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> > > > 36 Chhattees

36 Chhattees

Jubilee HillsRest of Hyderabad  

  • 04064580000, 04064590000
  • Plot No. 753, Road No. 36, Before Orchids School, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad
  • European, Multi-cuisine, North Indian, Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 500 Get minimum 15%* off on using Axis Bank Card

12 Reviews / 13 Ratings

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36 Chhattees Reviews






Bad service and too costly for the food/service

We went to this place for dinner buffet on Sunday 14th June, the service is very bad. They do not care though your grill is empty and you need to ask for 2-3 times. to get kebabas on the grill.

There is only one waiter who is serving on all tables.
They do not keep plates or spoons and we need to keep asking them for those. The sweets or ice cream they serve are not fresh.

They asked few times "do we get the bill" though we are still eating the main course.
As the other person told this place has deteriorated a lot in the last 6 months. It was good when we went 3 months back but now all friends who came for dinner felt this is worth to spend 350/- also compared to they charge around 750/-..


Hydfoodie - Burrp User


10 Reviews

September 17,2013







I went here for office party. To begin with, its a very different name. Likewise the decor is also different than a usual restaurant. It is elaborately done with artifacts donning the corners. Ambiance is not that great. The seating area is divided into two parts - one with tables and chairs and the other with huge sofas and coffee tables. There are huge screens playing music videos and matches.

Service is just about alright. The staff was courteous and polite.Food was good, cooked well and served well.




Felt something missing. Definitely not better than BBQ nation.



disappointed with number of varieties

worst food and variety i had in that much price.
not at all value for money.
ambiance is damn good but very less variety and not as good as u can find other restaurant with almost same buffet price. really disappointed with the quality.



A poor man's BBQ-Nation

I have mixed feeling about 36. While the ambiance appears to be great from outside, once you step in, you realize that it's actually slightly cramped. Go for the rooftop seats, if they are available. The started were nothing exquisite like BBQ-N, but were still good. What was not good, however, was the service. While the waiters in BBQ-N encourage you to have as much as you can (and perhaps more than you can), waiters in 36 served two or three rounds and then pretty much vanished. Not only didn't come back to ask if we would like some more, we had a hard time catching their attention to get more of what we wanted. Worse yet, they didn't even offer folks who had ordered non-veg, a sample of the veg starters.
The only thing that the waiters seemed interested in selling, and were always prompt with refills, was alcohol.
The main course was decent, and I liked the Andhra style preparations. Dessert was limited, but again pretty decent.

All in all, Chhattees is a reasonable restaurants, but not one that I would highly recommend.


Indeed a great experience

I have heard about Chhattees earlier; had been to their Bar-B-Que outlet at Secunderabad, but never had a chance to visit this place. In Feb 2012, my wife bought a coupon from Snapdeal (a popular deals site) which entitle two persons to have food at Chattes at 50% cost—and we availed the offer in first week of April.

We went there on a weekday—so it was less crowded. There is a space to park around 4-5 cars in front of the restaurant, and we also parked there (though there was a valet service). The first thing that impressed me was the interior and ambience. The place looked like a two-storey residential house for some not-so-abstemiously rich person. The ground floor is the a-la-carte restaurant and the upper floor is the bar-b-que section (as I had been told). We were promptly seated, as most of the tables were empty. We chose to sit in a lounge kind of place (with sofa and low-tables) so that we can watch the IPL match. The tables are kept far-away, so that you can enjoy your meal in relative isolation.

The orders were taken promptly; we were served also within reasonable time. We ordered a Chinese and an Indian starter, an Indian chicken side dish with rotis, and caramel custard for dessert. Food was excellent. Portions are more than enough for two and just enough for three.

The original bill came as Rs 864, but due to our coupon we got charged Rs 432+ 14.5% tax. The price (before discount) was reasonable given the kind of service and fine-dining ambience.

My ratings:
Ambience (Weightage: 10%): 4.5/5
Service: (Weightage: 30%): 4.0/5
Food (Weightage: 30%): 4.5/5
Value for money (Weightage: 30%): 4.0/5
Overall: 4.20/5



Won't recommend ever!

