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Connaught Place  


11 Reviews / 15 Ratings

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Rodeo Reviews






Exciting experience!

The experience was that of a party, with lot of fun and frolic! The tangy Mexican food accompanied by the snazzy music in the background made the whole experience worthwhile!
The new summer chillers that they introduced for the season, were quite refreshing ! I especially liked the Zane Grey, it was so refreshing :)
All in all a delicious and fun dining experience.



In the central region of the happening, Conaught Place, Rodeo is a great restaurant. Lovely ambiance, friendly staff, awesome music and excellent food. The restaurant understands Mexican food very well. Congrats to the Chef! The food is just great. I could finish my tortilla platter, wrap and Enchiladas all by myself. Price is on the expensive side, but the food is worth it.


missy18 - Burrp User


13 Reviews

August 30,2012


Road to Mexico

This place is the highlight in CP if one is looking for a great time with lot of tempo filled it. We went out during the weekend and as usual in CP ....this place ws buzzing with people..secured ourselves a table and ordered risotto, shrimp and a mocktail plus beer. It was happy hour ringing hence we got the double of quenchers!! The service ws swift and live music played along making it a perfect weekend joint!!
My verdict: Absolute must for office goers like us ...

Food: 4/5
Pocket pinch: 800-1000 INR


nice place to spend time with some friends

Not one of the best but definitely worth visiting. Decent food with drinks. but not so awesome cocktails. Sad attempt for live music but otherwise they play good songs.
Love the chicken lasagna here.


Reminded me of Nando's in London

I couldn't have picked a better place for lunch yesterday. The ambience perfectly complemented the 'wintery' (if there's a word like that) look Connaught Place wore. Inspired by some old Hollywood Western, it's like a Cowboy's den. I skipped the buffet which didn't really look tempting and chose to try their signature dish... Enchiladas with a Lamb Machacha filling. While I waited for my lunch I was served a portion of Nachos with Salsa sauce. The sauce was deliciously spicy, but a trad bit watery. The enchilada was really really nice. The lamb was soft and well done. The flavours were awesome with the right amount of spice and the Mexican rice and baked beans only added to it.

And like every other place I have been to in Delhi so far, the portion was big! Couldn't finish the whole thing but I promise I tried.



One of the most horrible places to eat in Delhi

That is so because the food is tasteless, stale, and overpriced. They have one of the most tasteless Nachos I have ever eaten. Better to buy a pack of Doritos. The burrito was soggy and sauce smelled stale. The only good thing was the guacamole and the bread



cowboy-ly your's!!

old n new lovers/ friends/ partners/ clandestial affairs - all blossom in there!

the ambience, food and drinks (ofcourse) are undoubtedly a perfect mix for you if you dont plan to drink too long n getting drunk isn't the aim!

a nice place to be, with dim lights and cowboys (read waitors) to serve you.. and give you a memorable experience for sure.

you wouldn't wanna walk out straight if you go and let yourself loose, and just chillax with your cohort!!




Ain’t nthin’ lyk ridin’ a fine horse in new cntry

Ya!!!If you like cowboy theme and you have any likings for Mexican food...this is the place here for you in Delhi...Well the DJ is slightly biased for Bryan Adams..But I dint mind as it made me go back to my college days..well find me a guy/girl who dint like BA in his teens...Service was good well being a veg , dint expect much...but my friend liked the lamb...infact she loved it...and she is not the one who gets pleased easily..atleast when it comes to Non- Vegies its a thumbs up from my side...Nice place to hang out with firends..
Have a great time!!!!!


Good mexican food

I like their fajitas. If I am craving for Mexican food, one of the choices will be Rodeo.


cowboy's delight!!!

You feeling blue? or jus not a great day at offfice? or simply can't find that perfect place to hav fun wid fella friends???

Rodeo's the place to be!

oh man, i've been n no. of times n each time i go i love it all the more. nice cozy decor, its "oh so informal atmostphere" makes u wanting to laze around for hours.
be it the lovely tex mex quisidillas or chicken fajita's or fresh nachos, everything goes so well wid that freshly brewed draught beer they serve(i'm a beer lover). their selection of cocktails is nice too.

quite often the music is played live by in house d.j on some particular days which i always fail to remember(i think its saturdays n tuesdays or watever)

Another good thing, for ppl who don know wat to eat here, go n try the weekends buffet brunch/lunch. At Rs 300 -350 or somethin its a steal.

Go once n u may become ga ga over it like me!



Rocking Ambience

I'd heard about this pub which had saddles for chairs a long time ago... I went to see it and I wasn't disappointed. The saddles were stil there and the ambience was amazing... Total Rodeo style.

The drinks were good, the music was amazing, and the food even better! I think I had the best beef fajitas ever from Rodeo.

My only problem was that the place seemed a bit too small... but then its connaught place and probably they cant expand it.