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Walter white - Burrp User

Walter white

March 27,2015


Visited here to have quick rolls in the evening (an escape to hunger pang snacks). They were decent though no out of the world, they can create better. Overall the experience was decent. Have heard (from my freind) that they serve good chicken biryani which I missed. Will visit next time and have biryani, will update. Ambience can better, staff is courteous.
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montu - Burrp User


February 04,2015


roll are quite filling , there is not much on offer other than rolls, mutton roll is just dont taste like anything , chicken roll are very average so , eat rolls only if you are really hungry, & if you can ignore oil dripping from rolls
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ayushi27arora - Burrp User


March 27,2014

Delicious Chicken Biryani @Nizam's #CP

If there was an award for THE WORLD'S BEST BIRYANI, I would have vouched for Nizam's. In a plan to head to ladies night elsewhere, a friend and I decided to fill our stomachs with a plate of Chicken Biryani at Nizam's. I must say, that was a mighty good decision we made, as a plate was sufficient for both of us.

Served with raita, green chutney or dhaniya chutney and succulent chicken pieces, long and ever fresh rice garins, the Biryani experience was incredible!

Music in a place like Nizam's should be Sufi, but hello their love for Michael Jackson is so obvious with wall-mounted screens featuring some of his old-favourites over and over again!

The service cannot be judged as nothing comes to your table, its the pay your bill, take the slip, collect your order at the counter, pick a table, drag a chair and just dive into the delicious flavour of Chicken Biryani @Nizams!
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diyamehra1980 - Burrp User


March 20,2014

Great rolls!

Since my office is near Connaught Place, I have frequented Nizam's on multiple occasions. Although the access route to this restaurant is mostly quite messy and almost always under construction, the food there is quite worth the effort. I enjoy their double chicken single egg kathi roll, although it can get quite heavy and oily in the parantha wrap. A good alternative is the roomali roti but I find that is too spicy. The also serve delicious chicken biryani with good portion size and carmelised onion on the side with jeera raita. The staff is friendly, although I haven't found the premises to be clean. I have spotted cockroaches on one occasion. Their food is quite good, but I hope they work on their cleanliness.
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RoKhurana - Burrp User


October 08,2013

amazing kathis

the kathis at this place are one of the best i've ever eaten. The chicken and mutton kathis are the best. Even the mutton biryani is quite good.
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Jeffy John - Burrp User

Jeffy John

March 30,2013

Verdict:: Eat rolls and dont ask for too much

This place is famous for their rolls. And that's it. Period.
We ordered a double mutton double egg roll and a single chicken single egg roll. The rolls were amzing. The mutton was soft and tender and so was the chicken. Beautiful is the word. the only issue is that the amount of oil. The oil is dripping all over. The roll wrapper is soaked in oil. A bite of the egg also oozes oil.

While waiting for the rolls, I saw seating place and actually saw people eating much more than just rolls, and that's when I realized there's much more than just rolls. We ordered a murgh tamatar wala and a Mutton Curry and a couple of romali rotis while having the rolls.

One thing one must understand is getting a seat isn't a joke here. And once you have it, you're like the chief minister of a state, you'll never let of that seat! People gathering around your table expecting you to get off. Their stares will force you to leave.

We got the remaining dishes. Gosh, the oil is soooo much! We drained it into 2 other bowls (no joke). The Chicken tamatar was basically boiled chicken in knorr tomato soup. Wasn't great or even commentable for that matter.

The remaining of the mutton dish (after draining of the oil) was good. Good meat and yup, that's pretty much all.

