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10 Reviews / 14 Ratings

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Treat Receipt Apr 16 - May 31

  • The summer is beginning to set and what better way to beat the heat than getting together at Starbucks with your treat receipt. Visit a Starbucks on any day till 4pm and get back your receipt post 6pm to enjoy a 40% off on any handcrafted Starbucks beverage. Just remember to hold on to your receipt, show it in any Starbucks store when you return and get the special treat. This is the perfect excuse to try a new Starbucks beverage which you haven’t indulged in so far. My Starbucks Rewards (MSR) members get an additional 10% off on their receipt, making it even more beneficial to register your Starbucks card and become a loyal Starbucks member. It’s your Treat Receipt - pick your favourite or share with a friend.

Starbucks Frappuccino May 06 - May 31

  • As summer kicks in full throttle, ‘Say Yes!’ to summer time adventures at Starbucks with an exciting new range of tasty and fun Frappuccino® flavors, bearing vibrant layers of summer goodness. Indulge in three cool new Starbucks Frappuccino summer blends - Alphonso Mango, Dark Mocha and Mocha Caramel Crunch and burst into a world of new flavors and adventures this summer.

    Alphonso Mango Frappuccino: Alphonso mango and milk blended with ice and topped with a swirl of whipped cream. You can personalize this beverage by adding Java Chip to enjoy the beverage. Specially crafted for India, this flavour combination of mango and cream creates a familiar and comforting treat that’s perfect for the summer season.

    Mocha Caramel Crunch Frappuccino: Mocha, Caramel and Butter Cookie Crumbs come together to create this perfect Frappuccino.

    Dark Mocha Frappuccino: The ultimate cool chocolate indulgence is a delectable combination of rich dark cocoa flavours that balance with the blend. To finish the beverage to perfection, it is topped with whipped cream and a dusting of dark mocha powder. Dark mocha is a rich and decadent cocoa powder blended with our premium coffee.

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Starbucks Reviews





Coffee at its best

Starbucks needs no introduction to itself, the name is a popular for its variety in coffee ... and has gained a lot of popularity in India; quite justified too as it offers more then just a coffee, it offers an experience each time you visit.

I simply love the little titter tatter that comes along with the coffee. The ambiance of an illuminated warm brown open space is rescue from the hot Delhi summer. As you enter you are welcomed with whiff of aromatic coffee and flavors, a teak brown wooden table snaking in the center, with cushy round stools around it; giving plenty of room to stand and walk around.

The floor above has a huge seating area with assortment of couches and coffee table with chairs; one can chose where to park themselves, based on mood and company.
The walls and ceiling have a raw look to it, with brown cardboard and nets being the theme.
The coffee specialties written on a board with chalk is right next to a well lit desert and snack section which pulls you like a magnet to a variety of scrumptious options of sandwiches, croissants and pastries to chose from, without blowing a huge hole in your pocket.

The variety they offer is so detailed, that those watching the scale can opt for soy milk, while those who just enjoy splurging on a delicious coffee can go for dollops of cream in their drink.

The deserts will further tantalize your taste buds with the fusion of different flavor like - Raspberry cheese cake, Lemon cheese cake, Orange red velvet cake, Gouda cheese and fish croissant!

All in all a pleasant friendly place to go enjoy your coffee at,over that first date or a friendly meet or a client meet !



5 star

Ist outlet in delhi... Atleast go once... Ull luv dis place... Best coffe chain in d world... Black coffee (americano) is delightful... In cold mocho java chip is a must try... Do visit







Big names with good offerings

Opened between 10 AM to 10 PM , this is a nice place to spend some good time with loved ones.Blueberry Muffin, Java Chip Frappuccino are the dishes most loved by all visitors.When i first got there i found the interior was really nice, the handicrafts made the experience more indianized.One thing i want to say ,if you want to check the quality of coffee beans and brewing, cafe Americano is the answer.



cool place

Starbucks is the new talk of the town. Located in cp this place is attracting huge crowd now a days.
The ambience is quite classy and seating is comfortable. The setting is very different from usual barista and ccd. Their method of preparing the coffee is quite different and the menu is not very vast. Limited choices are there.
I tried their Java chips cold coffee and my friend tried the other variety. I.must say the taste was awesome , completely new for me. The prices are definately on high side. But a must visit place.


Hyped and worth it!

Starbucks arrived in the heart of Delhi sometime ago amid alot of hype and I would say it is sort of worth it. Have been to the CP one atleast 5 times at different time of the day but it's always jam-packed.

Long queues to get inside and thn order have been the usual thing but its worth it. The ambience is great and it has a huge variety of coffee as well as summer options to choose from. Priced at par with other cafes in the city, I definately going there again




A wonderful place to be at! From the amazing coffees to the cool interiors, if you're here with friends, or on your own to work, Starbucks is the place to be. Almost always full, the staff is courteous and serve you with a smile. Anybody who said, 'may you live in intersting times' was talking about Starbucks, CP but only problem is once to get in one has to wait as it has long que all the time.




Long queue to get in, long queue to order, long queue to receive order.. but amazing ambience , starbucks coffee... thumbs up (mocha yay), chocolate muffin(double yay)... and it was perfect for pocket too!
Cool place to hang out inspite of the queues!



So finally Starbucks has arrived.
Does it live up to the hype?! I would say yes.

Having tried Starbucks coffe in different countries. This is a good outlet.

Java chips and white chocolate mocha are recommended.
Blueberry muffin was nice and light. The breakfast muffin was good too.

I would love to frequent here. But standing on the queue for hours for the coffee. No i cant do that! its sheer craziness



No Sense Hype...

Yes ppl were happy when high street fashion brands start coming to India but cant happen the same in case of Coffee shops...
StarBucks is juz another coffee shop wd International brand name to it...

I will tell u how they go about it...
They welcome u wd wide smiles n giv u menu wdout knowing if u wanna order while standing...
Yes, there was rush but they dint even think that we might actually need a seat...

Anyhow i found two seats (No chair or couch though) made my frnd sit there so that i could see how to order...

Went to the counter & lots of ppl were ordering coffee & things like sandwichs or hogdogs...

This guy filled a form for me, where he asked me wot i wanna order...
Was hungry so ordered chicken sandwitch & spinach hogdog... & two cappucino... M or L.. I said M...
Well was 1 litre cuppa coffee... Lol...
He said that i can collect the beverages here but food will be givrn on my table... Sai Ok... !

Well they charged me the bill n were writing names on cups to be given to ppl who had ordered... Well its US style.. They do it there...
But come on u were looking clumsy guys....

I dont think they gonna change anything cuz ppl have gone mad for coming here...

I'd juz rate them average...


Payal  - Burrp User


29 Reviews

February 26,2013



A good place to hang out with friends for a weekend esp. at night.I had been to this place once on my friend's birthday,the overall features are good to be spoken about but i was really disappointed by the staff service during food serving and billing,kind of bit late.
staff service-**