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Zha Cafe

AdyarChennai    & IN 1 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 04442116027, +919500008287
  • No.25, 2nd Street, Kamarajar Avenue, Next to Bharat School, Adyar, Chennai
  • Snacks, Tea and Coffee

33 Reviews / 33 Ratings

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Zha Cafe Reviews





I Feel At Home!

It looks like a home indeed :) Very peaceful - homely food. I loved it! You should try it.


Great Hang Out!

Pleasant Sunday evening and I was driving with my friends around Adyar looking for a place to hang out. I've heard so much about Zha cafe but hadn't been there at all.

So I suggested Zha cafe and my friends were happily in. We headed to the road where Bharath school is and reached Zha cafe hoping not to wait for a table.

An Ayyanar welcomed us at the entrance. We stepped into an independent house convert cafe with old doors, and a roof like ceiling.
The hall space was utilized well with four tables. Each room had a different theme. There was a big Rajasthani room, snake and ladder room, kerala style room, behind the movie room, bean bag room and a private room.
All the rooms were occupied with various kinds of people - Rajasthani room was filled with a group celebrating a friend's birthday, some rooms had people working seriously over a cup of coffee, some rooms had people just catching up with each other.

Since all the rooms were filled, we sat in one of the tables in the hall space. The cafe had a shelf, stocked with a variety of tamil novels.

A waiter came to take our order. We ran over their extensive menu(Yes, extensive for a cafe).
We ordered Green crush, Chicken Madras Masala maggi, Panner bhurji open sandwich and chilli cheese sandwich.

The waiters are well informed and patient here. They come to take your order, pitch in the day's specials, check if you need anything else occasionally, inform you if a room is free, patiently wait over birthday party tantrums, polite and most importantly gives your group, your space. You hardly expect such waiters at a cafe. Great job guys.

The green crush arrived first. It was more of a slush and was decent.
The Madras masala maggi took forever. The maggi was a regular one we make at home, with extra southern spices, veggies and chicken sausages. 110 bucks for a maggi, maybe slightly steep.
Nevertheless, we had a great time over here. So we don't mind paying a slightly extra price for one dish.

The paneer open bhurji sandwich was very tasty. The burji was yum and spicy.
The chilli cheese was a regular affair.

If you want to catch up with a group, this is a great place.
All the above at 350 odd bucks, totally worth it.

Would I recommend this place over other regular coffee chains? - Definitely yes. Much better place, in fact.
The cafe offers you a variety of options, both ambiance and food wise.

Food - 3.5/5
Service - 4.5/5
Ambiance - 4/5
VFM - 4/5


Perfect Place to Unwind

After a long hectic day at office, with on call which was for 30 mins lasted for about little more than 2 hours got over, I headed to the newly opened "Zha" Cafe at Porur. This is a newly opened branch for the original one in Adyar. Trust me it was a complete unwind for me after a hectic day. I guess it was the same with most of us.
The whole concept of Zha Cafe is to ensure that your get all what you had wanted to eat in a tea shop or coffee kadai in a more healthier environment. I was surprised to see my favorite drink on the menu " Pana Kalkandu Paal " This is a drink made by mixing milk with Palm sugar. A very healthy drink especially when you have a sore throat. It is so soothing and helps to mend your throat too.
The ambience of Zha Cafe is very casual, just like how a living room of a house would look like. The chairs are low lying with cushions, to give you a very relaxed feel.
The props and Ambience in Zha Cafe gives you a village atmosphere and a tea kadai feel.We had Kadalai ,Peanuts and Pori Urundai. to start off . Pori Urundai that has been prepared in a hygienic way was a hit with me.
Athirasam with Banana drizzled with honey is a dish that Arasi has eaten at a friends place and wanted it to be on the menu of Zha Cafe. It tasted so good and for athirasam lovers like me, it was perfect.
The food that is being offered at Zha Cafe are some of the forgotten ones or the ones that we do not give much importance. Inipu aval is something which is very commonly receipe, but not many of us make it at home. Their menu actually reminded me to prepare certain simple dishes that we have long forgotten. I hear non vegetarians grumble about the menu, not to worry guys, Zha Cafe offers you chicken sandwiches and salads to cater to your taste palate.
To end the wonderful meal you have just had, the array of thirst quenchers Zha Cafe offers you not only caters to your throat but also to the eyes. What a riot of colors I should say. Each drink with its unique taste and flavor was wonderful.


