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> > > Tamilnadu Bhawan

Tamilnadu Bhawan

Chanakya Puri  

  • 01124193470, 01124501897, 01123015480, 01124101897
  • 9, Tamilnadu State Guest House, Opposite Chankya Cinema, Chanakya Puri, New Delhi
  • North Indian, South Indian, Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 400

3 Reviews / 3 Ratings

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Tamilnadu Bhawan Reviews

Tamil Nadu canteen very worst experience

LAST SUNDAY I VISITED THIS CANTEEN. Very worst experience. I ordered South Indian meal. But they gave very poor quality food. They supplied everything which was prepared at morning. Even rice also morning prepared rice. After my complaint they made same rice hot. After 15 minutes waiting. Do not visit this hotel with high expectations.


Worth One Visit

So i am a big (like really huge) Andhra Bhawan fan, and i just need an excuse to go there. But this time (and since we were in the mood for some experimentation) we went to the New Tamil Nadu Bhawan. The name is the New TN Bhawan which is next to the Chanakya Cinema Hall, right behind the petrol pump / CCD.

After exploring a little bit, we headed towards our mission which was obviously to eat. The mess is like a little canteen, with a separate section for residing guests.

The ambiance reminds you of all those numerous south indian homes one has visited - typical neel blue and green paints on the walls :P
AC was a bit dysfunctional - but never mind!
The menu - is an all cuisine menu, it includes mughlai, 'dragon chinese', and a lot of non vegetarian dishes.
Service - Sweet, although they dont come and ask you for seconds!

okay so the food - we were 3 of us, and yes we ordered 2 southindian thalis, 1 bowl of chettinad chicken curry, 1 sada dosa, 1 plate idli and 1 plate vada. The advantage - i got to taste all of it, the disadvantage - well we couldnt move after our meal.

The thali was decent - 2 vegetables, curd, sweet dish, sambhar, rasam, 1 roti, and a bowl of rice. The Sambhar was good, although not that great, liked the rsam better. The dosa was fine - very good coconut chatni, idli was not that great, vada was fine. Chettinad chicken can be spicy for some. What was surprising was - they did not have the traditional Mulgapodi (Gunpowder chutni) which is a must with dosa/ idli/ vada. The Coffee however lived up to its traditional coffee taste.

So well, overall the new TN bhawan has good food, but the problem is Andhra Bhawan has just set very high standards, the food at AB is also way better. It has better service where it seems like their motive is just to feed you food. Beside with the thali, they also give you ghee, pickles, powders. Given a choice i will always pick AB! But not making this look like a AB review, the new TN Bhawan is worth one visit. And if you want to be tempted, there is Goa Bhawan somewhere close by, which is going to be my next :)


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4 Reviews

February 26,2008


grt service and brilliant food

TAMIL NADU BHAWAN Canteen, its just opposite the now closed Chanakya cinema. its a an all day, good, cheap, clean and very authentic (no prize for guessing) Tamil food.

the authenticity is ensured by the fac that it is meant to serve the bureaucrats and politicians who have a home (tamil nadu) away from home (ie in delhi)