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Hauz Khas    & IN 1 MORE LOCATIONS


5 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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Sapta Album Launch Jul 09

  • Conceived by Marti Bharath in 2007, SAPTA is a groundbreaking independent electronic music act that seamlessly blends influences from India and the West to produce an energetic and compelling live act, with a global following.

    SAPTA’s unique soundscape draws on an eclectic mix of original electronic sounds, synthesisers, infectious rhythms and catchy vocal melodies that thrive on a live audience. The music draws on Marti’s experiences of living and performing in San Francisco, Paris, Dubai and India, and it all comes alive with live instruments, thumping percussion, soaring vocals and a few surprises along the way.

    Marti has already visualised, scored and performed more than 150 original tracks. He is currently gathering inspiration for his sixth album - as committed as ever to evolving his sound and exposing listeners to new musical experiences.
    Timing: 9pm onwards

DJ Smokey Girl Live Jul 10

  • Behind Smokey’s seemingly wild and zany personality lies a great sense of dedication and her inimitable approach to music, and style stems from a place all its own. Like truly talented performers being very much aware of what make masses tick, she too directs the crowd in the direction of their desire. This energetic girl manages to use her fascinating music to sustain drama and intensity during the performance pushing their energies and the crowd to heights of mere ecstasy, There is always a great spirit of dedication towards the music, This has led her to get great appreciation from her fellow DJ / Producers. To name some of the finest DJ / Producers she has worked along from india and international are Nucleya, Anish Sood, , Funk Mechanic, Jinxxa, Daniel Dacapo, Poser, Praveen Achary, Vinayak^a, Sherrin Varghese.
    Timing: 9pm onwards

Vineeth Vincent Jul 16

  • Vineeth Vincent started off as a professional emcee in Bangalore during May 2007. In 2008, he took a year off from his studies at Christ University to pay more attention to music and beatboxing. He spent a month at Mrinalini Sarabhai's Darpana Academy of Performing Arts in Ahmedabad, where he mingled with artists and had the chance to experiment with beatboxing. He returned to Bangalore and has been working since 2008 as a professional beatboxer! Catch him live.
    Timing: 9pm onwards

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Raasta Reviews

Arjun Shiv - Burrp User

Arjun Shiv

47 Reviews

December 12,2013







Good place. Certainly going to frequent more.

Not being a fan of HKV crowd/parking hassles, I usually steer clear of it. Went here some time back and had a great experience. The food was good and the ambience even better. Thumbs up to the fish and chips. Good portions.

Just bothersome when places like these keep turning up the volume though. Could barely converse.

Going to go back. Very soon.


4 over 5

My favourite watering hole in HKV, and here's why:
- Great outdoor area (even though it doesn't face the reservoir). The set-up feels relaxed without being complacent, the seating offers various options - sofas, high chairs, and counter seating, the lighting is right, etc.
- They have happy hours nearly all the time, and hence are great VFM
- The music is decent (even though they have a weird understanding of reggae - they seem to think that all "Bob"'s from Marley to Dylan did reggae music!)
- The service is polite and attentive without being overbearing

I've tried a bunch of other bars in HKV, and always found something that turned me off - temporary "licence issues", not serving alcohol in the outdoor area, terrible music, good music but getting mixed up with the music from the bar-next-door, terrible service, uncomfortable seating, wrong pricing, etc. Raasta doesn't blow my mind on any account, but the fact that it doesn't screw up anywhere, and does above average on most counts consistently is enough to make it my HKV favourite now.


sahibach - Burrp User


12 Reviews

February 01,2013


Rocking place

A good ambience , nice music and wonderful crowd with a few special offers to attract the ladies . I had the urge try out something 2 eat couldn't do although my tummy was full . A place worth revisiting again and a heaven for rock fans :)


Lily100 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 19,2013


Good place, crappy DJ!

We went there on a Tuesday night (which happens to be karaoke night) to celebrate a friend’s birthday... the place is really neat. It’s spacious and has a Caribbean feel to it! Loved the way they’ve put up posters of Marley and Morrison!! While I dint eat much, the mezze platter was nice... and the server would be there with your drink within a few minutes of ordering it (something hard to find these days)!!! I have recently shifted base from bbay to delhi, and this place definitely tops my list for the food, drinks and ambience...
However, I was quite annoyed with the attitude of the DJ (I think his name was Karan or Arjun, can’t remember)... We were a large bunch celebrating and kept requesting him to play a few songs... but this guy just wouldn’t accept any of our requests!! And that too through the night - apparently he had requests back to back. What really pissed us off was that although this DJ wouldn’t accept a request from any of us, there were a group of foreigners who were singing away for 3 hours straight until the end of the night (he even played 2 extra tracks at the end of the night just for them)...
I guess one needs to put up one of those call centre accents just to get a song played by this DJ!! Would've given the 4th *, had it not been for the DJ!


Cool Pub with good music

My Friend from the US had arrived and we took him to this place on a Wednesday night. It's just below Amour cafe.
I wasnt expecting much from this place but I was surprised, indeed. The place was quite spacious. DJs from Russia were playing that night (no commercial music, though). We had LIITs and beers. The gud thing was that the Happy hours were here till about 10 pm.
Overall, a gud place to chill and hang out with your friends..