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Wild Amazon


  • 45130000
  • 131, Dr Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore, Chennai
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 500

26 Reviews / 31 Ratings

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Wild Amazon Reviews







Reheated Food Served Here

Like a lot of people have complained they serve Reheated food here. So it's better to keep off for risk of food poisoning.


Neil Wilson - Burrp User

Neil Wilson

1 Reviews

November 03,2013






Don't Try it if You Are in a Happy Mood

The service was good.The room temperature was also good.The food being the main component was below average.The dishes were poorly prepared and the taste was awful.The complimentary drink is more horrible than the actual food.



Not worth Money

Food is too little for the money paid. I took my wife for dinner. It seems we got the reheated food. Taste is ok . Not great and all. Had 2 starters,1main and 1 gravy + sizzle brownie. To my shock the bill amount was 1600rs.


sahara20120 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

December 14,2012


Good ambience!!

Ambience is very good. Food was amazing. Service was good. They were very friendly. Had a very good experience. I would definitely suggest this place to my friends.



Worth a try

Good food.
Great ambience.
These are the two key drivers for this restaurant to be doing so well. The food is really good, thought the service is a bit poor. Bein g a vegetarian I didn't expect good vegetarian dishes, but the starters surpassed my expectations. I don't recollect the exact name, but the fried corn starter was really good.



Below Avg Food

Have been here twice..... The ambiance is great, but food is disappointing! The food is served cold, and the only thing we got to do is to re heat it. U wanna try this style of food better go to Bbq nation.


amazing & will recommend to my friends

amazonn ..............amazing place to dine.
forest theme dining at heart of the citi. I had taken my family last week and we have a wonderful experience there.
food was excellent and service also superb.....
nice place to recommed ur friends......................


ambiance is good - service is slow

I had taken my kids for another experience of theme restaurant. The staff (reception) was very polite & kind enough to explain on the buffet & theme type restaurant which they had in the same premise. We decided to go in for theme type, the setup and ambiance was good as expected. We had been given center table. The food was good except for 2 issues - the service was very slow & the place had dampness smell. My kids loved the drums that was present near the exit door. They have valet parking as parking is not available inside the premise.



nah nah

am sure u hav better places to dine in chennai.. was a super flop lunch wid my friends



Worst place Ever

Please go to this place if you want to have the worst meal experience. Me and my family went here for lunch and we were asked to wait in the reception for over 30 minutes. After the wait, we were shown a table and were surprised to see that almost all the tables in the restaurant were empty. After getting the table, we were told that their are no menu cards available and the order was taken by the waiter after a very very long time. The waiter told it will be a 30 minute wait for the food and we actually waited for close to one hour for the food to come to the table. The starters were served after the mains and they were cold as well. We couldn't even have a bite of certain dishes that we ordered and ended up not eating most of the stuff. Lastly, the bill included items that we had not ordered and it was a frustrating experience asking the waiters to change it. Overall it was the worst experience I ever had in a restaurant in Chennai.




the ambience takes all the credit. food is just below average.



dream comes true

This is the first time to WILD AMAZON. my friends gave me a surprise on my B'day by showing such a restaurant. i love to have food in forest. had lots of fun with the animals(artificial). without reading menu card, just with the suggestion of their staff we placed the order. its a right choice of menu and food tastes awesome. but it took some etc time to reach our table and its worth to wait. my friends gave me surprise, but the staffs gave surprise to my friends by giving a birthday cake without asked. the supervisors kept eye on our table to keep us comfortable. expected such a experience for a long time. now it comes true on my B;day. thank u wild amazon.


Jungle experience

Great ambiance, we settled in.. Ordered the food. The waiters were roaming in jungle dress and constantly staring at us. Ordered soup, it was so not a soup, bad soup. ordered golden fry baby corn, chef master forgot to add salt. Ordered veg kofta and they said it has 6 pieces, but it had 2 pieces, but however we could eat only one piece out of it and felt relieved that they did not give 6 pieces. I have developed a kofta fobia then. Though the jungle people forgot to deliver the papad which we ordered, they did not forget to bill it. We were finally so happy to leave the jungle.


prs12345 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 04,2011



I am new to Chennai & I heard about this restaurant from my friend who is very regular. so I tried it on a Saturday evening I was really carried away by its food , service & the most important is the ambiance i really fell in love with this place its just as I always dreamed of.


December 5, 2011response from management at Wild Amazon:

Thank you Very Much for the good review!!

devsub123 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 28,2011



I have been many times to wild amazon restaurant. It's a great get away place from our busy work schedule. The forest ambiance with sights and sounds of forest & animals makes this place feel more like a real forest. My favorite food here is their kebabs and Chinese. To specify their Tandoori Raan, Moroccan Grilled Chicken Kebab, & Honey Garlic Cauliflower are the best and tastes awesome..