August 19, 2013response from management at zhacafe:

:) Hi Kamalika...
It is an wonderful review by you. Thank you so much for taking time to give us your thoughts!
I am very happy you enjoyed the food at Zha.
Do visit us again to enjoy our new additions in couple of weeks time.

August 19, 2013response from management at akamalika:

Are the additions happening in Porur or Adyar , Arasi. This cafe has become a hot fav with my colleagues and they all like it.

August 19, 2013response from management at zhacafe:

at both our branches mam.

Best Place to Spend time with Friends!

I personally feel, this is one of the best and Innovative place where friends can comfortably sit and chat.
The environment was so good, well treated and prices were economic too!
I would surely request many ‘not to miss’ visiting the Place.. =)

Will visit again for sure =D


March 14, 2013response from management at zhacafe:

Hi Ms.Rohini,
Do visit again...


Something different!

Recently arrived in Chennai from Australia. What I like about this cafe is its Tamil theme. Sometimes I just don't understand why many cafe entrepreneurs need to feel that to attract customers you need present pretentious western or northern Indian ambiance. Ain't Tamil cool? I think Zha Cafe shows that Tamil themed cafes can be cool!
Kudos for the owner for trying something different! I wish you guys all the best.


March 2, 2013response from management at zhacafe:

Hello Sir,
Thanks for taking time to give your review here. Its such appreciation and encouragement which keeps us going!
Do drop by again.


A Cultural Touch

Has good themes around the place ! We were treated with great enthusiasm. Went for a bday party there and we enjoyed it. Food there is tasty and almost feels home made. The games are bit old but it definitely is a good choice for friends who get together to shed off boredom !


December 17, 2012response from management at zhacafe:

Hi Peanut Butter,
Thanks for taking time to give us ur good word here. Glad you enjoyed the party here.
Hoping to see you soon.

skulldugger - Burrp User


7 Reviews

November 19,2012


Putting the ZHA in TamiZHAn

ZHA is a truly delightful hideout tucked away in a quiet street. The food is nothing to write home about, but is more than competent. The ambience however, is really unique. Each room has its own unique decor, drawn from the propreitress' sense of style and design. The degree kaapi is quite nice. Other traditional favourites like the adirasam are also quite tasty. My favourite of course was the ladakkz, a rich concoction of brownies beat into coffee. Definitely a must try, if only for the serene ambience that affords you the privacy of a room at affordable prices


December 17, 2012response from management at zhacafe:

Hi Skulldugger ,
Thanks for your review here. Dakalz is one of the fast moving cold beverage in our cafe. See you soon.


NOT bad!

visited this place last month...! it actually tuk about half an hour for me to find this place...nice place to spend a couple of hours with frnds ...moderate cost..! tasty food....but served wid really less quantity ..!! NOT WORTH THE COST ...though the taste of d food is not bad..!! ambiance is really amazing ...! very new concept :D ....n how can i be widout mentioning the friendly service ??... everything was good except to the fact dat d food is not worth the cost...! but worth visiting for the ambiance ..!


December 17, 2012response from management at zhacafe:

Hello Mr.Akash,
We have installed new sign boards now. I would say we are actually cheaper than most of the coffee shops in Chennai.
Anyways do visit us again and give us the pleasure to serve you .

Fantastic..... But,

Been there on my Birthday.... Had Payasam which was as good as my mom's..... Everything was very fine.... But when we asked for Temple Sadam, the lady over there shouted and said , we cant make it now, even though we said we can wait having some munchies..... She was really irritating....We immediately finished with the bill and started. That is not the way to speak.... But everything else was very wonderfull.


December 17, 2012response from management at zhacafe:

Dear Mrs.Thishi,
I am exteremely sorry for the experience you had. My number is 95000 08287. Please call me next time you visit, we want to treat you on the house for the bad experience you had with us.
I want to inform you that we have taken temple sadam out of our menu.

I am once again sorry for the experience . Please call me , I will make sure that you will have a wholesum - loveable experience this time.

brilliant concept

just loved the concept of this place.. superior thought to have themed rooms. the food was also good. like the tea i ordered. the chicken sandwich was also good. i hope they expand coz i dont wanna be sent back as there are only 5 rooms. thumbs up!!!


