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> > > > White Pepper

White Pepper


  • No 1100 feet bypass road, Velachery, Chennai, Velachery, Chennai
  • Oriental

12 Reviews / 12 Ratings

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White Pepper Reviews


Just Ok Not Recommended

Just ok. Not worth the price. Didn't like the menu.


Don't eat here. Period.

Our Saturday night dinner was ruined by this place. The grilled chicken was half an hour late because 'it wasn't cooked'.

Most of the items on the menu were not available and we spent the time warding off mosquitoes. On top of it all, the service staff was abrupt and cold.

Terrible experience.


Don't eat here. Period.

Our Saturday night dinner was ruined by this place.
The grilled chicken was half an hour late because 'it wasn't cooked'.
Most of the items on the menu were not available and we spent the time warding off mosquitoes. On top of it all, the service staff were abrupt and cold.
Terrible experience.


Good Arabian and Chinese fare

I frequent White Pepper in Velachery and also highly recommend this place to most of my friends. This is the best place in Velachery for Arabian and Chinese Cuisine esp Shawaya and Shawarmas. Moderately priced and good quantity served. My experience in White Pepper has been good so far..


Worst choice ever!!!

I'd rather try out frog legs and cockroaches....this place is a strict NO...unless you like your food excessively burnt!! I could taste charred meat!! Well if it is not excessively done it is word RAW!!! Especially the chicken...they never maintain the proportion...the butter might as well be called tomato soup!!! So if your trying out different restaurants or are a tourist or even planned for a meal at this place get ready for a nightmare and constipation the next day...


Worst Restaurant

Hello folks,
Please Stay away from this restaurant.The customer service is terrible.The food served is days old.The chicken shawarma i ordered had a fowl smell in it which gave a vommiting sensation to me and my sister.moreover quantity was simply minimal.added to it.half of the chicken was BURNT.YES! you heard me right.the plate had dark charcoal bits all over.and tasted like i was eating ash.the butter chicken i ordered tasted nothing like it at all.infact it tasted more like tomato sauce and hardly had the mughal flavour.My experience here was just terrible.the manager would not even consider our plea so we just paid the bill and left.Which by the way is way more expensive compared to other restaurants of the same status.



The Most Awful Restaurant on Earth !!!!

I recently happened to visit this place after my friend suggested ( revenge in disguise, i guess !?)for starter we ordered a tandoori chicken, which was just warm but quite ok. after much thought, For main course we ordered a sea food friend rice, nan and chinese chicken gravy. i have never tasted (rather smelt) such an awful stinking fried rice. the sea food i m sure was more a than 10 days old. the nan was stale and the gravy simply a s---. i literally wasted 500 bucks. so please do not take risk and waste your hard earned money.


God Sake.. dont think of visiting this


I am Karthik, I visited this restaurant on 22nd OCt 2011. My Suggestion.. "For God Sake.. dont even think of visiting this restaurant' its such a terrible mess. I couldnt find ratings below 'Poor'.. I did a terrible mistake by visiting this restaurant even after reading the 'bad' reviews some time back. I went to White Pepper in Tiruvanmiyur with my friends and it was quite good.. So i thought of expecting the same in Velachery restaurant but its the other way.
The funny part is that... i was giving high hopes to my wife about the restaurant and we first ordered 'Sweet Corn Chicken Soup' with Dragon Chicken Starter ... Soup came with a bad smell like rotten chicken inside and Dragon chickn is half baked / fried with dark red colouring done on its outer skin.... :-( .. Then came the 'Five Coloured Chicken Fried rice' which is like days old and with same smelly jute chicken inside.. It has 'Peas' which also smells like 'not cooked and weeks old'... Only good thing they served is the 'Sizzling Brownie' desert.. Bcos im for sure they did not prepare it.. And bill came around 700 Rs for 2 persons :-(
Wish i could've visited McDonalds ...

Forgot to add.. persons next to my table were also complaining about their Prawns and its smell


vimprash - Burrp User


18 Reviews

October 20,2011


Home delivery---strict NO

Ordered just 3 items for home delivery and i was waiting in hunger. Although taste is not that great i did not have any option so made an order in White Pepper.

I was waiting, waiting and after 1 hour i called up they are saying the same old statement "as soon as possible we will deliver" and they said order is ready but no deliver person.

Oh man... i got it delivered exactly after 93 mins from the time i ordered. Taste was very bad and the food was not hot too :-( .. i decide not to go for this restaurant after that....



I didnt know that this restaurant on the velachery was listed in burp. Went to this place accidentally. First of all there is a valet parking so you need not fish out place for your car. The place is small and is pretty crowded so we had to wait for close to 30mins to get our table. We ate a combination of chinese and northindian. the tomato soup was a tomato clear soup and was bad. The cheese fried wonton had panner as stuffing and was sort of ok. The aloo paratha was awesome. awesome is the word. the hakka noodle and paneer butter masala was sort of ok ish.

plus points: car valet park, resonably priced , good volume of food served.

minuses: crampy, Just palatable food.

visit again??: no.not unless i dont have any other choices



Quality of food-Pathetic

White Pepper is the Most Pathetic place i have ever been to in my life The food is bad so is the service. And to top it all you get insects and stones in your food.
The dim sum which they serve and for which the restaurant is famous are highly overcooked and inedible. I really do not understand how can Burp certifies such kind of restaurant.
Even if you are remotely planning to visit the place i would really suggest you think twice. Even if you survive after eating the insects in the food the mosquitoes in the restaurant are definitely going to give you malaria.
So my warning to all "BEWARE OF While Pepper" it has got full potential to make you sick.



SouthAfrican Run chase ...

Shawarma was good, but rest ... shudnt have tried ...
Dont try Arabian Biryiani !!!
Started like SouthAfrican run chase ... started royally , but once the initial phase was over, the steam jus ran out ... and it gave me one of those moments, when I started hating food !! Good for people who are on dieting ... !!!