Verdict:: Eat rolls and dont ask for too much
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Rohit Mittal - Burrp User

Rohit Mittal

January 30,2013

good but oily

After hearing so much about nizam's, i decided to try out. I went to CP outlet situated near PVR Priya. The restaurant provides proper seating but it is always occupied so you have to eat without sitting.
The menu is extensive full of rolls. I choose chicken egg roll. It takes a long time for me to get my roll but when it arrived i was happy with the portion.
The biggest downfall was the oil. The roll was full of oil , my hand was completely covered with oil. Otherwise roll was good and quite heavy.
You can try it.
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shievam_khanna - Burrp User


December 20,2012

Best Kathi Rolls Ever

Nizams is excellent in kathi rolls.It is better than all those small chains. It orignal and the best.I don't know why it is rated as expensive beside the fact that it is very cheap. It is a bit oily though its scrumptious .
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Gourmet Guru - Burrp User

Gourmet Guru

August 03,2012

Good rolls- a bit too oily though

Went there with the family at around 11.30 pm on a Sunday night. It was packed. Obviously, its super popular. Managed to find a table- took 10 mins. Ordered Chicken kaali mirch rolls. , and chicken tikka rolls.

I guess it's a personal choice- but I found the rolls to be uselessly too oily. Not wanting to discount the place completely, I shall visit again and try their roomali rolls. And I hear their biryani is great too.

Food: B+
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Pushkin Gupta - Burrp User

Pushkin Gupta

April 24,2010

Get together @ Nizam’s

It’s been almost 5 yrs since I passed out of college. Since then all of us batch mates got busy in their own lives and we hardly met. Last week we decided to meet at Connaught Place, after almost a gap of 3 yrs.

There was a time when we couldn’t think above Mc D’s but by God’s grace, this time we could afford better options. So we decided to try out Kababs @ Nizam’s

We ordered Mutton Seekh kabab, Chicken Egg roll and Paneer rolls. The quanity was pretty decent; however the taste wasn’t so good. The Rolls were a bit too oily and Seekh Kabab wasn’t that great either.

The restaurant has a concept of self service, which I haven’t come across anywhere else in Delhi (except for food court in malls), and didn’t like it either. The ambiance was just ok. Since Connaught Place is undergoing renovation these days, dust and heat added to our woes.

In a nutshell I would rate my experience as just average. Next time when I go to Connaught Place, I would like to try out another place rather than visit Nizam’s again.
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sid28 - Burrp User


February 16,2010

Best Kathis

One of the best kathis in delhi. Havent been to the one in CP, but tried the one in Def Col.
I got my money worth. The size of the roll is bigger than rolls at other places. One of these and you are good to go
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Gaurav Bajaj - Burrp User

Gaurav Bajaj

October 23,2009

The Rolls Rock

Yes, thats pretty true, the Rolls rock & live up to the Nawabi Name. The are worth the value & Fill up your appetite.
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Nitin Loomba - Burrp User

Nitin Loomba

January 19,2009

tooo goood !!

thev got just amzaing rolls....its a must go for me ..evertime i go to CP ...no veggies shud tr it 8lst once ..i bet ur gonna tr again....single egg single chik is just awsum with green and mithi chatni,....must try !!
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amitvaish - Burrp User


January 17,2009

Good kathi kebab place

Nothing compared to the kolkatta one ..But still a great place for a quick bite ..try their Low cal diet aswell .
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Deepy *** - Burrp User

Deepy ***

August 12,2008

Not like the Nizam of New Market

The name was the reason enough to hook a Calcutta foodie to this place, at least to try what is it.
Nizam, the famous Calcutta restaurant introduced the concept of Kathi Roll, that is now part of the Calcutta culture.
So a name shake would definitely be a crowd puller.

The first thing I noticed is that this is a popular joint for the movie goers at PVR. So you will get a sneak preview of THE PYTs of Delhi over here!! Thats the Bonus. ;)

The list of Roll is not that elaborate that you get in a Park Street roll corner. But again the single and double sheek with eggs added makes quite a filling for dinner. You also get Biriyani, and couple of side dishes. Disapponting is the Parantha's used in the Roll. Not anywhere near to the Calcutta Nizam's thing.

I tried almost all the non-veg dishes over here, don't give a miss to Ambarsari Keema Gosht and Roomali.

Quite Reasonable for the pocket. The Double Sheek Roll with Egg is Rs.100. Biriyanis are at Rs.120. The costliest is the Ambarsari. Rs.160/ plate!!
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rahulvns - Burrp User


October 17,2012

Best for kathi

best Kabab in the town in your budget..best try it..
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