I heard from their Manager Arvind, that they are renovating the restaurant and lauching a new menu for christmas & new year. Arvind also told that live appam counters, egg couters may also be added on the menu.

For my fellow burppers, I recommend this restaurant for a lovely candle lit dinner (on request) or a corporate get together. If informed earlier, the manager (arvind) will make any of your occasion more special.

To the managemnt, I have requested them to improvise their valet parking and add more valet drivers to avoid waiting time.


December 5, 2011response from management at Wild Amazon:

Thank you very much devsub123

vidkish24 - Burrp User


6 Reviews

October 22,2011


Wild amazonian Mice!!

We were a group of 4 friends who went to wild amazon for dinner yesterday.

The ambience of the place was pretty good, though i would have preferred a tad bit better lighting. The service was courteous as well and all seemed to go well as long as we heard and saw a few mice darting around the place.

They were constantly running around the place, on the floor and in the ceiling and through the dense jungle ( if i may call it one). We had ordered food by then and whatever came to the table was indeed very tasty, but all we could think of was the mice and whether it would run straight onto us.

At the end of the meal, we asked one of the waiters whether there were mice around, and he innocently says.. yes madam, there are a lot of mice, but dont worry.. they wont come out when there are lights!!! Seriously??? I wonder what the kitchen looks like with all the mice running around, and its shuddering to even think of it.

May be they are trying to get a authentic amazonian field with live mice, but i'd rather take a clean, simple diner any day!



Great Ambience, Average Food and Kiling Costly!

To start with, Good things about this place – The ambience is really nice and you feel like you actually in a theme restaurant and not a dummy place. The statues of wild animals, positioned nicely in the dark but appropriately lit place make the entire floor realistic. The wooden furniture and stone walls covered with green (artificial though) plants just add to the beauty of the entire place. To add to all this, they play roars and growls of the wild animals that catches you unaware and the entire atmosphere becomes lively as if you in some reserve park if not in real jungle.

However …. The good things stop just here. The waiters are a confused lot and do not really know what all they have to offer and what among that is recommended. The portions are little as compared to other places charging similar places and taste of all dishes are just average.

Based on the recommendation of the waiter, we ordered Veg Manchow Soup and Burnt Garlic Soup and guess what … both came out to be the same soups, the only difference being Manchow Soup had some crispy noodles in it. The Crispy Corn Chilly Pepper was just okay and nothing special to talk about. The Mango Rupture that was supposed to be a Mango juice mixed with Vanilla Ice-cream, dry Coconut Powder was way too different than expected. It was too sour for above description, dry coconut was missing and some sugar crystals were seen on the periphery of the glass and the juice like thing was topped with pair of mint leaves. It was disappointing by all means.

Vegetable Jalfrezi we ordered was nothing but simple Onion curry and I did not understand why they call it with the name of such a nice delicacy. They served humble Dal Makhani as Amazon Special Dal (Wow!) which not even average by taste! Butter Roti and Missi Rotis we ordered were just okay.

The worst part – Price. The dishes are exorbitantly costly here. Come on, how can you accept that a Roti costs you ` 50/- and above that ALL varieties of Rotis have same charge!!! The glass of so called Mango Rupture was ` 150/-, the Veggie dish (Onion Subji) was at ` 135/- and the great Amazon Special Dal was for killing ` 175/-.

Guys, if you are saying that the prices are high because of the ambience, please beware … that new ambience only makes people to come to your shop and trust me if you don’t work on the prices these first visits would be the last ones.

My bill for two of us was ` 990/- and 10% of Service Charge on top of it was icing on the cake.

To summarize, you may want to explore this nice ambience only if you are okay to shell out money that one spends in elite restaurants. The choice is yours!!!



Dinner in forest

Been to this restaurant few days go with family.Chennai has got few of these theme kind of restaurants in form of chains....we all liked the deco and kids did click few pics with the animals there....the place was bit dark and air condtitioning was ok maybe we walked a bit late there....we ordered for punjabi food and chinese.the food was good but nothing special in taste.Overall a good trip to the forest for kids....


ggprasad - Burrp User


9 Reviews

January 06,2011


Really Wild...

We, me and my hubby, visited this place yesterday for dinner.
The positives
- Different interiors
- Quality of food
- Quantity of food
- Excellent service
- Presentation of food
- The sizzling Borwnie is outstanding

Areas of improvement
- Can change the airconditioner's setting. It directly hits your face which is very difficult to manage.
- It is a bit dark. Can work on the lighting.
- Try to have some movement for the animals which will create a real good feel.

Overall this is the best place for dine out.



I'm a FAN

I have fallen for these guys!
What an interior man! Whoa!! **grinning**
took kids here, it was worth the effort, I have no job on the Mylapore side of Chennai, but took them here only seeing photos from a friend's album.

