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> > > 17 Degree North

17 Degree North

Hitech City  

  • 04040150011, 04040150022, 08008888110
  • Plot No: 22, Sector:1, Huda Techno Enclave, 4th Floor Sun Towers, Hitech City, Madhapur, Hyderabad
  • Meal for 2 - 450

19 Reviews / 19 Ratings

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17 Degree North Reviews





Executive Lunch !

The name ‘17 Degree North’, I think many people might have thought what is this name? 17 degrees latitude represents Hyderabad on the global map. I entered into the restaurant and found it has dull lighting and the moment you open the door you would see bar deck but actually speaking they do not offer any drinks. While entering I looked at the buffet spread and it looked pretty decent more like an executive lunch.

As soon as I was seated I was offered a choice of Veg or non-veg soup, I preferred Non-veg soup and within no time the soup was on the table and it looked very attractive in lemon yellow color. The taste was perfect with little sourness to it and chicken was very tasty too in the soup. I moved to the buffet table and started with Fried baby corn, Fried Fish and Chicken Salad. The fried baby corn was ok, but the fried fish was just lip-smacking, I would have had just the fish for my lunch, it was so tasty & flavorsome. The chicken salad was really very amazing.

From the main course I had Roti with Panner gravy, Veg Noodles, Navrathan pulao and Chicken Biryani. Panner gravy was not to my expectation I would have liked it if the gravy would have be little spicy, it was bland. Veg Noodles was nice and tasty, my only suggestion is to maintain the temperature as the noodles were getting over heated. Navrathan pulao was one of the best in the main course. For the last I have kept the Chicken Biryani, which looked very impressive did disappoint me to some extent as the person who served it did not mix well the Biryani before getting in the bowl due to which there was more of plain rice than masala rice. But the chicken was very juicy and succulent in the Biryani. I asked him to get me some extra masala and to my surprise after mixing the masala to the plain rice the Biryani tasted much better than before.
Finally I moved to the desserts, I saw fresh fruits, gulab jamun, carrot kheer and ice cream. I had got all of them and I liked the carrot kheer very much it had faint sweetness and was very yummy. Gulab jamun was too sweet; else it had not other problem.

Overall I think the food justifies the price. Thought it could have been better, hope the management consider the suggestion I have made to improve their quality to satisfy customers like me. The tables and chairs were neat; the wash room was clean and tidy. There is a room for improvement in service. Parking is not an issue. Good place for quick meal for good price.

Ambiance 3.5/5
Food Quantity N/A
Food Quality 3.5/5
Pricing 4/5
Service 4/5



Great buffet

The 17 Degree North serves a great buffet, among some other restaurants in Hyderabad. We had a team lunch in their restaurant and they also provide very exciting offers to corporate companies. Apart from that, the food is very tasty and I liked almost every item they served on the buffet.



Not value for money - Pretty average

I, along with a team of 20 people, went to 17 degree north yesterday for a buffet lunch. The basic things were not correct:
1. Soup was cold and had to ask the waiter to get hot soup.
2. Starters were average and they were not re-filling the starters, so very less available.
3. The variety of vegetables was also not there.
4. Although I am a veggie, but asked few of my non-veggie friends and they mentioned that fish was very bad but chicken was ok.
5. Service was ok and not very impressive.

Overall, a very very average experience.


ajrocks - Burrp User


4 Reviews

December 14,2011


Nice food and service

A friend of mine recommended this place to me. We opted for the buffet as they had a very good spread. Both veg and non veg starters were great. The main course was a bit spicy but tasted good. Overall a very good experience and value for the price.


shachindra - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 04,2011


Not worth it

Just returned from an afternoon buffet! At 270 rs per head, sounded cheap but the moment you enter the place- you have it, the lighting and ambiance is bad, too noisy, too much crowd. Will explain why there is too much crowd later.
For vegetarians, the choice is bad, in fact worse- it looked like a motely collection of vegetables sprinkled with ready gravy and a pinch of sugar in all dishes. The starters were ok, salads - bad, main course was horrible- in fact the choice was limited to 2 dishes, 1 rice variety. Dessert was even bad- I mean the containers were like 1/4 the normal size.
But it is apparent that the management has identified that pricing will tip it in their favor, hence at 270 per head in the middle of the hitech city, you get buffet WOW!
But- take my advise - it is avoidable. Unless you want to try it ( like me) to write a review somewhere!


Nothing great about it, poor service

Had gone there for a dinner with couple of friends.

Food: Good food, though portions can be bit larger (keeping the price in mind)

Service: Very bad. The steward did not understand our questions at all. The manager came for his rescue. We ordered some mocktails-- before delivering that, we had seen they are tasting it-- disgusting!!!!

Ambience: Confusing. Did not understand the theme or feeling they want to convey.

Price: Bit overpriced.

In short, nothing great about it.



