane, Nungambakkam, Chennai
  • European
  • Meal for 2 - 600

10 Reviews / 10 Ratings

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Veekes & Thomas Reviews


A lovely experience

When you are greeted with emptiness as you walk in to a restaurant, you are not sure whether to experiment further or no. Being the first customer well past lunch time is always subject to risk. But this once, it paid off.
Looking for a different place to try out my solitary lunch, I landed on Veekes and Thomas. Actually surprised me that I missed this place in spite of living so close. Thanks to Zomato, I did not have to wait any further. Tucked inside Haddows lane, the ambience was extremely cozy and serene. Since they didn't have electricity, I opted to sit out. The beautiful breeze and the overarching trees made it all the more inviting in spite of the summer sun trying to make its presence known.
As I was sifting through the menu, the server informed me that their pastas came with white sauce, red sauce and surprisingly to me both. Since I've always gone with white, I decided to try both (white and red) this time with Penne. The dish was called primavera. Only change I made to it was to replace the mushrooms with Zucchini. To my delight they also served sodas with various flavours. They didn't have peach and apricot so I went for Kiwi and Lemon.
The drink came first and it was every bit what my parched throat longed for. The pasta quickly followed and it tasted wonderful. The penne boiled just to the right amount, the sauce not too sweet; the veggies also acquiring perfect flavour.
Overall, made for a lovely experience.


arvind.g - Burrp User


4 Reviews

January 11,2013


Great Food, Overall experience - can be better

This review will be mixed - with equal focus on both the good and bad and hopefully it will be of use to the other 'Burrpers' out there.

My experience started with a call to the listed number to get directions. Although the concerned person was unavailable when I called, I got a call back shortly from both the owner and manager, and both were equally helpful in letting me know the directions. In fact my overall experience with the staff itself in terms of service, friendliness etc was really pleasant. Staff - 5/5

Ambiance: While the restaurant may not be one of the most well decorated or aesthetic one it its category, it has charm of its own and is not bad either. However we had a problem with the fact that there were many mosquitoes (the staff gave us a repellent bat, but still) and for this fact alone I will not rate the ambiance / environment well. Ambiance: 2.5 / 5

Food: Well, when it comes to food, my experience was really good. We had gone as two people and ordered:

French Onion Soup (Very good)
Tomato and Basil Soup (Really good)
Garlic bread (thin, but tasted really good)
Spaghetti with veg balls (good but sauce was not think enough)
Creamy Paneer Penne Pasta (good but sauce was not thick enough)
Crunchy Chocolate Cake (we had no idea it would contain coconut - not so good)

Except for perhaps the dessert (crunchy chocolate cake) and the fact that both the pastas had diluted sauce, which wasn't thick enough, the food was really good. Food - 4 / 5

Overall experience: I will definitely visit Veekes and Thomas again for their food alone. If they make their pasta sauce more creamy and can get rid of the mosquitoes this can well become one of my regular hangouts - for the great food, good experience and undoubtedly for the Value for money prices.


jokez123 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

January 01,2013


Moderate prices and moderately good food.

It's a good restaurant, worth trying once. The food is not over the top, but not bad either. I ordered Cream onion bruschettas which were ok, and wanted to try Jalapeno poppers after reading the reviews below. I was expecting something mind-blowing and full of flavors. But it was little under-cooked with only a tiny piece of jalapeno inside. And then came Aglio Olio and Spaghetti with veg balls. Both were just good! But on an overall basis, the food was worth the 500 bucks we paid :)



Can try for a change

Being a typical sambar rasam meals person was looking for good vegetarian alternative. After reading about this place went for lunch on Christmas Day. After a long time I was surprised to find a totally empty restaurant. I was the only person at that time.

First ever continental food experience.
On the recommendations of reviewers I ordered the following

Soup- French onion soup Its a clear soup was piping hot and good.

Starter- Caesar mushroom with barbecue sauce. It was again good.

Main course- minced veg steak with garlic bread. It was ok for me.

The portions are adequate, fresh and piping hot. Being new to continental not able to appreciate the taste of the main course. A place to visit for a relaxed meal at affordable price. Added bonus if you are continental food lover.