December 17, 2012response from management at zhacafe:

Hello Mr.GoodFoodGuy!
Nice to know you loved our place and our food. Do come back to enjoy our holiday season offer and new items.

amaravind - Burrp User


16 Reviews

November 09,2012


Great place to hangout

I love Zha because of it's uniqueness in being a Thamizh cafe - right from the menu (featuring several Thamizh dishes like Adhirasam, Bajjis, even kamarkat), the room themes, the games (like Pallanguzhi, paramapadam, marappachi bommais), the music - everything has a strong Thamizh stamp.The drinks named after several pop cultural references like "jalabalajanx", "dikkilona" etc make the menu interesting.

All the dishes I've had were tasty, no complaints at all.

I would love the place even more if the menu included more Thamizh items like Paniyarams, Medhu Pakodas, Bonda, Sojji, kozhukkattai etc.


December 17, 2012response from management at zhacafe:

Greetings Mr.Amararavind,
It was a pleasure to read your review here. Thanks a ton for this.
We are expanding our menu and you should come back for it soon.

Cafe Zha is good

Good place to hang out for those who like the idea of sampling local Tamil snacks and having things like tender coconut water or a cool lassi! Their bajjis are v.good, crispy and piping hot! I went there first a year back on a friend's recommendation and loved the place. Went again after a year and it was still good so would recommend it, especially during non peak hours (post lunch, for eg, or in the mornings).


Always a pleasurable experience :)

Tucked in a small street of the busy LB Road is Zha cafe. I have been here many times and have enjoyed it everytime. My favourite is the Madras masala maggi and the Bajji's. They also make the best Cheese Bites in Chennai btw. The Menu is affordable and inviting. The cafe has many rooms and every room is themed and different so everytime you visit you can choose a different ambience. They often have some quirky discount offers and the first time we went we got to send a postcard to anywhere for free. Must visit if you stay nearby.


April 2, 2012response from management at zhacafe:

Hello Mr.Dsouza,
Thanks for taking time to give us this great review. I am glad you enjoyed the food at Zha. We will serve you to your fullest satisfaction always.


ma next date @ zha cafe

i m gonna visit the cafe with ma prince charming hope i hve a grt time out der ........


April 2, 2012response from management at zhacafe:

Hi Ms.Nisha,
Did you get the chance to visit us? Please do let us know your feedback. I am sure you would ve had a wonderful time.

manishmen - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 16,2012


A great place

A great place. Great service, food and ambience. The touch of postcards and free icecreams on solving puzzles is great:)
Great Maggi and Bajjis


April 2, 2012response from management at zhacafe:

Hi Manish,
I didnt realise you have given us this great review here. :) Thanks a lot.
We have added more puzzles for you to get more free food. Enjoy .


anubavam puthumai...

Excellent place in that crampy side road in Adyar. Didn't expect this relief when we walked in.

It was our high school reunion and none of us wanted to go to this place but the last minute confusions and cancellations made us walk here and I am surely not regretting it.

When I walked in , i didn't expect to see such a difference in every single detail. The owner Arasi was kind enough to show us around and explain about everything.

The only hitch I found was the parking. Please work on that.

Being 7 months pregnant, I was in one of my "hunger mode" and their athirasam twist with honey was my answer to it.

They even had kolu in their coffee house and it was the first time i have seen a kolu physically. Their ambiance was out of the world, I have not seen something like this , at least not in a coffee house.

Suresh had 3 plates of madras masala noodles :) knowing him we were not surprised and they had some funny names ( gounder-senthil comedy related names) for their fizz drinks and one name which strikingly stood out was Meena. Karthik kept asking for " i want one Meena" to the waiter who actually didnt understand the meaning. :) lol.

Service was ok. No smiling face thou'.????

I have uploaded more pictures in my blog , do check it out.

I am definitely going there and I logged here jus to review abt this place because this is a must go which ppl shldnt miss.


November 6, 2011response from management at zhacafe:

Hello Sir,
Thank you for taking time to give us such a good review. Please do visit us now as we are having an interesting offer going on. Please visit our FB page to know more.


not good..

didnt like the place... stepped in and came out...


August 15, 2011response from management at zhacafe:

ah! sir ,
You shld ve tried our food, you would ve become our regular customer. Please visit again and the coffee is on the house.

Chichu - Burrp User


6 Reviews

August 15,2011


Great place, but can be better

I had been there second time yesterday and did not feel bad but did not feel thrilled. The cheese sandwich tasted odd, but bhaji and coffee was as good as the tamil music in the background. The service was good. Areas of improvement should be in comfortable seating.


