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> > > Shriram Sweets

Shriram Sweets

Ber Sarai  

  • 01126526717
  • Shop No. 1, DDA Shopping Complex, Ber Sarai,New Delhi
  • Fastfood
  • Meal for 2 - 200

1 Reviews / 1 Ratings

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Shriram Sweets Reviews


Forever Sweet

I remember going here ever since I was a kid. The unpretentious place is sufficiently crowded owing to the student crowd that throngs ber sarai.

Don't go by the name, it's more than a sweet shop and belongs to an era where families would walk to a local place to have a fun "pani puri" evening. It still serves chowmein, chole bhature, pav bhaji and thankfully the rates have not sky rocketed too.

The food is yum as always. I have tried almost everything here: the chowmein is spicy in a good way and will make you remember it for almost an hour after you have tried it. The chole has a great Punjabi taste and the bhature are cholesterol heavy enough to make you burrrp!

The ambiance: Don't look around. look at your plate. focus on your taste buds and you will be majorly disappointed if you expected a good ambiance. Like I said. it offers good food and sticks to that. you have stand outside and eat. and I haven't come across anyone who has complained as yet.

Oh boy the service! Fast, like ninjas preparing food. You can stand there and see the food being prepared in front of you. And I guess mostly people that I have noticed here, love to look at this like a lion looking at its prey.

In short. Go there if you a student with a light wallet or if you want to sample some food that has fought the ravages of time and survives with glory.

Burrp Intensity: 7/10