Worst service .... Went with my husband and five friends this Sunday for dinner, hoping to have a great time n food.... But alas! They don't even know what's in the menu!! Served alcoholic drinks in place of non-alcoholic ones..... Roti was so hars that it could be used to kill someone! Took 1 hr to bring two starters, that also less in qty. and they ran out of naan in the middle of the dinner!!! The person taking order doesnt know Hindi, Engilish or Telegu, so we werent sure how to communicate with him!



bad experience ill mannered staff

I took my wife yest after purchasing coupon from snapdeal, the restaurant was empty but still the person wanted me to make a reservation and come. After the initial harassment and making a Cal to make a reservation, I was again informed that they would need the printout whereas on snapdeal its mentioned that I could take the SMS. To note, nowhere I went via snapdeal that they dishounred the SMS. Finally when I decided to walk off, we were requested to stay back saying that they would give me a 15 percent discount, when I protested, they said that they can take the PDF from my tab and will honour the coupon. Finally we ordered some food. We ordered paneer tikka which tasted great. For main course we ordered paneer lababdar and naan. Naans were good but paneer lababdar was bad. Then came the veg biryani which was really bad. The mirch ka salan was good though, so was the raita. For dessert we ordered gajar ka halwa which I should say was pathetic. The waiters were good with the service but dressed shabilly. The person who took the order was also unpleasantly dressed with muddy shoes and illfitted clothing.


Aditi Naik - Burrp User

Aditi Naik

69 Reviews

September 10,2011


No chhattees ka ankhda here!

To begin with, its a very different name. Likewise the decor is also different than a usual restaurant. It is elaborately done with artifacts donning the corners. The seating area is divided into two parts - one with tables and chairs and the other with huge sofas and coffee tables. There are huge screens playing music videos and matches. The place is dimly lit.

The service was a little slow, maybe because I visited on a weekend. The staff was courteous and polite. Other than that the food (non-veg) was good, cooked well and served extremely well. However the same cannot be said about the veg fare. My vegetarian friend was upset with the kind of food that was served. He found the dishes tasteless. He jokingly said, "i have a chhattees ka ankhda with this place".


ramp123 - Burrp User


5 Reviews

August 15,2011


great for meat lovers

BBQ buffet on the weekends is a good way to get a sampling of all their meat and veggie varieties. Their grill buffet is very good in food taste, quality and variety. Excellent VFM. If you are adventurous, you can try the pan shop at the entrance.

My wife being a pure veggie did not like the veggie buffet, not so much because of the taste but given the lack of understanding from the servers on the sentiments of veggie foodies. Both meat and veggies are liberally mixed and served using the same utensils.

Service is pretty average though. Food is more likely to bring you back here as has been the case for me...


awesome barbecue and buffet

the food was very good ,service was very good,ambience average and the spread of buffet items was quite impressive with some continental,north as well as south indian..dessert which had gulab jamun (WARM), fruit ice cream, souffle and pastry too..

those who like drinks with some barbecue can have that too...would visit again...



Its okaish

Darn. Thats corny. Chattes ? 36? Its(3) Okaish(6)!... Guilty as charged? :)
Well before you Sherlocks, Christies, Forsyths put your thinking hats on, the name of the restaurant aint no cryptic code. Its situated on Jubilee Hills Road No 36, hence the name Chattes. The restaurant just feels like its been setup in a structure that previously housed a bungalow. Ambience is ok with an above average but not upmarket feel to it. Its housed over 3 floors (or mebbe 4 oh well!) and serves Indian, Chinese and Thai. Had tried the Thai previously which was no great shakes so went in for an Indian Lunch ala carte (they also have a buffet option). Starter was decent without being spectacular, a paneer dish with black peppers, a little bland for my liking. The Veg kebab preparation was okaish too. The main course fared a bit better than the starters and the amristsari chole were pretty good and so was the dal and the veg chettinadu. Liked the veg chettinadu which was a mixed veg stew prepared in traditional chettinad style with a hint of coconut without being overbearing. Though it was very spicy, but hey I like my stuff spicy. The signature Hyderabadi dessert khurbani ka meetha was okaish too. Service was courteous and with a smile. Heck maybe 36 is cryptic after all. Maybe thats how they rank themselves on the food scene!