August 15, 2011response from management at zhacafe:

Hello Sir,
Good Morning, Thanks for visiting us again. Sorry I was not around at the cafe yesterday. We have fully renovated the place and now we are changing the seating in couple of the rooms and the theme in another room .Next time you come I assure you that you will enjoy it.
Hope your son enjoyed too.


Worst cafe experience I've ever had

I went to Zha with my sister on a Monday evening, after hearing great things about it on this site. It was the most unpleasant experience I've ever had. The ambience is great, and it's a relaxing space, but unless there's a major improvement in the service, I'd advise people to keep off. Most of the options on the menu apparently weren't available. I chose the sundal, which I would imagine to be one of the simplest items to prepare. I was kept waiting half an hour for it, and when after great difficulty I got the attention of a waiter, I was told that this wasn't available either. The original waiter who'd taken our order hadn't bothered to inform us about this. It's not even as if the place was crowded - there were only a few customers around, and the role of the waiters seemed to be to lounge around in the main room, with customer service rather low on the priority list. Finally, when we received the bill, it had a Rs. 20 "add-on" for something we hadn't requested. Not to mention a pre-computed service charge - if anything, we should have received a discount for going to a place with such poor service. It's a shame, as the cafe has such a promising concept. But unless the service improves drastically, I'm not returning, and I'm going to warn my friends off the place as well.


July 25, 2011response from management at zhacafe:

Dear Mr.Sahadev,
I am extremely sorry for this bitter experience you had at our cafe today. I dont think it is fair on my part to give you just apologies. This is my mobile number 9500008287, please call me when you can and I will personally accompany you at the cafe and make sure that you enjoy the best of our service. This is the first complain I am getting on our service and I am not going to go easy on our workers on this. I take the full responsibility and will see to that you become one of our regular customers.
Please accept my

July 25, 2011response from management at sahadev77:

Dear Ms. Arasi,

Thank you for your prompt response. Maybe I was a bit too harsh, but the cafe has so much going for it and it was really unfortunate that the experience was ruined by the service. From the other reviews, I know how much of a personal interest you take in the customers. So this wasn't intended as a personal criticism, but rather meant to inform you about some aspects of which you might not be aware. Because you've been so nice about it, I will definitely give the place another try next time I'm in Chennai. As I said befo


completely underrated!

I read good reviews for Zha Cafe and decided to try it out though I wasn't sure whether it would just be all hype. Went with my mom, cousins and two little children. I was pleasantly surprised from the start.
The waiters were courteous and helpful and explained the themes of all rooms before we chose one. MOST rooms are very child-friendly and the floor-level seating is perfect if you take a baby along. They also brought crayons and paper for my 3 yr old and that kept him busy.
The drinks were SUPERB and the snacks were all great... we ordered quite a few of them. Nice condiments, too. Well made, fresh, true to the description (and therefore, polished off fast!!) The prices are pretty good, particularly if you compare it with other coffee chains which give you boring western food options.
Nice music, nice decor, clean (clean bathroom too!), no mosquitoes. I was very surprised that this place isn't flooded with customers (we went on a weekday evening though).
If I must find a fault, it was that the tables were a bit small so they got very cramped with our drinks and snacks. Also, the waiter didn't tell us ahead of time about a discount that is offered with a certain credit card and wouldn't change the bill once we saw the offer. He later packed us free french fries when we insisted.

Otherwise, a GREAT place to hang out and perfectly worth your money!!


July 1, 2011response from management at zhacafe:

Hello Mrs. Mirdu,
First of all , thank you for taking time off to post about us.
Sorry about the mis-communication about the offer we had to give for the card. I am glad we were able to make it up for you thro' some means.
You should come by now, we have added new exciting items to our old extensive menu.
Drop by sometime , you can call us and book if you want to enjoy in any particular room.


Completely underrated!

