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National Highway 8  


7 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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Indijoe Reviews


A slip too many

Indijoe is really quite the classic case of too many cooks spoil the broth! What clearly started of as a continental type place is now also dishing out gol-gappas and dal in the buffet and I suspect that has really impacted the overall spread on display. I have always regarded multi-cuisine buffets with a little suspicion, and sadly Indijoe re-iterates my beliefs on this one.

The dinner menu when we went was a little confused, and strangely off on quite a few of the items. The onion rings were more reminiscent of pakoras, the dimsums were clearly undercooked, and the dessert palate was also not really up to the mark.

On the other hand, some of the oriental stuff did pass muster, the chicken sweet corn soup had the right notes of tender and the chaat was quite pleasantly tart and tangy.

Still, Indijoe, with a very mixed music set, and a rather under-lit interior does really need to up their game if they want to take full advantage of the hungry mall rats that throng the lane it exists in.


Best Sizzler in town!

I have tried many sizzler joints in NCR, including Moet's, Gola's & Kobe's - but I definitely think you get best sizzlers in Indijoes. Yes - a bit on the expensive side, which is BJN group known for, but you can be rest assured of quality and authenticity of the place. Service is quick (even on weekends) and the people out there are knowledgeable to suggest you good offering. Music department needs management as it gets very noisy, making it sometimes difficult to speak across the table. Sizzler menu is limited, but you will find almost all the choices. I personally like lamb chop sizzler the best. Oh yes, they also serve with rice, mashed potatoes or spaghetti if you prefer, which I dint get in any other sizzler joint. Has a sports oriented ambience and the bar is decent.


Christmas Buffet = Awesome.

I was here on Christmas day. They only had a buffet on offer and we fancied it after having a look. The turkey was quite amazing. Absolutely scrumptious. Also, I really liked the ambiance, I knew what to expect since I've been to the one on Church Street in Bangalore. I was not disappointed at all. The unlimited mocktails were pretty awesome as well. All in all a good experience, a little pricey, but oh well. I'm certainly recommending it to people I know.


Indijoe Disappoints

A visit to Indijoe was on the cards for sometime. Last time the project team voted for Sahib Sindh Sultan over Indijoe but this time birthday boy Rohan voted for Indijoe. We went to Indijoe Global Cuisine. The place serves Thai, American, Mexican, Italian and Lebanese. It also has a stylist bar. For lunch you have the option of buffet only, which is in a way good, if you are looking forward to a quick meal. However thats where all the good points end.

We were a bunch of 15 and finding seating together was quite a difficult task. The ambiance is nice, and seating comfortable but the A/C was a bit too cold. Also food was quite a disappointment. Though there was plenty of variety, be it starters, or main course or desserts, they failed to tickle my tastebuds. Also the fact that the food was cold didnt help either. In the end no one asked for a feedback also. Considering that the restaurants belongs to the very famous BJN group, the experience was quite a dampener. At almost 600 Rs per person, the restaurant is definitely avoidable.


Good service, but good food?

Maybe what I ordered wasn't the best thing to order...and maybe what my husband ordered wasn't the best thing to order, either.

He ordered their broccoli cheese soup, but it could hardly be described as such - bit of a misnomer since there was no cheese in the soup. He also ordered a starter, but was severely disappointed by it.

I ordered potato skins as a starter...not what I was used to, but it was close! Normally salsa isn't stuffed into it under the melted cheese. I also got the chicken chimichanga...and was disappointed. It was too soupy and that's not good.

Service was impeccable, but the server was distraught when he realized we barely even touched our food; we merely asked for the bill and pondered hitting a different restaurant on the way out. The manager came by and asked if there was anything else they could prepare, but we declined. He offered us a free dessert on the house.

We ordered strawberry shakes...and were not disappointed. The shakes were bloody lovely. I wish the rest of the food was.

We loved the concept and the idea of Indijoe's. Maybe we'll have to try something different before we completely write it off.

For now, 5 stars for service...if there was a negative for food, I'd be clicking it.


global cuisine

Worth going place; you'll find all varieties of cuisine ranging from tandoori chicken to sausage pizza, mashed potatoes to chicken biryani.

nice array of dessets from indian to american.

A person can find global food right at one place.

worth going!!!!!!!


Definitely worth going back to

The food was great, and the staff was nice. The place looked good. The price was acceptable.

What else do you need? Here's a little more detail: