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Karol Bagh  


1 Reviews / 1 Ratings

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Sandoz Reviews

Discovered by chance

One night me and my buddy were stuck in Karol Bagh and were really hungry, looking for something light to eat, as we wanted to have our dinners at home.

However the hunger won, and we stopped at the first visible eating joint, and whoa, what a discovery it was. Since then I have been there several times, and the food is simple amazing.

I have never eaten sitting inside so cannot comment on the ambiance, have always sat on table set on the pavement. The Service was good and fast, but in Desi style.

Have tried couple of their Paneer Delicacies and they have been good, my friends say that chicken is also very good. The best part is that the waiters are eager to oblige, and when you ask them for something out of ordinary they tried to do their level best. For eg. we wanted to have a butter naan, but not made out of Maida but from Atta, he didn't even blink and got it done.

The prices are very reasonable, a standard dish for a non-vegetarian person with good appetite would be Rs.60 and around the same amount for veggies as well.

Recommended for sure.


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