Been there done that

We had a buffet luch party at this place.It was a very hot afternoon and the cooling inside the resto was not sufficient.Place was very congested,shabby and crowded.They have a wide variety ranging from north indian,south indian..chinese..italian..mexican..cocktails..prompt service..In buffet,they had many varities of chicken chicken manchurian..chicken andhra style..chicken in oyster sauce(very good) main course lasagna veg..mutton dalcha..veg spring roll..gobi chilly..paneer tikka masala..assorted veg in chinese sausages..tendli masala ..rice..biriyani..noodles..naan..roti etc..In desert ..chocolate pie(aweful) pudding(very good)...vanilla icecream with honey and orange toppings(so so)...which all costed 270/-+taxes...overall value for money..



So - So

Starters - Chicken starter with bone (Awwwwwful)
Rest - As usual
desert - Not tempting at all (vanila ice-cream with honey Topping)
Overall - just average

I went here thrice - Almost the same menu (after 3months gap each)
I was here for a treat.Couple tables on the extreme (fits 4) have a good view of the madhapur main road.I dint have enough room to grab a plate even though the place was semi -full.I had to struggle my way through the 'darshan' queue to finally reach the buffet.Taste is SO SO



Not recommended

Overall food and dine in experience is worst and it is recommended for fine dine, The food and service was awaful. staff and service is not at all curtious. This is not value for money.......


v4venkatesh - Burrp User


3 Reviews

November 27,2010


Not bad afterall

I had food here about couple of weeks back. It was recommended by our team mate. I never heard of the name before, so we felt a bit sceptical, but decided to go as we wanted to try out a new place. And then, it was really a pleasant surprise that the food was actually good - right from starters to main course and deserts too. I think it was a value for money. But today when I was just skimming through the reviews of some other restaurants on burrp, stumbled across this restaurant and was surprised to see reviews with 1/5's with words like disgusting etc. Now that is a total surprise to me. Most of such reviews are quite old ones, so I guess the restaurant mgmt may have made some changes of late due to which the quality might have increased. But overall it is not a bad place to have food at all, unless it was a one off day and the quality is not really that consistent. One area of improvement certainly is service. They were not really responsive. We had been there on the occassion of our team mate's b-day. We cut the cake there and requested the boy there to serve it to all. When he brought it back, he really made a big mess of it. We were surpirsed whether he cut it with a knife or just bare hands. Had it not been for the service, I would have given it 4/5.




Ppl...dont dare to go to this stupid restaurant...we went 20 ppl as a team. wee booked for this two days before our planned date...after reaching, they didnt provide us place to sit and after waiting for 15 mins they made us sit separately...and even after that the manager was arguing with us and was not realising his mistake...infact he asked to have lunch or to go away straight forward!!! imagine how it feels to be in that situation...and after reading the remaining reviews about the food quality I feel we were lucky to have left earlier..... Last but not least.. Manager there don't know the meaning of word 'DISGUSTING'. we were discussing on ourselves tht itz disgusting to wait for such olong time and manager came in to quarrel with us for using the word Disgusting.. God! I never saw such a 'DISGUSTING' manager!



Tasty Food

I have been to this place .....very tasty food .......but the cocktale are bad ....I asked for fruit punch and they gave me milk shake......



Great Food!!

I've been to this place multiple times and can't wait to visit it again. Totally enjoy lunch buffets as well as dinner and last but definitely not the least mocktails!!! Great ambiance, lovely decor and Yum Food!!!

My husband loves their desserts.

It definitely is one of our favorite restaurant joint.


Suspicious Reviews

Something very strange seems to be going on here. I live fairly close to the restaurant and have never eaten there but I have a niggling feeling that some of the positive reviews for this place maybe rigged.
Most of the 5 star reviews have been written by new members almost immediately after a negative review by a tenured member.
I chose to score this "review" a 3 to be as fair as possible to both parties and not bring down (or push up) the present average rating of 2 stars.
Do I see myself visiting this restaurant in the near future? Unlikely, I say.




VERY bad food - we fell ill after eating it, both veg and non-veg. Behaviour of the staff is rude and lewd at the best. Grossly overpriced for diahorrea. Please dont waste your hard-earned money here! :P



Cant rate it.. its horrible experience..

Please do not go to this restaurant... the food is nt at all good.. especially the buffet.. and the staff's behaviour is very bad.. we went there yesterday... the manager spoke like as if he is providing food free to us... also the quality of food is bad .... So think before you go if you want to waste ur time and money..



Chiken Biriyani is toooo bad

Few of the Chicken Pieces in the biriyani are Spoiled. Looks like they are using pieces from the Cold Storage or Refrigerators.



Worst Hospitality.....

My experience in 17 degrees was very bad....The food served in the restaurant is Very bad especially chicken birayani (Spoiled pieces). The staff doesn't know how to behave with the customers, they actually don't care to retain the customers!




we ordered for chickne biryani and it was smelling and the chicken pieces were stale and stinking,the staff were very irrosponisble,they told us to throw away the biryani in the dustbin
if we didnt like it ,horrible food,unfriendly staff please dont go
my friend has got stomach upset and is afraid of eating biryani anywhere else now :(