Food was excellent, deserts can get **kin better! lol the meat made up for it man! Tandoori, Indian was our menu of the day! it was way too good, just perfect!

Coolers were good, wife enjoyed the Mint Cooler, and said it was punchy! well done..

Kids were the heroes of the day, they were all around the place, and teased the waiter in Wild animal attires! they were patient to the kids too...


Stunning Interiors and equally good food...

I have to take pity on Godha.s who has written a review below, sorry to hear that man, hope you got some food soon for your pregnant woman.

Well the experience was completely different for us, we went in a group, after a friend suggested this place. Actually we were back from the beach, and soooo tired after all the games that we play. It was a get together for us family, with some people from the Singapore part of the world, and some from Bombay. So I had to treat them someplace very different.

To my surprise this place stood to it's tall claims of the name! and the men were dressed in wild animal suits, and it took us all by surprise! What an experience!! [I have been to such places all over India, and abroad, this one was way good!]

Food was excellent and everything was marinated well. Smelt good, tasted like how it should be.!!

Thumps Up!!


nashven - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 14,2010


Worst restaurant

Very very bad food and taste. they charge so much and the food is so bad, it was so dissapointing

please avoid and save money and time


shylusri123 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 12,2010


Amazing Amazon

we got surprised by seeing the outer atmosphere. looks like real falls, with crocodiles, gorillas etc. got a warm welcome by the non tamilian girls. entered into the restaurant with some fear but really enjoyed the ambience. the lights are very dim, felt so sad. olda aged people need a helper to read the menu and a guide to find their seat. order takers are so kind and helpful, but got confused with the servers bcoz of language. but it was not a issue. foods served by orderwise. satisfied with the quality and quantity. mainly the grill chicken and lamb leg, its extra ordinary. dessert serving tooks a long time than usual. reasonable price. the staffs gave me a nice happy birthday wishes with the tribal costume and music.overall we were fully satisfied and enjoyed. decided to have a meal in alarab (one of the restaurant belongs to the same group)soon.


godha_s - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 02,2010


poor service

the ambience is excellent n very impressive.ut we were highly disappointed by the food n service.we had to wait for almost 1 hour for the main course.we had a pregnant woman n a small child in the group n so had to walk out without food in search of another place.the paneer they served was so hard we could not eat.these ppl have to improve service n food else will have to give in to stif competition.


gudolfudee - Burrp User


8 Reviews

September 02,2010


Rain Forest again?

We went in eagerly expecting a totally diff ambience, but guess what,it was like a deja vu! for a second we thought we had gone to Rain forest restaurant! same cavy walls, waiters wearing leopard design uniform, same Indo-chinese cuisine, the only difference is that is RAIN forest, this is AMAZON forest, I mean COMMON GUYS! Gimme me a break! Sooo, we ran into their other Buffet restaurant AL Arab, will write a review in its own section...


Ambience scores !!

Ever since this place opened up i was eager to check them out ,its because i love their set-up "MOUTHFUL" in T.Nagar..

* There are two restaurants here ,one is "AL ARAB" that serves buffet & the other being "WILD AMAZON" ,a forest themed restaurant.

* The interiors were true to its name "WILD AMAZON" ,a superb jungle ambience with sounds of their flowing water & birds chirping ,their plates ,attire ,everything had a jungle feel to it ,their lighting too was very impressive.

* We were warmly greeted & seated quickly ,most of the items in the menu card were like greek & latin to me :( ,but we were helped in our choices by the staff.

* But the staff seem to be lost when i asked for suggestions ,they hardly remember two to three dishes on the menu that they recommend ,so we ordered what they recommended.

* For south indian food lovers am sorry to say that their choices are very very limited ,being a multi-cuisine restaurant they must have atleast some dishes for their native customers.

* The starters of Hot & soup chicken soup was superb followed by crispy & tasty chicken lollipops ,their grilled chicken also was really good.

* Then came our main & side dishes which i must say weren't satisfactory ,their quantity of chicken biryani & chicken fried rice were plenty ,almost enough for three people but their taste wasn't that great :(

* The side dishes they recommended too were off the same league as the main dishes ,overall nothing special to write home about :(

* Didn't checkout their desserts much as we filled up our stomachs not wanting to waste our food but their lime mint cooler was good.

* The bill was on the expensive side as expected but the money we pay is more for the ambience then the food ,a sad fact ,i hope the management reverses this soon.

* This place is apt for a friends who can try out the variety of dishes on offer but for a family with limited appetite then you better order carefully ,i hope the staff can be more well versed in their menu to help out their customers.

Will i visit again ???
Maybe if the reviews get better but if am going with a group containing kids then this surely is a place that they will love ....