I read good reviews for Zha Cafe and decided to try it out though I wasn't sure whether it would be all hype. Went with my mom, cousins and two little children. I was pleasantly surprised from the start.
The waiters were courteous and helpful and explained the themes of all rooms before we chose one. MOST rooms are very child-friendly and the floor-level seating is perfect if you take a baby along. They also brought crayons and paper for my 3 yr old and that kept him busy.
The drinks were SUPERB and the snacks were all great... we ordered quite a few of them. Nice condiments, too. Well made, fresh, true to the description (and therefore, polished off fast!!) The prices are pretty good, particularly if you compare it with other coffee chains which give you boring western food options.
Nice music, nice decor, clean (clean bathroom too!), no mosquitoes. I was very surprised that this place isn't flooded with customers (we went on a weekday evening though).
If I must find a fault, it was that the tables were a bit small so they got very cramped with our drinks and snacks. Also, the waiter didn't tell us ahead of time about a discount that is offered with a certain credit card and wouldn't change the bill once we saw the offer.
Otherwise, a GREAT place to hang out and perfectly worth your money!!


????? ? ( vazhaga Zha)

???? ???????? ???????? ???????????? ???????? , ????? ??????? ????????????? ????????????.

The place took me by surprise.

Featuring an eclectic ambiance. Zha Cafe offers different rooms and table types best suited to larger groups. The overall design sticks to its theme, they even have mud pot with gadgets for their speakers. Even the small back patio area, although suffering from much less attention comes off pleasantly with bamboo fencing.

They had a fairly extensive menu. I left more weightage was given to the drinks than short eats.
Zha's owner asked us to try Athirasam with Banana ( indian sweet with a twist) and Mango Smoothie and said we wont regret it and she was absolutely right. We went in their as a gang of 5 and we ended up ordering 3 more of those two again.
I would recommend that they add more heavier food items in their menu.

Pricing is inline with the competition, ranging from 50rs-150rs for most items.

I loved this. The waiter Anbu took us around the cafe and explained to us about the cafe, its concept and the owner took over and gave more extensive explanation about the name "?".
Kudos to the team.
The problem was street parking. Coming in 2 cars, we found it difficult to find a parking space.

Awesome service. Ok, we asked a small change in our DAKALZ ( which they didnt get it right in the first time ) so we had to send it back again but when we asked them to add more browine to it the next time or asked for more soda in their TIKILONA( a must try - their special GOLI SODA) , they did it with a smile. Not a single complain or frown.

Will I come again? Ofcourse.

Btw, they have a TV room which you can hire to watch a movie with friends. We are so very going there this weekend.


June 23, 2011response from management at zhacafe:

Hi Mr.Mathi,
Sorry I am replying here in burrp v late. :) And all i can do here now is thank you to have become our regular customer now a days.
See you soon.


Good food, interesting ambiance

VERDICT: Zha feels like walking into your grandma’s home (albeit a very spruced-up home, and I’m not entirely sure I prefer the innovative decor) and being pampered with some good old filter kapi with a side of sundal, masala vadai, ellu urundai or the various quintessentially south-indian snacks that you remember from your childhood. Highly recommend.

REVIEW: Returning to Chennai after a 2-year hiatus, I spotted good reviews of this cafe on burrp and decided to try it for myself. I was curious what an índian themed coffee shop'would be like. A friend and I dined at the outdoors area -- which consisted of just one three-seater table and a couple of stone benches. I will admit that after having seen the pictures on the website, I had high expectations, and sadly the ambiance was a little underwhelming. I had expected somehow a more sun-lit, airy space instead of the small-ish, low-roofed home the cafe was housed in.

That said, the innovative decor added an interesting feel to the place --- the novelty factor is certainly there. I wish that they had done something else with the 'living room' area. The two sofas plonked in the middle of the space did not look very inviting; I almost felt this was some sort of main passageway and sitting there would be in the way. I would've preferred more conventional cafe seating, with tables and chairs...but that's a minor grievance. If you do bring a set of friends with you, one of the rooms are the way to go, they're each done up in a unique manner.

Having said that, if you do visit --- you should do it for the food, not the ambiance. The food was without reproach. I was quite blown away, first by the menu and the extensive choice, and second by the actual food. Granted it's pricey, but given that this is probably the one place when I can get tea and local snack-fare in a cafe setting, I wouldn't complain much. The tea was good, the sundal sandwich even better. It’s not the best food you’ll ever have, but it’s certainly familiar south-indian snack fare, and being able to order it at a cafe with a side of filter coffee is heaven.

A final note: I'd asked for the tea kadai platter -- some savories, sweets and biscuits with a masala tea -- but wanted to trade everything else on the platter for just some biscuits. I wasnt being difficult; I just really like my butter biscuits w tea :) The confused waiter brought us the staple fare, which I sent back and repeated my request for biscuits instead. The owner then came out to greet us and introduce herself and gave us a platter of biscuits as I had originally requested --- and made that on the house.

