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> > > Satguru Dhaba

Satguru Dhaba

Patel Nagar  

  • 01125741111, 01125730853, 09999937480
  • 18/52, East Patel Nagar, Near Neelkanth Temple, Opposite Gyan's Restaurant, Patel Nagar, New Delhi
  • Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 300

5 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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Satguru Dhaba Reviews

good for chaaps

the place serves a good variety of soya chaaps and tikkas. a true delight for vegetarians.



amazing food

i have been to this place plenty of times, n i find this place to be the best in area, food quality is excellent with less rates. GOOD FOOD WITH SMILING SERVICE.



I am regular visitor at this place. The best part is the service and that too with a smile. The food is superb. I normally have one lachha parantha, one plain roti and some veg dish. The bill is not above 70Rs. The most attractive item here is the Veg. leg piece it is yummy.... Priced at Rs.50 the best snack one can get. A must visit place....


heymohit - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 20,2007


Falling Stars

This was a great place when it began few years back, being a regular, I have seen a deterioration in quality and focus on customer service as business increased.

If you pass by the side lane, you can see the cooking happening and it is not hard to notice the unhygenic practices & ingredients being used.

I would suggest people to stay away from this place and better head for the Veg Restaurant opposite to this place.


Asli dhaba

There is amazing number of restaurant these days who are trying to carry of the word Dhaba in their name and trying to cash in on the popularity of the same. However when you go to these places the bill runs in thousands of bucks and environment is tacky to say the least (what with trying to make a dhaba in an Shopping mall). However they have not been able to capture the essence.

Now the reason I call this real Dhaba is because it doesn't pretend to be anything. The only thing that this place can boast of is its food and nothing else. No innovative menu, no waiters as in they were just out of fancy dress competition, no claims of service, nothing. Its just about food and only food.

I am trying to upload a pic of the menu which I took from the cell phone, if I am able to do it, you will see that nothing on the menu exceeds Rs.50. However don't be fooled by the rates. the food is as rich as it gets, loaded with tradition Punjabi ingredients cream, butter and ghee. Add to that Cashew Nut paste and some dry fruits in some dishes and you are in for a very very heavy treat.