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> > > Mocha


Nehru Place  

  • 26466733, 26466734
  • Shop No 8-9, Ground Floor, Satyam Cineplexes District Center, Nehru Place, New Delhi
  • Chocolates
  • Meal for 2 - 800

2 Reviews / 2 Ratings

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Mocha Reviews


Rock bottom comes out on top!

A all-day bar is a rarity in this city starved of 'real' pubs that don't just pretend to be casual but actually are (Read: No strict dress codes or entry hang-ups). Most bars in Delhi tend to culminate into a club/disc that closely monitor patrons and don't allow in those donning shorts/sandals and sometimes even Indian attire or even stag entry on the supposed premise that they create nuisance. While I do agree that basic decorum and female guests safety is very important (being a woman I've been troubled one too many times at these clubs), how can you call yourself a neighbourhood hangout zone that anyone can walk into anytime for a cold beer if you expect them to come dressed to the T.

That's the first thing I love about this tiny but cozy bar. They open early, serve fresh draught and don't snub my male friends/colleagues away. Big bouncers are around to keep a close watch though.

Absolutely adored the wrought iron, funky furniture and the neon LED bar with a kick-ass liquor storage unit hovering above. The music is actual rock, the hard and alternative kinds and definitely not being subjected to managements playlists, unlike other rock bars *ahem* Hard Rock Cafe *ahem* around.

Get tulleeho-ed on the fun Test Tube Babies, which are a steal @ Rs 120 a piece and the fruit cocktails @ 225. Eat if you wish (Sample the satay, fish n chips and burgers) but when there is so much cheap booze around, why not just stick to a liquid diet.



jst the hooka is missing...wish it ws a little big

situated in nehruplace it comes as a delightful surprise. its jst a small bar with nice rudded iron furnishing and big red couches(which r really big as compared to the space they have).

the usual mocha menu is accompanied with d bar menu. fairly priced, full of opions and choices i must say...

the only problem is the place is way too small, and not aptly designed, the trade mark hooka is not served.

else nice place to be in this hot summer, best coffees and shakes, nice booze...

check it out...