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Barbeque Nation

Janakpuri    & IN 8 MORE LOCATIONS


9 Reviews / 11 Ratings

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Kabab Garh Feb 18 - Mar 08

  • Barbeque Nation is playing host to a kabab festival where you will be transported back to the medieval times where the only stress was whether to have the non-vegetarian extravaganza or the delectable vegetarian platter. There are hosts waiting at the door dressed in their Kabab Garhi livery. Kabab Garh Shakahari, Diwan-e-Shakahari (for the vegetarian diners) and Kabab Garh Mansahari and Diwan-e-Manashari (for the non vegetarian diners) and Shan-e-Misthan and Diwan-e khas (Desserts) are a king’s spread laid out at Barbeque Nation’s.

    ‘Kabab Garh – The Land of Kababs’ is a kabab festival that seeks to bring to the diners of India’s capital the finest kababs that the land has produced. The battle starts off when you enter the heart of the state of Kabab Garh. That is where they have lined up their chieftains to tempt you with their myriad flavours. On the green side, ie the vegetarian side, there is the delectable Chatpata Fruit Kebab, followed by the spicy Theekha Khumb. Then there is the sour but delicious Paneer Achari and the evergreen Hara Bhara Dum Kabab. In the non-vegetarian army, there’s the giant Bharwan Murg Tangri, flanked by the evergreen Haryali Murg Boti. Then there’s the hot and spicy Teen Mirchi Jheenga with the redoubtable Gilaafi Sheekh along with others from the delectable Kabab family.

    The Diwan-e-Shakahari main course for the vegetarian gourmands has such delectable items as the Akbari Paneer, the Badshahi Baingan or the Shahi Mattar Mushroom etc. The Diwan-e-Mansahari main course for the non-vegetarian diners equally has items as Murg Lababdaar, Mutton Shah Pasanda, Nizam Fish curry etc.

    The last item with which you do your Bidaai is the sweet, delectable Shaan-e-Misthaan. There are beautiful items such as the Mumtaz Special, Shahi Khurma, Gulkand Phirnee, Khajur ki Barfee etc.
    Meal for two: Rs. 1600

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Barbeque Nation Reviews







In love with this Place !

Well! Well !! Well !!! I am just so much in love with this place. The foremost reason being, the staffs here. You can get good food just anywhere. But here , even staffs are just awesome. They are just so jovial, and always grinning ear to ear. SO loving and warmth, you fall in love with the place , the food and everything about it, automatically.

Service is too, too good. Hardly any delay in serving . Drinks are good. The main course, of course , can be skipped as nothing fancy about them. Starters are delicious. :)







BBQ Nation.... Feast for a Beast :)

When your stomach groans
The tasty unlimited food at BBQ nation roars

We went there for my cousin's Bday Party and the servers sang and danced on a Birthday jingle for him.
BBQ nations just gave us a platform for letting the gluttons inside us loose and eat as much as we can.

The food was amazing with the USP of live grill on your table and the choice of starters is unlimited.
By the time you are done with the starters you are hardly left with any space for main course.

The severs insisted on trying all the things on the menu and enquired about the taste. They were kind enough to customize food according to our taste preferences and got us the dishes off the set menu.

Wonderful experience indeed







Amazing experience

I am a die hard fan of BBQ nation. Been to the ones in Bangalore and tried this one several times. Its an absolute value for money. Starters included Fish, Prawns, Mutton Seekh, Chicken Seekh, Chicken Tikka, Tangri Kebab, Achari Tikka, Paneer Tikka, Potato Salsa, Pineapple and corn. We were fed so much by the friendly staff and finally put the flags down. Main course had biryani, paneer, dal, mutton curry and others. Breads were made to order and so fresh and hot. As always, the dessert variety blew my mind- Gulabjamuns, rasmalai, sorbets, pastry, ice cream and brownie, fresh fruits..pheww. We couldn't even move by the end of it. Overall a fantastic experience as always. Definitely going again soon, although they never change the menu ;)



best nonveg

Had a gr8 tym... Best chicken place in delhi... Temple for non vegetarian... Must visit.. (Tangri kebab - roasted prawns - all deserts...)... Best dishes to have... N even beer is complementary...




Had a pathetic experience at this particular outlet .I have earlier been to the BBQ nation in GGN and had an amazing experience. Just loved everything about that place.. food, staff, sevice.. Special mention to the staff - 2 extra points for that !!
So when we went there last Sunday for Lunch, I was very excited. But my excitement was short lived. We were 20 adults + kids (4months - 6 yrs ) Their variety of Veg snacks is limited. The Worst part is the SERVICE !!! The service was not just slow.. but the staff was not at all pleasant. They had no smile on their face. Whenever we asked for something.. they would never reply . They did serve us but with an expression that they were doing A FAVOR to us !!! They certainly need to hire some good staff !!. or else I can help them train their staff !!

Parking is a big problem. They do have valet service, so its ok when u come. But make sure you call for your car an hour before you want to leave. !! Yes an hour as they park across the road and valet staff is limited. We actually waited for an hour with 5 infants between the age of 4-7 months in a lobby in which the AC was not working!!

In a nut shell - The whole experience was Bad / Unpleasant.

I wud suggest you go to the GGN outlet !! It is definitely much better in terms of food and service (they have excellent staff) and they don't have a parking problem.



5 Star

For me Only 5 Star restaurant in delhi/ncr.. my all time favorite.. specially when you are hanging out with friends and group family.. best is a word!



Good value for ur bucks

First tried BBQ Nation in Chandi a few years back. Liked the concept, so visited their Delhi restaurant too.

If you look at their price point vs. quality, it is one of the most 'value for money' restaurants in Delhi.

Being a huge carnivore, I like my meats cooked just right. That is very hard to get here, as they bring cooked meats and put it on the grill on the table. So most of the times the meat is overcooked and dry. Other than that, decent food.


Food: B+
Service: B+
Ambiance: B+


Schwanns - Burrp User


10 Reviews

January 22,2011


Awesome food.

I've been to BBQ Nation in Mumbai and Pune. This one lives up to the rep. The mutton seekh kabab is the best of the lot. As usual we ended up hogging on the starters. Lots of people miss it, but this place has a good collection of imported beer - a good place to experiment on those.
The only funny thing was that we ended up check out each and every metro pillar number to reach this place off the Metro stations (see the address :) )
BTW, its Janakpuri East Metro station. Step off the metro and walk a few mins past the Hilton and you'll reach the place.


One of the best family dining places

Had heard a lot about Barbeque Nation when i was in Pune and finally got a chance to visit it. Since it was Sunday evening, we (two of us) reached the place early to avoid the dinner rush. I had read a lot of good things about the buffet here and therefore decided to give it a try.

In soups, we opted for Hot and Sour chicken soup which was nice. Once it was over we were literally bombarded with starters. There were so many varieties that we lost count. Each starter tasted yummier than the previous one and we just ended up overeating. There was little space in our tummies but we still decided to go for main course. The menu ranged from pasta to salads; from gravies in fish and chicken, to dal & Biryani and much more. We tasted a bit of Biryani which was delicious. And that’s not all, there were desserts too. I loved their Marble cake and Blueberry Cheese Cake while Chetan enjoyed their Gulab Jamun with Vanilla ice cream in chocolate sauce.

The buffet lived up to all its praises. We ate and ate and wished we could have had more. In fact we ate so much, that we didn't get a chance to savor the taste of individual items.

The ambiance was nice. We got a seating for two in a quiet corner where we could chit chat and enjoy the food as well. The experience cost us around Rs 1200 and was totally worth it. I would love to go here with my family next time. Infact if you are looking for a family dining place, then do try Barbeque Nation.