If this is not exemplary customer service, I dont know what is. On that alone, I would highly highly recommend this cafe. I was willing to pay the platter fare for a few extra biscuits (which were not for sale separately) but instead this gesture not only indicated that they are willing to accommodate quirky customer requests, but treat it as a natural part of running a customer-oriented business. With most cafes being plagued with abysmal service this is a rare and refreshing change. Top marks to zha!


June 23, 2011response from management at zhacafe:

Hi Lavanya,
This is Arasi here, I clearly remember talking to you that day and giving you those biscuits. I am in love with those biscuits myself and hence it was my instant reaction.
I am so glad that you loved it.
Do visit again and we will have more things to offer you.


Cosy n Just like home !

The place was absolutely comfy n cosy.. Being a hosteller, it was wonderful to be in a place wit a home like ambience... had gr8 time playing pallanguzhi n pramapadham :) got nostalgic abt the days in my patti's house... the ppl were very frndly n the place had a gr8 concept for each room ... tried only a part of their menu... bajji's were gr8.. the drinks were nt that impressive (we mite ve ordered the wrong combinations..) but the overall experience was really awesome !!!


April 17, 2011response from management at zhacafe:

Hi Smruthi,
Thanks for taking time off to write about us here. We are happy to serve you and make you feel at home.
Next time I will help you in choosing your drinks :)
See you around,

One of my fav places.

This place is walking distance from my house and every time, I need to get out or need a break or I want just a good cup of coffee, I go to this place. It is a small place considering it is a house converted into a cafe. The staff is nice and friendly, especially one of the cafe partners who makes it a point to talk to everyone there whenever she is around.

The best part of this place is that it has free wifi which means I can do my work in a quiet place surrounded by people.

The menu is not very extensive but is decent and food is pretty good too. What makes this place special is the games that they have. The board games. Big huge board games.

They give one of their rooms with a TV on hire. So friends can hire it and watch a movie together. It is a pretty interesting place and I would say, must visit.


April 16, 2011response from management at zhacafe:

Hi Rashi,
Thanks for taking time to burrp here :) When you come back for your next semester you will be having a huge/extensive menu in front of you , I can assure you that.
Best of luck for your exams.
See you around,

nostalgic trip

I just want to thank you zha cafe for giving me the opportunity to play the games I used to play with my mom again after 35 years.

My mom and I used to play pallanguzhi back in my village when I was a kid and during her last few conscious days she recalled playing the game with me again at your cafe.

Thanks for providing this experience which I will cherish through out my life.

Love your coffee, ambiance and most of all your concept.

Mangalam Selvam
Prof of Physics

PS: my son from US gave this link after I told him about how his patti loved your place. thnks burrp for this good review page.


April 11, 2011response from management at zhacafe:

Vanakam Prof Mangalam,
Please accept my condolence for your loss.

I quote to everyone how your mother and you enjoyed the experience at our cafe and I felt that we have achieved what we wanted to give across to the clients.
Please forward me your number, I would love to get in touch with you. My mail id is

Please do visit us again, you are our valuable customer and whenever you are going to visit our cafe, the coffee is on the house.

Thanking you,
Arasi Arul

Chichu - Burrp User


6 Reviews

March 13,2011


Down to earth coffee

My wife had to do some shopping, my son was hungry and I needed a nice coffee. Searched Burrp and saw Zha Cafe in Adyar. I liked the photos so went there. But the place took me by surprise. It was not like those modern cafe's we have. This was like home (it is a house converted to a coffee shop). Simple furniture, nice ambiance. We choose the room which looked like a cinema discussion room. I took the chair marked "Villan". The menu was good we ordered some sandwiches and strawberry milkshake and capuchino. And one of their special drinks called Spoonlinks (remember Senthil-Goundamani comedy in Gentlemen!!!).

Food was good, Drinks were great. Capuchino was not top-notch, but it was not bad. I think the coffee bean is more for south Indian coffee. What I liked most was the atmosphere. They gave toys and coloring sheets to my son, keeping him busy. With a pleasant tamil songs playing and son being busy, I couldn't have a better time. The host Arasi was very cordial and service was very fast. Looking forward to go again.