The place is Eco friendly regards to furniture, cutlery, lighting etc. Service was friendly and quick because I was the only person in the 40 minutes I dined.



For the no nonsense foodie

This place serves excellent no nonsense food which is also pocket friendly. peaceful ambiance, excellent choice in music make the experience quite lovely. Recommended!



For all ye Italian foodies

This is one of my most favourite restaurant... I love Itallian food and i think this is the place for me... The ambience s so quiet and cosy.... Pocket friendly... Menu is good...
Food tastes yummmmm.... Service s good.... i love the place....
If u havent checked out, please do... im sure it ll be worth a try :)


dineshvjain  - Burrp User


7 Reviews

November 10,2012


Good on Pocket

First look - quite & cosy restaurant situated in a dead end lane of nungambakkam
Went for dinner, it has both indoor and outdoor seating. we preffered to stay indoors. Nothing fancy about the interior, theyve kept it simple.
For starters, called for grilled onion bruchetta, nothing over the top about the starter, it was just simple. also called for garlic bread with cheese - the bread was soft and cheese melted, tasted just right.
Maincourse - couldnt really make my mind what to order, so stuck with a white sauce pasta with veggies. presented pretty well and arrived in time, the taste was just average and nothing really wow about it.
Dessert - Gulkand icecream - jus word 'wow'
Bill for 2 ppl - 650.. Didnt mind the pasta after seeing the bill ;)
Food - 3/5
Ambience - 3/5
Service - 4/5



My place of jalapeño poppers!

Amazing place. Dropped in once for lunch with a scrunch on my face cribbing about the place being veggie. Well, intuitions proved me wrong. Amazing place for pastas. YUMMMMM... one should try the Jalapeño Poppers for starters. It'd make you drop by every time you have a tummy rumble.
Neat ambiance not over done. Quiet place to sit and surf and grab a bite.


Simple unpretentious food

Veekes and Thomas is located in a very peaceful and quiet spot in Nungambakkam. The restaurant is small and cozy with both indoor and outdoor seating areas. As soon as you look at the menu you will be surprised looking at the prices as it is very difficult to find a restaurant in Nungambakkam to charge such nominal prices.

To begin with the food, we had the french onion and tomato and basil soup. The french onion soup was brilliant and very refreshing with loads of crushed black pepper, a generous portion of cheese in a thin and flavourful broth with caramelized onions. The soup is something you will surely go back for.

We ordered an array of starters and grills. The vegetable tempura with a honey and pepper glaze with a tamarind sauce (more like a bbq sauce) was nice and crunchy. The ceaser mushroom was very good. It would give you a nice warm fuzzy feeling once you eat it as mushroom and cheese is certainly a match made in heaven for me. The grilled stuffed potatoes was brilliant as well. The potato was soft and moist and the pesto filling was perfect with grilled cheese on top. We also ordered the garlic bread with cheddar cheese which was better than the ones you get in most of the pizza joints. There were other starters like bruschetta with tomatoes and also caramelized onions but we didn't get a chance to try them but will certainly do try them out the next time.

For main course we ordered the vegetable medley with mexican rice and the vegetable steak in a creamy tomato based mushroom sauce. The vegetable steak was to die for. The sauce was absolute bliss with two large patties of vegetables that were delicious. The vegetable medley was fragrant, rich and creamy but not cloying served with rice which was perfectly cooked and had the right amount of spice.

For dessert we tried their ice cream which was the perfect ending to a good sumptuous meal. We had the lychee ice cream and the chilli chocloate ice cream which was was interesting and weirdly nice!

A great place to hang out with some lovely food at nominal prices!


A nice place

Been there few days after they opened shop. not much crowd. found the outdoor more comfortable since we went in the night for dinner. cozy ambience. nice staff. good menu and decent prices. service was warm and welcoming. food was definitely good. love the mushroom soup, the pasta, bruchetta etc. the ricotte cheese was a delight. being an all veg italian is a unique concept, veggies i am sure will love it. deserves repeat visits is what i thot.