March 18, 2011response from management at zhacafe:

Hello Sir,
Greetings from Zha .
Thanks for visiting our cafe and taking time off to post your views.Glad you liked the ambiance.
We really enjoyed having you with us. Your son was an angel :).
Wishing you a great weekend ahead. Cheers!!

The Wow Place

We did not plan to visit ya place. But we are glad we did. You sure should do more advertisements. I live in Adyar and I did not know you have been existing over a year now .

Arasi , sure ya doing a good job. Love the Bajji at your cafe. Will visit you soon. Keep rocking.


March 18, 2011response from management at zhacafe:

Hi Shahul,
Thanks for visiting us on the 9th. Good / Positive reviews are our biggest advertisements. Thank you once again :D
Eager to serve you again.

We enjoyed the sukku coffee and the movie

I wanted to celebrate my wife's birthday differently and I read about Zha Cafe in On-sale Express and I booked their TV for watching my wife's favourite movie and had asked the management to arrange for flowers and couple of special songs to be played when we walked in.
They did a wonderful job in taking care of the smallest detail and had even decorated the place for us.
We had sukku coffee and bajjii apart from few tit bits but I enjoyed the experience more.

Good place , lovely people and but more importantly had a wonderful time with my wife.


February 22, 2011response from management at zhacafe:

Hello Rajendaran,
We are glad that you had a wonderful time at our cafe with your wife. Please do visit us more often and we are having lots of events happening this march.
See you Soon,

homely place and lovely food

i read about this place in an in-flight magazine and during my trip to chennai , i visited zha. it was true to what the article talked. homely place , no loud music ... :) friendly staffs and decent food menu.

i met my school frndz here and we had such a wonderful time and i am really hoping to drop there again with my mom coz she would love to taste their kamarkattu.

good work but the small recommendation to zha is to work on your lightings , makes it a little dull in the hall which we were occupying.


February 22, 2011response from management at zhacafe:

Hello Dear Vetrivel,
Thanks for dropping at Zha. It was a pleasure having you all with us. We are eagerly looking forward to have you again with us with your mother.
We will look into the lighting of the second hall as you had recommended.

rrcsramya - Burrp User


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December 26,2010


Yes and No!

Yes, a place to hang out with a small gang for usual chit chat or some old timer games! Lovely thematic rooms and idea of a game on every table!

No, it is not the first of the place I would want to go to if am looking out for a unique food, one of its kind or one with a small variety! We tried the sundal which was not even close to what tamil palates are accustomed to! Dejected with a simple southie snack, tried the Aloo tikki and Cheese bites, which were jus ready made frozen stuff brought out on the plate with a premium price!

Love the place for the concept and would love to go there once again, jus that sincerely feel a little more focus on food would be great!


January 7, 2011response from management at zhacafe:

Hi Ramya,
Thanks for visiting Zha. And thanks for taking time to review about us here. Please try our Cocktail idly, Vazhaipoo Vadai or Athirasam with Banana next time you visit us to savour our unique foods or choose from over 100 other items from our menu to relish our variety of snacks.
Have a great year and hoping to see you around soon.

Love it for its difference...

I have been here 4 times so far and what I enjoyed here each time is that I can try sitting in different room ( each room has a theme) .

Food is tasty and have lots of options but i would suggest that they work on the quantity they give.

Vazhaipoo vadai was out of the world and love their Choco-Banana.

A must try!


January 7, 2011response from management at zhacafe:

Hi Divya,
Thanks for being our regular patron. Have a wonderful year. We have added exciting new menu for the New Year . Visit us and enjoy the food.
Happy New Year.
Arasi Arul

hserus - Burrp User


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January 18,2010


Interesting menu, strange decor

Decor = someone trying to be clever. Big ayyanar sculpture in the garden of what's basically an old bungalow on an adyar side street. A brand new "traditional wooden door for village houses" studded with knobs, low lintel you bash your forehead onto when entering etc ... Various rooms with different decor. A "kollywood themed" room that has folding chairs for hero / heroine / director / villain etc, and old vhs videotapes on a shelf, another room with a mrudangam and overstuffed leather benches, etc. Random tamil film music playing from a stereo. Interesting looking menu (including ice golas with various flavors etc). I just had a black coffee and that was both pedestrian and with a price that matched the decor, so no comment on how good the menu is.


January 7, 2011response from management at zhacafe:

Hi Hserus,
Its been a year now since you have visited us I guess. You should come now to try our long menu and appreciate it.
Happy New Year.
Arasi Arul